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"Here comes the pain!"

Brock Lesnar, born 1977, is a pro-wrestler and former MMA Fighter (retiring in late 2011). Lesnar won the NCAA Amateur Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in 2002, before debuting with WWE in 2002. He left WWE in 2004, after winning three WWE Championships, to try out for American football. He played pre-season for the Minnesota Vikings, but was cut before the season proper began. He then returned to wrestling and went on to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in Japan. After moving to Mixed Martial Arts, Lesnar won the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2008 from Randy Couture, later losing it to Cain Velasquez in 2010. He served as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter opposite Junior Dos Santos.

Lesnar returned to the WWE on the April 2nd 2012 episode of Raw, as he came out & hit John Cena with the F-5.

The Other Wiki has a more extensive article on his life and career.

Tropes associated with Brock Lesnar include:

  • The Ace
  • And Starring: The April 30th 2012 show saw "WWE Raw Supershow starring Brock Lesnar". Then a week later Triple H showed up and put a stop to it.
  • Arch Enemy:
    • Kurt Angle in pro-wrestling, possibly Frank Mir in MMA.
    • Cain Velasquez is also considered to be this, mainly due to being the only guy who legitimately handed Lesnar's ass on a platter back in the UFC. He's far from pleased to see Velasquez again when he showed up at SmackDown.
  • Badass: Won his first WWE Title - from The Rock - five months after his WWE debut, won his IWGP Title in his first match for the company, won his UFC Title in his third UFC fight (and fourth MMA fight in general). Oh yes, he's a badass.
    • Badass Baritone: Inverted. For a guy his size and strength, his voice is actually surprisingly high-pitched.
    • Badass Beard: The "mountain man" look he sported in the run up to his fight with Cain Velasquez.
    • Badass Boast: "I Am The Next Big Thing!" Also doubles as his Red Baron.
    • During the 2004 No Way Out intro he uttered this epic line:

 Brock Lesnar: I've beaten legends, great ones, phenoms! You are no one!


  "What makes me happy? ....Beating people up. That's what makes me happy."

  • Big "Shut Up!": His first line (Not counting a UK-exclusive PPV) on WWE television was to interrupt Paul Heyman mid-rant by screaming "SHUT UP PAUL!" at him.
  • Book Ends: Debuted in the WWE on March 18th 2002, the night after Wrestlemania X8, and made his final appearance for the company at Wrestlemania 20.
    • And then he returned to the WWE in 2012, on the episode of Raw airing April 2nd & the night after Wrestlemania 28, providing another book end.
  • Boring but Practical: Brock's new Signature Move, the Kimura, would be more suited to the days of Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund (and probably has been used by one of them) and looks out of place beside flashier moves of today. However, it could cripple a man in real life.
  • Born Winner: See Badass.
  • Blond Guys Are Evil: In his heel runs.
  • The Brute: During his first heel run, with Paul Heyman as his manager and mouthpiece.
  • The Bus Came Back: Returned to WWE Raw, April 2nd 2012 and laid out Cena with an F5.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Particularly in his days in WWE, he seemed impossibly strong, even able to hoist the 500 pound Big Show around with ease. This is actually Truth in Television. As far back as Middle School Brock is noted to have been freakishly strong. Like many Strongman competitors, he grew up on a farm, and became accustomed to lifting heavy loads (such as young calves) and developed an iron-clad work ethic. It's best described by the man himself in a UFC Countdown video.

 Brock Lesnar: (in response to how training for MMA differs from Professional Wrestling) I learned early on that I don't need to lift 500 or 600 pounds once. I need to be able to press 250 pounds as many times in a row as I need.

