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Oh! Uh...hey...

While the wee wife's away, a word on the subject of onanism: in this house, we don't masturbate. It's not a very pleasant thing to do. One hates to imagine young Chloe or Radclyffe scampering down the stairs of a Saturday morning, only to find you, double-bent on the sofa, pumping your fist!
Harvey Denton, The League of Gentlemen

A subtrope of Cringe Comedy. A character, thinking they are alone, decides to indulge in a little self-pleasuring only to be interrupted by their partner, parent, sibling, best friend, The Vicar (for maximum laughs), whatever. Seriously people, next time - lock the door.

Usually Played for Laughs, although it's not impossible to see it Played for Drama. For when it is not a solo situation, see Interrupted Intimacy.

No real life examples, please; this is Tropedia, not Tropes After Dark.

Examples of Caught with Your Pants Down include:

Anime and Manga

  • Many, many a start of the intimate portion of That Wasn't There Before Hentai Futanari Doujinshi in a particularly embarrassing example.
  • Happens to Satou when his mother walks in on him in the Welcome to The NHK manga, with the added embarrassment that he's looking at Hentai at the time. And has set up a customized rig for internet porn in his parents' spare bedroom, complete with a leather massage chair.
  • Alice learns the hard way in Serial Experiments Lain that internet surveillance is more intensive than she thought... Of course, the fact her best friend is an omnipresent god who can materialise in Alice's room at will doesn't help either.
  • F³: Frantic, Frustrated & Female opens with this trope, as a girl unable to climax has her big sister walk in on her. The sister, after exhausting herself trying to "help", hypnotizes the girl into orgasming — but a badly worded command makes it only happen whenever her sister touches her, and instantly happen then. Cue several random touchings of the shoulder, slaps on the back, etc. The manga goes for 3 more books after this, the whole thing never gets resolved.
  • Happens in Code Geass (the infamous 'Table-kun' incident). Fortunately for Nina, Nunally couldn't see what was happening and is too innocent to realize what was going on. Probably. Hopefully.
  • An implied near-miss happens to Maho Nitori in Wandering Son. She and her brother Shuuichi sleep in bunk beds and at the end of chapter 39 when Shuuichi is woken up by creaking sounds and looks to see a panicked Maho out of bed asking if he'd heard. As she leaves the room, her pajama bottoms have a dark stain. The situation implies either this trope, an aversion of No Periods, Period, or, what the heck, both.
    • From the looks of it, it was probably a period stain; she also mutters something about whether had mom had "any", implying tampons or pads. Though she did act a bit too suspicious and embarrassed.
  • My Balls. Subverted when Elyse puts Kohta under a sort of "hypnosis" so she can take advantage of him without his knowledge. He snaps out of it several times with her in ... compromising positions.
  • In the manga of Bokurano, it's implied that Dung Beetle catches Anko like this at one point. She's none too happy about it. In a subversion, he caught her daydreaming and dancing when she's home alone, not masturbating.
    • Mako "Nakama" Nakarai invokes the trope before fighting. The Alpha Bitch who bullies Mako is having sex with a guy (presumably her boyfriend) inside a hotel room within the fight area, and she asks Koyemshi to rescue the couple before any of them get a chance to get dressed so they end up naked first in the cockpit, where all the pilot children are. After Mako gives the Alpha Bitch a slap and a What the Hell, Hero?, they're sent inside a van on which the girl's mother is leaving the battle area. Given that the fight had not even started, is pretty much given that Mako did it on purpose, to teach the Alpha Bitch a lesson about caring for other people: it ultimately works, as Mako's arc ends with said Alpha Bitch acting more humbly as she helps clean up the classroom.
  • Death Note: Light Yagami uses hidden dirty magazines as an excuse for making sure other people haven't entered his room. When L, his father and his sister Sayu see this, they don't see the Death Note, thankfully, but they do accuse Light of being a pervert (L even remarks it's perfectly natural for someone his age).
  • In the 2nd Boku No Pico OVA, it's used as a plot device: Chico peeps through a crack in the ceiling to watch his sister schlick, (he doesn't even know what she's doing), and Pico, having experience, teaches him all about sex. In the 3rd OVA, Pico walks in on his new friend Coco masturbating, gets aroused by it and masturbates while watching him masturbate. Unfortunately, the curtain falls, blowing Pico's cover. It's a little bit creepy because Coco knew he was there the entire time.
  • A double entry from Haruhi Suzumiya when Kyon was closing the pictures of Mikuru's chest with star-shaped mole: He forgot to close the folder which had the name of "Mikuru" written as the folder name. It's busted by Haruhi spotting Mikuru having some "fun" with Kyon - which did not translate so well for the world.
  • Yuria 100 Shiki pretty much runs on this trope.
    • At least, it does with the titular Yuria. The slightly more advanced Juria poses as an inanimate sex toy, so she's more likely to invert the trope, pretending to be "in use" by her owner to get out of situations that would reveal her true nature.
  • In Bible Black it's more like caught giving a Facial....and in front of your best friend who secretly has a crush on you to top it all off.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka is a 22-year-old virgin living on the roof of the middle school where he teaches. He works off the frustrations that come with being a Chivalrous Pervert, so it's no surprise that he's been literally caught with his pants down.
  • Invoked in School Days, when Sekai's friend Nanami Kanroji and her sempai/boyfriend try to get some "quality time" in the middle of a school festival, so they end up having sex in the rest area booth. They're filmed by Otome's Girl Posse, who are such nasty bitches that they show the tape to the whole school. The upperclassmen think this is funny, but poor Nanami has an Heroic BSOD.
    • Double invoked, as almost immediately afterwards, we see that Makoto was caught on tape too... having sex with Otome. And this is how Sekai learns that, after Makoto cheated on Kotonoha with her, she is now the one cheated on.
  • In one chapter of the Gunsmith Cats manga, Minnie May is masturbating to a photo of her missing boyfriend Kenny when Becky walks in on her.
  • The plot of Onani Master Kurosawa begins with this.
  • In a chapter of Kodomo No Jikan, Rin masturbates at school, and is embarrassed when she thinks her teacher has caught her in the act.
  • In Urotsukidouji Nagumo is caught by the school jock Ozaki masturbating in the ball pit, he then holds him up by the back of his shirt and shows the entire student body his erection.
  • In chapter 337 of Mahou Sensei Negima, Eva walks in on Chachamaru winding herself up (technically, powering self up, but it has VERY similar effects to sexual arousal) while calling out Negi's name. Hilarity Ensues since Eva is very amused and pleased.
  • Momo in To Love Ru Darkness gets caught by her twin sister playing with her tail. Luckily for her, Nana is too innocent to realize what Momo was doing.
  • In Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!, Shuusuke was completely nonplussed when Iroha told him how much his masturbates (5 times a day!), down to which hand he uses. It turned out she snooped him through a telescope.

Comic Books

  • In the XXXenophile story "Touch Tone" a woman is indulging in some phone sex late at night at work when the guy she thought was on the other end of the phone walks into the room.
    • In "Trees A Crowd", a man enjoying some alone time in a forest is interrupted by a dryad.
  • In The Boys, Wee Hughie is sent to infiltrate G-Wiz, a superhero team loosely modeled off one of the X-men spinoffs and a frat house, complete with a luxuriously-appointed porn which he later finds the whole team.
  • The Foes and Fortunes arc of Hack Slash had Vlad accidentally walk in on Cassie "daydreaming" about fellow Anti-Hero Samhain.
  • A short comic by Phoebe Gloeckner has a Czech punk girl caught not once but twice when she has sex with her punk boyfriend in public. The second time, her mother happens to be among the people witnessing this. Big Oops.

Fan Works


  • The infamous pie scene (pictured above) in American Pie along with the tube sock in the beginning.
    • And in American Pie 2, Jim accidentally superglues himself to himself when he mistakes a tube of superglue for lubricant, and has to go to hospital with one hand stuck to his penis and the other clutching the pornographic video he'd been watching (which had gotten glued to his other hand).
      • Also in the beginning when Jim's parents walk into his dorm room while he's having sex with a girl, before her parents show up.
    • The third movie has Jim and Stifler getting caught what looks like bestiality, Stifler having sex with Jim's grandmother, and Michelle under the table while Jim's dad interrupts.
    • And in The Naked Mile
  • Serial Mom
  • In Tommy Boy, Chris Farley catches David Spade masturbating over a woman skinny-dipping in a hotel pool and mocks him for it.
    • Bonus points towards WTF: That woman was Lorri Bagley, Farley's then-girlfriend in real life.
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High - "Doesn't anybody ever fucking knock anymore?"
    • This scene was parodied in the "Stacy's Mom" video by Fountans of Wayne, with the added fillip that Stacy walks in on the boy, thinks he's doing it for her, and walks away happy. As the song's title suggests, it's not Stacy he was picturing.
  • Parodied by Not Another Teen Movie: the teenage girl tries to have some "alone time" with a dildo on her eighteenth birthday, when her parents, grandparents, siblings, family pets, pastor, and the girl scout troop she mentors enter in quick succession.
  • Donnie Darko's psychiatrist hypnotises him to encourage him to talk more openly, only for Donnie to go off on a tangent about Married... with Children and try to masturbate to Christina Applegate.
  • In You, Me and Dupree, husband and wife, Carl and Molly, catch Carl's best friend, Dupree, masturbating in their living room to a porno movie. Unfortunately, Dupree didn't put away a box labeled "camping gear" where he got the tape from which contained Carl's entire collection of Asian porn movies which his wife forced him to toss.
  • Subverted in There's Something About Mary when Ted is caught looking at Mary out the window and they assume he is masturbating. His attempts to cover up lead to hilarity, word-of-mouth, and box office success.
    • Plus he wasn't even looking at Mary, he was looking at a songbird in the same general direction as Mary.
  • In the movie The Calcium Kid, Jimmy Connolly (Orlando Bloom) is a dim amateur boxer who becomes the focus of a BBC documentary. Not knowing that his whole life is being documented, he wakes up one morning and starts masturbating, not realizing that the scene is being filmed. The film crew interrupts him and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Angela's Ashes. It's set in Ireland, and there were four or five young boys as the main group of kids. They regularly went off to this rocky, hilly landscape and would jack off (next to each other, but apparently not "with" each other). Then, being Catholic, they'd have to confess their sin. It helped that the old priest was mostly deaf and didn't really pay attention to a word they said... until one day one of the boys slides into the booth all set to confess and finds a new and very alert priest there - the other one had died during the night.
    • A similar moment occurs when one boy charges his classmates to peep on his older sisters as they prepare for a bath. One of the boys gets a little overzealous, and ends up pulling the drainpipe he was clinging to off the wall, causing the rest of the boys to be caught in the act as well.
  • Iin Slackers there was a scene where a male character had to steal something from a female characters dorm while she wasn't there. After trying the door he was impatiently allowed in by the female character's (also female) roommate who was annoyed at having been interrupted masturbating. She continues to masturbate (quite enthusiastically) in the main room while he goes to the bedroom to find the whatever it was.
  • Happens to Moff in Human Traffic.
  • In Little Children Sarah's husband becomes addicted to a specific porn persona on the internet, going to such an extreme that he is caught by Sarah masturbating to the porn girl with her online bought panties over his face.
  • This happens to Christian Bale's character in Velvet Goldmine, whose father finds him masturbating over a picture of two men kissing (and promptly kicks him out of the house).
  • In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one of Joel's memories is getting caught masturbating.

Ace: I was just...practicing my mantra.

