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  • Among the moves you can use as God Reels in God Hand are throwing a giant baseball, punching the enemy's head off, and a good old-fashioned Groin Attack. But the most useful? Chain Yanker, which just pulls the enemy in and stuns them—stunned enemies being perfect for building one's God Hand meter on.
    • Of the various guard breaker moves available, the most basic and earliest available, a simple overhand chop, is also the most reliable. Sure, neither it nor its stronger version do much damage, but when all you want is to leave the enemy open, it answers the call.
    • You have a roundhouse move from the start. It has decent power, reach and speed, but best of all it can knock down small enemies and keep hitting them on the ground, keeping them there. By using evade-cancelling to pump it out faster, you can do good damage with this alone. It won't break a guard, but apart from that hiccup it's as reliable as they get.
  • In The Bouncer you could pick up a ton of special moves, but most of them paled to the simple combos, most notably Volt's headbutt, which could chain combo robots. (Yes, that's right: When Volt's skull meets solid steel, Volt's skull wins).
  • The backwards elbow in the original Double Dragon is a simple but effective technique, especially against the bosses.
    • It's a downright Game Breaker. It works on EVERYTHING. Very boring, and very practical.