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You've turned my maguppies into bazongas!

Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

A character suddenly finds their breasts enlarged to often immense levels, via Applied Phlebotinum, magic, science, or otherwise. Mostly happens to flat chested characters suffering from A-Cup Angst, though women on the other side of the spectrum may have it happen as well. When played for the Fetish Fuel side, the actual growth tends to be as important as the final size of the breasts. It is also played for comedy, but this still ends up providing Fan Service. An Overnight Age-Up for women usually guarantees this will happen.

An alternative is Fake Boobs.

Examples of Breast Expansion include:


  • One banned Japanese commercial shows a woman drinking milk and her breasts growing.
  • An old commercial for the Oishi Tea drink features 2 girls in the restroom, one was mearing her make up until the second girl comes in and checks her belly flabs until she starts pushing her fat into her boobs shocking the other girl. Later the other girl tried to do the same thing but to no avai.
  • In the ad for the game Juiced, it shows two dudes customizing a car in the game until a girl stands under a bus stop which miraculously gets effected by the two dudes customizing the car in-game. After the two realize what they're doing the started customizing the car which in turn modifies the girl as well one of the modifications is her breast growing in tandem with the car grill being changed.
  • An ad for the SciFi Channel shows two guys trying to enter a club but gets stopped by two bouncers, they insist that they need a girl to be with them to enter. One of the guy starts to modify his body to look like a girl, one of the scene shows him enlarging his breasts using the fat from his belly.
  • A banned ad for a cheese product from Russia shows a woman in a fancy restaurant getting served the product, after taking the first bite her right breast grow exponentially, after realizing the effects of the food she ate the other piece of the product resulting in her other breast growing as well. After experiencing the effects she starts eating the big parts which resulted in her butt growing.
  • An ad for Bubblicious gum shows a girl at the beach blowing the gum but every time she inhales her breasts grew but every time she exhales her breasts shrank.

