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File:Chris patton.jpg

Describe Chris Patton? Not a problem.

You may recognise him as the voice of of Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist, Sousuke Sagara in Full Metal Panic!, Sho Fukamachi in Guyver, Sato in Welcome to The NHK, and Creed Diskenth in Black Cat, amongst many others. Might possibly be the Texan equivalent of Yuri Lowenthal. However a more appropriate label would be the Western equivalent of Akira Ishida; he even mentioned in a recent interview that he was once cast in a number of shows where he was "always either the pretty boy or the villain."

Toward the end of his career in anime dubbing he became well-known for voicing Crazy Awesome people like Graham Spector and Tatsuhiro Sato. These roles allowed him to tap into his inner Large Ham.

Patton recently announced his decision to leave anime dubbing to work in other areas of voice performing such as audiobooks, although he plans to return to any of his past roles if more seasons are created for the series he worked on. However, he is slowly coming back, working with the newly formed Sentai Filmworks in the recent dubs of Demon King Daimao and ICE.

Here is his Twitter account.

Notable roles from Chris Patton

Chris Patton provides examples of the following tropes: