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If you were to read the previous few frames, you'd know that this is The Scottish Trope being violated.


Rocco: Fuckin'... what the fuckin' fuck.. who the fuck... fuck this fuckin'... how did you two fuckin' fucks... fuck!
Connor: Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.


Swearing is cool as fuck! Are we fucking right? Fuck yes we are! You know we're fucking right, fucking bitch!

Sometimes people swear a lot. Media aimed at a general audience sprinkles on the swearing, sometimes leaving it out or saving it for when it counts. Media aimed at mature audiences sometimes dumps it on with a big fucking ladle: lots and lots of F-bombs.

Some writers think the media is oversanitized and does not reflect how people speak in Real Life, particularly how they swear. Heavy usage of swearing is seen to be more realistic or 'gritty'. This sentiment is stronger in certain settings, such as urban life, gangs, online gaming, and the military, etc. There is some truth to this, as there is more swearing in real life than any prime time TV show would lead you to believe.

On the other hand, writers can go overboard on swearwords to the point you can't take the characters spouting them seriously. This is particularly noticeable in works that try too hard to be Darker and Edgier but come across as childish instead. When there's already gratuitous Gorn and sex all over, using Obligatory Swearing to make the characters talk like 10-year-olds out of adult earshot seems par for the course. Another possible backfire is when it's used in Historical Fiction, if "Gosh Dang It to Heck" really was the height of profanity back then. This could be a liberty taken by modern writers to drive home the fact that a character is fucking foul-mouthed, but it messes up the immersion if the viewers know better. And then there are the works that sprinkle in a few extra expletives just to Avoid the Fucking 'G' Rating and its unfortunate association with largely Disnified preschool-level pablum.

Often, this is used as a Comedy Trope, where a character's usage of a long string of curse words is the joke itself. This often occurs in dark comedies. When movies or shows re-air in syndication, where they often cannot use the amount or severity of swears as they did on their original airing, the curses are often redubbed or bleeped out, to sometimes amusing results, like "Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?

This trope is named after a combination of the terms cluster bombs and F-bomb, another term for "fuck." Compare with Refuge in Vulgarity, Precision F-Strike, Atomic F-Bomb, and Angrish; also see Obligatory Swearing, which sometimes takes the form of Cluster F Bomb. Contrast with Foreign Cuss Word, Pardon My Klingon, and especially Gosh Dang It to Heck. For more examples, see The Other Wiki. A RantInducingSlight sometimes triggers one of these. A character who drops these while the other characters use more subdued language is a Sir Swearsalot.

If you're looking for that one other word, see Country Matters.

Due to the nature of this trope, the following examples will most likely contain fucking swearing. Don't be a fucking Bluenose, bitch.

Now divided into separate fuckin' pages:

Other Fucking Examples:

Fucking Anime and Fucking Manga

  • A lot of dubbed anime from Manga Entertainment in the 1990s, such as Cyber City Oedo 808, Angel Cop, and Genocyber did this to garner an R-rating so everyone knew that these animes were not for kids. Given the Gorn of Angel Cop and Genocyber, this wasn't necessary.
  • Episode 12 of Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai contains one of these from a hot dog vendor dressed as Elvis, for no reason other than that it was the "Hollywood" episode.
  • Both the English dub and the subtitles for Gantz are filled with foul language.
    • On a related note, the Spanish dub constantly says the worst cuss words in the Spanish language. Considering the overall strength of Spanish cuss words, that is a lot.
      • Only the European Spanish dub, though. The Latin American dub is no worse than a typical anime dub.
  • The refrain of the second opening song to Death Note "What's Up People" repeatedly uses the word "sucker" and "fucker" in English (though the singer is technically saying Japanese words pronounced oddly, they don't mean anything and the intention is quite obvious). Incomprehensible enough to air on Adult Swim and YTV entirely unedited. Creating the odd situation when Adult Swim adds english subtitles to the song. The viewer will clearly hear the lyrics as "Hey hey ningen (human) sucker! Ah ningen fucker!", but the subtitles read "Hey hey subservient humanity!"
  • The dub of Black Lagoon, as evident here. (For those playing along at home, they're averaging at over 10 fucks per episode, or 1 fuck every 2.2 minutes.) The original version was like this, as well. The swear words were even in English. The other characters cuss their fair share, but Revy herself is by far the most foul-mouthed of all the characters on the show.
    • And even Revy peaks in a moment where she drops over half a dozen F-bombs in about thirty seconds:

Revy: ROCK! Fucking shit-for brains! The only fucking reason we're not dead right now is because, for some fucking reason, that fucking war maniac bitch put her gun away! Or maybe it was God's grace, or your great sense of humor! Yeah, I agreed to be your gun while we were here but this is fucked! I could protect you through the fucking Alamo! But it's just not fucking possible to protect a guy who's trying so damn hard to get FUCKING KILLED ALL THE TIME!
Rock: ...are you mad?
Revy: NOT EVEN CLOSE! I'm fucking pissed! Anyone but you, this would've been a bloodbath!

  • Agito in Air Gear commonly uses the F bomb, even making it his catchphrase.
  • Jan Valentine in Hellsing, and his swearing is so completely over-the-top that it's utterly hilarious.
    • There's also that teenage vampire in the second episode of the TV series (the male one).
  • Given that he's a ridiculously strait-laced military man, you'll probably never hear Sōsuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic!! swear... unless, of course, he decides that he needs to go Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on your ass like he did in Fumoffu. If that happens, then prepare to endure every every curse, slur, and swear word ever uttered before he's through with you, you limp-dicked, motherfucking, cocksucking, shit-maggot!
    • When asked, Sōsuke reveals that his diatribes come from a guidebook written by Sgt. Melissa Mao. Kaname later wonders if he even knows what the things he's saying actually mean.
    • The scene is even funnier in Super Robot Wars W, as Sōsuke is doing it while in Bonta-Kun, with Kaname translating, cursing and all.
    • Also, from the dub of The Second Raid:

Gates: It doesn't matter because they got Bruno, you stupid fuckup! You fucked up stealin' the Arbalest, you fucked up killing Bruno, you're a double fuckup! And I don't fucking like that!... And I can't afford to keep on letting you fuck up while you're on my watch.

