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Fondly remembered by the children of The Nineties, "Cartoon Cartoons" was a name used by the Cartoon Network to distinguish its original comedy programming from older Animated Series imported from other sources, such as Warner Bros or Hanna-Barbera. It's generally agreed that the first Cartoon Cartoon was Dexter's Laboratory, although it premiered in 1996, a full year before the brand was introduced (Like many of the series below, it originated with a short cartoon produced for Cartoon Network's World Premiere Toons, aka the What a Cartoon Show).

As time passed, the Cartoon Cartoons increased in number and acquired a unique identity, along with a distinctive musical jingle and a logo[1]. After a short while, they got their own programming block, Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, which was traditionally "hosted" by one of their characters, such as Bubbles or Eustace. However, starting circa 2003, Cartoon Network started phasing out the brand, and the last cartoon to be filed under it was Codename: Kids Next Door.

Cartoon Cartoons:

  1. that has become distressingly hard to find on the Internet