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In the future, our world is a very dark place. You see, the faerie world has always lived in conjunction with that of our own. However, several years ago, war broke out between the two species, and now ours is left in horrible disarray. Machines and other such devices have been destroyed, unable to work properly. On top of that, the plants of the world have be made into vicious obstacles which attack humans whenever possible.

Liza is a teenage girl who lives in a run-down farming village located in what remains of the Midwestern part of the United States. All her life she has been taught by her father that magic is evil and brings about death. This is embodied by the fact that her new born baby sister, who is shown of having signs of faerie powers, is taken away by her father to die on a hill side. To complicate matters, her mother runs away soon after. However, sometime after this incident, Liza discovers she herself has these powers in the form of seeing visions. Frightened of what harm she might bring about, and what the villagers might do to her, she flees into the forest with her cat, Tallow, and her friend, Matthew, as companions.

However, after being attacked by some malevolent trees, they are rescued by a woman with magic abilities named Karin. Though she takes them to safety in a well-meaning town, Liza soon discovers that there is much more to the story of the war between the humans and faeries.

A 2009 young adult fantasy novel written by Janni Lee Simner. The first sequel, titled Faerie Winter, in a planned trilogy was released in April, 2011. There is also a short story set in the same universe called "Invasive Species", which can be read here.

Tropes used in Bones of Faerie include: