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NOTE: A red asterisk

  • denotes full recaps, while a blue asterisk
  • denotes incomplete recaps and/or tropes. Most of these are just the summary given at the beginning of each episode.

Season 1

  1. "Birth of a Friendship"
  1. "The Photo Man"
  1. "The World's Greatest Calvin"
  1. "Naughty Fireworks!"
  1. "The Mighty School Escape"
  1. "Help Wanted"
  1. "The Black Turning Funnel Part 1"
  1. "The Black Turning Funnel Part 2"
  1. "The Time Pauser"
  1. "Calvin Gets Professional Help"
  1. "Home UnAlone"
  1. "Full Moon: Full Baloney!"
  1. "Calvin's Batman Adventure"
  1. "The Night of the Living Television"
  1. "A Calvin and Hobbes Christmas!"
  1. "Attack of the Vampire Babysitter"
  2. "Have You Seen This Tiger?" (Made for TV Movie)
  3. "Confessions of a Prank Loving Tiger"
  4. "Camping on a Deserted Rock is FUN!"
  5. "Tonsil Terror"
  6. "The Yellowstone Monster Part 1"
  7. "The Yellowstone Monster Part 2"
  8. "Eggs for Calvin!"
  9. "Two Loons and a Kid"
  10. "Gasping for Air"
  11. "The Case of the Rogue Water Balloon"

Season 2

  1. "Time Terror"
  1. "It Will Build Character"
  2. "Monkey See, Monkey Maim"
  3. "The Transmitter Conspiracy Part 1"
  4. "The Transmitter Conspiracy Part 2"
  5. "Nighty Shut Up!"
  6. "A Day at the Office"
  7. "The Great Halloween Heist"
  8. "Camp Blues"
  9. "Calvin, Hobbes, and the Pilgrims"
  10. "The Falling Sky Part 1"
  11. "The Falling Sky Part 2"
  12. "The Return of Dr. Brainstorm"
  13. "Chaos to my Ears"
  14. "Insanity is in the Air"
  15. "Wild Movie"
  16. "The Insane Road Trip Part 1"
  17. "The Insane Road Trip Part 2"
  18. "A Club's Blow"
  19. "Super Calvin"
  20. "The Night of the Living Television II" (Made for TV Movie)
  21. "Sherman Goes to the Vet"
  22. "Personality Test"
  24. "Roughin' It"
  25. "The Alien Huntress"

Season 3

  1. "Dr. BrainChill Part 1"
  2. "Dr. BrainChill Part 2"
  3. "Department Store Horrors"
  4. "That's MISTER Sherman to You!"
  5. "Chains"
  6. "Mirror rorriM"
  7. "Tracer Bullet in Color!"
  8. "RIP Calvin"
  9. "Pranking the Ghosts"
  10. "Hypercube"
  11. "The Five Calvins"
  1. "An MTM Episode"
  2. "Mission: Socrates"
  3. "New Year, New Disasters"
  5. "62 Percent More Evil"
  6. "Electronic Invasion Part 1"
  7. "Electronic Invasion Part 2"
  8. "A Day in Your Shoes"
  9. "Let Us Prank the Fool"
  10. "Attack of the Monsters Part 1"
  11. "Attack of the Monsters Part 2"
  12. "The Genius Hamster"
  13. "Pharaoh Andrew"
  14. "Robot's Day Out"
  15. "Thunderstorm"

Season 4

  1. "Camping Trip Part 1"
  2. "Camping Trip Part 2"
  3. "Dad"
  4. "Surge"
  5. "Lenny's Diary"
  6. "Part Three"
  7. "Socrates Squared"
  8. "Invasion" (Made for TV Movie)
  9. "Rhyme Time"
  10. "Tales of a Tiger"
  11. "SouthWest Pacific"
  12. "The Spirit Room"
  13. "Pug"
  14. "Hero"
  15. "Wagoner's Ed"
  16. "The Realiphone"
  17. "Cyberboy"
  18. "Repeat"
  19. "Remember"
  20. "Karma"
  21. "I'm Partially in Love With You"
  22. "Forecast for Disaster"
  23. "Bodyswap"
  24. "Our Solemn Hour Part 1"
  25. "Our Solemn Hour Part 2"

Season 5

  1. "Alien Nation Part 1"
  2. "Alien Nation Part 2"
  3. "Hear My Voice"
  4. "Dark Laughter Part 1"
  5. "Dark Laughter Part 2"
  6. "The Time Master"
  7. "POV"
  8. "White Noise"
  9. "Nocturnals" (Made for TV Movie, unpublished)
  10. "Socratesland" (unpublished)