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The middle girl is the brawler. Her breasts say so.

The tendency for the strongest physical female fighter in a group or cast to also have the largest breasts. Some of the reasons for this trope are discussed on the Analysis page.

A physically strong female without Boobs of Steel is most likely a Cute Bruiser. Compare and contrast with Most Common Superpower and Gag Boobs. See also Amazonian Beauty.

Note that this trope is not common enough to be averted. Unless it is lampshaded, it's just an ignored trope. Also note that in general, this is limited to one or two examples per work.

Examples of Boobs of Steel include:

Anime and Manga

  • Cattleya from Queen's Blade sports a bust far larger than the rest of the cast and as far as raw strength goes, she's far stronger than the rest of the cast as well. She's also very muscular, a true Amazonian Beauty.
  • Sailor Jupiter of Sailor Moon is the most talented of the group in more ways than one.
  • Tsunade from Naruto. She's physically the strongest character introduced in the series yet, and can beat the snot out of guys her own age and relative skill level. With ease. And in the fight with Kabuto, at least in the manga, she recovers fast from an attack that cut off her air, and he wonders how that happened, and focuses his gaze at her chest.
  • Air Gear has Rika who, out of the Noyamano sisters, is the most physically capable and the most skilled Storm Rider. She's also a professional wrestler.
  • Saber Marionette J, with Boisterous Bruiser Bloodberry being the bustiest of the three female protagonists, and recon specialist Cherry is the complete opposite.
  • In History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, almost all of the strongest female martial artists have huge busts with the sole exception of Kisara. No woman who is not a martial artist has breasts comparable in size to those who are.
  • Ibuki and Angela in Asu no Yoichi! are very busty and near the top tier of characters in terms of martial arts mastery.
  • Ranma Saotome is both busty and a strong and excellent fighter. When he's in female form, that is. Shampoo is even bustier than Ranma's girl form, and she's the physically strongest female in the series by a wide margin.
  • Cool Big Sis Julia from Rave Master is the sole female melee fighter in the group and also has the largest breasts.
  • In Outlaw Star, the female with the most physical strength is the obviously well endowed Aisha.
  • Satella Harvenheit from Chrono Crusade has the most physical (and for a while, spiritual) strength of all the women, and makes her Boobs of Steel very clear to anyone with eyes.
  • In Otome Kikan Gretel Nagi, the owner of the biggest bust, has Super Strength.
  • In the Full Metal Panic! universe, compare the athletic prowess of Mao, Kaname, and Tessa. And then compare their figures, as demonstrated during their considerable time nude together.
  • Naeka of Kamen no Maid Guy. Has enormous boobs, and is also a kendo expert.
  • Angel Blade takes this trope to its natural extremes. Big Bad Phantom Lady not only has an enormous rack, she's practically invulnerable. Heck, an attack that can break her helmet can't even dent her skin, and given how much she's showing, that's saying a lot.
  • Boa Hancock of One Piece has the largest breasts of perhaps the entire cast. In fact, Oda himself claims her measurements are B111-W61-H91, making her a size J in Japan. Therefore, she obviously kicks the most ass.
    • At first, Fragile Flower Princess Shirahoshi looks to be an exception until it is revealed she is the modern incarnation of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon and possesses control over Sea Kings and if she wanted to, could use them to tear islands apart.
  • Sakakikido Tsukiko, the main character of Samurai High School and the bustiest. She's easily the strongest person in her school, and her goal is to be supreme commander. Unfortunately, she has to switch places with her twin brother as there are gender restrictions.
  • Elenore Baker and Madlax from Madlax are quite well endowed; one being theNinja Maid the other being able to destroy armies.
  • Kallen/Karen of Code Geass. Undoubtedly, she is the most endowed, and she's easily the most physically active member of the Black Knights, being their elite mech pilot. In fact, she's pretty much the only woman in their ranks who's involved in any actual fighting.
  • Hungary of Axis Powers Hetalia is a rather busty Ninja Maid Action Girl.
  • In Sekirei there is a direct correlation between a Sekirei's breast size and how powerful she is.
    • Although this trope gets deconstructed in the case of Kuu, who proves big things come from small packages. Likewise, the punishment squad's Benitsubasa, the Red Sekirei, is one of the deadliest fighters...and an A-cup...
  • In Heaven's Lost Property, Astrea, the Angeloid with the biggest bust, is also the best fighter of the Angeloids even when compared to Ikaros who is slightly smaller. Nymph is an A-Cup therefore she has no fighting ability.
  • In the Project A-ko Alternate Universe OVA The Vs., the bounty hunter Liza is quite busty, and she gives A-ko a run for her money in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Chichi from Dragon Ball is possibly the Trope Codifier as she is even bustier than Bulma in her teen years, and is (possibly) the physically strongest female character by wide margin. Indeed, she started gaining her huge F cup boobs even as a child and her huge bosom was noticeable in her teen years; plus, she is extra busty,the most buxom female martial artist,one of the bustiest female characters in the series and the strongest woman in Universe 7. Justified, as she is the beautiful woman with ears and tails of a nine-tailed fox as well,meaning that she is also the strongest and bustiest of the nine-tailed foxes.
    • Kale Caulifla and their fusion Kefla play this in different ways. Kale straightforward has larger breast than Caulifla and is stronger. Kale's breast also increase in size when she goes to her LSSJ form. When they fuse into Kefla their result has larger breast than any of the two individual ladies but smaller than Kale's LSSJ form. Kefla is still stronger than Kale's LSSJ form however.

