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File:2009-0415-casados-con-hijos 54.jpg

Did you expect a happy photo?

Casados con Hijos is the Argentine edition of the American series Married... with Children. It is about the misfortunes of Pepe Argento, a former player of Racing Club who now sells women shoes. He is married to Moni (who always wants to have sex), and has two kids, Paola (who dates every man that walks) and Coqui (a loser even worse than him). And to complete it all, his neighbour is María Elena Fuseneco, who always try to defeat and humiliate him.

The adaption run for two seasons, and it was played by the most important comedy actors of Argentina, Guillermo Francella and Florencia Peña. The writers made an important work in removing all American stuff from the series and fill it with Argentine culture, from the names of the characters to their backgrounds and several plots. Thus, it is not seen in Argentina as the local version of a foreign series, but as a series of its own right.

Not to be confused with Casados con hijos (with a lowercase "h"), the Colombian edition of the American series Married... with Children.

Tropes used in Casados con Hijos include:
  • All Just a Dream: The house of some obscure tango singer is about to be demolished, by a firm (represented by María Elena) that wants to build a shopping center in the area. Pepe jails himself to the house in protest, to prevent the demolition. During an argument with María Elena, the great Carlos Gardel himself appears to support Pepe and sing a tango toguether. It was just an hallucination caused by a gas leak, that convinced the firm to build the shopping center elsewhere.
  • All Women Are Lustful: Paola is the most decided, as she's young, pretty and without a stable boyfriend. But Moni and María Elena are not exactly prudes, either... in fact, they love to have sex with their husbands, or to see handsome males when they are not around.
  • Beta Couple: The Fuseneco
  • Catch Phrase: "Si son Dardo y María Elena, pasen...", "Cállense, mierdas"
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Played for laughs. Pepe Argento is visited by The Grim Reaper, who wants to take him. First, they try to settle things playing Truco (an Argentine card game), and get to a tie. Then, they improvise a net and decide things by soccer penalty kicks. The Grim Reaper is about to win... and then Coki gets into the house, confuses him with a common burglar, and attacks him. The Grim Reaper missed the penalty kick, so he lost.
  • Jackass Genie: Pepe is always complaining "I want to die!", "I want to die!", so The Grim Reaper came to grant his wish... even if he refuses.
  • Perpetual Poverty: The Argento are always lacking, but they have a nice house with two stories, basement and patio, and the TV is never cut.
  • She Who Must Not Be Seen: Coqui won a chance to meet Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner, the current president of Argentina, but who was just the First Lady of president Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007) during the airing of the show (it may feel awkward to see the episode now, but all makes sense in context). Of course, he never got the chance, as his family wasted the money. Neither Cristina nor a parody of her actually appeared on screen, and it all stayed in a mere mention.
  • You Fail History Forever: An archaeologist appears at the Argento house, declaring that the lost treasure taken by Rafael de Sobremonte during the 1806 British invasion of Buenos Aires was buried in their patio. The fuseneco tried to take it for themselves, and it was finally all a scam. However, the fate of the treasure of Sobremonte is well known: he escaped from Buenos Aires during the invasion, taking all the money of the city with him to prevent it from being taken (no cowardice, it's what the laws instructed in the case of a foreign attack like that), but the British intercepted him at Luján, got the money, and sent it to London, where it was paraded and kept. Buenos Aires was liberated afterwards by Santiago de Liniers, but the money was already in London. There's no mystery, much less a chance of finding it anywhere in South America.