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File:Clean Asia Dark Blue 4013.png

"You will all regret what you've done to me the day that your eyes turn against their masters."

Clean Asia is a freeware Shoot'Em Up developed by Cactus, the same guy behind Mondo Medicals and Mondo Agency.

Set in the seventh millenium, the eyes of Earth's humanity go batshit and take over the Earth by flying to the moon, developing weapons of mass destruction, and flying back with their new weapons, starting with Asia. Two American pilots are sent in to clean up Asia.

The two playable characters are:

  • Mickey R. Dole - A pilot who charges into enemies, releasing debris from them. The debris can be absorbed into the ship and fired forwards at enemies, either one at a time or all at once.
  • Mackey I. Dole - A pilot whose ship is more like a traditional shooting game ship. It comes with its own gun, and also has a charge shot that can inflict massive damage. Like Mickey, Mackey can collect enemy debris too, but instead of using it as ammo, his shot and charge shot level up for every 100 pieces he absorbs. He can also reflect bullets to guard himself, but the reflected bullets don't damage the enemies, and he gradually loses debris (and level) the longer he uses his reflector shield.

There are three stages in the game: Thailand, Korea, and China. Thailand and Korea are Boss Rush stages in which you destroy one boss after another. China is more like a regular shmup stage, except with five pipes at the bottom of the stream providing you with a continuous flow of debris, and these pipes are destroyed later on in the stage.

You can download the game (along with Cactus's many other games) here.

Tropes used in Clean Asia include:
  1. Though he writes "Asia" as エイシア instead of the more common アジア, though "eishia" does sound closer to "Asia" than "ajia."