  • The Hungarian dub of Soul Eater has quite a few instances. Keep in mind that a Cluster F-Bomb in Hungarian has the potential to make even the most filthy mouthed drunken sailor run for cover.
  • This was parodied in the dub of episode 18 of Keroro Gunsou, with Keroro using a language switch to force Natsumi to speak in (censored) cluster F bombs.
  • Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt is chock full of English swears, because presumably the Japanese censors don't mind so long as it's in a foreign language.
    • One of the most prominent scenes with a major Cluster F-Bomb is that one episode where both Panty and Stocking are whacking a zombie cat with sex toys while shouting countless English swears at it. Even more hilarious that the people around are not amazed at how much they swear, but the fact that they're angels.
    • The English dub takes the sheer amount of swearing Up to Eleven; Panty says the word "fuck" in about half her sentences.
    • Someone made a compilation of all the times the word "Fuck" was said [1]. Sadly there is no "Fuck" counter, and the maker didn't count all the fucks. Anyways she did at least state the amount of clips though. 358 clips, each of which contains at least one "Fuck" (unless she counted the opening clip, which doesn't give us a fuck). This show has only 13 episodes. That is over 27 "fucks" per episode. This clip doesn't keep track of any other swearwords.
  • An episode of Gintama shows one of Gintoki's former comrades being chased down an alleyway, shooting his arm-cannon at his pursuers and screaming "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" in English.
  • In Steel Angel Kurumi, the titular android seems to devolve into this as she's searching for Nakahito, her master, before she succumbs to her Devil mode.
  • Franken Fran has Gavrill, who drops F-Bombs on almost literally every page she's in.

Fucking Comic Books

  • John Constantine is generally fairly vulgar (in a British manner), but Brian Azzarello's run on Hellblazer took it to new heights: One issue had the "F-word" appearing 51 and a half times in a single issue, prompting the then-Director of Production to ask the Publisher, "Is this really necessary?" (For those who care, the one-half was someone screaming, across the top of a panel, "FUUUUUUUUU".)
  • Transmetropolitan. Both displayed and referenced. For example, aside from the cuss-laden dialogue, the reader is informed that after the Beast won the last election, Spider Jerusalem attempted to submit an "8,000-word" column... of the word "fuck" written 8,000 times.
  • Sam & Twitch, a spin off series of Spawn during the late 1990s had every single page of every single issue absolutely brimming with profanity. There was some fanmail at the back of each issue praising the writers for not swearing just to try to be cool, though I'm sure they were just trying to be ironic.
  • The Cluster F Bomb is dropped in a lot of Bendis's work. The first word in his Marvel series Alias is "Fuck!" and it really sets the fucking tone for the entire fucking series, fuckfaces. This is how the fuck Bendis talks in real fucking life. That fuck says fuck all the fucking time.
  • In the last (so far) book of Gorsky and Butch, they do a Matrix parody. When they appear in a "blank page", Gorsky launches into a Cluster F-Bomb to prove that they are outside the "comix" and no longer bound by its rules.
  • In the Nodwick story Krutz, two necromancers need a word of power ("krutz") said more times than they can hope to themselves in any reasonable amount of time. What do they do? Make it a swearword and popularize it overnight.
  • Oyuki aka "████ing Oyuki-chan", every few ████ing words—hence her ████ing nickname.
  • In The Unwritten, a minor character is turned into a rabbit and stuck in a Crap Saccharine World similar to the setting of the Winnie the Pooh series. He copes with it by trying to escape constantly, while cursing like a sailor.
  • This was Moon Knight's response when he knew that Spider-man was unmasking in Civil War. It was bleeped out of course but he swore for about three panels.
  • The Boys: Has plenty of swearing of course but from the Homelander after The Reveal "YOU FUCKING FUCKING FUCK. YOU FUCKED MY LIFE!"
  • Zodon of PS238, though due to an implanted chip he says random words instead of actually swearing, long torrents of cursing are transliterated as show tunes.

Fucking Fan Works


Green Goblin: You son of a * BLEEP* ! I'm gonna * 16 glorious seconds of BLEEEEEEP* up Richard Gere's ass!

  • When Yami is tricked into going out with Téa in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, he lets out a rant that is almost entirely composed of Sound Effect Bleeps.
    • "And then you'll have to BLEEP sideways!"
  • Naruto the Abridged Series has a shorter outburst by Sasuke when his scene is cut off for the third time that episode.
  • The third episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged has a flashback to the time Joseph "kamikaze'd an immortal god into an active volcano", which consists entirely of him screaming "fuck" whilst being inundated with piranhas and octopi... in a biplane.
  • In Twilight Valley, pretty much everyone utters at least one profanity. The most outrageous would have to be:

"You bastard! How dare you call me stupid!?" - said by Littlefoot
"You bastards! I hope when Littlefoot, Deimos and his friends rescue me, they kill you first! And I?ll have your fu?" - said by Chomper. Yes, he nearly drops the F-bomb before he gets kicked in the ribs
"You are all assholes! I hope Deimos finds you and rips out your internal organs! And you Ms. Maia, I hope that you get captured and taken to be sentenced by the Great Valley elders; I?ll enjoy seeing your carcass hanging from a tree or lying broken on the outskirts of the Great Valley." - Chomper, again.

  • A Death To Remember has an f-bomb practically every other line.
  • The Mass Effect Self Insert Mass Vexations has a protagonist who likes to swear a lot. He doesn't really go to town until he survives Virmire, though. Or until Wrex makes him lose The Game.
    • His Wham! Line uses three f-bombs in the course of the same sentence.

Art: You don't fucking understand! I knew she was going to fucking die since I fucking arrived on the fucking Citadel!

  • Lina Eastwood from Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars is infamous for this; every single episode has her saying the F word at least once, and the one that doesn't (18) makes up for it by having her say it in the next episode preview.
  • Vegtia lets loose a volley of profanity that is beeped out by Jeice's scouter in Ep 19 of DragonBallAbridged, though at the end of the episode it's revealed to be a tame outburst with not a single F-Bomb.
  • The Golem in chapter eight and nine of The Exigence swear far more than any other characters.
  • Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella. Everyone (Madoka excluded) swears. This includes KyuBey's replacement.
  • All of the four in With Strings Attached use “fuck,” but John uses it more frequently than the others, and when he's pissed every other word, seemingly, is the F-bomb.
  • In Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, this happens very often, especially in the author's notes.



New Fucking Media

Fucking Newspaper Comics

  • In a Doonesbury strip during the first Gulf War, a called-up National Guardsman admits that he's been a civilian so long he's even forgotten the proper use of "the F-word." A fellow soldier helpfully reminds him: "It's easy, just use it like a comma."

Pro Fucking Wrestling

  • Pick an Iron Sheik shoot interview. ANY Iron Sheik shoot interview.
  • Professional Wrestler Scott Steiner in WCW regularly went off script and also frequently indulged in gratuitous profanity. On at least one occasion, the censors gave up on trying to bleep out the swear words, and just turned the bleeper on until Steiner stopped talking.
  • In the interview segments of the 1995 IWA King of The Death Match tournament, Terry Gordy's response to being beaten by Cactus Jack was "Fuck! I can't believe that fucker beat me! Fuck!"

Fucking Recorded and Stand-up Comedy

  • Frequently used by comedians, especially Louis CK who is practically a god of obscenity.
  • The German comedian Michael Mittermeier parodied this in Zapped!. According to him, this is the way people speak in New York City: They use "fuck" whenever possible.

Tourist: Fuck you, fucking salesman! Gimme the fucking coke outta the fucking icebox.
Shop owner: Hey man! You wanna fuck me with your fucking order? Fuck you! (and so on)


Shut the fuck up!

  • Denis Leary is rather fond of this trope, and uses it quite frequently in his routines. His "No Cure For Cancer" tour routine starts off with "Thank you, thank you, thank you, and fuck you!"
  • According to comedian Lewis Black, the city of New York uses "fuck" not as a swear word but, in his words, a comma. He also seems to be very fond of it himself.
    • The Kennedy Center in DC declined to let him record his HBO special Red, White and Screwed there, because of how many times he had said "fuck" in his last special ("Do you know how many times Mr. Black said 'Fuck'? ...Forty-two."), forcing him to record at the Warner Theater (which, according to Lew, has an "eighty-fuck limit.")
    • He has also joked on The Carnegie Hall Performance that when performing at Carnegie Hall, "I'm only allowed to say 'fuck' twelve times." He ends up saying it at least 75 times across both discs.
  • George Carlin had a bit in the seventies about the word itself, where at one point, he launches into a hilariously hostile Cluster F-Bomb: "Don't fuck with me you'll get fucked I'm the fucker don't fuck with the fucker! Fuck you and everyone that looks like you!"
  • And, dear gods, Josie Long.
  • Heath Franklin's impersonation of Chopper Read is known for his constant swearing.
  • Bill Hicks did this a lot.
  • Billy Connolly had a whole long routine about how "fuck" is the most versatile word in the English language, "...and 'fuck off' is very international – you're in Tibet, you see someone messing with your baggage, you tell him 'fuck off!' and he knows exactly what you mean..." Or he discusses Saul, on the road to Damascus, looking God straight in the eye and saying 'well you didn't have to barbecue my fucking donkey'. His brief appearance in Fuck (2005 documentary, directed by Steve Anderson) is merely part of a longer routine which had been pressed to one of his long string of CD's and LP's in the seventies or eighties.
  • Kevin Bloody Wilson, full stop. His performances are so filthy that a cluster lack-of-F-bombs is a shockingly surprising moment.
  • The Firesign Theatre Some douche on the internet, who another douche told everyone was The Firesign Theatre because nobody would download an MP3 from "Some Douche", has a very tongue-in-cheek skit describing the "F word" and its various grammatical uses in English. It includes a number of hilarious examples, including "Fuck the fucking fuckers" and "Why don't you go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself?".
    • The fucking douche's name is Jack Wagner, you fucks.

Tabletop Fucking Games

  • Misspent Youth by Robert Bohl, has "fuck" in the first sentence and all throughout it. It's a game where you play teenaged anarchists out to destroy a despot.
  • Changeling: The Dreaming's Nockers. Their kithbook outright states that half of their profanity is just a verbal tic, and the other half is the result of frustration. Either way, it makes them the most foul-mouthed of all the kiths, and there isn't any method of permanently keeping them from swearing.
  • In Greg Costikyan's Violence: the Role-Playing Game of Egregious and Repulsive Blood Shed, a vicious satire of the way nearly anything done in the average roleplaying game would be violent sociopathy in real life, one of the ways to earn extra character points is to agree to make one out of every four words out of your character's mouth be an obscenity.
  • In Don't Rest Your Head's supplement Don't Lose Your Mind, one of the powers is this. Whenever you say fuck, it intesifies things (If you say that there is a fucking fast car it could outspeed a racecar, if a dude is fucking huge he becomes a giant, etc.). Overuse of this power turns you into a perpetually swearing Nightmare known as a Fuckwit.

Fucking Theater

  • Jerry Springer The Opera
  • Most of David Mamet's plays are guaranteed to used the words "asshole," "jagoff," "faggot," "cunt," "shit," and, of course, "fuck" at least once.
    • Indeed, Mamet uses this trope so frequently and gratuitously that Roger Ebert's Little Movie Glossary named it "Mamet Dammit."
  • Bottom Live, took profanity to every major British theatre:

Richie: Eddie, we are not saying "fuck" this year... oh, FUCK!
Eddie: Can we say "Cunt"?
Richie: Very much not...

  • Niel Simon seems to have an arbitrary love of curse words. He uses them liberally, and, to give one example, in his play "Rumors" he actually used the variation "Fuck-a-diddly doo!"
  • The musical The Book of Mormon is full of them, as can be expected from a musical by the creators of South Park.
  • Don't expect to come out of a Martin McDonagh play without an earful of this. Although it'll usually be the Irish slang varient "feck."
  • The musical Title of Show has one of these:

Blank Paper/Hunter: Fuck, your ass is crazy, motherfucker! But I fucking like you, and you may just be fucking crazy enough to fucking fuckity fuck fuck succeed, fuckin' fuckin' motherfucker!

    • It is then lampshaded:

Jeff: Wow, what's with all the foul language? Is that appropriate or even necessary?


Web Fucking Animation

Web Fucking Comics


Lothar: Shit...cock...motherfuck-k-k...-unt.
Either Virus or Eastwood: You screwed it up! What do we do now?
Lothar: I just FELL OFF a moving vehicle and bounced down half a mile of tarmac, but I'm FINE, THANKS FOR FUCKING WELL ASKING!


Frankly, my dear, I don't give a BITCH ASS SHIT FUCK DAMN!!!

  • VGCats did this in the last few panels.
  • And before the site revamp at Supermegatopia, a section called "They Might Be Giant Robots",

shows the colossal size of the Decepticon Tidal Wave as He dwarfs Optimus Prime... and a Minicon's reaction to HOW BIG the Dececticon is!

Web Fucking Original

  • Much of YouTube Poop, or at least the more vulgar varieties thereof, is littered with abundant swearing, often applied for the comedic effect of editing children's shows to sound vulgar. Even works that aren't quite aimed at children but involve the occasional Precision F-Strike will be edited to sound like a Cluster F-Bomb. (For example, Billy Mays using the s-word in the form "you shittin' me?" during Pitchmen was used as a way to edit infomercials of his to sound littered with the s-word.)
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd. The guy who plays and invented him, James Rolfe, says this was because the first game he reviewed (Castlevania 2) was really hard. He doesn't just swear a lot, he invents compound swears for games he really hates (which is even referenced in his extended theme song: "He's the angriest, most pissed off gaming nerd / The games suck so bad he makes up his own words"). He also tends to use them strangely, in coinages like "this game is ass", or "it sucks monkey fuck". In one episode, he apologizes for being excessively foul after coining the portmanteau "shizz" (think about it) to describe his hatred of a game.
    • The above is parodied on Something Awful's Flash Tub section, in a series of shorts entitled Furious Famicom Faggot. The first episode in particular has an excellent example of a Cluster F-Bomb.
    • And, speaking of parodies: The Game Fucking Fuck Fuck Fucker Fucking Fuck Fucker.
    • In one episode of AVGN, Rolfe finds out that the Konami Laserscope's sound recognition hardware can be activated by saying words other than "fire." You know what happens next.

Nerd: Fuck. * Blam!* Wow. I just shot down a duck by saying "fuck".

    • The one time the AVGN didn't swear at all was in a Christmas-themed crossover with Captain S, a squeaky-clean Sega-themed parody of Captain N: The Game Master. As difficult as it can be getting used to listening to the Nerd drop shitfucks and fuckshits like there's no tomorrow, it's downright painful listening to the neutered Nerd uttering sentence after sentence nary a single fuckin' fuck. (It makes the gag at the end all the more hilarious, though.)
    • Also one of the notable creations of James Rolfe is a Crystal Dragon Jesus named Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 (B.C. ver. 4.0 beta, bitch!), who mostly uses just one word... "FUCKERS!!!". The first episode he was featured, he shot the Nerd for uttering "Holy shit!" and responded with "WATCH YOUR FUCKING LANGUAGE!!!"
    • The Final Battle with AVGN and The Nostalgia Critic has a lengthy swear duel consisting mainly of various uses of "fuck" after the Nerd kicks the Critic into a spontaneously-appearing pile of cardboard boxes, ending with the Nerd saying "Jerk!".
    • In Part 2 of his CD-i review, after his Laughing Mad sequence for Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, he flips off both middle fingers and clucks like the Cluster F-Bomb Chicken.
    • And in Part 3 of the same review, he spews out LITERAL F Bombs.
    • Played perfectly straight when he drops a TV on his foot during his Atari 5200 review.

"FUCK! FUCK! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck FUCK!!!"

    • He digs deep into the bowels of his fucking HEART to release the grandmaster of all fucks when he finds out he was "born too fuckin' early" in his Godzilla review.
    • This epic rant from his Power Glove review is probably the biggest example of this in the whole series.

"Now you're playing with power." (Pause) Now you're playing with fuckin' shit! You're better off fuckin' shit than fuckin' with this fucked up shit! Fuck this shit! You don't know shit about how fuckin' shitty this fuckin' shit is! It's so bad it sucks! It's so fuckin' suck it fucks! And I...can't take it anymore.


"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about; I have a great fucking vocabulary. Fuck just happens to be my favorite fucking word!"
"Fuck you, fuck you again and fuck you three more times just because I feel like it!"

    • and of course

"I'm gonna hang you out the fucking window, saw off your balls with a butter knife; sew them in your mouth and make you whistle dixie you FUCKING FAGGOT!"

  • The web RP Insane Cafe 3: The Curse of the Haunted Hotel has Deimos, a Utahraptor with an incredibly foul mouth. Some of his more profanity laced quotes (almost every one of his quotes has one profanity in it):

"Don! If you don't shut the fuck up I am going to pistol whip your fucking ass back to the fucking ruins of the Insane Cafe! Do you fucking understand!?"
"What don't you fucking understand?! Get your fucking asses moving and get some fucking help! Do I fucking make myself clear!?" Deimos shouted.

  • Time to fucking rock your shit up and down the block.
  • PPC agent Architeuthis once used a Cluster S Bomb: "Shit! Merde! Scheisse! Caca! Buglush!"
  • This video about the "worst job ever" features a guy who clearly does not enjoy his work. Apparently, in the regular course of the day, he descends from listlessness to multiple Cluster F Bombs, even though all he has to do is say "yes". The guy on the other end is the guy from the Verizon ads, forever asking him, "Can you hear me now?"
  • History of the F' Word, from Newgrounds Monty Python George Carlin Weird Al Jack Wagner, ranging from trouble to incompetence to fuck the fucking fuckers.
  • This (very NSFW, but hilarious) dubbing of a modded Super Mario level may qualify, as the "soundtrack" was added after the fact. Then again, video games tend to induce heavy swearing, so it may be justified. In addition to the Cluster F-Bomb, the game gets compared unfavourably to Family Guy, Panic at the Disco, Ann Coulter, and reading YouTube comments.
    • Cluster F Bombs are a common feature of the commentary in any Let's Play of particularly Nintendo Hard games, such as just about every Platform Hell game. YouTube's collection of Lets Plays of I Wanna Be the Guy are in particular quite entertaining to listen to, though you really have to feel sorry for the player. They're called "masocore" for a reason. UltraJMan gives us two shining examples here and here.
    • There's also the legendary Let's Play Sonic 2006 where, as the saga progresses, results in massive f-bomb dropping from PokeCapn. Considering the game they're playing, you can't exactly blame them.
      • The playthrough of the same game by TheHelldragon also reaches this level of frustration in part 13:

"You know what? Fuck you Sonic, fuck you Tails, fuck you balls, fuck you Aquatic Base, fuck you Shadow, fuck you Silver, fuck you laser fence, fuck you Elise, FUCK EVERYONE! FUCK THIS GAME!"

  • The Newgrounds flash Tiberium ecstasy, where a Nod Commando drops one while stomping his hat after figuring out the squad leader was lost in a drinking contest the night before.
  • Fuck Planet Earth is a compilation of clips from the BBC series Planet Earth, overdubbed to give the animals voices. An innocuous enough concept. Nature being what it is, however, it's hardly surprising that this trope is in full force.
  • Pope Song
  •'s Game Helpin' Squad, right at the end.
  • Saying the F word was already a Verbal Tic for Guile in Street Fighter the Later Years. When he loses to Dhalsim in a sparing match to his Yoga Noogie, he loses it:

Yoga fuckin' noogie what are ya fuckin' six? What're ya gonna do next, yoga fuckin' wet willie? Yoga fuckin' purple nurple?

  • Unf—k the gulf.
  • The "Fucking Short Version" compilation of The Big Lebowski, From Dusk till Dawn, or Shaun of the Dead.
  • This stirring rendition of the Jurassic Park theme With Lyrics. (YouTube link here in case the YTMND doesn't work.)
  • Immersion, which tests how video game practices relate to the real world, tested whether a trained combat veteran could handle the distraction of three typical internet nerds yelling abuse while he shot targets on a range.
  • mariotehplumber (WARNING: Turn down your speakers!): Every other sentence contains swearing.
  • Gordon Bennet and Missy Blackwell on The War Comms are fucking horrible with this trope, and Rod's not much better. Ralph and a few of the other kinder socks can do this when they're in a bad enough mood.
  • I Fucking Hate Horses.
  • The Elder Swear. It's bleeped out but still hilarious.
  • In Tribe Twelve, Noah seems to say nothing but curse words when he's scared. It's enough to warrant its own Drinking Game
  • There is a comedy piece that's presented as a grammatical lecture on the word 'Fuck'. It notes it can be used as a verb, noun, or almost any word in a sentence: "Fuck the fucking fuckers!"
  • In The Dark Id's LP of Clock Tower 3, to express frustration at... well, see for yourself.

"You can only carry one FUCKING stone at a FUCKING time. At no other time in the FUCKING game do they pull any sort of FUCKING inventory restriction malarkey. In fact, Alyssa is currently carrying eight FUCKING bottles of Lavender water, four FUCKING Sigil stones, three FUCKING invisibility bands, and enough FUCKING arrows to break FUCKING Legolas' FUCKING gay elf back! To make no mention that you can still easily be carrying the huge ass compass thing from earlier. BUT ONLY ONE FUCKING STONE AT A TIME!"