  • Michael (Dustin Hoffman) in Tootsie gets quite literally caught with his pants down by Sandy. His reaction is classic: "Sandy, I want you."
  • In Going Berserk, John Candy's character is recounting a recurring dream to a psychiatrist - it's seen as a parody of "The Blue Lagoon", where his advances to the girl he's on an island with are constantly rebuffed (in direct contradiction to his narrative) - he goes off to another part of the island to be "alone with his thoughts" as he says, which means to furiously masturbate. He then looks up, and finds he's not alone - a cruise ship is passing by with everyone on board watching and laughing at him. As he ends the story, he's dismayed to find the psychiatrist laughing uproariously.
  • In Beavis and Butt-head Do America, Beavis (in his Cornholio persona) sees Mr. Anderson's camper, pulls out a picture of the woman he was sent to "do" and then goes into the camper. Later, Mr. Anderson is curious to find out why his camper is rocking, and investigates. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Splice, Elsa walks in on her boyfriend Clive having sex with Dren, and is appropriately squicked out and pissed off by it.
  • In the French erotic film The Dreamers, Isabelle catches Matthew masturbating to old pictures of actress Marlene Dietrich, and then has him perform cunninligus on her.
  • In Black Swan, while Nina is doing her homework, she rolls over and realizes that her mother is in the room with her. Only a partial example, because her mother was asleep.
  • In the film The Last Supper, the female character Paulie is caught masturbating while fully clothed and it doesn't really faze her.
  • Weird Science had an entertaining Freak-Out over tossing off. "You told me you were combing your hair!"
  • In The Blue Lagoon there's a scene where Richard, seen from behind, is clearly masturbating. Emmeline asks him "What are you doing?" and he guiltily says "Nothing!" Or So I Heard.

Folk Lore

  • Snopes has a number of urban legends about this trope:
    • A girl who accidentally impaled herself on a broom after being caught in a compromising position with it. (link)
      • The stereotype of witches riding broomsticks has a similar origin.
    • A man who masturbates with his eyes covered - and then realizes his mother must have been in the room at the time. (link)
      • This is actually from stand up comedian Rob Newman's routine from the early 90s.
    • American Pie... with pumpkins! (link)


  • Non-comedic example: The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier, where one character is essentially blackmailed because he thinks another character has a photo of him masturbating in a school toilet cubicle.
  • The scene in The Time Traveler's Wife that shows up on Screw Yourself probably also deserves a mention here.
  • Happens to the teenage Bruce Wayne (the Michael Keaton version) in the parody "To The Batpole!" in the anthology Batman Unauthorized.
  • The book Ghosts/Aliens finds the author with his pants down four times in one week. His explanations range from attempting to destroy anaerobic bacteria in that area to having had a bee fly into his pants.
  • In Water for Elephants, Jacob walks in on Walter (aka Kinko) masturbating to a magazine, and ends up getting back at him by orchestrating for Jacob to be humiliated by the circus' resident hooker. They end up friends, though.
  • In James Herbert's Once, the protagonist is first introduced to the love interest of the novel (a barely pubescent Elf girl) by his spying on her masturbating against a tree.

Live-Action TV

  • In According to Jim, we learn that Jim hates his birthday and surprise parties because on his thirteenth birthday, thinking everyone had forgotten his birthday, he decided to 'give himself a present' only to have his friends and family (including a nun) leap out shouting 'Surprise!'.
  • A stand-up routine by comedian Alan Brough on The Smallest Room In The House centred around his father bringing him a cup of tea while he was masturbating.
  • In the Friends episode "The One with the Sharks", Monica walks in on Chandler. He managed to change the channel from porn to a show about sharks... causing Monica to get the idea that he has a shark fetish.
  • The basis of the entire That '70s Show episode "Happy Jack".
  • In the Seinfeld episode "The Contest", George is at the parents' house, starts reading Glamour, then gets caught by his mother, who injures herself as a result...
  • In an episode of Rules of Engagement, Jennifer refers to Adam as "Spanky" and he thinks this is because she walked in on him one time. He launches into a spirited defence of his actions in front of his friends, only to discover she was making a reference to The Little Rascals.
  • An episode of the HBO series Sessions revolved around the main character's embarassment over masturbating, and his fear of being caught as an adolescent.
  • A particularly squicky example of this trope occurs in the BBC comedy-drama Grease Monkeys. When one of the main characters is caught masturbating by his sister, the shock causes him to ejaculate - all over her. Needless to say, she does not react well.
    • Similarly, this YouTube Poop involves Sonic the Hedgehog masturbating and ejaculating on Robotnik. Since Robotnik is Sonic's arch nemesis, Sonic is apparently pleased by this.
  • Alluded to in Pushing Daisies. Chuck and Ned share an apartment, but if they touch Chuck will die, so they wear jingle-bell slippers to alert each other when they're coming into a room. Chuck tries to convince Ned that she should move out:

Chuck: I'll stop walking in on you when you're doing things you don't want me to know you're doing--
Ned: That would never have happened if you were wearing your slippers.
(You'd think that since they can't touch, they might have resorted to mutual voyeurism as one of the only forms of sexual activity that would allow them to safely be in the same room, but Ned is a very self-conscious person.)

