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  • Nintendo's tendency to remove blood from its games was referenced in Melee's End episode 5:

Mario: What do you want, Ganondorf?
Ganondorf: I have come for your blood.
Marth: Oh, not my blood!
Star Fox: You don't even know what blood is.
Mario: Guys, this is a Nintendo game. Don't worry.
Ganondorf: I've coughed up plenty of blood in my day. Nintendo can't save you now!
Star Fox: Your blood is green.

  • The first half of Red vs. Blue's second season was criticized for a noticeable absence of vulgarity. Rooster Teeth tried toning down the language after receiving messages from people who wanted the videos to be appropriate to watch at work. When the removal of language was met with an even worse reaction, the cast and crew decided to abandon the idea. The hilariously over-the-top profanity of Caboose's "mental image" of Church served as the point where the show's dialog returned to form.
  • Parodied in Arfenhouse Teh Movie Too, where one character says "ow" while the subtitle shows "FUCK!!!" struck out before it.
  • Also parodied in The Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Action 52, where they show a clip of the "TV Version" of the review:

AVGN: "Whoever came up with this is an ass[bleep]!... Ass!... Hole?... Ass[bleep]! Television makes a lot of sense."

  • Lampshaded in Paw Dugan's Top 9 Composers video, where Paw is Trapped In Game Land. In the Wolfenstein 3D portion, he comes upon Bowdlerized versions of the Hitler portraits and comments that something's missing. After a quick Fade Out and Fade In, we see a crudely painted toothbrush mustache applied to the painting as Paw comments "Much better!"
  • Forumer (a free internet forum provider) decided to update their TOS to become more child and general audiences friendly. They also decided to run a program that changed all sorts of words on every single Forumer forum to "work safe" alternatives. The change was based around cooking - for example, 'fuck' became 'bake'. But some of them were just bizarre. 'Little' was auto-changed to 'cilantro', 'video' was changed to 'recipe', 'girl' was changed to 'steak'...
  • Psycomedia uses Freud as a substitute profanity, to highlight that All Psychology Is Freudian is not true.
  • This very wiki. Robin Williams didn't say "Getting Crap Past the Radar".

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