• Before making a single edit, Tropedia EXPECTS our site policy and manual of style to be followed. Failure to do so may result in deletion of contributions and blocks of users who refuse to learn to do so. Our policies can be reviewed here.
  • All images MUST now have proper attribution, those who neglect to assign at least the "fair use" licensing to an image may have it deleted. All new pages should use the preloadable templates feature on the edit page to add the appropriate basic page markup. Pages that don't do this will be subject to deletion, with or without explanation.
  • All new trope pages will be made with the "Trope Workshop" found on the "Troper Tools" menu and worked on until they have at least three examples. The Trope workshop specific templates can then be removed and it will be regarded as a regular trope page after being moved to the Main namespace. THIS SHOULD BE WORKING NOW, REPORT ANY ISSUES TO Janna2000, SelfCloak or RRabbit42. DON'T MAKE PAGES MANUALLY UNLESS A TEMPLATE IS BROKEN, AND REPORT IT THAT IS THE CASE. PAGES WILL BE DELETED OTHERWISE IF THEY ARE MISSING BASIC MARKUP.




one of us is lying about something

  • Adaptation Dye Job:
  • Adaptational Heroism:Simon, Crosses this witn Adaptational Nice Guy
  • Adaptational Villainy
  • Canon Foreigner:Eric Kelleher and Ryan Macauley
  • Crapsack World
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Janna2000 Janna2000 11 February

An Announcement

I have a big announcement to make regarding the Complete Monster trope.

Since October 2019, there has been a rule stating that any new Complete Monster examples could not be added to Tropeida, and that any existing examples should be removed. However, beginning today, that is all going to change. I have made a deal with TruthGuard on the Tropedia Discord server to let him import any and all Complete Monster subpages from The True Tropes wiki, a fork of All the Tropes and Tropedia, to here. Because of this, effective immediately, I am hereby rendering the "No Complete Monster examples" rule null and void.

Anyone who has been wanting add Complete Monster examples to YMMV pages, but have been hindered from doing so because of this rule, are now…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 17 October 2021

Necessary censorship

I'm using this blog to explain why some information is being removed or censored on Tropedia.

Recently, we got approval for giving my Ferbot account bot rights. That means any edits it makes are hidden unless you go to the Recent Changes and remove the "Human (not bot)" filter. As a result, you haven't seen any of the 14,000+ edits it's made in the last week.

Every once in a while it stops. I look at the page where it stopped and figure out what word or website isn't allowed any more, then clean up the problem. Some of it is being done with a workaround that will have to be fixed later. If it's a profanity or a slur, I'm obscuring it. For example, the N-word becomes "n****r" so the reference is understood without seeing the actual word. Ther…

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Chris Lang Chris Lang 27 June 2021

Why this wiki's name change is for the best

When it was first announced that this wiki had lost the rights to the 'All the Tropes' name because of a 'divorce' between it and the Miraheze branch, I thought it was so unnecessary and that people could have worked things out. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt the name change is a good thing, for several reasons.

Let's face it: Having two troping wikis on different servers with the same name was confusing. One could say, for example, "on ATT I made an edit to the Bolivian Army Cliffhanger page to describe the use of the trope in the Season 9 finale of Chicago Fire", but then someone would have to say 'Which ATT? The FANDOM branch or the Miraheze branch?'.

The two branches have different editors, and someone might make an edit…

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Hyoroemon Hyoroemon 6 June 2021

Backup 2

Penthouse is a booming K-Drama revolving around the residence of a big apartment in Korea and their residences. It garner high rating due to constant twist and sympathetic nature nature of its casts. Contain high amount of gambits between idealistic protagonist against ruthless and persistent villain who seems to able to wiggle his way out every time. Contain spoiler up to season 1 because it is difficult talk about progress otherwise

Mama Bear Ma Ri when her daughter get threatened to the point of facing against anyone who harm her times and times again. Also Yon He. Not-So-Harmless Villain Ma Ri is a trusted person of a group dubbed '3 Queens', which consist of 3 woman with high position in government.

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PinkyTheNewGirl2021 PinkyTheNewGirl2021 14 May 2021

Introducing PinkyTheNewGirl2021

Narrator: Hi! AllTheTropers! Please welcome... PinkyTheNewGirl2021!

PinkyTheNewGirl2021: I can't believe I'm on All The Tropes Fandom!

Narrator: Then tell us what you think.

PinkyTheNewGirl2021: The website looks pretty!

Narrator: How do you like to hear so far?

PinkyTheNewGirl2021: it's amazing! I just hope to edit all the pages! It's hard to be in the new member.

Narrator: It is! So, viewers! Show our new user some love! And tune in tomorrow for another episode of the All The Tropes Blog Show. "Bye-Bye Aja22: A Goodbye Story" is coming soon to a All The Tropes Fandom near you! Bye!

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GethN7 GethN7 30 March 2021

FANDOM policy on "deadnaming" made more clear

FANDOM policy has been clarified to me in the meantime, and their ruling is as follows.

If an actor has gone under a new name and gender identity and has insisted publicly on being referred to as such, this wiki shall reflect as much on all pages. We may leave redirects for their creator pages if only to establish continuity of their former name under which they acted, performed, or otherwise were part of the creation of a work, but we will comply in all respects with FANDOM policy on this matter. Failure to do so will result in a unilateral punishment of a block for those who refuse to abide by this. Those who make honest mistakes in this regard will be given a chance to correct their error, but those who insist on defying this policy wil…

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GethN7 GethN7 30 March 2021

Official policy on "deadnaming"

Recently, some questions have come up about "deadnaming", or using names for people who changed them to something for whatever reason and now go by another.

I have reached out to FANDOM Staff on the topic and plan to defer to their decision, but until they hand down a firmer policy to abide by (which will be our default from then on), here is my personal stance.

This wiki is a politics and social issue free zone. I have no desire to cater to bigots of any shade, including transphobia, which is one of the major reasons this seems to be an issue. The goal of this wiki is to catalog and discuss media, their tropes, and performers and creators of said media. For sake of accuracy and continuity, noting when certain roles were performed under cert…

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Hyoroemon Hyoroemon 11 March 2021

Trope list

Because this shitty administration keep deleting me I decide to just put them here

Slenderman make appearance in second season of Shinbe's House

  • Recursive Adaptation Hayate the Combat Butler’s meeting with Athena is guilty with this. It is a manga chapter whos line inspired the ending song of season 2. The title of the song would later be used as chapter title
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
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Everie YT Everie YT 23 December 2020


Guys! I'm new here so hello there! I'm writing a short history. Preview:

Chapter 1:

- Ferals. The city of the humanals. We are hybrids. Half human, half animal. I'm Everie. I'm a wolf. During the day I am an ordinary person. But at night, I'm the Phoenix. I do not protect good or act in the name of evil. But I protect this city and act on behalf of its people. I've been doing this for a thousand years. I am not sure how it happened, but it was after the last great city of the humanals fell against humans. I died there. But somehow I came back from the ashes like a Phoenix. Over time, I adapted and went back to morphing wolf to Phoenix and vice versa. Ferals is a city that has existed for more than 500 years and in all that time it has been h…

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Tycio Tycio 24 October 2020

sad return

I have been taking lots of screenshots of toons lately, spotting tropes, hoping to eventually go through the folders of screenshots to then log the tropes verbally.

I was hoping for it here but maybe the respective wikis are better. It seems I was messy in making stubs here before so they got deleted, and I figure also the images I uploaded because of the lack of licensing.

I now regret skipping those steps in a rush to save time. I do wish there was a single-click means of inserting the fair use template so I don't need to type it or paste it from a clipboard... too bad it can't be like 'fair use is implied unless otherwise stated'

Now I hope my attempt to recreate w/ template will show good will to abide by policy (more aware seeing the…

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GethN7 GethN7 13 October 2020

UCP Update

The Unified Community Platform update has finished on ATT Wiki and broken several features. This was expected. Current critical features needing fixed are:

  1. Page Creation templates preloader.
  2. HotCat (functionality broken to some extent, not sure how much
  3. Various other gadgets and scripts

If you are aware of any specific bugs, feel free to let me know via the comments so I can report them to Wikia.

In the meantime, pages can still be created manually, but the original rules on proper manual of style still apply, though given how much is broken, I will be a bit lenient if there are reported bugs with page creation that can be identified, but there remains zero-tolerance for things that still work and people are still lazy.

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Smv21 Smv21 5 October 2020

Character Page: Ben Schrider from F is for Family

Ben Schrider

The onwer of a sports store in Rustvale with a right prosthetic leg.

  • Actually Pretty Funny: When he finds out that Bill lied to him about being Jimmy Fitzsimmons, instead of being angry at his deception which caused him to falsely accuse an innocent (albeit incredibly probelmatic) child of theft, he laughs it off and basically burries the hatchet with Bill.
    * Ambiguously Jewish: He is bald, wears spectacles, and has a yiddish voice, yet it is never stated if he is a Hebrew man.
    * Everyone Has Standards: While he has absolved Bill for robbing him at that point, he is utterly shocked at seeing Big Bill abuse his grandson.
    * Handicapped Badass: Downplayed as loosing his prothetic leg makes him unable to catch up to Bill and Phillip wh…

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Smv21 Smv21 30 September 2020

Character Page: Tequila from Sausage Party


Voiced by: Bill Hader

A bottle of Tequila threatened by Douche to find Brenda and Frank.

  • Affably Evil: Calling him 'bad' maybe stretching it since he was forced to lead Brenda and her friends to their doom, but he is rather goofy with his intoxicated mannerisms.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: While he did nearly lead Brenda and her friends into danger, you cannot help but feel sorry for him because he was coerced into it by Douche.
  • Alcohol-Induced Idiocy: This trope's taken Up to Eleven given that he's a living bottle of alcohol and isn't the brightest bulb around.
  • All For Nothing: Tequila's efforts to sell Brenda out to Douche get torpedoed when Teresa warns Brenda and her friends of the danger they are in.
  • Blatant Lies: "I am to be trusted!" Brend…
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GethN7 GethN7 21 September 2020

Things I'm not going to tolerate on All The Tropes' Wikia/FANDOM Branch

Recently, I gave All The Tropes' Wikia/FANDOM branch a severe overhaul to put it on more equal footing with its Miraheze branch, and more updates will occur after the Unified Community Platform update. In the meantime, I have been ruthlessly cleaning out clutter and other garbage, and I want to make a clear list of things I no longer want to see.

  • WIKIA POLICY WHINING. One can reasonably disagree with the decisions they make, but once they declare them final, even I'm not above the rules and will do my best to accommodate them. They say jump, I ask how high. I'll make all sorts of reasonable effort to prevent censoring legal to discuss to content, but if I absolutely must for legal or technical reasons I cannot overcome, they make the rules.…
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BrutalBear98 BrutalBear98 2 June 2020

Should D.W. from "Arthur" be moved from The Scrappy to Hate Sink?

Based on what I've heard and seen of her behavior in the show, she definitely does come off more as a Hate Sink than The Scrappy. For those not familiar with the character, her actions include things such as the following:

  • Blackmailing her older brother Arthur into helping her look for her blanket and causing him to miss a movie marathon with his best friend as a result.
  • Making an insensitive comment about getting a "good dog" at Arthur's expense when his dog Pal was sick.
  • Preventing Arthur from watching a show he wanted to see on TV simply out of spite at her own favorite TV show being cancelled.
  • Manipulating Arthur into taking her to a science museum against his will (and scamming her friends out of their money in the process!).
  • Breaking a mo…
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Lord Raymond D. Vink Lord Raymond D. Vink 15 May 2020

List of unmarked PE villains


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Aja22 Aja22 27 April 2020

Account Banned from TV Tropes

I can't believe Fighteer is the one who got banned from TV Tropes.

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Hyoroemon Hyoroemon 10 January 2020


  • 1 Yuyu
  • 2 Kiniro Mosaic
    • 2.1 Kiniro Mosaic contain following tropes
    • 2.2 Ho Yay
  • 3 Cohabition
    • 3.1 Anime Manga
  • 4 Blanc

Yuyushiki is a manga series about three girls in data processing club. Yuyushiki is made by Komata Mikami, serialized in Manga Time Kirara and adapted into anime.

Kiniro Mosaic is a manga series about Shino, an other countries loving Japanese girl and her homestay partner Alice. Kiniro Mosaic is adapted into 2 season anime and is serialized in Manga Time Kirara. The end of manga is approaching

  • Book Ends Volume 7 start with the cast talking about sister and end with Isami's flashback
  • Big sister Instinct Young Isami as revealed in Youko's flashback
  • Clingy Girl Aya cling to Youko when she was in middle school. Although she become more independent…

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