  • Whether you love him or hate him, much of The Amazing Atheist's popularity and humor comes from his liberal application of this trope, either as his YouTube persona or as himself. In fact, it's very rare for a fuck- or shit-free video to come from him. An old video of his takes this to its logical conclusion, in response to the more "prudish" arguments against him (with Country Matters as the cherry on top):

Hypothetical arguer: [in a mocking smug voice] I'm tired of people on YouTube using profanity.
TAA: Yeah, uh... fuck-fuck, shit-ass-cunt-motherfuck, dick-sucking motherfuckers, fuckity-fuck-shit-fuck!

  • This video from DasBoSchitt. Nearly all of Renamon's vocabulary consists of various swears strung together, the actual phrase she's trying to say in subtitles for the viewer's benefit. Except for the time when she actually is swearing ("Limp-dick fag fucker!", indeed).

Western Fucking Animation

  • South Park does it purely for laughs, primarily because the characters doing the curses are third-graders. One episode left "the s word" uncensored and featured a counter for how many times it was said. It ended at 162. Oh, and don't forget the movie, which at the time set a record for number of swear words.
    • Probably a great deal more if you count all the times it's shown on screen on T-shirts, hats, newspapers...
    • Virtually every sentence uttered by Kenny contains the word fuck. Of course his speech is muffled so that the only word you don't have trouble understanding is fuck.
    • "What's the big deal? It doesn't hurt anybody! Fuck Fuckity Fuckfuckfuck!"
    • And let's not forget Terrance and Phillip's song from the movie: "Shut Your Fucking Face, Uncle Fucker."
      • Surprisingly enough, that was Getting Crap Past the Radar—it was originally "Shut your fucking face, mother fucker", but that would've pushed it over to NC-17. Luckily, Matt and Trey thought that "Uncle fucker" was funnier.
    • Not to mention the magnificent Cluster Bitch Bomb that is "Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat Bitch (In D Minor)" (which is actually in a major key).
      • The movie is also that rarest of beasts in that there's actually a point to the cluster bombing (that the world's problems will never be solved by overzealous censoring).
  • The animated Spawn movie rarely let a sentence go by without using the F-bomb, regardless of whether it made sense or not.
  • Depending on who is talking on The Boondocks this can happen, ironically enough by the white people on the show more that the black people (even though the two white people who do so are voiced by Charlie Murphy and Sam Motherfuckin' Jackson himself).
  • The Oblongs: "How could I have been such a fiddly faddly fool!? Excuse the string of F-words. Subverted, of course.
  • A gag on Bromwell High had one of the main characters doing a piece on the sitar for the school's music night. The girl then goes to her friends for commentaries. One of them pulls out an S Bomb, so to speak.

Natella: Well? What did you think? Give me your honest opinion.
Keisha: You were shit. Shitter than shit. You were so shit that it made me want to block up my ears with shit, then eat some shit, and then do a shit.
Natella: Right. Latrina?
Latrina: ... Shit.

  • On Drawn Together, the characters toast to freedom of speech ("Fuck yeah!" "It's the shit!"). Captain Hero then rips off his pants and says "I wanna to fuck the head off a fucking pig and then rip its fucking guts out and then fuck its fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fucky fuck fuck fuck fuck..."
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force gives us pregnant Meatwad.
    • For an example not from a main character, there's the creepy one-shot appearance by Glenn Danzig, who bought Carl's house when it was filling up with elf blood. While interrogating Shake as to where the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future is...

Danzig: Now...listen to me as hard as you f--king can. The f--king robot came with the f--king house and now it's f--king gone!

  • There was an episode of Dexter's Laboratory, "Rude Removal", in which Dexter accidentally made evil twins of himself and DeeDee. This episode has only been shown at panels at animation conventions because of all the rude language that ensues.
  • Animaniacs of all things had a moment where girly Dot burst into a string of (bleeped of course) profanities upon messing up her introduction one too many times. Yakko proudly says, "That's my cute little sister who said that. Good night, everybody!"
  • Tiny Toon Adventures had a character named Foulmouth who frequently go into Cluster (Bleep) Bombs whenever enraged (which was pretty much constantly).
  • The episode "Sailor Mouth" of SpongeBob SquarePants. Sure, it was bleeped by dolphin noises, but it's obvious "fuck" was the intended word since it fit so neatly into their sentences. The episode was pretty much a parody of this - why else would Patrick refer to the words as "sentence enhancers"?
    • Actually, someone who worked for Nick actually said what they said was really "phony."
    • At the end of "Krusty Love", SpongeBob lets out a stream of...gibberish that is obviously intended to be interpreted as cursing.

Mrs. Puff: I had no idea Spongebob had such a colourful vocabulary!
Mr. Krabs: ... (Gaping in shocked silence with his jaw on the ground)

  • In the movie Tarzoon: Shame of the Jungle, the character Brutish uses the word in nearly all his sentences even as he's been eaten alive and dying in his final breath he says " the goddamn fucking insects in the goddamn fucking swamp, in the goddamn fucking sun, in the goddamn fucking rain".
  • In the Duckman episode "Forbidden Fruit", Fluffy and Uranus cut loose with one of these after Duckman finally manages to drive them over the edge by staying at/destroying their house.
  • Cher does this (and says a lot of, um, other stuff) to Jay Sherman in an episode of The Critic.
  • The Powerpuff Girls episode "Curses" has the girls overhearing a profanity uttered by the Professor. Not knowing it was a vulgarity, the girls think it's neat and spend the episode repeating it, much to the shock of the citizens and their teacher.
  • Lana does this in Archer when she sticks her hand in dry ice, thinking that it was regular ice.
  • The Hungarian dub of King of the Hill took a quite... realistic approach with its dialog, in that the characters talk like real-life people would, with all the swear words you might expect. Episodes that don't have at least half a dozen uncensored, clearly audible cuss words are rare. Hank's voice actor especially likes to stress his "fuck"s, "dick"s and "cunt"s, while there is usually a "fuck" hidden in just about everything Boomhauer says.
  • Used occasionally on Robot Chicken. For instance, when Dick Cheney steals Tony Stark's original Iron Man prototype, he adopts "go fuck yourself' as a catch phrase.
    • Palpatine in the Star Wars specials seems to adopt this. Then again, seeing how the same specials also depict Palpatine as a potty mouth, it isn't surprising.
  • Attempted by Phineas of Phineas and Ferb, though with his innocence it doesn't quite go as planned;

Phineas: We'll build the best dang carwash in the whole dang world, dangit!...I can't really pull that off, can I?
Ferb: You're not very street.

  • Family Guy rarely has major swearing but after the series was revived, there has been a good amount of cursing by everyone in the show and just as much in the Star Wars spoofs.

Real Fucking Life

  • This trope is the reason why you don't, uh, fuck with Christian Bale. Here's some audio proof.
    • And here it is with a nice beat in the background.
    • And to give some context to the whole thing, this epic rant was the result of a lighting assistant walking on set during the shooting of Terminator: Salvation one time too many.
      • Every time a light technician walks onto the set during filming, the take is useless. The shot has to be reset, the actors have to wait around for ten minutes to half an hour and try to keep up the energy so it doesn't look like they're completely bored when they do the next take. If you're giving it your all, it's bound to be a little annoying. And it sounded like the guy had done this several times. Sorry for ruining the fun.
        • Fuuuuuck, that's not fucking ruining anyone's shit, fucker. *smirk* That was just adding more fuckin' context, can you fucking dig it?
  • David Jaffe, essentially knows no social context, and will sprinkle these into his speech, whether it be on his personal blog, while doing interviews, or appearing on a panel of guests. Most of the time he's not even upset when he says it.
  • The founder of the Parti Quebecois, Rene Levesque, is famed among other things for being the first person to utter the word "fuck" on television in Canada, as noted by Bowser and Blue in their aforementioned song. "C'était foké."
    • Please note that "fuck" in Quebec French is a mild Expletive and an Anglicism. The direct equivalent is... Just pick any of them.
  • EGM once noted that, in person, John Madden seems to say "fuck" every other word, and his most impressive power is the ability to stop doing this when he goes on-air. This may explain his sometimes redundant speaking style; he's concentrating too hard on not cussing to say anything informative.
  • An amusing now-PG version is recorded in a letter to Abraham Lincoln from a slavery proponent:

God damn your god damned old hellfired god damned soul to hell god damn you and goddam your god damned family's god damned hellfired god damned soul to hell and good damnation god damn them and god damn your god damned friends to hell.

    • God damn!
  • Not used by Richard Nixon. Contrary to popular belief, most of the "expletives deleted" were apparently "hell" and "damn", and at the worst "shit".
  • Former US Congressman and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is notorious for this.

Actual quote to PA Congressman Joe Sestak on the phone: If you fuck this up I will fuck you, I will kill you. All right, I love you. Bye.

    • Lampooned by none other than his boss, Barack Obama, [paraphrased] "Rahm is having trouble with this holiday, he's not used to saying the word 'Day' after 'Mother'".
    • A bit of controversy erupted when he was chosen to be Obama's Chief of Staff. One reporter on NPR described him in Lewis Black's terms (below) as "using the F word like a comma." Another reporter described a plaque in Emanuel's office as having the text, "The Secretary of ____ Off." (Of course they had to bowdlerize for broadcast, as this was Morning Edition.)
      • And the quote by Obama: "Apparently, Eric claimed that Rahm Emanuel came up to him in the House locker room, stark naked, screaming obscenities at him. To which I say, 'welcome to my world'."
    • He refers to Washington, D.C. as "Fucknutsville," uses "fucker" as a term of endearment, and once jumped on a table and shouted, "The Republicans can go fuck themselves!" Yeah, he's practically this trope personified.
    • Well, as H.R. Haldeman once remarked, every president needs a son of a bitch...
  • Eastern New England. The Departed and Stephen King didn't pull it out of their asses, just fucking trust me here.
    • Fuck Yeah! For all their vaunted vulgarity, Long Island ain't got fuckin' nuthin' on Rhode Island!
  • The legendary Troggs Tapes. Definitely NSFW.
  • Let's be honest with ourselves here, The Aristocrats joke is pretty much built around this trope in about half of its renditions.
  • He's here, he's der, he's swearing everywhere, Joe Kin-near, Joe Kin-near! Interim Newcastle United boss Joe Kinnear didn't get on well with the press, to say the least.
  • Lee Elia, then-manager of baseball's Chicago Cubs, delivered this tirade at a postgame press conference in 1983, serving up his opinion of the Cub fans who had been booing his woebegotten team. I count 38 F-word iterations along with various other choice profanities.
    • Jay Johnstone copied and printed the whole thing in his book Temporary Insanity. He had very good reason; Johnstone was a member of that Cubs team and he, among others, were fired up and did better once he got that.. fervent show of true support from Elia. The coach still lost his job at the end of the season, however, likely due in large part to this truely inspired flood of invective. Elia himself never complained about it, although that could be because the first thing he said before the F-bombing run was "QUOTE ME". They did.
  • In Game 4 of the 1977 World Fucking Series, Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda came out to remove pitcher Doug Rau after Rau surrendered three straight hits to the Yankees. When Rau protested...well, listen to it here.
    • Here's some more moments in f-bombing with Lasorda, the Joe Pesci of the baseball diamond.
  • The Orioles' Earl Weaver goes off on umpire Bill Haller during a 1980 game against Detroit.
    • And here's Weaver sharing his thoughts while answering fan questions during a pregame radio show "on the Baltimore Oriole Baseball Fucking Network".
  • Ichiro Suzuki, a Seattle Mariners player whose first language is Japanese, in practice uses an interpreter for English language interviews. That hasn't stopped him from making some truly epic observations (such as his disdain for Cleveland), but in 2008, it was revealed that Suzuki makes a profane-laced speech—in English—to the American League team at every All-Star Game he has appeared in through 2010 (Suzuki was not on the 2011 team). No recording of this speech is readily available online. Other players who have witnessed the speech call it one of the funniest things they've ever seen.
  • After the infamous "tuck rule game" (an American Football playoff game decided by a particularly obscure rule), the losing Oakland Raiders were understandably put out. Analysts described the Oakland press conference afterwords as "the Raiders sounded like a truck backing up" (in the US at least, large trucks make loud beeping noises when in reverse).
  • Gordon Ramsay's ingredients for omlette: 2 fucking eggs, some fucking chives, 1 fucking knob of fucking butter, and show some fucking PASSION!
  • According to Anthony Bourdain, vigorous and frequent use of curse words is common in the culinary world. So the chefs preparing the gourmet meals at that 5-star restaurant you go to on special occasions? Probably cursing up a storm back there in that kitchen.
  • Yoshiki Hayashi would like to offer a Cluster F Bomb... with his apologies for doing so.
  • Hokkien peng, not least the Singaporean variety, (stereo)typically cluster C-bomb. And insult Your Mother.
  • Ferenc Gyurcsány, former Prime Minister of Hungary, dropped one that lasted over an hour. It pretty much killed his career (not because of the profanity, but because of the long list of things he accidentally confessed to. His native language being Hungarian, you'd wish 'fuck' was the worst thing he said. It wasn't.
  • DKos Oil Booming School: "Rope is not rope. It is fucking rope. All of it. Every yard of rope is fucking rope. Every section of boom is fucking boom." — Fishgrease
  • When you've a place named "Fucking", articles about it are bound to fall into this. Such as that above otherwiki page.
  • Jim Cornette is such a constant cusser (if his RF Video shoots are to be believed) that it is amazing he is even ABLE to turn it off when the camera is on him.
  • Actually may serve a purpose: pain tolerance. A scientific study dealing with that was done with volunteers. Both groups were subjected to (an equal amount of) continuous pain (caused by the same thing), and they were to pull away the moment they could no longer bear it. Those who responded to the pain by cursing repeatedly were shown to be able to take the pain for longer amounts of time than the group who didn't. And it appears that neutral words or Gosh Darn It to Heck doesn't work nearly as well as serious 'fuck'-level obscenities.
  • And here's a website that uses Cluster F Bombs For Science!
  • The Winnebago Man. Here's the original video in all its glory.
  • The logic of many middle schoolers seems to go, "Adults swear more than children. In movies, cool people swear more than nerds. Therefore, the more you swear, the more cool and grown-up you look. Also, swearing is some fucking fun shit! *giggles*" The result is a lot of this trope.
  • The Wiener's Circle in motherfucking Chicago, Illinois is as famous for its profane staff as its hot dogs, bitch!
  • Mike Henry of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show stated on Inside the Actors Studio that his favorite curse word is "a series of fucks," and then demonstrated.
  • Jay fucking Naylor says the fucking word a fucking lot in his fucking podcast.
  • This little child didn't like what they were getting for breakfast. Prize for youngest ever Cluster F Bomb? I suspect so.
  • Australians swear a damn lot. When I first came into the country I was frightened.
    • Fucking Chileans also like to swear a fucking lot. There's a fucking particular word known as "huevón", which can fucking mean MANY things from "dude" to "fucker", and you never fucking EVER will hear a fucking Chilean covnersation in which there ain't two or three fucking "huevón" bombs dropped in.
  • Croatian ex-tennis player Goran Ivanisevic. Behold. Comment with translation is just under the video.
  • Russian even has a dialect that is based on forming sentences out of obscene and profane words using Buffy-Speak, called mat.
  • Donald fucking Trump wants you to know that he's not going to mess around with those motherfuckers in China, he's not going to let OPEC raise the fucking price of oil, and he's going to build a fucking school in Brooklyn.
  • In 2009, a bill was introduced in the South Carolina legislature to ban profanity. Several blogs commented on it, and the fucking comments tend to contain quite a fucking variety of fucking dirty words.
  • The Other Wiki lists "fuck" twice in its list. No, it's not "fuck" and "fuck", it's "fuck" and "motherfucker".
  • High school. Even the fucking Honors and AP kids fucking swear like you would not fucking believe.
    • Especially the Honors and AP kids.
  • People in the construction field fucking swear like crazy. Young or old, every other fucking word out of a construction worker's fucking mouth is going to be yours fucking truly.
    • The same can be said for many other trades. After working in a supply house for a few years, an electrician's language is no longer shocking, and a plumber's potty-mouth is hardly noticed.
    • There's a reason for the saying "Swears like a sailor".
  • Fuck you, you fucking fucks. A treatise on New Orleans after the storm.
  • This Big Bill Hell's ad.
  • Every blooper reel for basically every movie and TV show ever made, unless lots of child actors are hanging around. Actors swear like fiends.