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File:Norris flag.jpg

The eyes of the ranger are upon you.

Chuck Norris epitomized the Americanization of martial arts. He was not only the most skilled of the Western action stars, but also the most American. Sure, Dudikoff may have sported a flat-top and pulled a sword in front of a giant American flag, but Norris one-ups him completely--wearing what stylists refer to as 'a Fuck-You Mullet' while unsheathing his two uzis and greased-up chest. This [Picture on the left] isn't even from a movie; it's his goddamn driver's license.

Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds YOU.

Carlos Ray Norris, better known as Chuck, is an actor/martial artist, perhaps best known for his series of action films made by Cannon Studies in the 1980s (including The Octagon, Delta Force and Lone Wolf McQuade), his fight with Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon, his role as Cordell Walker in the long-running CBS series Walker, Texas Ranger and, of course, for his roundhouse kicks.

Norris currently lives in Grimes County, Texas, about an hour from Greater Houston. Chuck Norris sightings aren't uncommon and are a bit of a letdown for anyone who honestly expects the legends to be true. The real Chuck, however, is a pretty cool guy who's very gracious with fans and involved with several philanthropic endeavors, including his own charity Kickstart. He is one of Hollywood's most prominent Republicans (appearing in campaign commercials for Mike Huckabee), as well as an outspoken conservative Christian, creating his martial art form Chun Kuk Do, around a mixture of Christian and Martial Arts principles. Despite being semi-retired and climbing in years, he's still a high-level martial arts expert and very likely could easily kick your butt, so even if you disagree with Chuck, make sure to be polite about it should you ever meet him.

He has experienced a recent burst popularity which can be linked to two pop-cultural phenomena: First, after the debut of the Walker, Texas Ranger lever on Late Night With Conan O'Brien (which produced a humorous out-of-context clip of said show). Second, after the formulation of the "Chuck Norris Fact Generator" (a spin-off of a similar generator for actor Vin Diesel), a Memetic Mutation wherein facts were given that depicted Norris as an unstoppable force of manliness, that quickly gained wide popularity. The concept reached Ascended Meme status with the aforementioned Mike Huckabee commercial. He also appears in a commercial for World of Warcraft which claims that "there are 10 million people in World of Warcraft.. because Chuck Norris lets them live!!!"

He is the third westerner in the documented history of Tae Kwon Do to be given the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master, though he is often erroneously credited as the first.

Also, in 1986, he starred As Himself in a cartoon series titled Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos in which his name was endlessly repeated in the opening sequence... like, to Drinking Game levels.

Has been confirmed to appear in the sequel to The Expendables.

To summarize: All the macho-meathead bullshit Memetic Mutation aside, Chuck Norris is in Real Life a sensitive, polite, humble, soft-spoken and kind-hearted Nice Guy in spite of being a Badass Grandpa. The best example of a Mean Character, Nice Actor Martial Arts actor in western media.