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The term used for the collective of fans for any given work, person, or other thing, that came together for mutual benefit. Often have different terms for more specific things, but this trope covers them all.

The term "fandom" can be traced back as far as 1903. Fan Wank has featured a few vintage wanks that show fans have always been as crazy as they are now. This might have existed since the beginning of fiction.

When a fanbase is divided over whether an aspect of a work is good or bad, it's called Broken Base. When you love something that's from a different country it's called Germans Love David Hasselhoff. When you love something that wasn't aimed at you in the first place it's a Periphery Demographic.

If it's just a character that has the fandom, what you've got is the Ensemble Darkhorse. If the fanbase loves the character but the creators hate it, you have an Unpopular Popular Character. If the fanbase is divided over whether this character is good or bad, you have a Base Breaker.

Compare Fame and Reputation Tropes, Admiration Tropes.

Contrast Hatedom and Fan Hater.

Is not the opposite of Fan Sub.

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