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File:Chubbytext 510.jpg

There's so much more to love.


I cannot tell who loves the skeleton
Of a poor marmoset, naught but bone, bone.
Give me a nakedness with her clothes on.

Richard Lovelace

Simply put, this character is outright attracted to fat people on an aesthetic level. Often treated as strictly as fetishists with inclinations toward feederism, if not outright as an Acceptable Target. In Real Life, some prefer the term "Fat Admirer."

Both labels are often applied to anyone who dates a heavy person but isn't overweight themselves, regardless of any other qualities they like in the person or if they simply find that person attractive with no particular fetish.

Related to Big Beautiful Woman, Big Beautiful Man and Fat and Proud.

Examples of Chubby Chaser include:

Anime and Manga

  • Girls Saurus readers, meet Tsuyoshi Arahata: supreme chef, dedicated achiever and hardcore lover of... fat.
  • In one of the Filler episodes of Naruto, there's a princess who hires Ino to pose as her during a meeting with her fiance until the princess loses weight. It turns out, however, that the prince likes his women pudgy (he's a big guy himself).
  • Ranma ½: This trope is referenced and combined with the You Are Fat trope for hilarity when Ranma's mirror clone tells Akane that Ranma likes her.

Akane: Wha- No way! Ranma and I are Just Friends.
Ranma's mirror clone: No! I know that he... he... really likes fat people! If only I was fat too!

  • A one-shot character from Ai Kora was Gokou Ooba, a wealthy teen with a thing for fat girls who'd had a crush on Ayame's fattened-up version from an earlier chapter.

Comic Books

  • Deadpool is one and even goes on a date with Great Lakes Avengers' Big Bertha. He is so blatant about it that she tells him she feels as objectified as when she's in super-model mode, and wishes that people could look beyond her physical appearance and love her for her personality. Deadpool then takes his mask off to take her up on the offer... then comes her Vomit Discretion Shot.



"Excuse me, I am tired of living a lie. I need it to be known that I like a big girl. In fact, a large, zaftig, voluptuous, full-figured, big-boned, massive-assive honey, that is what gets me going. I like fat women and they like me... big girls need love too, baby!"



  • "Fat Fred," an "angel" from John Varley's Wizard. By the standards of a race that has next to no body fat and sees humans as rather pudgy, anyway.
  • At least implied of Mary Gentle's recurring character Valentine.
  • The story "The Illustrated Woman," in Ray Bradbury's The Machineries of Joy, features a man named Willy Fleet who, when he first encountered his plus-sized wife, rhapsodized that "Michaelangelo would have loved you. Titian would have loved you. Da Vinci would have loved you. They knew what they were doing in those days. Size. Size is everything."
  • In the Discworld series, the Senior Wrangler of Unseen University is implied to be one. In Hogfather he tries to court the plump and somewhat frumpy Cheerful Fairy, and in The Last Continent he's frequently distracted by thoughts of Mrs. Whitlow, the University's fat, middle-aged head housekeeper.
  • Marcus Caster-Rupp in Olivia Dade's Spoiler Alert is quickly established as this when he develops an uncontrollable lust for the heroine's padded curves after only one date with her.
  • Jake Coulter in Catherine Anderson's Sweet Nothings is quite attracted to full-figured heroine Molly Sterling, who considers herself "fat" thanks to years of body-shaming by her abusive ex-husband.

Live-Action Television

  • In the Scrubs Interns Webisodes (The 2nd Webisode, Our Meeting With JD), Denise admits to preferring fat men because "They never expect commitment and they try so hard in the sack."
  • In CSI S05-E16 Big Middle, a male victim turns out to have this fetish, although the death ultimately proves to be accidental (a BBW passed out during sex on top of him and he was suffocated). There is certainly an element of Asshole Victim, however, as he's a womanizer with a low view of women as a whole.
  • In Just Shoot Me S04-E13 Dial 'N' For Murder, Maya is happy that she has started dating a man who dislikes the waif-thin look that her father's fashion magazine promotes. Unfortunately, she discovers that while she agrees with him, she doesn't want to let him fatten her up.
  • In Bones S5-E08 The Foot In The Foreclosure, the Victim of the Week was a former chubby girl who had been a regular at a Chubby Chaser hookup bar. After she lost the weight, she went back as a chaser.
  • Cheers: A hot woman goes after Norm, to the befuddlement of the others at the bar (especially Sam). Paul (one of the minor characters who had an occasional Day in The Limelight, and who is also a chunky guy) identifies her as a "chubby-chaser."
  • In Todd and the Book of Pure Evil S01-E05 Monster Fat, Jimmy the Janitor mentions having slept with hot chicks, skinny chicks and even chicks with dicks. But the best sex of all is with fat chicks. Notably, the episode where he imparts this insight to the main character feature a Monster of the Week turning all the female students obese.