Comic Books

  • Astro City takes this to its logical extreme with Beautie, a human-sized robot Barbie doll whose proportions border on freakish at that size: "My skin is ferro-styrene over an omnitanium frame. My breasts and buttocks are rigid. And I have no genitalia." She's also one of the strongest members of the Honor Guard...
  • Gen 13's Caitlin Fairchild. In fact, she acquired the Most Common Superpower at the same exact time that she acquired the Super Strength and Nigh Invulnerability that would make her the team powerhouse.
  • In the comic Chaos Campus, pink-haired goth(ish) Jamie is the strongest character, and beats monsters to death with a wrench as a matter of course. So she also has breasts bigger than her head, thanks to enormous breast implants. She's described as "Elly Ripley with silicone."
  • In Transmetropolitan, the less-action-oriented Filthy Assistant says she'd have to be hit in the back with two cruise missiles to fill out a dress the way the one whose specific responsibility is bodyguarding does.
  • Ibuki in Street Fighter: Back To School Special alongside being a Girly Bruiser had the biggest mammary of all the ladies that fought in the Street Fighter or Rival Schools side and was the most hand to hand oriented.
    • R. Mika filled the cup... err role... in Hyper Looting despite Ibuki being present with both being in Guile's squad. This could also be part of Ibuki's breast size changing from appearance to appearance.


Live-Action TV

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Faith plays it straight, doling out all kinds of whoop-ass while being one of the bustiest girls on the show.
    • At least one of Sarah Michelle Gellar's fighting doubles was noticeably better endowed, leading Whedon to note in commentary: "Oh, looks like Buffy's got her fightin' boobs on!"

Newspaper Comics

Video Games

  • Tifa is the fighter in Final Fantasy VII most reliant on the strength of her muscles.
  • Beatrix is easily the strongest female character in Final Fantasy IX and nigh-invincible, being able to crush almost any enemy with one or two attacks.
  • Even by Dead or Alive standards, Tina Armstrong's boobs are huge, the largest of the ladies at 95 cm. And being a wrestler, she is the physically strongest'.
    • She has been surpassed by Rachel in this regard. Rachel is 1 CM bigger than Tina in the breast department and while Tina is already strong for a woman Rachel's superior physical strength is enhanced by her fiend heritage... though...
    • Rachel herself has been surpassed by the Pint-Sized Powerhouse Honoka. Honoka is notably shorter than Rachel and Tina but has 3 CM larger breast than Tina and is the strongest girl in the series now.
  • Lamia Loveless of Super Robot Wars. She's probably the female character with the biggest boobs between all other Banpresto Originals thus far, and physically the strongest, despite not using her strength too much (being a mecha pilot and all) because... well... she's an android.
    • Aschen Brodel and Kaguya Nanbu from Endless Frontier both count. Aschen is a very powerful android but she's still beaten in the chest department by Kaguya "Dairy Cow Princess" Nanbu, who fights with a sword that's almost as big as her.
  • The King of Fighters has Shermie, Angel, Blue Mary, and Vice (who are grappler/power characters) who all have larger bust measurements than Mai Shiranui. Also, in the first KOF Maximum Impact, Lien Neville (no official 3-sizes given) actually has the largest in-game breasts and is fittingly, the strongest female character. The final boss from the second Maximum Impact game, Jivatma, has "another model" that looks female and has probably the largest bust in the game. There's also Vanessa, introduced in The King of Fighters '99, who is notably busty, bounces quite a bit, and is a purely physical brawler.
  • Ayla the cavewoman from Chrono Trigger has the greatest strength of any party member. She can do more damage with her bare hands than Crono can with his Infinity+1 Sword. And the more you Level Grind them, the larger the strength gap between Ayla and everybody else gets. As Spekkio puts it, she might not get to use magic, but she makes up for it with other assets.
  • Judith, who is easily the best stacked of the three female PCs in Tales of Vesperia and is also the only melee fighter among them.
    • In Tales of Hearts Innes Lorenz has an even larger bust and is also the token Mighty Glacier character. And she can also lift objects way more heavy than she is, with ease. It's also lampshaded repeatedly, as first the Boobs of Steel and her massive axe blade are the subject of an Innocent Innuendo skit. Later in another skit, Beryl theorizes about Innes' super strength, and the player is allowed to choose her guess: "It comes from her breasts!" or "Innes is a Mechanoid!"
  • Vanessa of Virtua Fighter not only has the biggest breasts of the female characters, but she's almost a Mighty Glacier.
  • Robot Girl Mei-Fang from Arcana Heart, being the physically largest playable character all around and strongest unarmed fighter. There is also Parace L'Sia, who is even more well-endowed than Mei-Fang, and one of the most overpowered boss characters in Fighting Game history.
  • Marilyn Sue of Akatsuki Blitzkampf not only hits harder than any other female character, but also happens to be both stacked like pancakes and braless, all the better to Gainax with.
  • Suikoden has several examples:
    • The first one has Ronnie Bell, who is called "the giant woman" for a damn good reason (she's at least seven feet tall and might actually be half-giant), and whose chest, due in part to her sheer size, is noticeably the largest of the entire cast. And she's a monstrous bruiser who fights with her fists.
    • Suikoden II has Oulan, who is by far the most stacked female in the game (she noticeably bounces in her battle animation) and one of the top five tanks in the game as well as a bruiser who can dish out absurd amounts of damage repeatedly if properly set up. She's a bodyguard, and does her job barehanded.
    • Suikoden V has Nikea, a Big Eater martial artist who keeps up the tradition of dealing tons of damage with just her fists. Also notable is Kisara, an Action Mom who passed on a great deal of 'talent' to her daughter, Lun.
  • In the Battle Team Lakers series, Natsume is consistently the strongest (physically) of the eponymous team. And despite being a series of H-Games, she's the only one with notably large breasts. The others have "large-but-within-reason" busts typical of Silver Age comicbook heroines.
  • The recent Wii game Muramasa the Demon Blade has this in the form of Raijin, a hugely muscular woman who is more than happy to squish (or zap) Momohime Jinkuro. Interestingly enough, she has a "cute girl" sitting posture if you knock her down, and an implied thing for her co-god Fujin (who appears as a tiny green imp).
  • In the side-scrolling beat'em up Knights of Valour the average looking female mooks of the forest respond to the genre's stereotype: they use hit and run tactics, attack mostly using jump kicks, and are quite frail. In later stages of the game, mooks with larger breasts prove to be substantially tougher.
  • In Disgaea, all of the "human" recruitable women are flat chested, except for the Magic Knights, Kunoichis, Cheerleaders, and Gunslingers. The "monster" recruitable women (Succubi and Nekomatas) are very big-chested, and the Nekomatas are straight up brawlers, utilizing the highest counter attack rate and damage. For storyline characters, Jennifer in the first game specializes in fist-type weapons and easily has the largest breasts in the cast.
  • Zola in Blue Dragon certainly qualifies, moreso with her choice of—or perhaps it would be more correct to say lack of—undergarments.
  • The Fighter class in Dungeon Fighter Online has large boobs and powerful muscles.
  • Mavi and Vanessa from Luminous Arc. While Mavi is depicted to be physically the strongest, Vanessa has higher attack power and has bigger breasts.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog, boob size seems to be proportionate to how Badass you are as a woman. There's Cream, with none at all, who is very weak. Then there's Amy Rose, who has a gigantic hammer and pounds people with it. Then there's Rouge, who kick-boxes and has not only got large breasts (for a kid's game) but also displays actual cleavage. Though one has to take into account that Cream is a child and Amy is a pre-teen while Rouge is a government agent.
  • In Phantasy Star Online, it's possible to change the size of the female characters' breasts. The HUnewearl, a melee specialist, get the biggest growth.
  • Radiant Historia features Raynie, who of the three ladies in your party, is the bustiest.
  • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword features Vaida, the second-bustiest character in the game and the biggest playable lady; she's essentially a Blood Knight.
    • The Tellius continuity brings us Lucia and, as of Radiant Dawn, Mia. Both are Hot Chicks With Swords with very sizable busts. In-universe both have reputations as highly competent fighters. There's also Nailah, who's the bustiest of the playable female characters and is also one of the most powerful characters in the game, and has an in-universe reputation to match.
  • The Pirate captain Eiliff Thunderfist from Drakensang is the one of the strongest fighters in the game outside of the main party and has huge boobs. Partially justified as she's quite bigger than other characters and not exactly attractive. Last but not least, The Amazons tends to be this.
  • Lita Halford from Brutal Legend is the most busty character in the game, which is saying a lot considering that all female characters in the game are large-breasted. She's also a very skilled warrior who fights with a large polearm. At one point of the game she easily defeats the less-endowed Ophelia in single combat.
  • In Seitenshi Yumiel, Yumi's breasts grow when she transforms into the eponymous Yumiel.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the CharGen "weight" slider more is more accurately described as a muscle mass/body frame slider, and for female characters, it's also a breast size slider.
  • Invoked in Bunny Must Die: one of obtainable power-ups is a Playboy Bunny costume that increases Bunny's damage, defence, and breasts.
  • Amidst the "three stooges" of NOL Academy from BlazBlue, Makoto Nanaya is arguably the most stacked, and also freakishly strong. On the whole scale, Litchi Faye-Ling has the biggest boobs and not only she has the biggest, most damaging Astral Heats, story-wise shows that under certain circumstances, she is able to overwhelm a gigantic cyborg like Tager.
  • The Female Heavy mod by Chemical Alia is roughly the same body-shape as the male Heavy, down to the 'huge chest' thing.
