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Exactly What It Says on the Tin is about work titles that state the basis of what the work is about. This is to list page titles that do the same. In short, these are titles where it is unlikely that someone will go "Wait, I Thought It Meant...".

Basically, if the point of the page can easily be understood from the title, it goes here. But there are a few ways to tell it's exact:

  1. The title doesn't have to be 100% precise (Tropes Are Flexible, after all), but if an important part of the trope doesn't fit a word, it doesn't count.
    • Always Male and Always Female do not belong here because "always" is an absolute term, and the tropes in those indexes allow exceptions.
  2. No puns, idioms, or foreign language terms (which would apply for any language this page might be translated to) unless such a term has been in the English language long enough for the meaning to be clear to most.
    • So even though the proper term for the genre Wuxia is that very word, it wouldn't count here.
  3. A title that references itself is not enough if it breaks any of the other rules.
    • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking is a self referencing title, but it doesn't belong here because the trope has nothing to do with arson, murder, or jaywalking.
  4. This index is divided into two sections: pages whose main title fits these rules, and redirects whose title fits these rules.

Naturally, this page is going to rely a lot on Wiki Magic to find titles that fit. Also, any discussion on what would best fit is welcome. And because Wikipedia tends to use exact titles somewhat more often than The Other Tropes Wiki used to (or than we do now), We Are Not Alone Index may provide suggestions for creating redirects.

Contrast This Index Is Not an Example, I Thought It Meant, I Thought That Was. Compare Exactly What It Says on the Tin

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