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Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon is the official Visual Novel adaptation of the Table Top Role Playing Game Bliss Stage, by Ben Lehman's imprint, These Are Our Games. The game is being produced by Perpetual Motion Games. The prerelease demo for the Kickstarter backers is available here, and the main discussion thread on Lemmasoft is here.

The story expands on the events and characters from the one-shot, Final Act, published in the first edition of Bliss Stage. It follows the adventures of Josh Preston, the newest pilot of The Treasure Island Resistance and son of it's Magnificent Bastard Commander, Jim Preston. They are fighting a losing battle again an Alien Invasion by the Nightmares, a race of Eldritch Abominations from a dimension adjacent to our dreams.

His weapon? The ANIMa, a reverse-engineered alien device that creates a psychic manifestation of his intimate relationships. But time is running out for him... Bliss happens, and if he drags his feet too long, or acts like a Jerkass, he is going to either die messily or fall to the Bliss.

The visual novel had no significant updates since 2014, to the point of the person responsible for the official Tumblr not working with them anymore. Some backers have accused the project of being Vaporware.

Tropes used in Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon include: