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Wyvern Rhadamanthys: This time I will rip out your heart!

Scorpio Kardia: My heart? Perfect! That is... what I've always wanted. An opponent able... to ignite my heart!

"That felt good, didn't it?"
Juri of Street Fighter IV, upon performing her Ultra Combo

Harder Bat-Daddy...

Some fight for honor, others glory, and a few just for the thrill of fighting.

Then there are these people.

The Combat Sadomasochist enjoys the pain from combat wounds, both their own and others'. When cut, stabbed or shot, they will moan in ecstasy and lap up the blood. After harming an opponent, and especially when they take a life, the sensation and expression on their face will be orgasmic. Their battle style will usually be intense and dance-like, and they usually eschew efficiently killing enemies in favor of doing so in the most painful way possible. If the Combat Sadomasochist wins the battle and there are enemy survivors they won't receive the Geneva Convention treatment of POWs. If said survivors are languishing or in pain and ask for a merciful (or at least swift) death, they'll dawdle just a bit to make them squirm by sticking fingers in wounds or shooting/stabbing them some more.

They probably evolve from a thrill seeker who gets off on combat adrenaline, but usually also have or develop another fetish along with this. Naturally, these types tend to be Too Kinky to Torture; even if they do feel pain, they're too warped to register it as something bad. Nor do they fear death, since most perceive it as the ultimate rush. However, as extreme hedonists, they can be intimidated with the threat of a long life of bland painlessness.

If a hero has this trait, he's often an Anti-Hero or a Sociopathic Hero who limits his violence to bad guys (or worse guys than them, at least). If a bad guy has this trait (and it's usually a bad guy who has this, as enjoyment of other people's pain in battle is a rather villainous trait), he's usually some kind of Psycho for Hire and often Ax Crazy.

See also: Interplay of Sex and Violence, Orgasmic Combat. Older Sister Trope to Blood Knight.

Examples of Combat Sadomasochist include:

Anime and Manga

  • Slan in Berserk. The only thing that Guts accomplishes by impaling her with the Dragon Slayer and blowing off half her torso with his Arm Cannon turns out to be giving her an orgasm. Yikes.
  • Pictured is Kakihara from Ichi the Killer who, if he isn't the most prominent example in any form of fictional media, then he's a very close second. Definitely a case where you should just trust us on it.
    • As extreme an example as he is, his last fight shows that he has his limits. Let's just say he was wishing that fights had safewords...
  • Bleach: Averted. Kenpachi gets excited whenever someone injures him in battle because it means he has a Worthy Opponent and, as a Blood Knight, nothing is more fun to him. However, he doesn't revel in causing pain or drawing out the pain in others and he doesn't like pain for pain's sake. As a result, despite his excitement, it's not because he's a sadomasochist.
  • Yami Marik of Yu-Gi-Oh! is the embodiment of this trope, despite the fact that he fights via a children's card game. His whole deck style is based around torturing his opponent's monsters before killing them, and he uses magic to make his opponent feel the pain as well, and often gets around to torturing his opponents directly before too long. In addition to his extreme sadism, he's also a bonna fide masochist - he begs his opponents to spice up the duel by hitting him or cutting him (to which Joey responds by vicariously punching a hole in the guy's gut, which practically threw Yami Marik into an orgasm). Sadly, or perhaps luckily, depending on how you view it, most of this is manga-version only, and was edited out of even the original Japanese version of the anime.
    • Haven't seen the Japanese version, but Dark Marik's still quite obviously getting off on it in the English dub. He rants about pain and suffering, and how much he likes to inflict it, and is usually laughing insanely as he is attacked. Nut job.
    • And Yubel of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. S/he has been shown to have an enormously warped and sadomasochistic view of love: because love, in part, is sharing feelings, both joy and suffering, Yubel therefore legitimizes Jaden's suffering as "true love". Yubel feels s/he has suffered greatly due to his/her time in space and the crash into the Earth that caused her/him to lose most of her/his body, and desires to share that suffering with Jaden. To that end, s/he goes out her/his way to make him suffer. S/he also openly welcomes Jaden's insults and defiance, seeing the pain s/he suffers as Jaden expressing his "love".
    • Hell Kaiser Ryo counts too. He duels with shock collars and clearly enjoys himself while doing so.
  • This sums up Gauron from Full Metal Panic quite nicely. Put him against Sousuke and sweet Jesus does he take this Up to Eleven. Normally, towards anyone and everyone, he's a huge sadist. It's even Lampshaded several times in the novels that he derives a sick, perverted sort of pleasure from getting other people to submit to him, as well as from cutting them up or causing them any other sort of pain (be it emotional or physical). When Sousuke is brought into the picture, however, he displays hardcore masochistic tendencies - to the point where he seems to feel that the ultimate pleasure would be to have them die together. And during pretty much every fight between the two of them, Gauron gets very turned on. In the novels, he even mentions that during one of their fights, he felt... disturbing impulses to kill and rape Sousuke. In that order.
  • Hidan in Naruto uses this and his "immortality" as his gimmick. It's even heavily implied that he achieved an orgasm when he stabbed himself through (which was also the lethal blow for Asuma).
  • Creed from Black Cat, whenever he fights with Train. Heck, even his clothes are something from a sadomasochist's wardrobe. Though he's heavily more on the "masochist" side when he's against Train - he loves it when Train beats the crap out of him and they end up in compromising positions (including one instance where he pretty much orgasms when Train beat him up and accidentally ended up spread-legged on top of him). However, he shows no desire to physically harm Train, and in fact, one of his Berserk Buttons is if anyone dares to try to put a scratch on Train's "beautiful face".
  • Takuma Fudou from GetBackers. He's definitely a huge sadist towards all of his targets, though his most consistent object of obsession (and therefore sadomasochistic tendencies) is towards Ban. His greatest desire is for Ban to "give his body to him", "meet his desires", "quench his thirst" and "let him enjoy himself" - which pretty much means getting ripped apart by Fudou. But Fudou shows numerous times that he doesn't get pleasure simply from sadistically cutting up Ban - he actually likes it more when Ban cuts him up and puts up a fight as well. He also shows his masochistic tendencies when he mentions that he kept his own rotting arm with him, reminding himself of what Ban did to him, which gave him "incredible chills rising up throughout his body". As well as an instance where, when Ban wasn't putting up enough of a fight, Fudou started cutting himself up on the chest, screaming at Ban to "make him bleed" and "push him to the edge."
  • Road Kamelot of D.Gray-man is a sweet little girl who likes to play. Too bad for the heroes that her definition of 'play' involves blood, sadism and torture both physical and mental. She seems to enjoy the taste of blood, if her happily licking Allen's blood from a sharpened birthday candle is any indication. She also has no qualms with allowing herself to be temporarily mutilated by Innocence, or even intentionally running herself through just to watch Allen's reaction.
  • Mitsuhide in Sengoku Basara is down there in the video game section, but he also..."enjoys" a good fight in the anime, often screaming "More! More! More!" even as he's getting his ass kicked.
  • Fasalina from Gun X Sword sounds like she's having an orgasm both when inflicting damage with her mech and when being attacked by someone else's.
  • Two particularly nuts Contractors in Darker Than Black might fit. Wei has a Bloody Murder power which he uses through frequently cutting himself, which he does in a completely nonchalant manner. He's also a sadist if the slasher smiles and slurping up his own blood are any indication. Gemna makes a comment about wanting to find a woman that would hurt him and takes a clear pleasure in killing people in horrible ways.
  • Gorobei Katayama from the anime Samurai 7 appears to get turned on twice in the series: once from almost being shot in the forehead by an arrow with minor bleeding, then during a fight with the yakan/Nobuseri when a bullet grazes his cheek, also drawing blood.
  • Alucard from Hellsing seems to enjoy being harmed. He has a habit of allowing his opponent to rip him to bloody pieces, only to regenerate from stuff that Wolverine wouldn't bounce back from before subjecting his opponent to a fast but drawn out, agonizing death that involves lots of dismemberment and impaling.
  • Shira from Blade of the Immortal. When he fights he deliberately goes for the limbs to incapacitate the enemy, uses a saw/sword to torture them. When his hand got cut off, he carved the flesh off his bones so he could use the bones as a weapon.
  • One of the knights from MAR, Candice, fights using an ärm that gives her more magical energy the more she's damaged, then changes the opponent to stone. It's creepier than it sounds.
  • In her battle with Roy Mustang, Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist combines flirting with trying to kill him, even as he keeps killing her. At one point, she comments "Didn't anyone tell you it's rude to put your hand between a woman's breasts?"- at this time, Roy is setting her on fire (literally), and also literally has his hand inside of her chest, trying to destroy her Philosopher's Stone. As she dies, she makes a comment about kind of appreciating being killed by a strong man like him.
  • Tsukuyomi in Mahou Sensei Negima. Seriously,.
  • As far as One Piece can, Mmmm..., take this kind of stuff, Sadie, one of the Impel Down jailers, fits this pretty well.
  • Arthur of Air Gear.
  • Virid in There Beyond the Beyond. There's a reason he's called the Mad Prince.
  • Papillon of Busou Renkin is one of the saner examples of this (and more of a masochist than sadist), but he has shown what seems like arousal in reaction to injury, and on the sadist front, look at his commentary after eating his family.
  • Kyotada Inui of Psyren.
  • Alan Gabriel of The Big O seemed to enjoy Roger beating on him far too much to be healthy.
  • Belphegor of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. During their battle, Gokudera manages to hit him with one of his bombs. Belphegor simply sits up while making somewhat orgasmic noises and muttering excitedly "I was hurt again. It's so thrilling!" He also seemed to take great pleasure in trying to cut Gokudera and, in his words, "turn him into a cactus".
  • Grell Sutcliffe of Black Butler.
  • In Deadman Wonderland we have more than a couple of Blood Knights, but there are few people who fit this trope.
  • Hajime no Ippo: Ryuuhei Sawamura.
    • And he still has nothing on Brian Hawk.
  • Stein and Medusa engage in a bit of this during their fight in Soul Eater. Spirit reckons Stein is simple to understand, being a 'hedonistic sadist'. Worth pointing out that he's the Equippable Ally being used to cut the witch to bits and so is party to the whole thing.
  • Jakotsu from Inuyasha. He has a massively disturbing crush on Inuyasha; throughout the arc, whenever they encountered each other, Jakotsu would call dibs on his adorable doggie ears, and during their final confrontation in Mount Hakurei, Inuyasha turns human and Jakotsu revels in his ability to actually wound him. By the end of the "fight", Inuyasha is half-conscious and unable to move from his injuries, and Jakotsu is disappointed that he didn't scream once.
  • Mikiri fights one in Change 123. This creates a problem for her, as her jiu jitsu-based fighting style relies on forcing the opponent into submission by causing pain, and this guy just can't get enough pain.
  • After being defeated - but not killed - by Kenshin when he kidnapped Kaoru, Jin-e commits suicide in order to avoid being arrested and starting an investigation as being a hired assassin for the new Meiji Government - but he enjoys the fact that the feeling of stabbing himself in the chest was "so sweet." He dies with his iconic smile on his face too.
    • Jin-e was also quite enthusiastic when Kenshin crushed his nose in with the blunt edge of the sakabato, since the force of Kenshin's attack meant that he was drawing closer to his Battousai persona due to Jin-e casting a powerful technique on Kaoru that rendered her paralyzed, which set off Kenshin's bad side, to say the least.
  • Corset of Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt is a bondage demon who wears a corset that he tends to tighten every once in a while and can even use it to go One-Winged Angel.
  • Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas has Scorpio Kardia, whose ultimate desire is to have a fight so exciting that will end up killing him.
    • Also, at the age of ten, Kardia was offered a chance to cure his heart disease, the catch? Immortality! So of course he turned it down! WHAT!?
  • Line Users in Togainu no Chi.
  • Persona 4: The Animation has Shadow Kanji's two flunkies. One enjoys being burned, the other enjoys being frozen. They both like being hit and squeezed.
  • Kumagawa Misogi from Medaka Box doesn't have to wait until he's been beaten to a bloody pulp before erasing his injuries and curbstomping his opponents... but he certainly prefers to.
  • Rosario Plus Vampire: Routier. Although she doesn't like being hurt herself, she adores cutting others up.

Comic Books

  • In Watchmen, the Comedian accuses Hooded Justice of getting aroused by beating up people, and judging by HJ's reaction, Comedian was almost certainly right. The second Nite Owl also mentions having multiple run-ins with a masochist who would dress up like a supervillain and ask the superheroes to beat him up. He made the mistake of asking Rorschach, and got thrown down an empty elevator shaft.
    • Silk Spectre II had tangled with the masochist and commented that he was breathing weird while she was beating him up.
  • Mondo Pain, an old Punisher villain. Whenever someone pulled a gun on him, he'd also enjoy psyching them out, saying that even if they shot him, he'd still kill them. Of course, when he tried it on Frank, he was shocked when he actually did shoot him.
  • When Mary Marvel was turned into a Female Fury in Final Crisis, she seemed to get off on Supergirl striking her, and even started to blatantly come on to her the more Supergirl fought.
  • Elizabeth gets pretty excited after a kill. Word of God confirms it's a combination of getting high and being turned on.
  • Moon Knight Depending on the Writer.
  • Marshal Law, being a parody/decostruction of superheroes, briefly presents a parody of Daredevil, living only to inflict and receive pain. As many other "superheroes", he received surgical enchantments that make him impervious to pain...
  • The Black Mask was a Batman foe with a high threshold for pain. In his own words:

  "...Do you know what REAL strength is? The ability to accept pain. ANY amount of pain. Not to ignore it, that never works.

    • And as for the "sado" in "sadomasochist", Cold-Blooded Torture is his hobby. "You must embrace it... almost love it, in a way. So, do you love it, little girl? DO YOU?"
      • Speaking of Batman, how could this trope not have The Joker?? It could be lended to the psychological fixation he has on Batman, however the undertones of his actions and indeed, his reactions (laughing maniacally, begging for more, relishing in the pain, as well as delighting in the aggression he elicits from the bat makes Joker a very very sado/maso man.
  • In their first fight in Supreme Power, Doc Spectrum punched Hyperion very hard and the invulnerable superhero actually felt it. He wanted more, because he'd never felt anything like it.
  • Marv from Sin City seems to enjoy what little damage he sustains in fights. In A Dame To Kill For he meets Dwight after Dwight had gotten into a particularly brutal fight. Dwight's monologue mentions that he spat out a tooth and Marv smiled at him as if they shared the same enjoyment of violence. Dwight was not as amused.
  • In keeping with the comic's pattern of "Technically Living Zombie Apocalypse... but much, much worse", the Crossed really get off on brutal atrocities, whether they're on the giving or receiving end.


  • Pictured above: The Joker from The Dark Knight shows great amusement out of being beaten half to death by Batman, but that may be because he is technically winning the fight by having Batman surrender to a core evil. Pretty much, he lives to prod and poke the Batman like a hungry kid after school, just waiting for Brucey to finally snap and "break his one rule", which is to never kill anybody.


  • Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter novels has evidence of being both a masochist and sadist. In the film of Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, she is shown licking Voldemort's "mark" on her arm, a tattoo of power which is described as being painful once Voldemort returns. She also tells Harry that he's not doing it right when he uses the Cruciatus curse on her, as you have to enjoy it for it to really work. She would know, Torturing people is her hobby.
  • The Yuuzhan Vong attach religious significance to pain, so it's unsurprising that the most fanatical of them are like this (and even the ones who aren't that crazy can still take all but the most horrific punishment without blinking).
    • It's implied (if not outright stated) that they love pain because, after they were cut off from the Force, it's the only way they know they're still alive.
  • The Mord-Sith of the Sword of Truth. Crazed sadomasochist women tortured since childhood until they are impervious to all but the most extreme pain, and living for little other than to serve the Lord Rahl and inflict more pain with their Agiel, a sort of hand-held Agony Beam. They receive as much pain themselves as they dish out, because the use of their Agiel causes them constant pain when in use just as it hurts the person on the receiving end.
    • Though every time someone manages to crack one's armor it turns out they are just big softies inside. I cite Rikka's obsession with getting Nicci into a pink frilly nightdress.
  • The kelpie from War of the Dreaming are rotting, festering, diseased knights who very firmly believe that life is hell.

 Kelpie: "Why do you resist? Life is pain!"

Raven: *breaks its arm*

Kelpie: "Thank you!" *faints*

  • The Jachyras from The Wishsong Of Shannara. Elder fairy creatures literally addicted to pain, both their own and that of others. They'll literally tear themselves apart in order to kill an opponent, laughing the entire time. Thank god there are only two of them. As it is, it takes the greatest Druid ever, and one of the most Badass Normals in fantasy fiction to put them down, at the cost of their own lives.
    • Bad news, there are way more than two of them. It's just two was all the Mord Wraiths had released from where they were trapped. Oh and said trapping? It was done by both the good and evil faeries working together to get rid of them.
  • In the Codex Alera, High Lord Kalarus' elite Immortal troops have been conditioned from a young age via discipline collars to be absolutely loyal to him, and to take pleasure in pain during combat, rendering them very difficult to kill.
  • Lucius of the Emperor's Children in the Horus Heresy novels. Every time he scores a kill he carves a scar into his face.
  • Richard Lopez of Ship Breaker has some characteristics of this, what with constantly trying to gain new scars, and laughing while he slaughters people.
  • Tales From Jabbas Palace expands on the backstory of EV-9D9, the torture chamber boss droid seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. She was a supervisor droid accidentally built with a unit meant for interrogators, which let her feel pain (her own and others') and made it pleasant. As such, when she's eventually killed by a vengeful survivor, she's not upset to die, only that he removed her pain unit before finishing the job.

Live Action TV

  • Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an example of this trope. Although he doesn't take it over the top, he likes having Buffy beat him up, and one of his major complaints when he became an Intangible Man was that he couldn't hit people. At one point, Angel was battling a necromancer while Spike tried to possess him, and when Spike finally won the battle for control, he kept fighting Angel a bit for this reason.
    • Also Faith.
    • The vampire Monster of the Week Zachary Kralik is another example. When Buffy tries to ward him off with a cross, he presses himself against it. He clearly gets off on it burning him.
  • In the HBO series Rome, Mark Antony is shown making two naked women fight each other with swords for his pleasure. When the other one gets wounded, he halts the fighting and licks the blood from the wound.
  • Denna from Legend of the Seeker. Among others things she tastes Richard's blood, clearly enjoys using her Agiel on people (despite the pain it brings to herself), and wears leather.
  • Gekikara from the AKB48 drama, Majisuka Gakuen. She doesn't even bother with trying to block or dodge, she just takes the hits and hits back harder, while cackling maniacally the whole time. When gossiping about her, Team Hormone says that she doesn't care about winning or losing, she just loves the violence.
  • Fiona from Burn Notice. Michael specifically says that she regards violence as foreplay, and the first time that the two hook up again is after Fiona forces him into fighting her.


  • In one version of Jason and the Argonauts, they run into a tribe of savages devoted to Ares, who fight not so much to kill than to see the blood run.
    • Homer describes Ares as "tukton kakon", which translates as "manmade evil". If you were to worship Ares, then you would hold embodying this trope to be your holy duty.

Tabletop RPG

  • Followers of Slaanesh, in Warhammer and Warhammer 40000.
    • In Warhammer 40000, the Dark Eldar (their counterparts in Warhammer, the Dark Elves, are more of a Social Darwinist race...). Dark Eldar are generally more into the "sado" part (unlike followers of Slaanesh who consider inflicting and receiving pain to be equally pleasing), but they do enjoy the sensation of pain in combat as well (for example, typical Dark Eldar armour is secured in place with painful hooks and barbs). Dark Eldar even have an in-game rule representing them feeding on the pain of their victims, making their units stronger the more they kill.
  • The Impaled, a subgroup/cult within the Ordo Dracul. Their theory is that Dracula never achieved his transcendent state because he spent too much time doing the impaling and not enough time being impaled himself; thus, he never learned the truth that can be found in pain. So these guys impale themselves, often for days at a time, until they frenzy or are driven into torpor from the hunger or the pain. The bonus is that these guys learn to resist and even love pain, making them damned scary to fight against.
    • Tzimiscie in Vampire: the Masquerade could acquire powers that made them find pain pleasurable, and thus became oddly better fighters as they were injured. The clan was also notorious for sadomasochistic tendencies.
  • Exalted: this is kind of the idea behind Laughing Wounds Style, which was invented by deathknights. One of the Charms in it lets you treat wound penalties as bonuses. And, as the Exalted page notes, it is very popular with lesbian stripper ninjas who are technically undead.
  • Forgotten Realms has servants of Loviatar ("Maiden of Pain"). They're rather funny like this. In The Night Tymora Sneezed one priestess fought a paladin... he was ticked off by her comments even more than by her lash.
  • Skorne Nihilators in Hordes. The Skorne believe that pain makes you stronger, but the Nihilators are members of something called Cult of Pain which takes it to a whole new level. They spend most of their free time inflicting as much pain to themselves as their bodies can take, and in combat they fight like frenzied berserkers, ignoring debilitating blows and striking at anythign within reach, friend or foe.
  • In one of the Shadowrun source books there is a particularly dodgy weapon system described. A targeting cyberlink/weapon-camera which rewards every killshot with a boost of endorfins in order to encourage improved accuracy. The results proved to be rather terrifying and the system never went commercial. Although there are supposedly finished units in circulation on the black market.
  • The clerics of Kor, the god of bloodshed and warfare in The Dark Eye, come close to this, since only a fight in which they are grievously wounded, while killing or maiming their enemy, is considered a good fight.