  • Wrestle Angels Survivor for the Playstation 2 has Chris Morgan, a wrestler who's breast size stands out even in an all female wrestling game. She is also statistically the strongest wrestler in game. Her chest is quite visible too via Sideboob
  • Rumble Roses most straightforward example is Dixie Clemets, who has the biggest breast of all human wrestlers and is only shorter than Sebastian, a bear and the Lady X robot line. Dixie has the highest defense and offense combination of all the Roses at the expense at very low speed.
    • Lady X Subsistance is stronger and faster than any of the human Roses and has a feminine robotic body with breast larger than Dixie. She is even stronger than her predecessor Lady X Substance.
    • Lady X Substance is rather notable herself. She has more of a human-like appearance than Subsistance and still is quite stronger than the Roses herself. Her appearance is said to be based on Reiko and Fujiko's mother who is said to be a better wrestler than any of the Roses on offer in the game. Her breast are also larger than DIxie's but not larger than her "upgrade" Subsistance.
  • Street Fighter has a history of inverting and playing this straight. The first game had no females.
    • Street Fighter II: Inverts this with Chun-Li and Cammy where Chun-Li is the more endowed of the two but Cammy is the powerhouse if the tiny variety. Being able to suplex men much taller than her. Worth noting that as of the fifth game both ladies have received an increase to their mammary but both are not near the top of the current crop of ladies in this department and Cammy had her grapples changed to emphasize her skill rather than strength.
    • Street Fighter Alpha: Initially inverted this with Rose and Sakura where Rose had the largest bust of all the females at the time and Sakura was rather underdeveloped in the area. Rose depended on magic called "Soul Power" and her scarf to fight while Sakura was more of the Good Old Fisticuffs variety though she did depend on Ki for some attacks. This would later be played straight when Raindow Mika debuted having breast even bigger than Rose's and like Cammy before her Mika doesn't have any special powers she uses during fights. Mika is also a wrestler.
    • Street Fighter III Initially somewhat played this straight. Ibuki statistically is among the bustier women (more than Chun-Li but less than Rose and Mika) and her mammary is quite notable when she loses in the first two games of the series. Elena on the other hand despite being the tallest female in the series (a fact still true to this day) her bust didn't measure up to Ibuki's. Ibuki was the more physically combative and uses more strength for her throws but both ladies were still of the Weak but Skilled variety and Elena's lack of physical strength is mentioned in many of her bios. Makoto debuted and she became the most combative female of the series among one of the physically strongest ladies though she is a Tomboy and have a very small bust to the point of being mistaken for a male. Chun-Li returning didn't change any of the status quo for the ladies in the game.
    • Street Fighter IV introduced C. Viper who was more of a Glass Cannon and had a bust size that rivaled R. Mika and statistically was the bustiest females in that specific series with Rose at number 2 and Ibuki at number 3. Though unlike Makoto and Mika Viper uses technology to enhance her combat prowess. This situation could be more described as inverted as Makoto and even to a lesser extent Sakura are more physically combat oriented than the three bustiest in this game despite their small chest sizes.
    • Street Fighter V: While Mika, Rose and Ibuki returned this series introduced a new true example in Laura who now has the biggest bust of all the ladies in the triple digits when measured in CM. Laura is undebatably one of the true Action Girls of the series and also in game is one of the few females to not only reach the average 1000 HP mark but surpassed it at 1050. This is notable as the other bustier girls waiver between the 950 and 925 HP mark and also worth noting Ibuki was rather reduced in chest size. Laura however does augment some of her physical attacks with electricity while Mika despite the lesser HP doesn't have any augmentation of her physical prowess. Other busty ladies such as Lucia Morgan and Kolin have appeared but they do not come close to matching Laura in bust or physical strength.

Visual Novels

Web Comics

  • The Blonde Marvel has enormous breasts to match her Big Beautiful Woman physique, and has super-strength to match. She once fought a woman with even larger breasts, and was losing the fight until she used her opponent's magic cigarettes to enlarge her own breasts. She then won.
  • In Crossworlds, the biggest boobs belong to Narhm, who also happens to be 'bout 7 feet tall (counting the horns) and muscled like a bodybuilder, thanks to her day job as a blacksmith. In combat, she wields a huge, two-handed warhammer with devastating effect.
  • Alice apparently has this boob based power according to this post of Loserz.
  • DiDi in Ménage à 3 verges on Gag Boobs territory, and is astoundingly strong. She is so strong, at one point, she was mistaken for a drag queen.
  • In Ronin Galaxy Leona dwarfs Taylor in cup size, making her, of course, the fighter-girl in the group.
  • Buxom Gal from Supermegatopia, of course. Her cup size varies in direct proportion to how much energy she's absorbed.
  • Adharia Kuvoe is heavily implied to have the largest breasts of the female Last Res0rt cast. The fact that she's also a lion-esque centaur only justifies this further, because she's already one of the larger cast members, period.
  • The Magnificent Milkmaid as well as Chocolate Milkmaid both have breasts that enlarge as they power up by drinking milk, to truly ludicrous sizes (links not provided due to NSFW issues). Fortunately, they can instantly manifest clothing... usually just before they enlarge, though. Pretty much everybody else in the comic has massive breasts, that being one of the site fetishes.
  • Mel'Arnach Val'Sarghress from Drowtales. Apart from being probably the nicest adult drow around (and being considered insane for it), she is much larger than most and also extremely well-endowed. And not bashful about it.
  • Damali in Love/Curse is by far the biggest, strongest and most buxom of the main the characters.
  • Pella from Looking for Group has a somewhat credible physique; being muscular but not excessively ripped allows her ample tracts of land to be shown to their best advantage. Just don't put your hand on her shoulder.
  • In Sluggy Freelance, Oasis and her Blue Oni counterpart Kusari have the largest breasts of almost all the female cast, and are also superhumanly capable fighters.
  • While most of the women of Girl Genius are rather well-endowed, the strongest and most skilled seem to have the biggest busts, like Pirate Queen Bangladesh DuPree and Zeetha.
  • Cato of Seekers is the hardest fighter of the group (male or female) and the most well endowed.
  • All women of Dominic Deegan gain a few cup sizes when fighting. Word of God confirms this as blatant Author Appeal.
  • In Elf Blood, the best hand-to-hand fighter depicted so far, Carlita Delacroix, is also the bustiest.
  • El Goonish Shive had some fun with it, justified in-universe with either "it's done by Tedd and he's a pervert, duh" or "magic have over-the-top flair for drama". Eventually lampshaded by a tiger griffin knight watching Elliot's transformation -

I have to ask, IS there a combat advantage to humans having large mammaries, and if so, do I WANT to know what it is?


Web Original

  • In the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions Hamburger Pattie had big boobs & bulletproof skin.
  • Whateley Universe examples: Tennyo is the strongest girl on Team Kimba, and (having the shape of an older girl) has the biggest breasts. Compiler is the strongest member of the Whitman Lit Chix, and has the biggest breasts, since she used nanotechnology to improve her body and overdid it.
  • In the Watchmen Rule 63 community, (yes, there is one) Edy and Joan are usually portrayed as being quite busty, where as Wanda and Adriene are depicted as flatchested. Danielle also tends to be largechested, but that has more to do with her weight.

Western Animation

  • Leela of Futurama has large breasts and is the most combat-oriented crewmember (and female in general) in the show.
  • Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender has a rather sizable chest and is easily the physically strongest and most agile character in the series who has no powers, male or female. Her name even means "extreme strength".
  • Lana Kane of Archer is the bustiest woman in the show and also the best fighter. Also, the other busty female besides Lana - Pam - turns out to actually be a fighter as well, rather than just an office worker.
  • Cheetara of ThunderCats (2011) is both busty and a Lightning Bruiser Praetorian Guard to series' protagonist Lion-O. Her only other female teammate is a juvenile Artful Dodger and Magical Flautist with no real combat experience.
  • The Zelda from her cartoon is this in comparison to her previous and most future game incarnations. She has a rather endowed body with fair breast while most others tend to be either flat or have very small bust and this Zelda is much more capable athletically than the others who depend on magic to make up for their lack of physical ability. It is worth noting that this Zelda is still rather physically weak compared to most others including Link however.