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Bondage Fairies is a 1990-1993 Hentai manga series drawn/written by Teruo Kakuta, using the pen name "Kondom". The story focuses on two young female fairies: sleek, sassy, sex-crazed Pamila, and her girlfriend, sweet, cheerful, (usually) innocent Pfil. The two are Hunter Fairies, serving the Queen directly in the role of patrolling the forest, helping creatures in trouble, arresting lawbreakers & troublemakers, and having lots of sex. Well, that last bit isn't in the job description, but it sure as hell happens anyway. The story is divided into four manga series, described here in chronological order.

The first series, a 10-chapter tale simply entitled Bondage Fairies, covers Pfil's first solo case, as she investigates a missing-person (or rather, missing-stag-beetle) case. She soon stumbles across the home of three sister fairies - Oliga, Marcia, and Ilina - and is invited in. Unfortunately for her, she soon discovers things she shouldn't have, and is taken captive. Things rapidly get worse for her.

The second and third series, called New Bondage Fairies and Bondage Fairies: Fairie Fetish, respectively, are Slice of Life affairs, focusing on various cases and other happenings in Pamila & Pfil's daily life together, as hunters and as mates. With the exception of two back-to-back chapters in New, there is no real overarcing storyline. It is in these that the series' trademark humor comes into play.

The fourth series, titled Bondage Fairies Extreme, is a 15-chapter-long return to the first series' idea of a dramatic, multi-chapter storyline. After Pamila accidentally injures Pfil while trying out a new toy, the two head to a nearby clinic. To their surprise, the doctor - a young woman named Urushira - is an old flame of Pamila's. As the two are coerced to stay the night, things happen to reveal that Urushira and her old "romance" with Pamila are more than they appear...

The series prides itself on funny moments, though these are swapped out for drama in the 1st and 4th. Both work exceedingly well. Characters are fleshed out (pardon the pun) rather well, the art is superb, and the storylines in Original and Extreme are gripping, while many scenes in New and Fetish are hilarious.

The mangas are somewhat hard-to-find on the Internet, but for those of you who manage to locate them, feel free to alter the above description as necessary, and add more tropes as you spot them.

Tropes used in Bondage Fairies include:
  • Abusive Parents: Extreme reveals that Pamila was beaten by her father as a little girl, and that she was also molested by her uncle.
  • And Call Him George: One of the escaped lab mice in New.
  • Anything That Moves: Pamila will have sex with practically any creature in the forest. Pfil will be sexually assaulted by nearly everything in the forest.
  • Author Avatar: Namely, a dude using a giant condom with eye-holes cut in it as a mask.
  • Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: A drunk monkey inadvertantly saves Pamila & Pfil from Urushira
  • Big Damn Heroes: Pamila has pulled Pfil's ass out of the fire quite a few times.
  • Bigger Is Better in Bed: Comes up often. Subverted with the monster cicada Titanos; Pfil literally experiences so much pain and shock that she finds herself unable to breathe, and passes out mid-coitus.
    • Another example, again subverted, is the sparrow, whose member is too large to remove (from Pamila) pre-ejaculation.
  • Break the Cutie: In the original series, Pfil is broken partially. In Extreme, Pamila gets it even worse.
  • Breather Chapter: One chapter has Pfil and Pamila show up at the author's home to help him meet his dead line when he's stuck with a rather bad cold. After having a little fun at Pfil's expense he ends up letting them take over while he sleeps his cold off. Pfil and Pamila inevitably decide to experiment with an electric eraser and a air brush respectively. If watching fairies in relations with various insects and rodents isn't your thing, then this is probably a perfect chapter for you.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Chapter 3 of New has a throwaway mention/reveal that Pamila's antennae are tiny/underdeveloped, something that she is rather sensitive/ashamed about. Extreme reveals that this is somehow caused by the fact that she was physically and sexually abused as a child; she is now violenty against the very idea of them being touched by anyone.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: What Marcia specializes in and puts Pfil through. Oliga helps; Ilina does not
  • Cry Cute: Pamila, in Extreme Chapter 12, when Pfil finally breaks free of Urushira's brain-washing.

"Y-You remember me? You know who I am? ...Th... Thank God..."