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"In the immediate wake of Chris Benoit's death, the world is desperately searching for answers. What comes to light goes beyond anything anyone could imagine..."
  • The murders of Nancy and Daniel Benoit and Chris's subsequent suicide has to be one of the most horrifying moments in the entire Professional Wrestling industry. Not only did this tarnish Benoit's entire legacy, but it also prompted WWE to remove any and all mentions and references of him in the ensuing aftermath.
  • One of the contributing factors to his downward spiral before his aforementioned Pater Familicide, other than his usage of steroids, is the damage sustained to his brain, which was compared to that of a 85-year old Alzheimer's patient. This is due to sustaining blows to the head from steel chair shots or his signature diving headbutt.
  • Again, related to Benoit's Pater Familicide, Insane Clown Posse's titular song named after the wrestler serves as a loose metaphor for a person going off the deep end and committing acts of violence and murder, not to mention the fact that it's one of ICP's darkest songs. The perspective varies from verses; Violent J's verse is definitely from the perspective of the person described, Shaggy's verse is pretty schizophrenic, implying the perspective of someone of multiple personalities, Ice Cube takes an outside perspective and your guess is as good as anyone as to what Scarface's verse is about. It doesn't even help that, in the music video, a few scenes featured blurred visages of Benoit.
    • Adding in some Tear Jerker, as ICP points out that the song serves as a reminder to respect the life we've been given and do our best to avoid an early death. In the Dark Side of the Ring episode focusing on Benoit, his son David mentioned that, had his dad and Eddie Guerrero retired early from the pro-wrestling business, their deaths could've been avoided and Benoit would've been qualified for a WWE Hall of Fame induction.