  • Combat Pragmatist: (read: wants to cause as much pain as possible, rules be damned.)
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Undertaker was invincible through a sequence of 21 Wrestlemania matches(not counting when he got injured and, therefore, didn't compete). Lesnar finally defeated him at Wrestlemania XXX, claiming the right to brag about a deed that was said to be in a even greater degree than winning a world title: breaking the Undertaker's streak.
  • The Dragon: To Vince McMahon following his Face Heel Turn in 2003.
    • John Laurinaitis tried to make him this, but it backfired.
  • Embarrassing Tattoo: His sword tattoo looks like a little too much like another type of sword...
  • Establishing Character Moment: Upon his first re-appearance on WWE, he makes a beeline straight for the ring and delivers an F5 to John Cena.
    • Even further than that, his debut? Running into a hardcore match and pounding Al Snow, Maven Huffman, and Spike Dudley into the mat like they were dolls while hardly breaking a sweat.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman seem to be each other's only friend in the business and appear to have a genuine respect for each other. If someone is about to hurt Heyman Brock will usually come out to protect his manager.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • On the February 22, 2016 episode of Raw, Lesnar attacked and hospitalized Dean Ambrose, who showed up during a Lesnar/Heyman promo later that night, driving an ambulance into the arena, still in a neck brace, and literally unable to stand. He crawled to ringside and collapsed in a heap at Lesnar's feet, to which Lesnar showed mercy for Ambrose and settled for simply stepping over him (and on his face) and leaving the arena. That is, until Ambrose told Brock to "kiss [his] ass" and challenged him to a match at WrestleMania. He ate an F5 on the floor for his troubles.
    • He's not happy with Matt Riddle's rants during the 2020 Royal Rumble, the fact that Riddle declares that he will be the one to retire Lesnar is somewhat likened to trolling and cyberbullying. Brock's response is simply confronting the guy and ask him to cut it out.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Jim Ross has gone on record stating that Lesnar, even with his Real Life abrasive attitude towards other superstars and his mercenary attitude towards WWE, actually didn't want to break The Streak, but was ordered to do so by Vince and had gained the approval of Undertaker himself.
  • Eviler Than Thou: John Laurinaitis tried to bring him in as The Dragon, but Lesnar turned the tables and bullied him into giving him whatever he wanted.
  • Farm Boy: In South Dakota.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: His battle with diverticulitis has hindered his MMA career quite badly, leading to his initial retirement.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Said that Reigns "didn't deserve shit" after Roman challenged him for the Universal Championship. Despite its harshness, the fact was that Roman had lost his match against Braun Strowman the previous night, so any challenge coming from Roman towards the world title seemed to be a little out of place now.
  • Gone Horribly Right:
    • Summer Slam 2014. Good lord. His match vs. John Cena was nothing short of a 15-minute Squash Match. 16 suplexes, surviving an Attitude Adjustment and STF, and pulling an Undertaker-esque sit up complete with a creepy-ass laugh. That has to be one of the most one-sided main events in pro wrestling history.
    • Two years after squashing Cena, his match against Randy Orton is no better, going as far as to leave The Viper in a bloody mess, ending the match by TKO.
    • Lesnar spent 34 minutes making short work of 13 men on the 2020 Royal Rumble match as the first entrant. That is until Drew McIntyre shows up. While he was about to eliminate Ricochet, McIntyre's entrance music hits, Brock's attention was on the Scottish Psychopath, leaving him vulnerable to a low blow from Ricochet and finally McIntyre Claymore Kicking him out of the ring. In other words, Lesnar is busy asserting his dominance until McIntyre takes him out of the equation, thus the latter earned his opportunity for a Wrestlemania main event.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong:
    • How his Shooting Star Press missed its mark back in Wrestlemania XIX. On top of a self-inflicted concussion, Lesnar nearly broke his neck which could have paralyzed him or worse. Miraculously, it was defied given that Lesnar managed to beat Kurt Angle and win the WWE Championship. How Lesnar survived the ordeal, but also end the match, is anyone's guess...
    • His first match in 2012 has Lesnar doing a suicide dive using a steel steps that sent him and John Cena out of the ring. Lesnar landed on his right knee as a result.
  • Groin Attack: Has no qualms about running up behind someone (say, John Cena for example) and kicking him right in the balls.
  • Hair of Gold
  • Heel Face Turn: Three major examples.
    • After Survivor Series 2002, after Heyman betrayed him so The Big Show could win the WWE Championship.
    • After Battleground 2016, when the Undertaker made Rollins and the referee disappear from the ring so Brock couldn't pin Rollins for the WWE Championship and proceeded to low-blow Brock when Lesnar attacked him as retaliation.
    • Did an instant one, with no motivation for it, after defeating Goldberg cleanly at Wrestlemania 33. Despite Heyman still acting arrogant in promos, Lesnar stopped cheating, and even began to act respectfully towards the fans, like handshaking or fist bumping them.
    • Played straight in his 2021 return, with Paul Heyman serving as Roman Reigns' special counsel.
  • Heterosexual Life Partners:
    • Played with. Paul Heyman is the closest partner-in-crime Lesnar has and the former always speaks in his place. Lesnar barely has few actual friends in the WWE, let alone Heyman.