Anime and Manga

  • In the first episode of season 2 of UFO Princess Valkyrie has a scene where after Valkyrie makes a cookie bigger with magic. Just after that Hydra makes a joke about making Akina's breasts bigger. Guess what happens.
    • The series as a whole features Breast Expansion heavily. Every transformation sequence features prominently a scene of Valkyrie or Hydra inflating their breasts to Gag Boobs capacity as they turn into their adult forms.
  • A rare non-human example happened in Mazinger Z. In episode 32, Kouji and Sayaka have to battle a flying Mechanical Beast (Gelbros J3). Kouji thought replacing Aphrodite A's Torpedo Tits for bigger missiles would help to defeat it. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The second episode of Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai had Sasshi defeat the final boss by using a magic talisman that Arumi bought, which turned out to be used for breast expansion - the boss's chest swelled up so much it exploded. Yikes.
    • It should be noted that this was a giant monstrous skeleton in armor.
  • The opening theme for the first few arcs of NEEDLESS shows Eve having breast expansion after she has her drink.
  • A breast inflation spell has been used twice in Mahou Sensei Negima. The results are always a hilarious fail:
    • In one example the fourth episode of season 1, Asuna gets in an argument with some other girls over breast size. To help her along, Negi enhances Asuna's breasts by using a spell to make her swim-suit inflate like a balloon. At first Asuna happily belittles a snooty blonde girl who was making fun of her, but then the spell backfires and she overinflates, causing the chest area of her suit to explode.
    • In the second season of the show in the third episode, Anya and Nodoka attempt to inflate their breasts through sorcery, ends with them humiliating themselves in front of their classmates by overinflating and floating away like balloons.
    • However, Makie manages to mildly inflate her chest and drain Yuuna's... in a dream sequence.
    • At the end of the story, Nodoka's breasts have started to grow as a result of being in low gravity.
  • The Eiken OVA actually has a subtle version of this trope. A running gag is when Densuke is able to hold Chiharu, he thinks to himself that Chiharu's breasts have grown larger than the last time he hugged her. Granted, Chiharu's breasts grew during the manga, but that was far more spread out, whereas the OVA occurred over the course of a few days.
  • Hentai anime Angel Blade and its sequel features this heavily, as the titular (no pun intended) main character goes from an average size to well-endowed every time she transforms.
  • Sailor Moon featured an odd variation of this. In Sailor Moon Super S episode 17, one of the monsters of the week shows up as a flat-chested girl in a green kimono. She then produces two magical balls and swallows them, and instantly grows boobs of the same size. The action then freezes and a message comes up reading "PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME."
  • In the fifth episode of School Days, one of the girls uses an inflatable bikini inserts to give herself large breasts.
    • That's also in the original game, and IIRC the girl who did that was the local flat chested girl Setsuna.
  • Yuki the Ice Spirit from Master Of Mosquiton gets a transformation sequence where her breasts literally inflate like balloons when she turns from a Token Mini-Moe into a buxom hottie. The transformation scene only appears twice in the series while the rest are off screen.
  • In Puni Puni Poemy, the last episode sees some of the characters (including the Token Mini-Moe) imagine what they would do with the titular character's magic powers...two of them, including the Token Mini-Moe, imagine them making their breasts larger.
  • In Pokémon's episode "Beauty and the Beach", James of Team Rocket wears a breast-expanding bikini top and taunts Misty about his greater size. When the episode was finally aired in the West, the scenes featuring this were cut.
    • Inverted with May - her breasts (possibly due to being Off-Model) go from the size of a grown woman's to mosquito bites by the D/P arc.
  • When three of the angels in Wedding Peach OVA switch bodies with magical cats, the girls turn into Cat Girls, and their breasts grow. Their breasts shrink back after the girls return to normal.
  • In episode 23 of Tokyo Mew Mew involved the girls fighting a pair of birds who inflated their breasts to use as weapons. Specifically they use them as balloons, bounce the main heroine around till she's dizzy, and chasing the boys around.
  • In Queen's Blade, the character Melona (ironic name) basically has the power of breast expansion: she can not only make her breasts larger, but has Gag Boobs already and uses her rapid breast growth as a weapon. Her introduction scene in episode 12 has her slightly inflate her breasts for simple one-upmanship, and she likes to boast about her huge boobs. Ironically Melona's breasts become her downfall, when she fights an enemy who can overcome her attacks, Melona overcompensates and inflates her breasts too much, causing them to explode in the first episode, killing her. Of course, lucky for her fans, later episodes show that she got better.
  • Seras Victoria from Hellsing starts at a fairly average cup size and then swells enormously after she becomes a vampire. Apparently, vampirism comes with some serious breast expansion side effects.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. Seinen series with a Older Alter Ego Transformation Sequence. Naturally, one of the panels during said sequence focused on the character's breasts that had grown to large proportions.
  • The Gag Dub of Ghost Stories subverts this trope. Satsuki tries to get a wish granting ghost to give her "huge boobs", but does it wrong so it doesn't happen.
  • In episode 15 of Cyber Team in Akihabara, Kamome one of the five Magical Girls is ashamed of being flat. So she uses a pump to inflate her chest in the beach episode, and handily attracts a gaggle of boys. Also, all of the girls get pretty damn big when they transform.
  • Episode nine of Kamen no Maid Guy features an entire restaurant which hires only busty girls so the waitresses can use their assets to distract the predominantly male customer base from noticing the horrible food. Nekka, the main heroine, is sent in to "investigate" by her flat-chested friends because they feel their restaurant is being "outgunned". It turns out that all the waitresses have had boob jobs, while the manager is a flat chested girl who's been padding (to a ridiculous extent) the whole time.
  • In the Transformation-tastic episode 24 of Onegai My Melody, a skinny underdeveloped girl uses (kinda') dark magic to steal other girls' physical features. Aside from stealing one girl's face, and a leggy tomboy's legs, she also steals a busty blonde's chest size, and some hips. By the time she's done, no one who knew her before even recognized her. Her plan falls apart when she gets greedy, causing the spell to go haywire when she tries to take on too many enhancements at once. This is episode 24 season 1, in case you are "interested".
  • Grenadier had one episode where the enormously well-endowed main character's flat-chested cohort, Mikan, puts on a pair of big inflatable breasts, ostensibly to show off for her friend it appears.
  • Jungle de Ikou!'s entire plot centers on a flat chested girl with breast-obsessed friends, who becomes the tall, tanned, massively buxom woman she always wanted to be thanks to magic. Unfortunately it also unleashes a demon bent on destroying mankind... fortunately he's more than happy to just stare at her boobs.
  • In the second season of Mahoromatic on episode 3, Mahoro buys a breast expanding vacuum but minawa plays around with it causing it to go haywire which results in Minawa, Shikijo, and even the male Suguru, to grow boobs but not on her. Later in the episode one of the commanders gives Mahoro a bra that's actually a missile launcher.
  • A subversion occurs in Slayers when flat chested Lina Inverse was told of a fountain that makes things grow as a reward for a quest. It turns out the magic spring she was told of would have made her old.
  • A Subversion also happened in Hell Teacher Nube once. Makoto stole a bag of magical dust from a benevolent Youkai—dust with the power to make anything grow. Among the many scenes of carnage (such as extending Nube's prodigious eyebrows down to his knees, or causing Noriko's cute crown of flowers to completely engulf her,) Miki sprinkled this dust on Kyoko's chest. It inflated... inflated... INFLATED... and just when Miki was horrified and outraged at being surpassed, and the entire classroom stared, two actual melons dropped out of Kyoko's blouse, as the dust had only affected a couple of seeds that had dropped in there during lunch.
  • In Black Butler, episode 23, a slightly-endowed Angela tries to tempt Sebastian by showing off her assets, and they actually look bigger than in previous episodes. Possibly justified by the fact that she's not human anyway.
  • In the second episode of the hentai ova Taimanin Asagi, Sakura, the protagonist's younger sister, is captured while trying to rescue the protagonist. She is then repeatedly raped throughout most the series. The first act being getting her breasts medically expanded to huge proportions. Fortunately, these are only temporary, and later on she gets better. Later in the second season Asagi faces the same situation of of her sister but instead being raped she gets injected with a mysterious fluid to increase her breast size.
  • One series of manga circulating around the web (dubbed the "Fraction" series) is made of this trope. It includes a story about a teen girl whose breasts are so huge she gets teased for it who meets a porn star with even bigger breasts who teaches her to be proud of herself. Interestingly the porn star woman admits that, as a teenager, she was a flat chested girl who wanted to be big so badly she got enormous breast implants to achieve this.
    • Two other "Fraction" series manga include a short about a girl who takes hormone pills (given to her by the ghost of her dead friend, naturally) and gains breasts bigger than her torso; and a young woman who is infected by an alien parasite that makes her breasts go from completely flat to around an F-cup in seconds, but another alien shows up (this one a buxom blonde already equipped with huge tits) who wants the breast-enhancing alien for herself, for obvious reasons. Naturally the human girl is reluctant about giving up such a creature.
  • In the hentai manga Injection Girl, a flat preteen girl who despises being flat-chested goes to a shady plastic surgeon and undergoes breast augmentation to increase her breast size (ostensibly because she thinks she will be a famous idol singer if she has bigger breasts). Naturally, this backfires terrifically, as her boobs grow out of control and the doctor makes her his S&M slave. Kinda' dark yeah?
    • Basically the same plot, but in a different hentai, titled Before After: a flat-chested high schooler goes to a black market plastic surgeon to have her breasts enhanced. After the operation she soon realizes her breast implants are continuously growing. Turns out they are remote controlled, and the doctor (a woman doctor this time) makes her a sex slave by making her breasts too big for her to move under her own power.
  • One Tenchi Muyo! doujinshi involves Washu giving the other girls in Tenchi's harem enormous breasts for some reason, making Ryoko incredibly jealous, especially when Ayeka shows up in the hot tub with volley ball-sized breasts and openly mocks Ryoko. She tries to top them by making her own breasts larger in a similar fashion, but ends up making her breasts so huge she can't move at all. Ayeka doesn't really get what she wanted either...she thinks Tenchi will enjoy her "newly enhanced" body more, but she never gets to find out because Mihoshi and Kiyone go to town on her, if you catch my drift.
    • From the actual show itself, one instance involved Washu, again for some hot reason, talking Sammi into taking a drug that caused her to age into a teenager... including her breasts, which swell up about six cup sizes.
  • The manga series Blue Eyes features a kind of, believe it or not, more realistic breast expansion sequence. No seriously. Indeed it's vaguely Deconstructive about the whole concept. One of the characters, Claire, started out flat-chested as a teen but then she started developing very rapidly. At first she was happy about it and soon her breasts grow bigger than even her mother, who was already cartoonishly big. But then they started growing out of control and eventually, by the time she's in her late-teens, her breasts are larger than her entire torso and she is so embarrassed she becomes a recluse.
  • A story from the manga Franken Fran featured the titular character (an insane Body Horror plastic surgeon-cum-frankenstein monster) passing out free cosmetic surgery to some kids at a school. Besides odd instances like a couple who wanted to be stitched together, one girl apparently asked for breast implants twice as big as her torso!. The terms "overcompensation" and "something to prove" comes to mind. Hilariously enough, she calls out the other students for the procedures they had done on them, saying that they "lack restraint" and the kicker being that compared to most of the students she's right.
  • In one of the happier Breast Expansion hentai manga, titled Blimps, a girl and her boyfriend discuss her breast size (or lack thereof), and she decides she must get bigger breasts to measure up. So we cut to a few months later, and now she has enormous implants bigger than her head. In an unexpected, but sweet, happy ending her boyfriend loves it and after the prerequisite graphic sex scenes they decide to get married and start a family.
  • A similarly happy-ending-possessed Breast Expansion hentai short-story involved a girl whose breasts inflated cartoonishly whenever she was sexually aroused...who has to tutor a boy she's in love with. About a minute into the meeting, her chest becomes home to twin beach balls. Needless to say, he's extremely impressed, and graphic sex follows. It too ends with them forming a really, really kinky but otherwise loving relationship.
  • In the hentai, Bondage Queen Kate, the title character (already well-endowed) is sent to infiltrate an evil organization that kidnaps and sells young girls into sexual slavery. It is outright stated that the girls are given breast augmentation to make them more "useful".
  • In a chapter of To Love Ru Darkness, Lala invents a machine that does this. Though all it really did was transfer the size of one's breasts to another for a brief period of time.
  • Magical Canan's protagonist Chihaya has a mild issue on her small bust. When she transforms into her alter ego, Magical Girl Carmine, the camera intently zooms on how she grows her breasts and butt's sizes. They shrink back when she turns to normal.
  • In Gou Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora The flat-chested girl Tenka Morooka gets this unwillingly at the end of chapter 3,at first she don't want "them" because they are "heavy" but in the end she decides to keep them.
  • In the manga Okitsune-sama de Chu, a cow demon possesses a girl and causes her breasts to grow from flat to about the size of her head. They eventually grow to almost fill a room. Even when the demon is removed, she keeps some of the expansion. It happens a few more times throughout the series.
  • Early on in Benten-sama ni wa Iwanaide, this trope is magically invoked for the sake of revenge. The subject's bust begins to grow slowly and continuously over the course of several chapters, during which she is convinced to take part in a play of some sort wearing a very tight-fitting costume. The result is predictable.
  • G-Taste has a Breast Expansion scene where the girl's breasts burst out of her clothes.
  • In the newer Dirty Pair series, Dirty Pair Flash, Kei's transformation scene sometimes includes her breasts doubling in size and ripping through her shirt.
  • In the manga Manyu Hikencho, the story is set in a fictional fantasy world where breast size determines a woman's worth and position in society: small breasted women are outcasts and well endowed women are showered with wealth and power. In effect, Buxom Is Better taken literally. The main character is a "thief" who steals breast size from busty girls and gives advice to flat chested girls on how to increase their bust size, in someways being a "robin hood" of breasts.
  • Chapter three of the manga series Asklepios has the protagonists trying to convince a village girl to let them operate to remove a tumor on her ovaries that's caused a huge increase of her bust size, but at the same time is killing her. She initially refuses because she thinks her love interest likes big breasts, but eventually accepts the surgery when said love interest says he cares about her and not her bust. After the surgery is over, he even says she looks better flat-chested.
  • One hentai manga, the title of which is spoilerized for being NSFW (Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History'), features Breast Expansion as a central plot point. A flat teenage girl is repeatedly hit there and mocked by her brother. His constant slappings cause a sensation which causes her breasts to grow. Her sudden increase in bust size causes her to become rather arrogant, boasting about the size and weight of her new breasts and teasing her brother about her new prospects as a glamor model. Somehow, this also causes her to have sex with her brother... for some (hot) reason. Throughout she makes fun of her brother's incredibly small penis (which sheds light on why he mocked her earlier) but the ending implies he'll soon be having some growth of his own. A panel where she grabs her new breasts and presses them against her brother's face, grinning evilly, has been mutated into a meme on "Teh Internets".
  • Change 123 - When the main character's split personalities manifest, her appearance changes due to subtle differences in the placement and internal balance of her muscles necessary for their different combat specialties (attack power, speed, and defense). The usual sign that the Adult Child grappling specialist has come out is that her bra snaps as her boobs "grow" too big for it. Presumably this is the result of her pectoral muscles pushing them farther out than usual.
  • One doujinshi manga (don't ask, NSFW—loli everywhere) features the loli girlfriend of some guy, who has her breasts surgically enlarged because she thinks it'll make her more appealing to him...but really, he only liked her because she looked flat-chested. So needless to say he's not impressed, yells at her, and throws her out. But she completely misreads this and assumed she's not big enough yet. At the end she's going back for more.
    • A similar doujinshin/hentai has a teenaged girl suffer a similar problem. Insecure about her size and wanting to impress some breast-obsessed boys who fawn over bakunyuu (read: big titty) manga, she gets an enormous boob job to meet their standards. But instead they get squicked by her huge chest and reject her advances. She assumes it was because her breasts are still too small, and tries going bigger, still longing for their approval. When they still reject her...she decides she needs to be even bigger.
    • Aaaand...different comic, similar plot: two sisters, the older one flat-chested and insecure the younger one comically oversized and boastful about it. After being humiliated by her "little" sister, who is still growing, the older girl decides to have her breasts enlarged....
    • Two bakunyuu mangas by the late Sakuraba Jouichirou heavily feature Breast Expansion:
      • Great Breast Miyuki (a.k.a "Miyuki's Marvelous Melons") involves a shy teenaged girl who makes a deal with the Devil...or A be more popular. The result is that now her breasts inflate to absurd sizes when she becomes aroused. But she manages to turn this into something fruitful, becoming a big-bust model in her part time. At one point she has a brief rivalry with a Gag Boobs-equipped model who, out of jealousy, makes a similar deal with "A" Devil to get bigger breasts...unfortunately, she starts growing out of control, humiliating herself trying to one-up Miyuki. Later Miyuki meets a boy from school she has a crush on, who tells her he loves her too and, trying to impress him, she forces her breasts to grow bigger than her whole body. She succeeds in rapidly gaining his love (and lust) but regrettably she can't handle the weight of being so top-heavy and, like the Mighty Endowed, she topples forward, unable to stand, and crushes him to death.
      • Hyper-Breast Girl Rikaku-chan is a quasi-parody of big breasted manga girls. The title character, Rikaku, is a teenaged seductress who is so comically buxom as to basically being deformed—her breasts are twice as big as her actual body, measured in meters not inches. And she's still growing. Besides basically attacking men on the street with her breasts, forcing them to grow at will hoping to impress her suitors, Rikaku also gets easily frustrated when someone doesn't acknowledge how huge she is. At one point her boss at her job guesstimates her breast size at "two meters", and she angrily puffs up her chest and chastises him, telling him she hasn't been so "small" since she was a preteen...cue picture of Rikaku as a prepubescent girl with breasts bigger than her whole upper body. Rikaku is something of a parody though, being so big she's basically a joke, bragging about her size and inflating herself like a mating bird looking for a spouse when she sees a suitable man.
      • Sakuraba Jouichirou also did a series of Breast Expansion short stories in manga form (floating around the net). One including a boy getting laid for the first time by a woman he meets with breasts even bigger than Rikaku. Like by an order of magnitude. It's kind of implied she smothers him by mistake at the end. Another involved a girl with huge breasts trying to peel her bau away from her Hot Mom who has outright Gag Boobs.
      • A hentai manga (one of many...) involves B.E. to some degree. A guy goes to the plastic surgeon to have his "self" lengthened, and meets a girl he knew as a kid...who he barely recognizes because now she has basketball-sized breast implants. She's, needless to say, happy to get a second chance at him, but then her superior shows up...who also has implants, only about three times as big, and humiliates her in front of him by calling her "puny" and "little". This leads to a predictable competition.
      • In one manga about a wandering freelance doctor, a young girl's insecurity leads her to get a boob job. But the faulty implants are making her sick, leading Life or Limb Decision: the doctor tells her if she keeps the implants, she'll die, but if she gives them up she fears she'll be mocked again for being flat. In the end she refuses to have them removed, even though she knows the consequences.

Comic Books

  • In Gen 13, one of the side-effects of Caitlin's gen factor activating for the first time includes her cleavage expanding into CLEAVAGE.
  • Outgunning even Power Girl effortlessly by a factor of HUGE is the short-running (and deliberately-comical) superheroine Mammary Woman, who appeared in the now-defunct British humour comic UT. Initially a parody of Spider-Man, the heroine was a put-upon nerdy schoolgirl with a very flat chest whose life changed forever when, on a visit to an underwear factory, she was bitten by a radioactive bra-strap. Later that night, the inevitable Fetish Fuel-esque sequence occurs, as in the space of three frames her assets swell from bee-stings, to basketball-sized (bursting her school blouse open in the process), to about the size of three metres across and a triple-Z cup...EACH. She decides to use her superhuman boobs for the power of good, and so becomes the World's bustiest superheroine, Mammary Woman. In one later episode, she even expands them even further in a matter of seconds to about the size of a military hovercraft each, in order to buffer a crashing train and save its crew and passengers...
  • One of the first foes faced by Young Justice was the Mighty Endowed, an archaeologist named Nina Dowd ("N. Dowd") who was transformed into a top-heavy feline figure too well endowed to support her own weight. In a twist, despite her being fully clothed, her new assets are never clearly seen.
  • The comic 3 Little Kitties, by Jim Balent, features the villainous Latex Red who takes breast augmentation to a new extreme...her implants are filled with explosives, so if you kill her you blow up too.
  • Much like the TV series that it spun off (see Western Animation below) the W.I.T.C.H comic features this. Since the characters are mainly teenaged girls breast size features heavily in their major concerns. Will, the team leader, is a flat chested girl who uses her enhanced Magical Girl form to offset her lack of size, while tomgirl Irma is already the biggest, but tries to make herself bigger anyway out of pure vanity.
  • In Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies (yes that's the title), one character, Jamie, is a goth-ish poser who complains about feminist issues and "society's obsession with beauty"...who also has volley ball-sized breast implants. She's very short, you see, and so she got increasingly larger and larger implants to compensate, or in her case, overcompensate, for not being "big" anywhere else. Needless to say, her two friends, Brittany and Paige see straight through her.
  • In Little Ego, Ego has a dream in which a cream causes her breasts to grow in size. She is initially delighted until she realizes that they are continuing to grow. Soon she is having trouble fitting through doorways and none of her clothes fit anymore.
  • While originally portrayed as flat-chested, The Authority team member Shen Li-Min, aka "Swift", eventually paid for some very expensive breast implants and likes to boast about it. Given the nature of the series this is likely making fun of other well-endowed comic heroines.
  • In the parody comic Babewatch, all the female characters have unusually large breasts but one of the characters has inflatable breast implants she can use as a life preserver.
  • Oddly enough though many comic book females are possessed of the Most Common Superpower, several are also acknowledged to have had their breasts surgically augmented. Among them Outlaw (from Deadpool), Emma Frost (from X-Men), and Cat Grant (from Superman). Jessica Drew is a maybe...depending on how you interpret this
    • The writer for that comic in which that panel took place outright said it when comparing Spider-Woman to Wonder Woman "Spider-Woman has better hair, better costume, Frank Cho implants and a fucked up origin"
    • As it happened, that turned out to be the exact scene where Drew was replaced by Skrull Queen Veranke.
  • Casey from Strangers in Paradise gets breast implants. Twice.
  • Mimi Masters in Fred Perry's Ninja High School story "Minor Adjustments", waking up to find that (with a little help from her equally sorcerous sister) she's magically sprouted medicine-ball-sized sweater-stretchers on her previously flat chest overnight.
  • In Jules Feiffer's Passionella, when Ella the chimney sweep transforms into Passionella the "beautiful glamorous movie star," one change that sticks out is that, while the former shows no perceptible bosom in her shapeless shift, the latter's breasts extend twice as far as her nose.