  • There's an EXTREMELY uncomfortable example of female masturbation in series 2 of Skins. Maxxie's stalker Sketch breaks into his house, sneaks into his room, fondles and smells his underwear, and proceeds to masturbate on his bed. When Maxxie comes home unexpectedly early, she quickly hides under his bed ? where she stays for the rest of the night.
    • Karen and JJ walk in on Freddie at one point in series 3.
    • And in the first series, Tony is totally unfazed to find Sid masturbating over a picture of Michelle (Tony's girlfriend).
  • An episode of Married... with Children focused on Bud getting caught by his college's librarian and and facing disciplinary action. Bud is saved by the fact the librarian, who has the hots for him, deliberately gave him books that would excite him. Bud is then humiliated by his father and his "No Ma'am" club members coming in protesting the proceedings with lines like "Four, three, two, one! Bud's alone but he has fun!"
  • In Dead Set, Joplin's less-than-stealthy attempt to watch Veronica in the shower is less than successful (though as a wannabe "glamour" model, Veronica is unfazed by it).
  • This happened to wannabee rapper J-Roc in Trailer Park Boys.
  • Farscape. In a Body Surf episode, Aeryn (in Rygel's body) walks in on Crichton feeling up her own body. She threatens to break his legs. Even if they are hers. After the Reset Button is pushed however, it's hinted that Aeryn (who'd briefly entered Crichton's body) did some checking out of her own.
  • Parodied and inverted on The League of Gentlemen, where Harvey Denton has a peculiar paranoia about walking in on his nephew, Benjamin, and has an entire, Spit Take-inducing collection of Unusual Euphemisms ready. There has never been any concrete evidence of Benjamin actually masturbating.
  • In one episode of This Is Wonderland, Elliot Sacks accidentally implies that his mother walked in on him once.

Judge Serkis: That's enough, Mr. Sex. Sacks!

  • Happens to Andrew (while looking at Hot Or Not on the internet) in the final episode of The Chaser's War on Everything during the "Tech Talk" segment.
  • Frances walking in on her husband Terry doing this is a running joke in The Librarians.
  • Happens to Rory in 8 Simple Rules. Twice.
  • On Snuff Box, apparently Matt Berry's father once walked in on him masturbating over a map of Scotland.
  • Charlie, from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has been caught masturbating several times.
  • In Misfits, this happens to Curtis and Alisha, who Can't Have Sex Ever and cope with it by watching each other masturbate. Unfortunately they choose to do this in a cupboard in their local community centre, and their activities are soon loudly interrupted and exposed by Nathan (who takes a rather unhealthy delight in the whole thing - and proceeds to perform a full re-enactment of what he has just seen, for the amusement of Kelly and Simon).
      • Happens again with !girlCurtis getting caught in the act in the most recent season
  • In The Inbetweeners one of the characters is volunteering at an old folks home, where he constantly wanks in empty rooms (which is quite in character for him). At one point he ends up looking for ANYTHING to do the deed to and finds a picture of a woman in a bikini, which is enough to get him going. As soon as he reaches the point of no return the woman in the picture (who was in the room the whole time) sees him and calmly says that she's seen it all before. Then a nurse comes in with a man, who shakes hands with him (only to realize that he has an unknown goo on his hand).
  • One episode of Extras has Andy walk in on his agent masturbating to a pen with a naked woman's picture on it. His agent's secretary then comes in and takes the pen from him...and is also masturbating to it when Andy leaves.
  • The Daily Mail Island sketch from TV Go Home has a particularly horrifying example, where a teenage girl is caught masturbating by her parents ("She was debasing everything! With her fingers!") and subjected to a show trial where she has to masturbate before the other islanders before being hung.
  • On an epsiode of Spicks and Specks, Christie Amphlett (who, of course, sang "I Touch Myself") claimed that there was a girl who threw up every time she heard Amphlett's name because she once walked in on her brother masturbating to a picture of Amphlett.
  • Implied in an episode of Supernatural, although when two male characters who aren't (canonically) having sex spend all their time together, it's to be expected.
    • More than just implied in the season six episode "Caged Heat" when Castiel (hilariously) discovers porn.
  • In Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf, who is desperate and horny for Chuck Bass, gets caught masturbating by her maid Dorota whose face is stern as she says, "Don't forget. God is watching, Miss Blair."
  • Implied in season five opener of the new Doctor Who: A character is typing on his laptop in his bedroom when the Doctor, needing to get on the Internet, bursts in and grabs the laptop for himself. Having seen what is on the computer screen, the Doctor turns to him and says, scornfully, "Get a girlfriend!"
  • In the Stargate Atlantis episode "Grace Under Pressure," Rodney McKay is badly injured and hallucinates seeing his long-time crush, Samantha Carter. Even though he's well aware that she's just a figment of his imagination, he works with 'her' to try to help his situation. When 'Samantha' comes up with an idea that gives him much-needed extra time, he jumps up and hugs 'her'. He suddenly turns serious and moves in for an amorous kiss, but 'Samantha' spoils the mood by pointing out, "You do realize what you're doing here, right?" Possibly only a partial example, because the person who caught him was actually his own subconscious. (Rodney was a complicated guy.)

Rodney: You are the worst hallucination ever!"

  • On the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, Gaius Baltar is haunted by visions of his Cylon ex that nobody else can see. She frequently gets romantic with him. It's shown that this looks like exactly what you'd expect it to look like when Starbuck drops by his lab and catches him "doing his exercises." She almost lets this pass without comment ... then she asks him to zip up his fly.
  • There's a rather uncomfortable instance of this in Mad Men- Don's ten year old daughter Sally is watching The Man from U.N.C.L.E. when she starts masturbating, without really knowing what it is she's doing, to Ilya Kuryakin at a friends house while her friend is sleeping on the couch. She gets in trouble when the friend's mother walks in, and when she takes Sally back home her mother yells at her and threatens to cut her fingers off if she does it again - in public or in private. All the while Sally doesn't even know why the adults are mad at her.
  • On Camelot, Morgan discovers Harwel spying on her in the bath and asks "What were you doing with that hand before you used it to sully my dress?".
  • This SNL Amazon Mother's Day ad parody featuring three different mothers and Fifty Shades Of Grey, where Dad and the kids get the bigger surprise when they deliver the gift.
  • At the beginning of the "It's Just Sex ..." episode of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, Chloe walks in on June in the bath "playing her lady harp."
  • In a 2012 investigation, a CBC Marketplace hidden camera caught an appliance repair technician urinating in a coffee mug and pouring the result down a homeowner's kitchen sink. The incident ended up derailing a candidacy for a federal House seat three years later.


  • The Lily Allen song "Alfie" (and in particular the music video) feature this trope, when Lily walks in on her brother Alfie.
  • Stephen Lynch has a song called "Talk to Me, Dad" on the subject.

Well it seems last night you caught me spankin' it // No use denyin' it, I was really crankin' it...

  • The music video for "Stacy's Mom" has Stacy catching the narrator stand-in going at it.

Newspaper Comics

  • Then there's that bit in Dykes to Watch Out For where Mo is having cyber sex with her girlfriend in the bookshop she works in. Then all the employees walk in while she's busy. They seem surprised the Martha Stuart fantasy turns her on. Then her employer walks in and everything just gets better for Mo as she realises her fly is still undone.


Video Games


Luna: Look, he's pointing north!

  • In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Bishop gets walked in on his killers and he pulls his pants up and buckle his belt in a hurry and say that he "was just doing inventory". Travis later gets caught by Henry while watching his Magical Girl Anime.
    • If you listen closely, they were both watching the same thing, Bizarre Jelly 5.
  • In Wasted Youth, this happens to Roger when he's caught using a peephole to watch the girls sleeping in their dorms.
  • A mission in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony is named after this trope. During the mission brief, Yusuf Amir, the mission's boss, is not wearing any pants while partaking in cocaine and a prostitute's services, with his father later walking in on him, showing disappointment in Yusuf's hedonistic lifestyle.