    • He and Shelton Benjamin came a long way back from their days in OVW. At one point, Heyman even summoned Benjamin to battle Seth Rollins back in 2019. Matters don't help that Lesnar is not above eliminating Benjamin in the 2020 Royal Rumble.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: A non-video game example demonstrated in the 2020 Royal Rumble. As the first entrant, Lesnar eliminated 13 opponents in the eponymous Rumble match in 34 minutes. Even the likes of Braun Strowman and Keith Lee, who respectively possess greater strength and physique that can rival Lesnar, could not keep up with him. It was thanks to a low blow from Ricochet and a Claymore Kick from Drew McIntyre that sent the Beast out of the ring.
  • Humiliation Conga: First he gets tackled by Goldberg at the 2004 No Way Out during his title defense against Eddie Guerrero. Then Guerrero performs a frog splash onto his injured body and pins him to become the WWE Champion. Then Goldberg defeats him in their grudge match at WrestleMania XX (which was, not incidentally, both men's last match in WWE) - and finally, just to twist in the knife, Stone Cold Steve Austin "stuns" both him and Goldberg to massive cheers from the crowd. Then he attempts to break into the NFL and fails, and then he attempts a return to the WWE but is turned away, and then he tries to wrestle in Japan but can't get out of his no-compete clause... It took awhile for Brock to get back on his feet.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Can be a Jerk Jock at his worst, but is a cool guy if you don't diss him. He seems to have become this especially after hard fought win against Carwin and losing title to Velasquez.
  • Knight of Cerebus: During his 2012 WWE return.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Lesnar is known for both his extreme size and and surprising quickness in the UFC. Seanbaby wrote in this article): "Brock Lesnar is a human cheat-code. He is 300 pounds of muscle and judging by the way he darts around, I don't think mass and inertia were properly explained to him."
  • Large Ham: It's when he's handed the mic, Lesnar knows how to ham it up. Hell, he now has to introduce himself as the "REIGNING! DEFENDING! WWE Heavyweight Champion! Of the World!" without Paul Heyman.
    • And, of course, he was one in WWE first.
  • Ironic Echo: Lesnar dominates his debut match with Frank Mir but gets caught via an inexperienced mistake and loses the match. Fast forward to 2012: it happens to him again in his return match against the now-veteran John Cena, destroying him for 20 minutes before running into a chain-wrapped fist.
  • Likes Older Women / May-December Romance: His wife Rena (the former Sable) is 10 years his senior.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: In Royal Rumble 2020, Lesnar spends 34 minutes in the Rumble having eliminated 13 competitors. Ricochet and Drew McIntyre were the 15th and 16th competitors standing his way. Had Lesnar eliminated Ricochet prior to McIntyre entering the ring, Lesnar would have not sustained a low blow that left him vulnerable to McIntyre's Claymore Kick and he could have continued dominating the Rumble and most have likely won.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: A lot of his matches against weaker opponents like Zach Gowen turn into this. But then he upped it to 11 when he did it in his return match to John Cena, putting on such a vicious beatdown that even the usual split-for-Cena crowd started to rally behind John towards the end of the match.
  • Oh Crap: In 2014, Lesnar was pissed that he wasn't given an opportunity to challenge Batista or Orton, so Triple H offered him to send an open challenge to anybody to can take him on. Heyman was also demanding a match at Wrestlemania XXX. As Lesnar and Heyman were about to leave, someone accepted the offer. The look on both Lesnar and Heyman's faces was a clear sign things were going to get ugly.
  • Pet The Dog
    • When Big Show attacked Rey Mysterio in the middle of a segment it was Lesnar who came out to save Rey.
    • On one Raw Heath Slater kept Bullying a Dragon by challenging him. Instead of destroying him right there and then as he easily could have Lesnar offered him a chance to leave. Sadly he chose to be Too Dumb to Live.
  • Phrase Catcher: Tazz liked to shout "Here comes the pain!" whenever Lesnar made his entrance (and was later the subtitle for the fifth SmackDown videogame).
  • Power Stable: "Team Lesnar" with The Big Show, Matt Morgan, Albert and Nathan Jones, all managed by Paul Heyman. He also runs Death Clutch Gym, MMA camp for heavyweight fighters.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Well, more like Big Name BIGGER Ego, but this is pretty much his gimmick since his 2012 WWE return i.e. the inherent belief that he should be waited upon hand and foot and have everything handed to him right when he asks.
  • Smug Super
  • Suddenly Shouting: "You're here. I'm here. LET'S. DO. THIS!?"
  • Suplex Finisher
  • Training From Hell
  • Underwear of Power: In his wrestling days.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Brock doesn't react well to getting punched in the face. Note that he is never knocked down or knocked out (he took a freakish amount of punishment in his fight with Shane Carwin), but when someone gets through and lands a hit he tends to backpedal away.
    • Came into play in his return match at Extreme Rules 2012 when Cena manage to overcome a then-Curb Stomp Battle with a shot to the face of a leaping Lesnar with his chain wrapped around his fist, which stunned Lesnar enough to allow Cena to get the AA on the steel steps for the improbable, even by his standards, win.
  • Worked Shoot: His confrontation with The Undertaker at UFC 116. It never lead anywhere, as there is simply no way Dana White would let Lesnar appear for any other fighting or pseudo-fighting organization while he's still under UFC contract.
  • Xanatos Gambit: His main objective in Extreme Rules 2012 was to hurt John Cena. Which he did.
  • You Are Already Dead: In his fight against Alistair Overeem he provided a great example of this reaction. He got hit with a thunderous kick to the liver, took two steps back and then doubled over in pain, unable to continue.