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All The Tropes is mostly about two things: Listing up the examples of works wherein a trope is used, and listing up the tropes used in works. Put these two together, and they form a nice network that encourages long Wiki Walks.

This page is about the latter half: works which have some tropes, but nowhere near enough. If you have time and knowledge of a work listed here, please add some tropes to its page.

To put a Work page on this list, add {{Needs More Tropes}} to the page, immediately after the trope list. If the page doesn't have any tropes at all, add Category:Works Needing Tropes to it instead of adding this category.

To take a Work page on this list, remove {{Needs More Tropes}} from the page. As a general guideline (not a hard-and-fast rule), if a work has a dozen or so tropes, it no longer needs to be on this list.

For the opposite problem with the number of tropes - too many - see Overdosed Tropes. (Amazingly enough, "Overdosed Tropes" and "Needs More Tropes" can overlap, especially when somebody creates a page by going through the list of tropes alphabetically or by some other system, adding all of the tropes that look right, but stopping partway through.)

Pages that need help with the other half of the Wiki Walk can be found at Tropes Needing Examples and Needs More Examples.

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