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Examples of Bunny Ears Lawyer in Western Animation include:

  • How could anyone forget Georges Hautecourt from The Aristocats? Tarara-boum-di-ey!
  • Mayor Adam West from Family Guy is a subversion. He doesn't keep his job because he's so good at it. He only keeps his job because of corruption and the stupidity of the city's populace. It is often made very explicit he is quirky AND terrible at his job.
    • Glen Quagmire, who, despite being a raging Hypersexual, is an excellent pilot. The only time he was ever fired from his job was due to Peter's antics. Later that episode, he gets his job back after helping land a plane via Telecom.
    • Also Lois. She is very capable as a housewife and one of the most outspoken persons when it comes to Quahog's social issues and frequently involved in projects that benefits the towns youth. Yet at the same time, she has an incredibly long history of drug abuse and minor crimes and is a huge Covert Pervert.
  • The few times that Dale Gribble of King of the Hill has been shown doing his exterminator job, he's really good at it.
    • Despite Bill's many flaws, he's one hell of a barber.
  • In Kung Fu Panda, Po starts out as a humorous bumbling glutton prone to extremely awkward moments. By the end of the first movie, and remaining so throughout the second, he becomes a Badass kung fu master capable of plowing through hordes of Mooks with ease and going toe-to-toe with other masters... and who is still a humorous bumbling glutton prone to extremely awkward moments.
  • Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: rude, crass, tomboyish, eminently egocentric, and prefers to spend her time either napping or practicing flying stunts rather than doing her weather management job - but she's one of the greatest flyers in Equestria, can perform moves other pegasi only dream of, officially holds both the short-track and long-distance flight speed world records, can clear the skies in ten seconds flat, and is ultimately dependable to the point of being the literal embodiment of the Element of Loyalty.
    • Pinkie Pie is childish, intrusive, obnoxious and quite possibly insane, with an addiction to baked goods and a mania for throwing parties for any and all reasons, including "it's a day since we had our last party". On the other hand she is best friends with literally everyone in Ponyville, has an eidetic memory, is so intuitive she can sometimes pull correct conclusions straight out of thin air, and she's willing to go to absurd lengths to make others happy. And her parties are always a success.
    • Ensemble darkpony Derpy Hooves is often depicted as one in fanworks. Despite being a spacecase/insane/retarded (pick your interpretation) with an obsession for muffins and a habit of emptying her best friend's fridge, she's an expert at mail delivery, a devoted mother who stops at nothing to keep her daughters safe and happy, and a dependable time-travelling companion to the Doctor. Canonically, she also attended both the Grand Galloping Gala and the royal wedding, and is seen among the Canterlot social elite wearing a pearl necklace and a paperbag on her head.
  • Major Johnny "The Mayor" Bledsoe from The Oblongs, the mayor of Hill Valley and a masked professional wrestler who never breaks character.
  • Kyösti Pöysti, the main character of Pasila, is a criminal detective who sucks on a pacifier.
  • Silverhawks, a sci-fi cartoon by the makers of Thundercats, has Colonel Bluegrass. Despite his rank, he looks, talks, dresses and acts like a stereotypical cowboy from the Wild West, but he's also an ace pilot described as being able to master anything that flies. If that wasn't strange enough, he's also a skilled guitar player, and is so fanatic about it that his futuristic guitar is not only a weapon, but actually integrates with the piloting mechanism for the Miraj, the team's spaceship.
  • In the early days of The Simpsons, Krusty The Clown was this. Everyone tolerated his Jerkass behaviour because he was considered a universally beloved entertainer on the level of Elvis Presley. In later, season, he's become a has-been whose popularity keeps sinking, and who's constantly at the risk of being fired by his network.
  • Wildcat from Tale Spin. When actually in touch with reality, he demonstrated MacGyver-level feats of improvisational engineering.
  • In Transformers, this is a type commonly found in the Decepticon ranks. From ace gunfighter/closet coward Slugslinger to preening victory obsessed egotist Drag Strip, many of the more stable Decepticons find themselves grudgingly accepting the obvious personality disorders around them because the people with them are among the most effective warriors.
    • In the case of Starscream, his quirk is that he wants to supplant Megatron. It is very much due to his superior skill that he is kept on as a Lieutenant, although later incarnations have Megatron far less patient with him.
    • The Autobots aren't devoid of quirky robots, either. For starters, we have Silverbolt, leader of the Aerialbots, who is afraid of heights... which is a bit of a problem when you and everyone in your combiner team turns into an airplane. Broadside, a triple changer who transforms into a jet and an aircraft carrier, is both acrophobic and prone to seasickness. Also among the heroic forces are the egotistical Sky Lynx, neat freak Wide Load, and Siren, who has No Indoor Voice, among others. And this is just in G1.
    • And then there's the Dinobots...
    • Rattrap from Beast Wars is often insubordinate, keeps complaining about his job and single-handedly gets on the nerves of every single one of the Maximals, IE his own side, especially Optimus Primal, IE his boss. Even though they're all stranded, the only reason he's not kicked out of the base to fend for himself alone in the wild against the Predacons is because his skills as a spy, infiltrator, sharpshooter and saboteur are absolutely unparallelled, to the point where when Optimus is gone, Rattrap's actually put in charge because he's just that good.
      • In fairness, the Maximals eventually learn to love Rattrap, who often makes fun of people as a sign of endearment. A much more straight example is Tarantulas, who is completely open to his boss Megatron that he hates him, is working against him, and hopes to destroy him. However, the vast majority of Megatron's other troops are idiots, while Tarantulas has scientific know-how that outclasses Megatron's own. Megatron needs Tarantulas and counts on the fact that when the time comes, he'll be able to outgambit him - he does.
      • Inferno is utterly insane, convinced Megatron is female, and really likes to set people on fire. Megatron mainly kept him around due to his loyalty and how good he was at, well, setting people on fire.
    • Transformers Animated isn't devoid of these either. Blitzwing has three personalities and regularly argues with himself. Lugnut is loyal to the point of fanaticism. Then there's the Starscream clones....
  • Shore Leave of The Venture Brothers is a Camp Gay with a porn stache and a sailor's hat. He's also a former top agent of the OSI, a crack shot, and an overall ass kicker when he wants to be. BOOM, yummy!