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"Leo Felton had the right idea!"


Canadians are so apathetic at times! [sigh] But... whaddaya gonna do?

Glen Foster, Canadian comedian.

The Boomerang Bigot is a character who thinks that all members of Group X are an inferior race/species... even while being a member of Group X themselves. Despite the obvious contradiction, the Boomerang Bigot doesn't see anything wrong with their view, and will continue to proudly persecute Group X.

Differs from You Are What You Hate in that there is no secrecy or self-doubt involved. The Boomerang Bigot knows they're a member of the targeted group—and others know it, too—but remains unabashed about holding their views, possibly in an odd form of Honor Before Reason.

Such behavior almost always occurs for laughs. If not... be afraid.

Has also been known in the mainstream as "Self-Hating", with the ethnic group following after (such as "Self-Hating Black" and "Self-Hating Jew"). A more politically correct term is "internalized bigotry". If they're not self-hating and simply criticize the behavior of their group, they might just be insisting that they Stop Being Stereotypical.

If done poorly, this trope can lead to Unfortunate Implications, such as that being bigoted is okay as long as it's self-loathing bigotry or that a person must be prejudiced in the "right" way - otherwise they'll be a Category Traitor.

A supertrope of Misanthrope Supreme. Also see Noble Bigot, Pretend Prejudice, Cultural Cringe, Hunter of His Own Kind, Humans Are the Real Monsters, Some of My Best Friends Are X, Fox News Liberal, Cultural Cringe, Internalized Categorism, N-Word Privileges, and Female Misogynist. Gayngst and Armoured Closet Gay are related tropes for self-hating gays and lesbians, and Effeminate Misogynistic Guy for a less direct form of boomerang-bigotry. See also Self-Deprecation.

Examples of Boomerang Bigot include:

Anime and Manga

  • Fairy Tail has Porlyusica, who hates humans.
  • Done with no laughs at all with Legato in Trigun. He's human, but is an Omnicidal Maniac who wants to kill all humans and anxiously awaits the day when his own boss will kill him. He hates himself and everyone else that is not Knives. If Knives weren't an Omnicidal Maniac, Legato would probably hate everyone anyway.
  • Alucard from Hellsing fits this, since he's actually the first vampire, and seems to think that he has the right and obligation to decide which vampire lives and which vampire dies. At the moment only ONE seems to be considered worthy to live.. He's been around for five hundred and twenty-three years, and the TV series was the only one who actually created vampires that had been around longer than the average kill. Hirano may have been taking a page out of The Vampire Chronicles because most of the vampires who aren't the main characters are stupid fledglings who are Too Dumb to Live and their masters don't teach them how to behave properly; fledglings of the main characters often live. They usually end up being purged by the older vampires and one of the main characters was nearly killed by another one. Santino as a fledgling came upon Marius de Romanus feeding one night after he just woke up from sleeping through the Middle Ages and naively didn't back off when Marius made it clear that he didn't want to be bothered. For his trouble, Marius set the hem of his cloak on fire after throwing him down a set of stairs; he didn't die, but it led to a bitter grudge and the complete warping of Armand after setting fire to Marius and his house and killing all the boys.
  • In Vampire Knight, Zero Kiryu is a vampire hunter who hates vampires despite (or perhaps because of) being an ex-human vampire himself.
  • Lord Gargoyle from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water thinks of humans as inferior. It isn't until his death that he finds out: he's one himself
  • At one point in Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei, Maria, The Illegal becomes fascinated with Manzai which leads to her becoming a right wing ultra-nationalist for reasons which make slightly more sense in context. She is shown denouncing the Prime Minister in front of Parliament for charges which include the influx of illegal immigrants in Japan.
  • In Naruto, Jirobo of the Sound Four enjoys making fun of Choji's weight during his fight with him, despite being fatter than he is.

Comic Books

  • Played for Laughs in a classic Gyro Gearloose story by Carl Barks where a rival inventor moves next door to Gyro. Gyro angrily declares that he never could stand any kind of inventors or geniuses.



"I hate your black skin. I hate your black pants. I hate black pepper. I hate black keys on a piano."
"I hate Whoopi Goldberg's lips."
"I hate my gums, 'cause THEY black."

  • The Believer is about an Orthodox Jew who becomes a neo-Nazi. Based loosely on Dan Burros.
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Judge Doom turns out to be a Toon in a human mask. Possibly justified in that he was motivated by greed, not bigotry, although he makes several anti-Toon statements prior to The Reveal as well (claiming, for example, that Toons are naturally lawless and deserve the most brutal punishments imaginable). It's probable that he's saying those things not because he believes other toons are like that, but because he knows that he is like that.
  • The seventh member of The Magnificent Seven really hates farmers, though is himself a farmer.
  • In The Seven Samurai, the seventh ronin, played by Toshiro Mifune, actually comes from a peasant background. He hates peasants for being victims and samurai for being bullies.
  • In Thor, Loki's reaction to learning he's the son of the Frost Giant king is to attempt Frost Giant genocide.
  • In Robots Ratchet's mother Madame Gasket who wants to destroy all older "outmode" robots. While oblivious to the fact she is made of "outmode" parts.
  • Played for laughs in Twilight. Edward says "Never trust a vampire. Trust me."
  • Get On The Bus has a successful car salesman who intially comes off as Positive Discrimination as he encourages a Black youth to focus on education to be successful... then in the same breath reveals he went to a "Real college and not some n****r school," going on a whole Uncle Tom tirade that might as well be spoken by a Neo-Nazi with N-Word Privileges where he derides everything/everyone Black, reveals he's a Republican though pets the Threefer Black, gay Republican (yes the rest of the bus has the same reaction as you reading that) for the same politics regardless of sexual orientation, with the kicker being that he reveals he couldn't care less about the Million Man March the whole point of the trip and is only going to sell cars. He finally works their last nerve by telling a racist joke about "lesbians and n****rs don't do dick" and is literally thrown off the bus into a ditch also by Bernie Mac.

Bernie Mac's character: n****rs need coat! Coat need n****rs!

  • A mild example in the Korean War film he Steel Helmet. A North Korean prisoner of war tries to turn Japanese-American soldier Tanaka against his comrades by appealing to his anger over his childhood in an internment camp. Tanaka gives him a Shut UP, Hannibal that invokes some Asian stereotypes.


  • Joe Christmas from Faulkner's Light In August has serious issues, among them, he is white; he thinks he's biracial, but doesn't fit in black or white society. He has contempt for black people in particular.
  • Deconstructed in Philip Roth's The Human Stain. Professor Coleman Silk's long and distinguished tenure is brought to sudden ruin when he is accused of making a racist comment about two black students. Coleman is the only person who can really appreciate the awful irony of this accusation, because he is a light-skinned black man who spent his entire adult life pretending he was white, going so far as to disown his family so that they don't exist as a fact of his past others could discover. Since the accusation was perpetrated from within the Athena faculty by his personal enemies, if they knew the truth about his race, they would almost certainly believe him to be a Boomerang Bigot instead of the straightforward variety they accused him of being.
  • Discworld
    • Played briefly as a gag in Men At Arms by the troll Detritus:

Detritus: You can't trust 'em.
Skully: Who?
Detritus: Trolls. Nasty pieces of work in my opinion.

    • His partner Cuddy (a dwarf) gets like this about dwarfs. It seems to be a symptom of joining the Watch: Once you join the watch no other labels apply to you, such as race or gender, so Detritus is not a troll, nor Cuddy a dwarf, they are watchmen.
    • Similarly Reg Shoe is initially invited to join the Watch after sending in letters complaining about police treatment of the Undead community. Vimes later notices that since Reg Shoe became a watchman the number of complaints from the Undead has doubled and they are all directed against Reg Shoe.
    • 71-Hour Ahmed doesn't trust any Klatchians, because he is one. He actually has to point out to Vimes, who's engaging in some pretty heavy Positive Discrimination (to counteract the regular-old discrimination that he thinks will get everyone killed by underestimation), that Klatchians can be scheming bastards too.
    • In Night Watch Captain Carrot mentions that a troll, Calcite, has joined a gang that was formed primarily to beat up trolls, apparently because he likes to beat up trolls as well.
    • Annagramma in the Tiffany Aching books (most pointedly Wintersmith) claims to hate farmers and know nothing about the farming life, and Tiffany calls her out on being a farmer's daughter.
    • The Hydrophobes are deliberately raised to hate all liquids, including their own body fluids. This aversion becomes so powerful it forms a repulsion field around the hydrophobe, practical for magic transports on water.
    • In a sadder example, one of the dwarves in The Fifth Elephant hates Cheery, a dwarf who openly admits she's female (most dwarf women don't). The dwarf in question is a woman herself, and is jealous of how Cheery's allowed to be who she really is.
  • In the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb, Burrich tries to repress signs of the Wit in Fitz because he himself is trying to hide that he has the Wit.
  • In the Strugatsky Brothers novel Prisoners of Power it turns out that the political junta which ordered the persecution of the "deviants" is composed entirely of deviants itself. They don't do it out of bigotry though - deviants are the only members of the populace who are immune to the Mind Control which the junta uses to stay in power.
    • Toyvo Glumov in The Time Wanderers.
  • Voldemort in Harry Potter. One of the goals of the Death Eaters was the elimination of any wizard who wasn't pure-blooded, specially if they were muggleborn, but Voldemort himself was a half-blood. But then, he is based off Adolf Hitler.
    • Snape as well—in his youth he was highly prejudiced against muggles and muggle-borns despite being a half-blood himself and in love with a particular muggle-born.
  • Queen Jehana in the Deryni works becomes this after she tries to use her Deryni powers to protect her son from Charissa at his coronation. She fervently believes the Deryni powers are evil, and after The Reveal at the coronation she goes into self-imposed exile in a remote convent, fasting to the point of noticeable weight loss. She tries to warn Nigel's wife Meraude of the taint of the Haldane powers, exhorting her sister-in-law to keep Nigel safe. She entertains hopes of finding a human wife for Kelson to "redeem" him, and she's rude and hostile to Rothana when she thinks the young novice is too close to her son.
  • In Sewer, Gas and Electric, the racist who plotted with GAS the supercomputer to unleash a plague that kills only black people has a black distant ancestor. Partially subverted in that he didn't show any visible sign of African ancestry; nonetheless, his "one drop"-caliber bigotry led him to design the plague to spare anyone with green eyes like him, for fear it would latch onto that "one drop" and kill him too.
  • In the Star Wars Expanded Universe Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta is the fiercest proponent and perpetrator of the Empire's bigotry against non-humans. While it's a closely kept secret, Pitta isn't human. Instead he's a crossbreed of two alien species that are human except for the skin color and the two have combined into a human skin tone.

Live-Action TV

  • Chappelle's Show had a skit called "Black White Supremacist" set in the Deep South. Clayton Bigsby is a blind black man who grows up under the impression that he is white; he becomes a prominent white supremacist writer and Klan leader. His fellow Klan members never see him out of his robes (and those that do know he's black don't tell him in fear he would kill himself so there will be one less black person in the world), and when he finally finds out he's black, he leaves his wife, accusing her of being a "n****r lover".
  • Saul Tigh on the new Battlestar Galactica really hates the Cylons — he has them tortured and executed, and even orders suicide bombings to strike back on New Caprica. But as we find out in the season three finale, he's one of the final first final five Cylons, along with the wife he killed for conspiring with the Cylons. Saul qualifies for this trope in that he doesn't treat Cylons any better upon finding this out.
    • Chief Tyrol counts in a way as well; his own Cylon revelation only deepened his Misanthropy - particularly towards himself. For him it's justified though, given everything that happened with Boomer.
  • In the new Flash Gordon series, Ming was extremely tough on Deviants and was of course himself a Deviant. He did his best to keep this fact hidden, though.
  • Done as kind of a joke on Dollhouse when Sierra is imprinted with the personality of someone who doesn't seem to like "Orientals." Or at least, she says she doesn't like them...but she does seem to in some ways, given how she hit on Ivy. We're never really told what that engagement involved.
  • Noah's Arc: Wade is this early on, with a very vocal aversion to gays despite being gay himself.
  • On one episode of Seinfeld, George's mother rejects the advice of Jerry's girlfriend Donna Chang because she finds out (having previously talked to the woman only on the phone) that Donna is not Chinese. "I don't want to take the advice of some girl from Long Island!" she shouts.
  • Law & Order did this with a half-Jewish neo-Nazi. Likewise, one case had a Hispanic kid with neo-Nazi sympathies as a suspect. He swore to the detectives that he was fully Spanish with no mestizo blood, but he still looked quite delusional.
    • Of course, since (according to some historians) modern anti-Semitism got its start in Spain's limpieza de sangre ideology, this may not be as ironic as it first appears.
  • Andromeda had a radical group bent on destroying space travel in order to preserve planetary ecologies. It was founded by a warship's AI.
    • A much softer version shows up in "The Unconquerable Man", an alternate-universe episode where Gaheris Rhade - the main character's Nietzschean second-in-command that betrayed him in the pilot - replaced Dylan (said main character). Gaheris ends up so bitter about how the Nietzscheans turned out that Harper (a character with little reason to be fond of Nietzscheans) calls him "the only one I know that hates Nietzscheans more than I do".
  • A Fantastic Racism variant occurs on Heroes during Volume 4, with Nathan and Mohinder. Mohinder, of course, had personal reasons for feeling that way. . .
  • In Kamen Rider OOO, Ankh becomes this towards the end of the series in regards to the Greeed. Despite being one himself, he's come to see the Greeed's main goal of becoming complete as an empty effort without thinking about what they'll do after they are whole again, as it doesn't even sate their ever present desire. In this case, it's more of the actions rather than the species, as he admits even he acted that way and hates himself for it. He also gets seriously frustrated over the fact that the other Greeed seem completely incapable of seeing his point of view. Unlike many examples, he actually has a very good point, as his goal is now to actually sate his desire instead of letting it run wild.
  • Smallville: Tess Mercer in Seasons 8 & 9 was this trope...towards humanity in general. She unleashed Zod and the Kryptonian clones expressly because she hoped that they would be better stewards of the planet and that having the Kryptonians in charge, rather than her fellow humans, would allow Earth to become some kind of paradise (apparently, she missed the memo that the Kryptonians inadvertently destroyed their own planet and themselves in the process). But when it becomes clear that Zod is just as corrupt and evil as any human dictator, Tess realizes her error, and moves away from this trope in Season 10.
  • Col. Potter on M*A*S*H: "Damn colonels! Can't trust any of them!"


  • Blue Öyster Cult got into critical trouble with a song called "ME 262", a song about the last days of WW 2 seen from the viewpoint of a Luftwaffe fighter pilot tasked at the behest of Hitler and Goering with knocking down English planes and seeing them go burnin'. This song, with its interludes of air-raid sirens, bombs exploding and marching jackboots, was held to be a fan-anthem to Nazism, and accusations the band members were closet Nazis failed to take into account that three of them are in fact Jewish. This was either heavy-metal gormlessness of the Up to Eleven variety, or just maybe a case of Boomerang Bigot in action. (The song also sucked as history, as most of the time the ME 262 was employed against American bombers flying by day.)
  • Rammstein too has been accused of Nazism, to the point of becoming Trope Namer of Music to Invade Poland To. If this were true they would be a band consisting primary of Nazi Marxist Jews.

Recorded and Stand Up Comedy

  • George Carlin reserved some of his more searing criticisms for white people.
  • Chris Rock's division of north Americans of color into "black people" and "n****rs".

Tabletop Games

  • In Paranoia players who are members of the Anti-Mutant secret society are required to expose and terminate (human) mutants among the populace. Of course, they're also mutants, just like everyone else in the game. Some of them are genuinely unaware of it.
    • Players are also required to expose and terminate secret society members. Of course, they're also members of a secret society, just like everyone else in the game. (They genuinely do hate the secret societies that directly rival their own; the most common pairs of enemies are Anti-Mutant vs. Psion and Corpore Metal vs. Frankenstein Destroyers.)
  • Mage: The Awakening: Banishers really, really hate mages, despite the fact that the two groups went on the same trip to the Supernal Realms and came back with knowledge of magic. The differences is that while regular mages viewed the experience as akin to religious awakening, Banishers viewed it as more like Mind Rape and feel an instinctive revulsion every time they use magic.

Video Games

  • In Wild ARMs 5, Volsung is fanatically dedicated to making sure nobody ever "crosses the wall" between Veruni and human, despite he himself being half-Veruni and half-human and hence a living example of crossing the wall.
  • In Dragon Age, Morrigan has such a moment with Zathrian.

Morrigan: "Is that why you are here, sorcerer?"
Zathrian: "Do not call me that, witch!"

    • Dragon Age II can see the player turn into this if they choose to play as a Mage and side with the Templars.
  • The Pope in Tales of Symphonia is fiercely anti-half-elf. Ironically, he used to support the cause of half-elf equality, and even fell in love with an elf. But when their daughter was born and her mother died, he found himself growing more hateful and terrified of her differences, coming to understand the perspective of the people who hated half-elves, and he started to support them instead.
  • GLaDOS from Portal is a special example of this, hating Humans along with most other 'sane' robots in the Aperture facility despite being one herself once, as the trip through the bowels of Old Aperture in Portal 2 reveals that she was once Caroline, Cave Johnson's assistant. Although you'd probably hate the Aperture facility, everyone in it and mankind in general if you'd had to deal with Cave's insanities and then been abandoned in a computer in an underground complex.
  • in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Dr. Nefarious hates and aims to destroy all organic lifeforms despite formerly being one himself before getting his current robotic body.
  • Frank Horrigan from Fallout 2 is a gigantic, homicidal Super Mutant in power armor... who hates mutants and wants to help the Enclave wipe out anyone infected with the FEV virus. He doesn't even consider himself a mutant, as he was created by the Enclave's own scientists rather than in one of the coastal FEV vats.
  • In Deus Ex, the augmented player character can choose to side with anti-augmentation zealots in Human Revolution and Invisible War.

Web Comics

  • Girl Genius has Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer. He is a Spark who believes all Sparks should be killed, because of how dangerous they are. He plans to include himself in it, once every other Spark is killed. Different from most examples of this sort in that he is actually right about Sparks being incurably dangerous and, of course, bonkers. His "solution", however, wouldn't fix anything, only upset the old balance of power - leading to more wars and dangerous mistakes as the new mad scientists establish new pecking order, and leave much more openings for more dangerous maniacs (up to and including The Other) while there are too few people who can notice and stop them.
  • Chiniride from Drowtales vigorously supported her clan's religious intolerance to half-breeds, even though she is the daughter of a light elf and gray drow herself. (And she knows this and even contemplates killing herself to purify the world from her own kind.) It was revealed later that, in the world of Drowtales, gray drow are the same race as light elves, just as black drow are related to dark elves. She's since become much less zealous and more reasonable.
    • It's also recently been implied that Chiri'nide's adopted mother Shimi'lande is much more of a puppet ruler than was previously indicated, and it falls under this trope because the Kyorl'solenurn are fanatical in their hatred for the Vloz'ress, another clan that has a puppet ruler.
  • In Cuanta Vida, the BLU Scout spends most of the comic hurling gay slurs at the BLU Spy. He is gay, and has a crush on the BLU Spy.
  • Guilded Age takes place in the somewhat racist country of Gastonia, where members of distrusted races can only pull good audiences when performing self-hating acts.

Web Original

  • A hilarious variation occurs in Survival of the Fittest when Brendan Wallace laments about how America brought the whole terrorist plot down on themselves, and blames them for everything. He then proceeds to mentally list off his friends, claiming they didn't do anything to deserve this... who are all Americans.
  • This guy on
  • In episode 4, volume 2 of RWBY, Roman gives a rather flamboyant speech full of anti-human rhetoric in front of a crowd of White Fangs, condemning humanity's greed and hatred, particularly their leadership. This at first suggests this Trope, but in truth, it's an act; he's simply Pandering to the Base in order to sway them to his side, as the White Fangs aren't too fond of humans. And several episodes later, Roman shows that he really doesn't like them either.

Western Animation


Groundskeeper Willie: "Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!"

    • The Simpsons also subverts this when Krusty comes to doubt his own credentials as a Jew:

"I thought I was a self-hating Jew, but it turns out I'm just another anti-Semite!"