Fan Works


  • Back To The Future II, Lorraine's implants- "You made me get these...things!" Marty is naturally squicked.
  • Believe it or not, the climax of the 60s British comedy film The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom hangs on a character sabotaging a demonstration of a new kind of inflatable bra causing the bras to inflate out of control.
  • In the B horror movie Bolt Neck, one character is a tremendously insecure teen girl. She disappears after the monster, a Frankenstein ripoff, shows up and everyone thinks she was killed...turns out she left to get illegal breast implants overseas. At the end she displays her newly inflated chest to the whole school, with just the results she hoped for.
  • Bruce Almighty tried this on his girlfriend after having sex with her, despite the fact that the girlfriend was played by Jennifer Aniston (in real life a 36C, according to those who claim to know).
    • The end result was as expected, plus a few Freudian Slips.
    • It was implied that her boobs got bigger and not shown.
  • In the end of Dude, Where's My Car? after the two leads give the alien necklaces to their girlfriends their breasts start to grow rapidly.
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex.[1] John Carradine plays a Mad Scientist of the Masters & Johnson's variety. One of his subjects is being fed silicone into her chest 24 hours a day. "She used to be flat chested, now look at her!" When the lab explodes, a 50 foot breast starts terrorizing the countryside.
  • Faust: Love of the Damned has a scene that from Breast Expansion right into goes into Body Horror without any warning.
  • In one of the Flesh Gordon spoof/softcore porn movies, a woman goes to a mad scientist to get a boob job, but he botches the job big time and, well...lets just say her ego wasn't the only thing that deflated.
  • In Jane Austen's Mafia! Vincenzo makes a wish under a falling star in one of the flashback scenes. His new girl friend's breasts expand (apparently without her noticing).
  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Near the end of the film are two female Klowns whose breasts blow up just like balloons.
  • In My Super Ex-Girlfriend, the flashback scene where Jenny gets her powers makes it unmistakably clear that they include the Most Common Superpower.
  • In Howard Stern's Private Parts, Howard is at an airport and sees a hot woman walking by; he imagines her in only a bra, and then imagines her breasts getting larger.
  • Repossessed: The gym scene has a girl using exercise machine. With every rep her breasts blow up just like a balloon. Later a pop is heard off camera.
  • In Terminator 3, the T-X increased her breast size at one point to distract someone.
  • In the Asian (Chinese?) comedy Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star, a man becomes able to grant wishes, hence the name. One instance includes a woman who wishes for enormous breasts, but he decides to make her breasts so huge she becomes unable to stand, a la the Mighty Endowed.
  • In When Evil Calls, one death scene features a nerdy girl who gets inflated from flat to absurdly huge in a few seconds, which she looks rather happy (if shocked) about...till her chest literally explodes a few seconds later.
    • A similar situation occurs in the movie Leprechaun 3, where a woman wishes for a new, busty body on one of the titular imp's gold coins. But instead her breasts (and hips) grow out of control until they pop.
      • Similarly, in the horror film Corpses the evil force causing the ruckus in the film causes one of the female character's boobs to swell up till she explodes.
  • In the Are You Being Served? movie, Grace Brothers have an expanding bra on sale (in case the wearer comes across a rock star), which comes in handy when one of the characters is attacked by a randy terrorist, only to be startled by the sight of their 'breasts' expanding rapidly.
  • In The Haunted World Of El-Superbesto one of the characters has the ability to inflate her breast and butt to please a bunch of monsters in a strip club.
  • In Le Comiche 2 (an Italian movie from the 90s) an unlucky man suffers injury and accidents due to the actions of the lunatic protagonists. Towards the beginning of the movie he is hospitalized against his will and ends up receiving breast implants. Later he tries to hide his acquired breasts under his suit until he is stripped to his underwear, revealing an ample bosom wrapped in a bra.
  • In the2013 Russian movie 12 months (12 mesyatsev) it shows the protagonist at a bar eating what appears to be eating chocolate, her breasts suddenly grew after eating the chocolate which results in her buttons flying which somehow breaks a chunk of the wall near her. Also the movie is on YouTube and hasn't been taken down.
  • In the 1994 HBO movie Witch Hunt it shows our protagonist Harry infiltrating into a rich persons house to find clues for a case, one of the rich persons has his friend over to meet a witch that can transform herself, he requests her to transform into what seems to be MarilynMonroe but he realizes that her bust doesn't match so he requests her to increase her size to Harry's shock she fulfils the rich guys friend request of having a bigger bust than her original size.
  • In the movie adaptation of Faust Love Of The Damned, it shows the main antagonist fulfilling her assistants pleasure with expanding her breasts into ridiculous sizes until her butt starts to transform as well which swiftly transitions into body horror, luckily she gets reverted back to normal by the main antagonist


  • In the Gossip Girl prequel, It Had To Be You, one of the girls becomes insecure that her breasts aren't growing, tries to enlarge her chest artificially using hormone pills. It works at first, but soon backfires spectacularly, as she keeps getting bigger and bigger and eventually gets so big she becomes a laughingstock.
  • A girl in The Clique series has a similar problem: Alicia develops way more rapidly than anyone expected...allegedly naturally, but it's implied otherwise. She's surprised and embarrassed when she gets teased for her overinflated look by the other girls. Guys however are way more impressed.
    • It's actually an open secret that Alicia has implants and was forced to do so by her family, explaining why she's so insecure.
    • Alicia's cousin, Nina, also has gigantic breast implants. Apparently both were forced to do this by their family to make them more appealing to older men.
    • Massie also has implants, explicitly mentioning them, but if she was also forced to by her parents or simply chose to get them out of vanity (probably the latter...) is never touched on.
  • In "Savage Breasts", part of an anthology called Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves, a woman gets a mysterious exerciser to make her bosom larger...but her enlarged breasts have a mind of their own.
  • In "Dork Diaries", a rather humorous parody of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the central heroine punctuates her stories with drawings to explain the narrative. One of which is her fantasy of what she wishes she looked like...complete with larger breasts and an arrow pointing them out specifically, along with other cosmetic enhancements (though, unlike many characters here, they were simply very large instead of comically huge).
  • In Fatal Beauty by horror novelist William Schoell, a corporate executive who's unhappy with her bust size uses her company's new miracle cosmetic product to increase their size. Unfortunately, the product is made from the secretions of psychic genetically engineered monsters, so it causes horrible problems to all the test subjects. In her case, the tits grow enormously large and develop a mind of their own, turning homicidal and prehensile, and her best friend is forced to kill her to save herself and others.
  • The title character of Lucy Taylor's short story "The Flesh Artist" is Cyrus Sweet, a sociopathic plastic surgeon who convinces his lovers to let him "improve" them. Evelyn, the small-busted sculptor who grudgingly agrees to go under his knife, receives a gargantuan pair of mongers. She dumps him immediately. Sadly, her problems have just begun. Years pass, and Sweet pines for "Tits" (his charming nickname for Evelyn). He looks her up, gets an invite to her house, and makes several awful discoveries, all related to the leaky sillicone he planted in her chest... and the terrible yet apt revenge she takes on him for doing it.
    • This is actually similar to an online Breast Expansion short story, about a millionaire who becomes obsessed with a porn star's breast implants and coaxes another girl into getting dangerously oversized implants herself. Oh and the porn star, named "Mountain Tops", is mentioned in the epilogue in a passing, saying her breast implants "exploded" not long after...

