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  • Broken Base / Internet Backlash: Go on any wrestling forum and say you're a fan of Chris Benoit. You're equally as likely to find people telling you you're full of shit as you are to find people who will agree with you.
  • Fan Nickname: The Rabid Wolverine. That one was official for at least a good long while.
    • He Who Must Not Be Named, Chris Who?, GUY WHO NEVER EXISTED, etc.
      • Whiff of air, Crispin Wah.
        • Toothless Aggression, according to one fan after his Backlash win. A riff on "ruthless aggression", then Vince McMahon's Catch Phrase for what he wanted to see out of everybody.
          • Which stuck to the point where Benoit would have that phrase on his tights here and there.
  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: It's hard to watch his old matches or backstage segments without noticing them; this is especially true of anything involving chairshots to the head and the Diving Headbutt maneuver. Seeing Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit celebrating in the ring at the end of WrestleMania 20 is particularly haunting to watch nowadays.
    • It should be funny, except that his idea of how to make the diving headbutt and chairshots to the head look realistic...
    • One moment during the Attitude Era had The Rock and Triple H taking turns ramming the heads of Kurt Angle and Benoit respectively into the steel steps. Considering Angle's ongoing neck problems and what happened to Benoit, it's really uncomfortable to watch.
    • Introducing Face Flippin' Chris Benoit! The delicate balance between good and evil wavers within him.
    • Any fans of the Raven's flock stable from 1997 into 1998 will have a hard time rewatching their storylines. After their initial introduction a feud begins with Benoit and he fights a different member every week, at the end of every match the entire group rush the ring and start kicking his head, dropping him on chairs, putting him in DDT's and prolonged submission holds. Add to that Raven constantly spouting over the mic about Benoits 'serious mental issues' and Benoit occasionally saying he would snap all their necks, it's pretty hard to watch.
    • Y'know, just calling it a Funny Aneurysm Moment is an Incredibly Lame Pun with regards to Chris...
  • Moral Event Horizon: Some wrestling fans find even just watching his old matches too uncomfortable.
  • Memetic Mutation: Jokes related to Benoit killing his family and/or others became numerous just days after his death.
  • Memetic Outfit: Tights are synonymous with pro wrestling, yet somehow the PWB turned Benoit's tights into such an outfit.