  • On one episode of King of the Hill, there's a group of mostly white Hipsters who move into the neighborhood after Peggy agrees to rent them a house, who have a strong aversion to other white people.
  • On Gargoyles, Demona is an interesting case. She's a gargoyle who wants to Kill All Humans for nearly wiping out her species, but when she asks Literal Genie Puck to make her not turn to stone during the day (as gargoyles do), he grants her request by making her turn into a human from dawn to dusk every day. Notably, this doesn't stop her—instead, it just lets her find more ways of reaching her goals, since she can now blend in with her "enemies" undetected.
    • Throughout the series she easily takes to human society and tools, such as human sorcery and technology, even before she gained her human transformation curse. She even started her own freaking company (named Nightstone)! For all of her hatred towards humans, Demona fits in far more with human civilization than she does with her fellow gargoyles. Which makes sense, since after Canmore destroyed her (second) clan she's spent hundreds of years apparently without any other long-term gargoyle companionship.
  • In the South Park episode "The Entity", Kyle's cousin Kyle Schwartz—who is a walking touchstone of virtually every Jewish stereotype—comes for a visit. Towards the end of the episode, Kyle catches himself criticizing his cousin's personality and exclaims "Oh my god! I'm a self-hating Jew!"
  • Helga from Pasila is a female He-Man Woman Hater (with an emphasis on "he-man", even though that's not even part of the trope), taking after her father who never remotely accepted her.

Real Life

  • As the George Carlin example above illustrates, white stand-up comedians who want to do insult humor are usually forced into this by a combination of N-Word Privileges and Acceptable Targets.
  • Industrialist and automotive pioneer Henry Ford could qualify as this: while he espoused antisemitic and conspiracist views, he was, at least by some accounts, an inducted Freemason, and hired black people and other minorities in his factories. If the likes of Alex Jones are virulently campaigning against Freemasonry, Jewish conspiracies and the NWO, the idea of an inducted Freemason believing in and espousing the same beliefs as Jones and co. would certainly confuse some people.
  • Ernst Röhm, co-founder of the Nazi SA (Hitler's private guard in the early years), was gay. As fascist movements are generally homophobic, he, along with other early members of the party, were killed in an intra-party purge called the "Night of the Long Knives", which consolidated Hitler's power by eliminating most of the people who could challenge his power (or were now an embarrassment). There are conspiracy theories that the Nazis were somehow a gay organization, but they don't really hold water.
    • Although prior to The Night of Long Knives, Hitler and the Nazi Party had not adopted an aggressive stance towards homosexuality, and for some early anti-Nazis, e.g. among Catholics and the military, the Nazis' pre-1935 "acceptance" of homosexuals and in particular Röhm's prominent and high position in the party hierarchy were important or at least contributory reasons as to why they opposed Nazism. And for many in the military who started out distrusting Hitler, the Night of the Long Knives proved that he was okay after all. This included Stauffenberg, who eventually changed his mind again and in 1944 would attempt to blow Hitler up.
    • It could be said Hitler himself was also a Boomerang Bigot, because he did not fit his own definition of the "Aryan race" he deemed superior to all other men—and to this day recent DNA results say that he had some "Non-Aryan" ancestry (though others insist it's opposition propaganda). It has also been seriously suggested that he may have been in a relationship with Albert Speer, his chief architect.
    • Heinrich Himmler did not meet the SS entry requirements for "racial hygiene" and physical fitness. He also talked of how the SS must "harden their hearts" and grin and bear the moral and mental consequences of murdering millions, but the only time he ever watched an Einsatzgruppe in action, he was so appalled by the sight of blood that he became hysterical.
    • Heck, Joseph Goebbels isn't spared from being accused of hypocrisy either, as despite the Propaganda Minister's biting rhetoric and zealous oratory against those whom the Nazi Party views as "sub-human" like Jews, Romani, blacks and people with disabilities, Goebbels himself was a sub-human based on Nazi standards on eugenics and genetic/racial purity. He developed osteomyelitis since childhood, and as such had a clubfoot and was 5'4", far below the party's expectations. Had the Nazis exercised those rules scrupulously Goebbels would've been thrown into a concentration camp and executed as well, if not for being useful to the Nazi cause through his propaganda skills.
  • Tomás de Torquemada certainly had Jewish ancestry, and Richard Wagner reputedly did as well. (Torquemada may not quite count. He was theoretically persecuting a belief, not an ancestry and his ancestry would presumably be irrelevant to that. Of course he was primarily persecuting Jewish converts for allegedly lying about their conversions based on the "evidence" that they were born Jews. So whatever.)
    • Torquemada was strongly influenced in his heresy-hunting by the concept of limpieza de sangre, which held (perhaps not entirely unreasonably, but with disastrous results) that crypto-Judaizing and Islamizing was more likely among those with more Jewish or Arab ancestors. It has been theorized that the doctrine of limpieza de sangre is what shifted the emphasis of anti-Semitism away from religion and toward race, and so that this was the ultimate root of the Holocaust.
  • The French answer to Torquemada was Pierre de Lancre, a 17th century judge of Bordeaux and despiser supreme of everything Basque, who was well aware nonetheless that he was Basque himself.
  • Legendary chess player Bobby Fischer was very anti-Semitic, even though his mother was Jewish, and thus he was Jewish under Jewish law.
  • Anyone cynical enough about their own country (countrymen, specifically) will probably start becoming this. c.f. page quote.
  • In sociology and psychology, this is called "internalized oppression" - where a member of a group comes to believe stereotypes about their own group. They may believe themselves to be an exception to the stereotypes, or they may hate their own group as a result.
    • There's also "degreeism," where people of an oppressed group rank themselves by how closely they approach the oppressor group. For example, a masculine gay man Invisible to Gaydar might hold consider himself above a more obvious Drag Queen or Leather Man, or a highly Europeanized member of a colonized society might consider himself more "civilized" than his more traditional neighbors, etc. Similarly, there was the "brown paper bag" test for some American blacks before the 1960s, where those whose skin was darker than a paper bag "failed", and those with lighter skin didn't.
  • It's been said that "Nobody hates Furries more than other furries." This may be due in part to Stop Being Stereotypical attitudes toward the Vocal Minority of genuinely disturbing individuals within the fandom.
  • In Hawai'i haoles (pronounced "howlies"), or white people, are often subjected to harassment, name calling and (in a few cases) even outright violence by local people. Local usual means Asians and Native Hawaiians, though oddly enough it also includes the rather large Portuguese community for some reason (perhaps they see themselves as Hispanic, which effectively gives them white N-Word Privileges). Also many Native Hawaiian activists could probably spend the better part of the afternoon talking about how "the haoles stole our land". This seems almost odd when you consider that nearly 60% of all people in Hawai'i (and about 99% of all Native Hawaiians) are of mixed race and nearly all of them have at least some Caucasian ancestry.
  • In the early 20th century, it was common for light-skinned African Americans to hold "paper bag parties" in which only those with skin lighter than a brown paper bag would be allowed in. The goal was to exclude darker-skinned African Americans and is considered an example of colorism.
    • A related phenomenon was the Uncle Tom stereotype, also called the 'House Negro' by Malcolm X.
  • The Filipinos have a long history of having this kind of bigot, with their cynical views toward their own country and strong exposure to foreign influences. It has been known in the Spanish era that some Filipinos strove to look like Spaniards. (There was an old joke that may have been truer than it seems that some Filipinos pinched their noses with clothes hangers to try to make their noses sharp, like those of Spanish blood.) Similar cases followed after the Americans' arrival and when the Chinese-Filipinos came into prominence. Early Filipino films promoted Filipinized modern American lives, Western movies, and even Medieval stories, preferring the latter two over actual Philippine historical settings. Up to now certain Filipinos define their worth by their ability to speak fluent English or Chinese (with foreign accents), embrace Western or Chinese culture, being able to visit Western countries (namely the USA), or to have Western or Chinese physical features (skin whitening soaps are very popular up to this writing), coupled with how much they have renounced their Philippine heritage with abhorrence. Any person of this type who gets even a small taste of any of these "privileges" would act like he never had Filipino blood at all and would be quick to openly show scorn for other Filipinos.
  • Hipsters who hate other Hipsters for being Hipsters.
    • Slags who slag off other slags for being slags.
  • Franz Kafka could be intensely anti-Semitic. In his diaries, he wrote, "Sometimes I'd like to stuff all Jews (myself included) into the drawer of a laundry basket... then open it to see if they've suffocated."
  • It's not uncommon for Americans on either polar end of the political spectrum to hate the USA and the average American.
  • Misanthropists.
  • Any white person who expresses support for the Ghost Dance. The Ghost Dance was an eschatological movement from the American West in late nineteenth century which says that, if all the Indians dance, Indians will grow really tall. And then comes the flood, followed by shrinking back to normal size to see all one's ancestors revived, and then people, no longer ashamed, will strip off their clothing and start living as the ancestors. That's the short version; it has more Gainax Ending qualities to it, of course. But wait...what about everybody else? Dead.
    • When Navajo medicine men were approached by Ghost Dance leaders, they (possibly because the Navajo conception of ghosts makes J-Horror movies look like Casper the Friendly Ghost) rather firmly rebuffed the overtures. One is reported to have described the Ghost Dance as "Nothing but worthless words." That, and, well, they already had a dance—When the Two Went to Their Father, AKA the Enemy Way—for killing foreigners. Unlike the Ghost Dance, it's just an ad-hoc blessing for warriors going out to a particular fight, and has no complicated eschatological theories (although it does involve channeling the god He Kills Hostile Gods).
  • One could say "Forrest Carter" of The Education Of Little Tree fame claimed to be this. But he was really white, explaining his Ku Klux Klan connections.
  • It's worth noting that on the ultra pro-Israeli website Israel Insider, any Jewish person who goes on the talk forums and who dares voice even the slightest reservation as to Israel's domestic or foreign policies, or to challenge settlement building in the occupied territories or land-grabs from Palestinians, or anything Israel is doing in the name of the Jewish people and religion, is invariably flamed and accused of being a "self-hating Jew".
  • Related to the above, this is on the road to becoming a Discredited Trope in the US, where accusations are thrown around so freely that pretty much any minority, woman, or homosexual who expresses right-of-center views is more likely than not to be called "self-hating" at some point.
  • In the documentaries Eye of the Storm and A Classroom Divided, the teacher did an experiment about bigotry by discriminating based on eye color. The boomerang involved occurred on the second day, where she stated that brown-eyed people were better than blue-eyed people, and that blue-eyed people were inferior and needed to be treated as such.
  • Russian politician Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky leads the fanatical, anti-Semitic, anti-Western, Slavic-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. He is half-Jewish. When asked about this, he emphasizes it was only his father who was Jewish, not his mother, who was a Russian Slav.