"When I want to grease my piece, I go obese."

    • In fact, one of the plot points of the episode is using a water pistol full of the instant obesity liquid to threaten the girl who accidentally made the fat monster. At the end of the episode, we see the Janitor on a date with an extremely attractive woman. When she leaves to visit the bathroom, he immediately produces another water pistol and squeezes it into her drink.
  • One episode of House has a husband admitting that he loves it when his wife puts on a few more pounds, especially whenever she becomes pregnant. For that matter, the wife likes her curvier body and downright becomes angry when the doctors told her that she needed to do a surgery that would cause her to lose weight.
  • Hal of Malcolm in the Middle goes off the deep end when a pregnant Lois grows a few sizes. He spends a whole episode injecting maple syrup and chocolate sauce into her tea and, when she buys celery, fries it in bacon grease.
  • Noah's Arc: Alex (a self described Big Beautiful Man) hints that Trey may be this, but since Alex is the only guy we see that Trey has an interest in, its difficult to assess.


Newspaper Comics

  • Jimbo from Rose Is Rose prefers Rose if she were fat, so much that he often looks through wide reflections of her to fantasize about it.

Video Games

  • A Running Gag in the Grand Theft Auto series. Thor, modern-day viking and motivational speaker extraordinaire, mentions his preference for large lasses on Vice City's K-Chat radio. "A man needs something to grab onto!"
  • One sidequest in Yakuza 4 is, basically, a hunt for a Chubby Chaser. Akiyama's chubby-yet-cute secretary has suddenly gotten all depressed, and claims that no man would be interested in her (not that she's really outright fat - by American standards, anyway), prompting Akiyama to try and prove her wrong by tracking down a man who likes 'em chubby. After some false starts, he finds one - working as a 'recruiter' for a Hostess Club, though not for long since his boss is fed up with him always bringing back the BBW's instead of the lithe beauties that such clubs generally deal in. In the end, even though you convince this fellow to come back to your office, and introduce him to Hana-chan, it fails to noticeably improve her mood... since the reason for her depression is that she's in love with Akiyama, who—aside from being a hopeless playboy—has a decided preference for the traditional, slim body type.
  • In one quest in Morrowind, the player must find a prospective wife for a dark elf noble, and according to him, she should be "pretty and plump, with big hips."
  • In Fable II, some of the NPCs in the Knothole Island DLC are "fat-loving", and will find your PC to be more attractive if they're overweight, rather than less attractive.

Web Comics

Web Original

  • Most of the women The Nostalgia Critic has the hots for are on the highly curvaceous side.
  • In her "Top Ten Disturbing Christmas Songs", The Nostalgia Chick claims that she thinks fat guys are kinda hot... she's only saying that so Santa will cover her grad school tuition fees.
  • A surprisingly large proportion of the users on Deviant ART, or, or even Myspace...

Western Animation

  • Pam from Archer is targeted by a rich German Chubby Chaser in one episode, much to Malory's disgust, as she was trying to seduce the man for her own agenda. They eventually get drunk and have a threesome anyway.
  • Family Guy: When Lois slowly becomes obese, Peter discovers that he's a chubby chaser. After she gets surgery to remove the excess weight, he's discovered having sex with the discarded fat. "Um...this is exactly what it looks like."
  • Avery Bullock from American Dad loves fat, loose, Asian women. "I've hit the trifecta!"
    • In "Oedipal Panties" Klaus tries to order an escort and the person on the other end hangs up when he requests she be 9 months pregnant.
  • In Dan Vs.. "Technology," Dan and Chris encounter a crazy old man living in the woods, who has a zoetrope of a plus-size lady in a bubble bath, for his eyes only.
  • In Animaniacs, Dr. Scratchnsniff is almost always seen falling in love in a voluptuous lady.
  • Beret Girl in An Extremely Goofy Movie is attracted to the rotund PJ at first sight. She promptly gives him the affectionate nickname "Buddha Boy" (which could be either praising him for being deep, or comparing his physique to that of Ho-Tei).