Visual Novels

  • In Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, Nanami finds out about Yuuna's feelings for her when she catches Yuuna in this act.
  • You can catch all the love interests this way in Hitomi. And then you can help them out a little.

Web Comics

Web Original

  • LOLcats: Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate.
  • In Survival of the Fittest, this happens to Beth Vandelinder - as Melina Frost walks in her. Particularly squicky as Melina then forces her to keep going before effectively joining in. Depraved Bisexual indeed... Oh, and Melina uses a vase to help.
  • This situation is the catalyst for the plot of Awkward. More specifically, Lester walks in on housemate Alex making time with his hand, some lotion, and a video of Lester on the toilet... in Lester's room. Apparently he wasn't expecting Lester home so early.
  • Arby 'n' the Chief: During a Halo 3 match between Chief and professional gamer Craig, Craig notices he has a hard-on and goes at it while Chief is temporarily distracted from the match. Craig, however, gets caught in the act by his parents, and the ensuing confusion on his side allows the normally incompetent Chief to win the match.
  • In the flash toon Nin10Doh to the 64th Power, Sonic is caught with his pants down while he's watching porn of Krystal on Tails's computer.

Tails: Get off of my computer!
Sonic: What do you think I've been trying to do?!

  • In the big group review of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the reviewers think that the The Nostalgia Critic set it up like he did for Dragonball Evolution the year before. It turns out that he doesn't even know their names and they catch him fapping to George Takei's biography for further insult.

Critic: ...this is awkward.


Western Animation

  • An entire episode of American Dad is dedicated to masturbation. Stan reveals he has never masturbated before in his life and rather has repressed his urges through other, more 'wholesome' activities. In an attempt to instill this mentality in Steve, he tries to teach him woodcraft. Stan directs Steve to plunge a hot poker into a piece of wood that is held directly over Stan's lap, resulting in obvious (and painful) injury. The doctor gives him a special cream which he mistakenly thinks he must rub over the 'affected area' each day, essentially masturbating with lubricant. Stan soon becomes addicted to it and attempts to masturbate at any chance he can get.
  • On an episode of The Simpsons, after Bart had walked in on his parents having sex, Milhouse assures him that it's better to walk in on both your parents rather than just one.
    • The episode "Like Father, Like Clown" parodies this with a flashback where Hyman Krustofski catches his son playing with a seltzer bottle in the bathroom, which is a parody of a scene in the play Brighton Beach Memoirs where this trope is played straight.
  • The new episode of Metalocalypse "Dethhealth" has a variation on this with Murderface. While he is getting the infamous "turn you head and cough" test administered by a doctor he imagines that a hot woman, not the doctor, has their hands on his penis. Hilarity Ensues.
    • It wasn't just hot women. There was also a fireman, his grandma, Obama, and other weird things.
    • The episode where the band discusses "s*cking their own c*cks". It's time to take off for a show, Charles goes to gather the boys, only to find each in their room in a compromising position.
  • The Venture Brothers has The Monarch watching Dr. Girlfriend seducing Dr. Venture on a video monitor. He starts rubbing his chest, his hand drifts downward... and stops abruptly when a henchman passes through.
  • The pilot to Archer has Archer walking in on his mom having a "private phone call" with the head of the KGB.

Malory: And take a shower. God, you smell like a whorehouse.
Archer: Yes, your own fingers.
Malory: What was that?
Archer: Nothing.

  • In the South Park episode "Overlogging" Stan's dad Randy has gone for weeks without masturbating to internet porn, eventually near the end he sneaks into the camp's computer room, looks at a bunch of perverted things, and eventually ejaculates all over the room, everyone comes in thinking he was grunting in pain and with his pants down, he tells them that he was doing that because "a ghost was attacking him and left his ectoplasm everywhere".
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Even SpongeBob gets caught once in a while. The beginning of one episode shows him relaxing in his easy chair, intensely watching a realistic anemone on TV. The anemone is gyrating to go-go music. SpongeBob leans forward, wide-eyed and smiling broadly... then his pet snail Gary slithers in.

SpongeBob (switching the channel): I... I was just looking for the sports channel, Gary!