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File:Bioman 5448.jpg

The Bioman team and their friend Peebo.


One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Choudenshi! Bioman!


Chōdenshi Bioman (Super Electronic Bioman) is the eighth Super Sentai and aired from 1984 to 1985.

500 years ago the Bio Robo traveled to Earth from the Bio Star and showered five people it discovered with Bio Particles. In the present day, Doctor Man tries to take over Earth with his mechanized followers, Neo Empire Gear. Now the robot Peebo must gather the people whose ancestors were infused with the Bio Particles to become Bioman and save the world.

The Biomen are:

The main units of Gear are:

  • And on his own side:
    • Bio-Hunter Silva: A robot who helped cause the destruction of the Bio Star. Fights both the Bioman team (he's programmed to kill anything with Bio Particles) and Gear (who want to steal his missing Humongous Mecha, Bulgeon).
Tropes used in Choudenshi Bioman include:

Recurring Super Sentai tropes:

Tropes specific to Choudenshi Bioman

  • Battle Cry: Gear personnel shout "For the Man!"
  • Death by Falling Over: Farrah, after receiving heavy damage, made it back to base before falling down the stairs and exploding.
  • Elemental Powers: The Biomen's swords are powered by this.
  • Fake Shemp: For Mika's last episode, her voice was dubbed over by an uncredited Mayumi Tanaka as Yuki Yajima had only completed ADR for the first nine episodes.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Mika is never mentioned after her death (save for one time in Episode 37, and even then they only mention her by her codename) and it seems as if Jun has always been Yellow Four instead. Although this is understandable, considering Yuki Yajima's abrupt departure from the series.
  • Four Is Death: The first Yellow Four, who was killed off after her actress left the set.
  • Hero-Killer: Silva, which leads to...
    • Heroic BSOD: Peebo is terrified of Silva when he first appears, running away and getting as close to a fetal position as he can. (He recovers enough by the end of the episode to assists the team. From a distance.)
  • Identical Grandson: The ancestors of the team who were showered with the Bio-Particles are played by the same actors as their descendants. This became a bit problematic for the show's creators once Mika was replaced with Jun, which is probably why the ancestors were never shown again and the repeated showings of the first flashback were often edited to leave out Mika's ancestor.
  • Infinite Supplies: How the Biomen can live without jobs.
  • Jumped At the Call: A little subversion. At first, Shirou, Shingo, Ryuuta, Mika and Hikaru didn't quite buy Peebo's story, until Gear attacks and forces them to morph and eventually accept their duty... except Mika who went away, only to eventually rejoin next episode.
  • Kick the Dog: Did you have to go and blow up Red One's bird? (However, it was less For the Evulz and because of the chance of Red One using his Dr. Doolittle skills to ask the bird about the evil plan du jour.)
  • Love Triangle: Mason, Farrah and Monster
  • McLeaned: The death of Mika is a text-book example of this, due to the actress' sudden departure.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Gear switches to stronger robot monsters and upgrade the big three, so the Biomen receive an extra-boost in Bio Particles [5]. The three remaining Beastnoids are also rebuilt into stronger forms.
  • Name's the Same: Shingo Takasugi shares his full name with a character from Captain Tsubasa, who also happens to be a Big Guy.
  • Punny Name: Blue Three's name[6] is spelled the same way in Japanese as "Bruce Lee"[7], the only real difference being the placement of the middle dot.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Yuki Yajima, the actress who played the first Yellow Four left due to some shady circumstances that even today aren't quite clear. Some claim she had a falling out with J.A.C. the stuntworkers union that Sentai hired most of its early actors from, while fellow cast members believe she eloped with someone. Either way the actress hasn't been heard from since then.
  • Replacement Goldfish: The Black Prince, a Mecha Clone replica of Doctor Man's son, Shuichi. Subversion: Shuichi is actually alive.
  • The Starscream: Mason attempted a coup...only to learn Doctor Man was ready for it
  • Suicide Attack: One episode had Gear use the Mechaclones as walking bombs.
  • Synchronization: One Robot Monster had a counterpart Mechaclone, a MacGuffin Girl named Miki, whose existence allowed him to regenerate damage. She did a Heroic Sacrifice to stop that.
  • Temporary Substitute: Episodes 15 and 16 were obviously written with Mika in mind.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Mika, then Jun, and Hikaru.
  • Unfriendly Fire: Mason, using Metal Megas, blasts the Biomen and the five Beastnoids, which destroys Aquaiger and Messerbeast.
  • Was Once a Man/ Meaningful Name: There's a reason why the villain's named Doctor Man.
  1. He's quite skilled in stealth, despite being the Plucky Comic Relief.
  2. When he does transform into the Magne Senshi during the following episode, he's Brainwashed and Crazy by Gear.
  3. Gun and Blade modes
  4. Fire Sword for Red One, Hurricane Sword for Green Two, Elec Sword for Blue Three, Thunder Sword for Yellow Four, and Laser Sword for Pink Five
  5. resulting in them and the Bio Robo reverting to a singular Finishing Move each
  6. ブルー・スリー
  7. ブルース・リー