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You've just launched a trope, it may or may not have a good title, you may or may not know what categories it belongs to, but you can't think of a good description. The one you had in the Trope Workshop was too short, too dry, not clear, etc.

Alternatively, maybe you have simply come upon a page with a truly bad trope description — one that you feel unable or unwilling to fix up on your own.

To get help:

  1. add the {{Needs More Info}} template to the top of the page, somewhere between the "trope",[1] "work", or "creator" tag and the first list of tropes or examples, and
  2. put a note on the offending trope's discussion page explaining what the problem with the description is. When you've done all of these things, others will bless you with their Wiki Magic.

Note that there are two action items in the previous list. For best results, please complete both of them.

Please do not mark tropes whose description is merely less-than-perfect. We're looking here for tropes whose descriptions are defective enough that they cannot just be left alone.

Fixing these pages

If, instead, you are one of those people who wants to help clean up the stuff on this list, here are a few pointers:

  • You don't have to be cute, just understandable. When in doubt, be Boring but Practical.
  • We have Categories for related tropes, you don't need to reference every similar trope within the article.
  • Page quotes are optional, but should be helpful to the description, not merely cool or funny.
  • Unless the trope is an index[2] and has dozens of different connotations, there is no need to make the description a thesis paper. Simpler and shorter descriptions help keep the examples clear.
  • Examples go in the example list, the description should be free of them. The only exception may be the Trope Namer or an Older Than They Think example.

Please remove the {{Needs More Info}} template from a trope's page once a better description has been given. In general, please remember to delete items from these lists as you move or complete them. The list tends to pile up, so please try to help keep it clean.

This category is linked from the Community Portal. Please do not delete it even if it is empty.

  1. If a Trope needs a better description, then it should stay in the Trope Workshop - or be moved back to the Trope Workshop if it's in the Main namespace.
  2. If the "trope" is an index, it should probably be a Category instead... unless it should be a set of related Categories.

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