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It's a fairly common practice in the wiki to make puns based on pre-existing trope titles. Outside of this wiki, this is called a "snowclone", where in a sentence "X is the new Y", X and Y can be substituted for anything the speaker wants to use.

But very often, this new trope will have nothing whatsoever to do with its namesake. (And that's bad.)

This is Chekhov's Pun -- the title (but not concept) is taken from Chekhov's Gun, a common target of the various punners that frequent YKTTW. Nightmare Fuel, Nightmare Retardant, Nightmare Dreams, Nightmare Valley, and Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant suggest that this is happening to another trope, though those are directly related to the original article.

Another example is the Just for Pun index, which is a pun on Just for Fun. In fact, many Just for Pun entries were named after other tropes, including this one.

The Title Bin was the place where silly wordplay ought to go if it can't be justified by the trope description, as more creative ways of Naming a Trope should be used.

Not to be confused with Brick Joke, where a seemingly throw-away pun that is used once makes a return later.

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