"Why should I reject Russian blood, Russian culture, Russian land, and fall in love with the Jewish people only because of that single drop of blood that my father left in my mother's body?"

  • Dan Burros was a Jewish member of the American Nazi Party. His colleagues knew about his heritage.
  • John Ausonius, born as Wolfgang Alexander Zaugg, was the son of a Swiss father and a German mother who had both emigrated to Sweden. As a kid he was bullied for not being Swedish. This had a profound impact on him, he changed his name, several times, to seem more Swedish, dyed his hair blond and wore blue contacts. It also gave him an intense hatred of foreigners and immigrants, and eventually he went on a shooting spree, killing one person and wounding ten. He was dubbed the Lasermannen because his gun had a laser sight on it.
  • H.P. Lovecraft was anti-Semitic and anti-miscegenation. However, he knowingly married a Jewish woman.
  • Most leaders of communist governments came from wealthy, or at least middle-class, backgrounds.
  • Notorious neo-Nazi and certified kook Ernst Zündel is technically a Jew under Jewish law, and once tried to use this fact to enter Israel. It backfired on him.
  • Lost actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko) was one of these in his youth. As a teenager, he joined a skinhead gang, acting as a sort of brutal attack dog.
  • Adam Carolla often criticizes government entitlements for families and children such as free lunch programs at schools. However, he and his mother lived off welfare when he was a child.
  • There is an amusingly large number of social justice warriors who spew nothing but hatred and vitriol towards whites, men, and especially white men... when a lot of them are often whites, males, or both themselves.