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Dansa med oss, klappa era händer
Dance with us, clap your hands
Gör som vi gör, ta några steg åt vänster
Do what we do, take a few steps to the left
Lyssna och lär, missa inte chansen
Listen and learn, don't miss the chance
Nu är vi här med Caramelldansen!
Now we're here with The Caramell Dance!


Some time after the Speedy Techno Remake, called the "Speedycake Remix", of Caramelldansen by Caramell was released, someone made a video from the Popotan h-game opening (NSFW, obviously), which was two girls bobbing up and down while flapping their hands, and the video synced the dancing to an excerpt of the song.

Now it seems the internet won't stop until at least one character from every major work is animated in that style and dancing to the song. Notably, even the official music video that was eventually made for the remix features the bob dance and anime styling.

This trope is about that effort, that now spans hundreds of different videos on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. It doesn't help now that the band wrote an English version of the song just because of its internet popularity, including a line in the chorus saying "Look at YouTube clips do it..."

Again, it has to be animation like that (drawn or CGI). Simply syncing footage to the song doesn't count. People at Anime Conventions have been known to spontaneously burst into this dance en masse, but those wouldn't count as this.

The animations might be crudely done, but the point is to actually go for that look.

It might be noteworthy to note that the song is a case of Love It or Hate It in some circles. A word of warning: the song is prime Ear Worm material, so don't go following the links if you're prone to getting songs stuck in your head. It's also worth pointing out that this got started on YouTube, not YTMND, despite consisting of a looping animation accompanied by looping audio. A sign of the times, it seems... You can really find anything for it, for example...

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