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Class of 3000, sing!

Class of 3000 was an American Emmy Award-winning comedy animated television series on Cartoon Network that was created and executive produced by, and starring, André 3000 of the hip-hop group OutKast. He played superstar and music teacher Sunny Bridges, who taught at Atlanta, Georgia's Westley School of Performing Arts. Mr. Bridges is a jazz and blues artist who occasionally lectures in Atlanta's Little Five Points neighborhood.

The series made its world premiere (previously advertised as a live premiere with performances by Chris Brown) on November 3, 2006 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT with a one-hour special, came to Cartoon Network UK on May 28, 2007 and premiered on Cartoon Network Australia/New Zealand on February 4th 2008. Due to budget problems, the show was cancelled in October 2007 (though new episodes kept airing until May 2008). (It's likely the writer's strike of 2007-2008 didn't help, either.) The show was co-created and developed by Thomas W. Lynch & Patric M. Verrone, who was the head of the WGA at the time of the strike.

Tropes used in Class of 3000 include:
  • Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The Japanese ending theme is called "Funky Teacher" by SEAMO.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: When characters are shown as just masses.
  • Amusing Injuries: In a rare aversion of its type, this show rarely shows them.
  • Art Shift: Every episode has a musical sequence where the art style changes in varying ways from psychedelic to live action to puppetry.
    • Another one came during the episode "The Hunt for Red Blobtober", when the kids are being chased, it somehow turns into Pac-Man.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: These seem to be on almost every non-main character.
    • Amongst the central eight, Philly Phil, Eddie and Sunny have thicker eyebrows than the others, but nowhere near the extent of most of the side characters.
  • Book Dumb: Sunny's students show great dealings with their music...but they all vary on school work and such.
  • Brick Joke: Radios For Rabbits and the hobbit in "Home".
    • Not just "Home". These types of jokes are a staple of this series.
  • Butt Monkey: Let's just say each of the main cast is this at one point.
    • But Kam's just a wee bit more vulnerable...
  • Christmas Episode
  • Class Trip
  • Coincidental Accidental Disguise: The episode, The Hunt for Red Blobtober, where the gang mistook Sunny for a pirate. The items were: sunglasses half-off (as in, only one lens), him wearing a blouse but the hanger became a hook in a sleeve, and Bianca accidentally writing 'Sunny Blidges' on the grain of rice thus making him say, 'R! R I say! R!'...then the parrot came and lampshaded the whole thing with, "Sunny's a pirate, do the math."
  • Completely Missing the Point: Madison could very well be the queen of this.
    • Also Bianca Moon, the hippie who owns the new age store.
  • The Danza: Phil LaMarr as Philly Phil
  • A Day in the Limelight: Quite a few of the Season 2 episodes do this.
  • Deal with the Devil: Not really the devil, but a record company executive who fills the role rather well. Although at one point he started to refer to himself as the devil, but stopped himself.
    • The episode in question is called "The Devil and Lil'D", and it was implied he was the Devil throughout the entire episode (using blue demons that can replace their heads when they're chopped off as henchmen, belching fire, using zombies as a 'research and marketing' division, etc...)
  • Disappeared Dad: In the pilot episode, Madison points out that Lil' D never met his father.
  • The Ditz: Madison
  • Dumb Blonde: Madison, though she's gone beyond just dumb
  • Epunymous Title
  • Fan Service: Sunny and Leela Lopez in swimsuits.
  • Fell Off the Back of a Truck: "Where did you get a rocket?"
  • Fiction 500: Eddie is so rich he has five fingers on each hand instead of four.
  • Five-Man Band
  • Five-Token Band: Lil' D and Tamika are African-American, Kim and Kam are of Asian descent, Madison is Greek-Italian, Eddie has Swiss heritage, and Phil's heritage is unknown.
  • Girl Posse
  • Gonk: Ms. Squattenchowder, and likely more.
  • Hands Go Down:

Sunny: Who can tell me what the key to winning a regional music competition is?
(hands go up)
Sunny: And don't say 'musical ability'.
(all hands go down except Tamika and Madison)
Sunny: Or wedgies.
(Tamika's hand goes down)
Sunny: Or dolphins.
(Madison's hand goes down)