Video Games

  • There's the infamous Cyborg Ninja battle in Metal Gear Solid. "Hurt me more!"
    • And, of course, Vamp.
    • Forms the cornerstone of Big Boss and Kaz's "physical relationship" in Peace Walker. They're two best friends who punch each other unconscious as a form of affection.
  • Akechi Mitsuhide from Sengoku Basara is just as bad, moaning in pleasure and delight every time he's injured... Also, "quench my thirst with your blood and tears!"
    • In the anime he's even worse. Being burned alive only seems to make him orgasm.
  • The Dark Mistress from "Dungeon Keeper 2". If it's any indication, she moans in ecstasy when attacking, she sleeps in an iron maiden, she is initially lured to your dungeon when you build a torture chamber, and when there is no one for her to torture, she straps herself in and tortures herself.
  • Silver Mantis in City of Heroes.
    • Corruptors and Masterminds have access to a special powerpool known as Pain Domination, which works by taking pain (damage) from allies and bringing it upon yourself. You get buffs for doing so, and it's heavily implied that users of Pain Domination powers enjoy the pain of combat...
  • The Sacrier class in Dofus actually becomes more powerful by taking damage.
    • The personalities depicted in Dofus and related media certainly apply as well. The Goultard convention short film has one particularly pronounced Sacrier villain. In Wakfu, the remaining Sacriers (such as Kriss Krass) are toned down in many ways but retain the basic premise.
  • I-no from Guilty Gear seems to take her hits the wrong way...
    • Raven, even more so. The man is completely immortal and has pretty much seen all, so he welcomes fighting and clearly gets off on it, to the point that if he's hit enough his in-game sprite can sport a Raging Stiffie. OTOH, when he's not fighting he's more or less level-headed - and one of the few people who can keep I-No in line
  • Grenade Man in Mega Man 8 is made of this trope. He giggles when you hit him, shouts "oh yeah!" when you deflect his own Flash Bombs back at him with the Thunder Claw, and yells "that felt good!" when he explodes.
  • Covenant of the Plume doesn't have many masochists, but you can recruit a few sadistic Token Evil Teammates. Liselotte stands out--if she manages to kill someone with her special attack, her Bond One-Liner is "Wasn't that the best you've ever had?"
  • Super Street Fighter IV has none other than Juri Han. She laughs, moans, and even says "that felt good, didn't it" during the "climax" of her Ultra Combo.
  • King of Fighters - Vice fills in this trope. And how.
    • Shen Woo, too. He's a huge Amazon Chaser and Blood Knight who greatly appreciates when his female opponents can put up a fight and even openly says "crazy women turn me on!"
  • Father Balder from Bayonetta invokes this trope during his Boss Battle. When Bayonetta headbutts a building back at him, he will fall, get up, crick his neck and softly moan. Same with a satellite!
  • Nifilhema of Lusternia, which is appropriate for a demonic incarnation of both pain and lust. She's peeled back strips of her own flesh and holds them perpetually taut with silver hook piercings, and delights in the Cold-Blooded Torture of her angelic counterparts and even her own followers. Magnagoran players who follow her teachings are encouraged to become combat sadomasochists too.
  • King Gallon, one of the final bosses of Odin Sphere, is the victim of a rather ghastly transformation. Not only can he heal any injury, but every sensation he feels gets turned into pleasure.
  • Sie in Alpha Protocol. She appears to get off to domination contests outside combat as well.
  • Valkyria Chronicles has Homer as the masochist, to the point where he gets bonuses in combat when seriously hurt, and is quite happy when Edy punches him. Both times, he sounds like he's having an orgasm. Jane features as the sadist, and reading the profiles after finishing the game says that she went on to be a drill instructor known as "Sadistic Jane".
  • Kyojiro in Way of the Samurai 2 uses a serrated sword to inflict extra pain on her opponents and has a habit of drinking blood.
  • ZAGI. Oh God, Zagi.

 Zagi: I'm gonna kill you, and carve your name into my blood!

Yuri: Yeeeeah, that's pretty disgusting.

  • The Reaver specialization in Dragon Age Origins is this turned into a game mechanic. Warriors using the associated talents will inflict extra damage, in proportion to how badly injured they are.
  • The Succubus summoned by Warlocks in World of Warcraft wear brandished whips, make constant Double Entendres and moan with pleasure when she attacks or get hit, regardless of the summoner or mob's gender. They even make loud orgasm noises when they die.
    • There's also the Priest Shadow spec, which revolves around causing immense pain and even has a talent called Masochism, in which a sufficient amount of damage taken will give the user a burst of mana.
  • The Tainted Coil in Brutal Legend, especially their leader Doviculus. It's why Tim Schafer chose Tim Curry for the role.
  • Sapphine Grace from Super Robot Wars series. She has a habit of reaching organism when her mech gets hit, which gets cranked up in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, where voice acting exists.
    • Also The Edel Bernal, the last boss of Super Robot Wars Z Who sounds equally orgasmic attacking and being attacked.
  • Ivy and Voldo in the Soul Calibur series. Ivy carries a whip and tends towards a sadistic attitude (after strangling her opponent with her whip during a throw in the first game, she asks, "Do you want more?", or alternately shouts "You filth!"), while Voldo, though less loquacious than Ivy, can moan almost pleasurably when taking damage. Both dress the part in their primary costumes.
    • Minor point, but still: Soul Calibur V. Jolly Tira's death cry against Pyrrha... yeah.
  • Dr. Mundo in League of Legends is a perfect example. All of his abilities are Cast From Hit Points. One of his abilities is called Sadism, and heals him quickly while increasing his movement speed. Another is called Masochism, and grants him bonus attack damage based on how much health he's missing.
  • In Killing Floor's story, the Gorefast enemy is this, wishing to both inflict and take as much pain as it possibly can. It seems the Scrake took lessons from it, as well - it was meant to be the ultimate Combat Medic, but it also became more interested in the pain part than the medic part.
  • Megabeth in Super Monday Night Combat sometimes giggles like an excited schoolgirl when taking damage. It seems to trigger fairly often when she's being impaled by the assassin's katana.
  • The titular villian from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask exhibits this in it's fights.


  • Richard from Looking for Group.
    • Granted, he is meant to be undead, and therefore probably can't feel anything, so it could just be amusement at people attempting to hurt him.
  • Von Pinn from Girl Genius definitely is one of these. And used to dress accordingly.
    • Actually, an even horribler possibility exists: she *isn't*, and just knows how useful it can be to increase her own pain, depending on the circumstances.
  • SSDD has Super Soldiers known as "Gigglers". They get injected with drugs when they kill an opponent, making them cackle with delight.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl, Alejandro took two of Lucy's kicks, had his teeth smashed into each other hard enough to chip one and draw blood, and was still okay enough to beat Lucy senseless before Mike came back, smashing his face into an alley floor and still not stopping him. It took Mike and Lucy together to start the example in No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. And he beat Mike before all this happened.
  • Equius Zahhak from the MS Paint Adventures story Homestuck, in a way. In his "fight" against Gamzee, he literally allows himself to be suffocated by a makeshift garrote, without so much as fighting back. He has always had a sick fetish for feeling subjugated by the purple-bloods, and his death reflects this.
    • Not long after, Gamzee himself. Nepeta comes to avenge Equius' death, and most fans were expecting Nepeta to end up doing some damage to him. What actually happened was that Gamzee stopped her inches from her face and uses her claws to scratch his own face (backwards!), all the while having a sadistic grin on his face. honk HONK
    • Long after, Jake flips his shit on Meenah. Her resulting expressions...are not displeased.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic has Arachne who is generally Too Kinky to Torture and really into it in any circumstances.

Web Original

Western Animation


 Customs officer: Is your stay for business or pleasure?

Herr Trigger: Ecstasy.

  • Marceline of Adventure Time is a minor case. While she doesn't outright enjoy pain, it makes her nostalgic of the days when she wasn't an nigh-invincible queen of vampires.
    • And keep in mind, those days were when she was a little kid. Yeah says a lot about her doesn't it.
  • Airachnid in Transformers Prime, a sadistic Decepticon who enjoys inflicting pain to her victims. Also when Arcee plans to kill her, she tells Arcee to make it hurt.