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Chirault is a fantasy webcomic by Thane, started in 2007 and updated three times a week. There are two plot lines, running parallel, and it's not yet clear how they are connected.

The first concerns two traveling companions: Teeko is a young Kyrion, looking for a mage who can reverse the magic spell that shrank her to a few inches in height. Kiran is a demon hunter (and a demon himself--the first to be employed by the Guild) and a would-be loner who, until meeting Teeko, was solely concerned with his next bounty. They Fight Demons.

In the second plot line, the Mages' Council is attempting to safely dispose of the results of an experiment: a magical simulacrum of the world. Due to its potential use as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, the mages are terrified of what could happen if it falls into the wrong hands. Naturally, it gets stolen.

Tropes used in Chirault include:

Hunter: Nice job, by the way. How did you kill [the Strider]?
Kiran: I, uh... wouldn't advise trying to repeat it.
Teeko: He got eaten!
Hunter: Ah. No wonder you look like crap.