Live Action TV

  • In Charmed episode Hell Hath No Fury, Paige's breasts expand offscreen due to using magic for personal gain.
  • In the third episode of the first season of The Collector, a svelte supermodel rejoices when she finds her breasts swelling to massive size, but expresses grim dismay when the same thing happens to her ass.
  • Attack of the Show! has a spoof of home exercise equipment and breast enlargement remedies called "EasyCurves".
  • One of the first Imagine Spots in Ally McBeal is of Ally's breasts growing until they snapped the bra straps.
  • In episode 13 of the first season of Popular had one girl trying to make herself look larger with an overinflated pump-up bra...with LOL-worthy Epic Fail results.
  • One episode of Everwood featured a cheerleader who had her breasts surgically enlarged to make herself more popular but she soon suffers from complications from the operation. The main character (a doctor) says they have to go, but she's so desperate to look bigger she initially refuses, thinking she'd be humiliated.
  • An episode of 1000 Ways to Die included the story "Titty-Titty Bang Bang", which featured a woman whose botched boob job started expanding out of control, eventually exploding and killed her. (Note: said story was busted on MythBusters, but then 1000 Ways To Die doesn't bother with trivial things like credibility.)
  • A late nineties cop drama, Pacific Blue, featured an episode where teen girls were dying because they were having silicone injected into their breasts to make them bigger, with the help of a disgraced former plastic surgeon. They were financing it by stealing cars. Truth in Television: in the early days of plastic surgery, this method of breast augmentation was somewhat common, and obviously quite deadly, yet it didn't stop anyone from trying. Yes it was that important to them!
  • Subverted in House: House suggests breast enlargement as a convenient explanation for the scars from a diagnostic surgery when the patient (an Air Force pilot who wants to become an astronaut) insists that the team do nothing that would make NASA's doctors suspect she had health problems. When asked why not breast reduction, he points out that she'd be an unlikely candidate.
  • That's My Bush!: Bush's Dumb Blonde secretary tries to increase her intelligence by buying memory pills, but she gets mammary pills instead. Flight Of The Valkyries plays during her ultimate bust-out, which also saves her and her coworkers by breaking her free of her ropes.
  • In Will and Grace when an old crush of Grace's with a fixation on large breasts gets in contact with her she wears a water-filled bra to inflate her breasts with predictable results. When the guy turns out to be a jerk it gives her a unique way to wreak revenge on him however.
  • Scrubs has this in the episode Their Story, in which The Todd had become a plastic surgeon, and convince Turk to let him perform this surgery on a 16 year old. In the end, by introducing him to the girl who explained why she wanted it in the first place.


  • David Brody's Make My Boobies One More Size.
  • This homemade music video, judging by the lyrics and images, implies a girl gets breast implants to show off at a beach but dies as a result...somehow.
    • The point of the video could also be that since implants are so artificial, they literally lasted longer than she did.
  • I Must Increase My Bust by Lords of Acid.



  • The "Growing Up Skipper" Barbie doll. See Wikipedia.
  • While not "real", exactly, one issue of Cracked featured a satirical ad for 'Breast Implant Barbie'--a Barbie doll who has had her breasts surgically augmented. Part of the joke was that she could "leak" and deflate, and would need to be pumped back up again.

Video Games

  • Pai Touch!: Breast Expansion is the main point of the game.
  • In the Touhou fanworks, BE is the dream of several of the rather under-endowed girls, including Sakuya and Youmu. Numerous ways to achieve this end exist, from suspicious mushrooms picked by Marisa to Eirin's shady drugs.
  • In Playboy: The Mansion you build up points that you can use to archive photos or on Cheats. One of these is to to instantly give all the women giant breast implants.
  • Princess Maker and the Buxomize Pills. You have to use two of those to have a visual change on the avatar.
  • In the first Ratchet & Clank game, there is an Easter Egg of this. If you stand in front of the lady who starts the hoverboard race in Blackwater City and then do multiple flips, her breasts will slowly enlarge for every flip.
  • In the game Tech Romancer, one character named Polin appears to be a young girl who uses her magical abilities to transform into a tall, buxom teenager. She actually gets into an argument with another character over who has bigger boobs.
  • Actually part of the gameplay in Bunny Must Die—Bunny can get a special Playboy Bunny costume that allows her to induce spontaneous Breast Expansion and return to her normal proportions. Getting enormous breasts increases her attack and defense, but reduces her speed and jumping ability.
  • In Spellcasting 301, one of the challenges is a wet t-shirt contest. One of the two things you need to do in order to win is to recruit a very flat chested girl and cast the UPPSSY (reverse condition) spell, which makes her improbably stacked.
  • In the game Mahou No Tobakushi Totokaru Chomi for the Viper-BTR shows the main protagonist being able to transform into an adult to do...pachinko gambling? The main focus of the scene is her chest exploding her tiny little dress revealing a set of knockers, she also has a rival with the same ability as her.
  • Darkstalkers gives Jedah an attack called Sangue Passare where he grabs his opponent and pumps blood into them so make a certain body part inflate until it burst. If he does this to Lilith specifically he targets her breast, pumping them with blood so they inflate until they burst. None of the other ladies get targeted in this area.

Web Comics

  • While it has yet to occur in the main story, these two [dead link] filler strips [dead link] of The Wotch have this happen to Anne.
  • The central theme of webcomics by Lightfoot.
    • In the series Pulse the main character, Annie Chang, a former flat chested girl gets superpowers through a Freak Lab Accident and as side effects getting huge expanding lactating breasts, they keep growing throughout the series. At one point while fighting crime as a sidekick her partner makes up a story to the press that she's a robot and the breasts are actually missiles.
    • Peeved deals with a down on luck main character, named Eve. Things change when she finds and becomes the master of a Genie in a Bottle. As with most comedies involving genies Hilarity Ensues and through the course of the series she goes through breast expansion three time, ironically not once did she wish for bigger breasts
    • There's also My Big Life. The main character is a reporter who's writing a column about the trend of women getting giant breasts, she does this by getting gargantuan breasts herself and reporting on her experience for a full year. Fortunately, because the series takes place in the future, there's technology available to turn her crippling huge breasts to nothing more than an inconvenience .
    • He also did a Final Fantasy fan comic called 'The Missing Materia Crisis' where Yuffie gets her hands on a materia that causes growth and abuses to hell making every woman in her line of sight as big as possible, all the while Materia from all over the world is mysteriously vanishing. By the end of the comic nearly every woman effected has breasts that weigh twice as much as the rest of minimum.
      • He has recently canceled all his ongoing series which focus on breast expansion so he can focus on more serious works. He has been releasing a reboot of Pulse which while still having BE as part of the story is no where near as blatant at the previous incarnation.
  • Calamities Of Nature features a series of comics in which a character invents helium breast implants so that women can have larger breasts and lose weight at the same time.
  • The Magnificent Milkmaid, and it's spin-offs, involve non-stop Breast Expansion and transformation fetishes. The central character, a teen girl, is a Magical Girl who can turn into a maid-like superheroine with breasts as big as her torso and has energetic lactation. Her enemies include a jealous girl who underwent a procedure to have "grossly oversized" breasts instead of a flat chest, a werewolf girl whose breasts swell about twelve cup-sizes when she transforms, a prudish girl who turns into a busty lesbian vampire, a shy young woman who turns into a busty muscle girl, and a guy called (no joke) the Towering Erection... guess why.
  • In one storyline from Sore Thumbs, normally flat-chested Harmony gets breast implants when the busty heroine of the series disappears and she feels she has to pick up the slack. She later had them removed because her friend returned...and because she initially had trouble standing upright under the weight.
  • From the creators of Magnificent Milk Maid comes The Adventures of Chi-Chi Chan about a child star who's career is cut short when puberty hits.....her breasts. Tired of getting roles in obscure hentai, she moves to America to find new stardom.
  • In a milder example, Chloe of Eerie Cuties demonstrated that Succubus puberty was rather abrupt at times. Unfortunately, Chloe - who had been suffering from A-Cup Angst - doesn't seem to think she's better off now.
  • The web comic Supermegatopia (a furry world with many superbeings) has their BE mascot in the subtly-named Buxom Gal. Her origin involves a breast expansion experiment carried out by aliens. Afterwards, she is left with standard superpowers (super strength, flight, ability to fire power bolts), but discovers that - if she does not use her powers - her breasts (which "store" the energy for these powers) expand to incredible size, with incredible speed.
  • Newly minted webcomic Love Me Nice, about the crass Animated Actors of a hit TV show, has one character, Carolina, get breast implants because she looks like a cutesy little Rainbow Brite-ish doll and wanted to be taken seriously by men. Predictably, the opposite occurs.
  • Megatokyo had a slight case of this in this strip.
  • This comic of The KAMics
  • Strangely, El Goonish Shive doesn't use this quite as much as one would expect - the closest example being the infamous Female Variant Five transformation beam, which increases hair length and bust size among other effects. Also outright subverted in an Omake comic, where Ellen attempts to invoke her "Wonder Twin Powers"...and fails to increase her bust.
  • As a Christmas wish for Brendan in Pokémon-X, the author does this to May, leading to what may be the first pixelated case of this.
  • A defunct webcomic by an artist named "Jae", titled simply Amy, focuses on the eponymous young woman who undergoes a breast augmentation procedure because, as she puts it, "I'm 18 years old, and FLAT CHESTED!" The doctor is so concerned with looking at her ass that he botches the thing, and she's left with breasts rapidly increasing in size...unable to get back in contact with him to fix her new knockers, she has to face the grim outlook of breasts twice as big as her head and still growing.
  • Breast Expansion is one of the powers Prince Albert has over his bratty older sister in Blooming Faeries.
  • This page of The Blonde Marvel puts a new twist on the trope.
  • Played with with this very NSFW two-strip story in Oglaf along with a few other not-so-popular fetishes such as lactation and "squirting".
  • in The Whiteboard, a pot of Klatchian Coffee grants the women who drink it a temporary increase of their bust size.

Web Original

  • In the "Amplified Bible" episode of the Foamy the Squirrel animated web series, Foamy casts a spell from the book Bigger Boobs Through Witchcraft on his pet human, Germaine. Her chest swells enormously — a fact neither of them realizes. The spell seems to have lasting effects, as Germaine's breasts are noticeably larger in the later Foamy episodes than they had originally been.
  • Since the Whateley Universe features a significant number of mutants whose "body image template" endows them with superhumanly good looks, it's probably a safe bet that quite a few mutant teenage girls are going through this while changing. There's also a humorous, if slightly squicky, example in one of the Jade stories where one of Jade's autonomous telekinetic constructs gets herself equipped with artificial inflatable breasts operated by remote control to help her serve as an icebreaker at a party. Needless to say, Hilarity Ensues.
  • In the Paradise setting, humans are being randomly, permanently changed into Funny Animals (and sometimes gender-changed at the same time). In keeping with the Wish Fulfillment inherent in the setting, female Changed receive an extra helping in the endowment department over what they had as humans—and those who used to be male humans get even more.
  • The content of the Breast Expansion Archive is just what you'd expect from the site's name. Its sister site, the Breast Expansion Story Club (subscription required) is more of the same, but in story form, rather than images. A small sample of what's offered follows:
    • The Best Cheerleader: a cheerleader steals a breast enhancement formula to try and give herself huge boobs but it backfires.
    • New U is about a girl who opts to grow larger and more buxom through designer drugs because she's insecure around her taller, more buxom sister, who got them through a similar procedure.
    • Island of Dreams involves an incredibly insecure and envious flat-chested girl who goes to a cosmetic surgery spa to fix that problem.
    • Hollywood Hills is about an aging movie star with "decreased assets" who undergoes a procedure to try and regain her formerly impressive chest.
    • Accident has some girls exposed to chemicals start growing to ridiculous sizes. One, being a an A-cup, is ecstatic. The others, being huge already, are not.
    • The Goddess' Fun Shop is about a jealous, flat-chested girl who is so upset her sister (who is younger) has huge Boobs that she goes to extreme lengths to get her own. Naturally this doesn't end well.
    • ... Keeps the Autodoc Away deals with the physiological issues caused by outsized attributes. Nothing quite like nearly smothering on your own breasts because you got turned around the wrong direction in Low G...
    • Stranger than fiction releases a nerdy secondary character back into his own story with the power to bend reality at his whim, and finds himself turning every female he comes across into an overly buxom babe who 'at least' wouldn't say no to whats in his pants.
  • Mordred from Fate Nuovo Guerra got this as part of her Gender Bender package from the Holy Grail.[2]
  • In the online RPG Epic Battle Fantasy Natz the magician of the main cast's impressive bust doubles when wearing the cowgirl outfit.
  • Skippy's List has examples:

5. Not allowed to get silicone breast implants.


Western Animation

  • In episode 6 of the sixth season of Braceface has the character Sharon buys a pump to make herself bigger. She ends up overdoing it, with humiliating results. First getting laughed at by the same people she was trying to impress, and then her boobs...pop.
  • In the American Dad episode "Tearjerker," all the gadgets created by S are all just different vehicles for Breast Expansion technology. As befits a James Bond parody, the fate of the world eventually depends on Stan making a woman's breasts triple in size.
    • In another episode, Stan gives Steve "male" hormone pills in an attempt to get him in with the Jock crowd. Unfortunately, the wrong pills were used and Steve grows breasts. As a result, he still gets in with the Jock crowd. The episode ends with Stan also taking the pills and showing Steve that adolescent males only respond to one thing.
      • Pretty much that exact same plot happened 2 years earlier in the 6th episode of Hey Joel. Just replace hormones with bulk up powder and jocks with Bill Wyman.
  • Family Guy:
    • In episode 2 of the seventh season, Peter asks Jesus to give Lois huge breasts and in the next scene Lois' boobs grow to absolutely enormous size.
    • Another episode had Lois stop breast-feeding Stewie, and her breasts got so big she was popping buttons off her shirt—just in time to save Quagmire from a bad marriage by reminding him just how much he'd be losing....
  • On the series, and comic book, W.I.T.C.H...oh where to begin? Ok...
    • In the very first episode, after gaining their Guardian powers flirty Valley Girl Cornelia realized their breasts have effectively doubled in size...she's quite pleased. Hay Lin was more shocked by their fairy wings.
    • Hay Lin: "Look what we have behind us!"
    • Cornelia: "Look what we have IN FRONT of us!"
    • For that matter, every time they transform their breasts visibly swell in size. In the comic and series, this is actually made a plot point: both Will and Hay Lin, naturally flat, prefer the ego-boost of their new, enhanced breasts.
    • In the comics, and in the series, on two separate occasions boy-crazy Irma uses her magical abilities to make herself taller and more buxom in an attempt to get older men. Unfortunately both attempts fail hilariously. This is despite the fact she's, in canon, described as being the biggest of the girls, chest-wise: i.e. she's as big normally as the others are transformed: (before and after). Ironically she gets teased for this.
    • In another instance, Cornelia gains a temporary boost in power from absorbing the energy of a magical orb, and her breasts grow even larger (as well as making her taller and more filled-out in other ways) and Irma suddenly looks very insecure and crosses her arms across her chest.
    • In the comics Will (short for Wilhelmina) is explicitly stated to feel insecure about her underdeveloped chest size, and prefers her Guardian form because she's Bigger Is Better. As a Guardian, she's upgraded to D-cups, and has a tendency to overcompensate by sticking out her chest for no reason other than to show off her big new boobs.
    • In the Halloween episode, the girls assume Guardian form openly for the first time as they can now go out in public without looking weird. Cornelia's mother sees Hay Lin, an Asian girl who is usually flat-chested but now sporting enormous knockers, and embarrasses her in front of the others by implying she padded her costume to make her breasts look bigger. Irma, standing behind her, starts to giggle at her and an embarrassed Hay Lin angrily sticks out her chest to prove otherwise.
    • In the same episode, Irma, in her very buxom Guardian Form, meets a boy she has a crush on who is quite happy with her..."costume". Which he says staring directly at her chest. Sure, costume...
    • In the series, Cornelia was the one, instead of Irma, who both became stuck in Guardian form and tried using her enhanced physique to get an older boy to date her. This was talked about in an earlier episode where they were trapped in Guardian from and Cornelia contemplates dating older men as she's now more buxom.
  • Robot Chicken In the No Need For Glomer sketch of the animated version of Punky Brewster where Punky asked an abused Glomer to make her boobs bigger that went all the way into Body Horror. This is Very Loosely Based on a True Story. Actress Soleil Moon Frye, who played Punky Brewster in both the live action and animated series, suffered from gigantomastia and had breast reduction surgery when she was 15.
  • Episode 52 of the final season of 101 Dalmatians the series, sees Cruella De Vil trying to seduce Roger by putting on an inflatable stereotypical blonde beach girl suit. Not only doesn't it work she ends up getting popped and turned into a surfboard. This was a children's show mind you...
  • Episode 4 of Duckman involves a brief trip to a plastic surgeon, where we see a woman inflating her breasts with a compressed air pump until she explodes. Another featured a short gag about a ray that makes breasts triple in size, as a background gag.
  • Happens to Marge on The Simpsons, who protests to the doctor as seen in the quote above.

Doctor (bored): "Yes, I'm sure your husband will be furious."

  • In the South Park episode "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", Wendy gets jealous of Bebe's boobs because they've captured all the boys' attentions, and goes to get hers augmented... Only to find when she returns to school that the boys have gotten over their fascination with them, thus leaving her with ridiculously large breasts. Especially considering she's roughly eight or nine.
  • Ugly Americans: Callie, when she comes into contact with a demon-baby in the third episode.
  • In the eighth episode of Stripperella this happens to said character when the nerds try to return her to her original size. As you can see here it is obviously an accident.
  • In one of the first episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 series), there's a scene when April O' Neil is tied to a chair. As Michelangelo loosens the ropes, her breasts visibly expand in size. It probably could had been an unintentional animation slip-up, though; but April's expression says otherwise. See it here.
  • In the fifth episode of God, the Devil,& Bob, the Devil gives Bob a tour of the nightlife around town starting with turning a homeless woman into a Buxom beauty, Bob says that it's not his type but the the Devil misunderstood him so he grew her boobs thinking it'll solve the problem but bob says that's what he meant so the Devil grew her butt as well.


  • Rule 34 is fully in play here.
  • Subverted by a birthday card of the late 90s; a flat-chested girl wishes on her birthday candles for cleavage. Her butt grows to immense proportions.
  1. But Were Afraid To Ask
  2. To clarify, due to being a clone, he was inserted into a Servant body based on his mother Arturia, only a couple of sizes bigger.