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Calling Your Orgasms is the tendency of any character in a sex scene to announce the moment at which they orgasm. This announcement, while usually addressed to the person's partner, may also sometimes be addressed to Jesus, God, the deity of one's choice, or that other person they desperately wish was there instead. This is frequently done in works in lieu of actually showing the sex act itself as the sounds alone are less graphic than the visuals.

Frequently this trope is parodied or Played for Laughs especially in the less graphic versions of it.

May or may not invoke a sexual version of Say My Name. See also Calling Your Attacks, The Immodest Orgasm, The Grunting Orgasm and IKEA Erotica.

Examples of Calling Your Orgasms include:


  • Played for big laughs in the Superhero parody The Pro, when the title character blows the Superman Captain Ersatz character. He frantically warns her to move her head just as he's about to come, and his super-powered sperm blows a hole through the room, shoots high up in the air, and clips a wing off of a passing airplane.


  • American Pie: During an oral sex session, Vicky and Kevin both fail to hear her father calling her down for dinner. The father is about to come upstairs but fortunately she orgasms at just the right point to shout "I'm coming". So he thinks she's heard him and goes back to sit down. The reason behind this particular example is the girl had never had an orgasm before, so her exclamation was more surprise than anything.
  • Parodied in When Harry Met Sally: the movie's most famous scene involves Sally faking an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant to prove a point.
  • In the original cut of Hancock, the title character gives a fair warning even before the act, then invokes this Trope during the act for a very good reason. His partner doesn't really listen and ends up hitting her head in the wall at the opposite end of the room. Considering the three holes that were blown in the roof a second later, she got lucky. This is a nod to Larry Niven's deconstruction, Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. (Here.)
  • Variation in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, after Riff Raff lets Frank know that Rocky has run off:

 Frank: Co-ming!

Audience: * in the same cadence* So's Brad!


 Woman: [Dead monotone] Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. I just came. Oh. Oh. Oh.

  • In I Love You Phillip Morris, Jim Carrey's character helpfully announces that "he's gonna come !" to the guy he's screwing.
  • In Middle Age Crazy, Bruce Dern's wife yells out "Bingo!" each time she comes while they're having sex.


  • There are a number of jokes based off of little kids mishearing this Trope:

  "The legs go to Heaven first. 'Cause last night, I peeked in my parent's bedroom and my momma had her legs up in the air and she was shouting 'Lord, I'm coming! I'm coming!'"

  • Common types of orgasms:
    • The positive orgasm: "Oh yes! Oh yes!"
    • The religious orgasm: "Oh God! Oh God!"
    • The fake orgasm: "Oh name! Oh name!"

Live Action TV

  • The BBC 3 series Horne & Corden had an Overly Long Gag sketch around this.
  • There's an episode of Sex and the City where Miranda's Guy of the Week asks her to talk dirty for him, and she explains to her girlfriends that the only talk she can do in bed is an 'orgasm alert' - "I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come - because, well, I'm gonna come. Anything else feels like play-acting."
  • During the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Once more with feeling", Tara singing to Willow while they're in her bedroom and lying down and—oh, where'd Willow go out of shot? — "You make me complete... you make me com-plete... you make me-- " Cue a Smash Cut to Xander guessing what they might be up to.

 Spike: You want me, Slayer? Come and get me!

Buffy: Oh I'm coming. I'm coming right NOW! (cut to Spike getting his 'sweet release')

  • On The Tudors, when Henry VIII finally engages in coitus with Anne Boleyn, he announces his climax. Which may be justified, since they both know full well the consequences of her getting pregnant before he's legally married to her.
  • Played for laughs in an episode of The IT Crowd with Richmond's weird girl in the server room: "Oh, look at me, having an orgasm!"


  • In American Psycho, Patrick orders the women he has sex with to "let me know when they had orgasms and to be very vocal about it".


  • Happens several times in Eminem's "FACK".

Stand Up Comedy

  • In one of Pablo Francisco's routines involving Don LaFontaine (the Movie Previews Guy), he speculates what it must be like for Mrs. LaFontaine to have sex with the man, in a gag that culminates with the iconic booming voice calling out, "Coming Soon!"
  • Chelsea Peretti, in what went down as "Dirty Talk", plays a purported recording of her ex-boyfriend in bed, where in successive recordings, he calls out increasingly specific, unambiguous associations between "mommy", and her; after that, by way of not doing that, increasingly specific, detailed invocations of Jesus.


Video Games

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Family Guy:
    • Apparantly par for the course for Peter:

 Lois: "Peter wait, PETE-"


Lois: "Oh...good for you."

    • In British porn:
    • Jackie Gleason: "POW! Right in the kisser!"
    • And again with Cleveland:

  Cleveland: "And boom goes the dynamite."