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"Well, there's somethin' I been meaning to tell you,
'bout the college on the edge of the town:
No one should ever go there,
You know it's bad, bad, bad
It gets worse every school year
But man, the freakin' teachers are rad..."


Brad Neely's China, IL started as a 4-part series of 3-minute shorts that aired on Adult Swim in 2008, combining his long-running characters of The Professor Brothers (Frank and Steve) and Baby Cakes. In 2011, Neely was given a 6-episode first season that further expands the universe (and adds some unexpected celebrity voices like Dave Coulier and Hulk Hogan as The Dean). Tonally, the show is similar to other Adult Swim fare like Superjail, but with Brad Neely's trademark humor.

The series mostly follows the Professor Brothers, Frank and Steve Smith; their TA, Pony Merks; and perennial student/confidant/drinking buddy Mark "Baby" Cakes, as they try to survive day-to-day life at "the worst school in America". Stories revolve around them dealing with their students, the impossibly macho Dean, the Strawman Christian Mayor...oh, and gay ghosts, time-traveling ex-presidents, and a colossal, murderous baby. Hilarity Ensues.

Tropes used in China, IL include: