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  • All images MUST now have proper attribution, those who neglect to assign at least the "fair use" licensing to an image may have it deleted. All new pages should use the preloadable templates feature on the edit page to add the appropriate basic page markup. Pages that don't do this will be subject to deletion, with or without explanation.
  • All new trope pages will be made with the "Trope Workshop" found on the "Troper Tools" menu and worked on until they have at least three examples. The Trope workshop specific templates can then be removed and it will be regarded as a regular trope page after being moved to the Main namespace. THIS SHOULD BE WORKING NOW, REPORT ANY ISSUES TO Janna2000, SelfCloak or RRabbit42. DON'T MAKE PAGES MANUALLY UNLESS A TEMPLATE IS BROKEN, AND REPORT IT THAT IS THE CASE. PAGES WILL BE DELETED OTHERWISE IF THEY ARE MISSING BASIC MARKUP.


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At Tropedia, pictures are a great way to show some tropes. On these pages, you can post links to what you think are great examples of a given trope.

  1. Post links, not pictures: Do not post just the image address. That actually hotlinks the image, and will suck up bandwidth. Links are text, and even if there is a long, descriptive paragraph about the picture, it's likely to take up less than 1 kilobyte. Even a tiny avatar pic is bigger than that.[1]
  2. Do not post anything explicit or link to sites known for explicit material: It's not that we're prudes here. We want as many people to see our site as possible, and getting blocked because we link to porn sites is not something we want.
  3. Do not link to malicious sites: As in don't link to any site prone to have spyware and viruses that attack any computer that goes to them. If you're not sure about the site, don't link to it.

Guidelines. Not required, but should help people trying to see the pictures you want them to.

  1. You can post to either the picture directly or a page the picture, or series of pictures, is on. But if you need an account for the site to see it, try somewhere else.
  2. Some sites that are known to be safe include Flickr, imageshack, photobucket, imagevenue, and this site's image list (as long as they are meant for posting on another page).
  3. If the picture requires dragging and dropping instead of just clicking on it, please let us know.
  4. Some pages would likely work with this better than others. Plot-related tropes would probably not fit this well. You'd need descriptions on the links to explain how it would fit the trope, and that would be about the same as examples on the main page.
  1. To make a local image a link, surround its name with double brackets and add a colon just after the opening brackets; for example, [[:File:Example.jpg]]. To make an internet address a link, surround it with single brackets and add a description after a space; for example, [ Here's an example].

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