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Superman: "Bruce, tell me again why this arm is so important."

Batman: "Because it came from another dimension."
Opening Lines

A desperate move by Kakashi sends the rookies into another dimension, revealing a world crisis for both the Justice League and the Teen Titans.

Essentially runs off the premise that Kakashi's MS technique Kamui sends things to the DC universe. This gets out of hand when he accidentally sends the Konoha 11 plus Team Hebi to the DC world. The Justice League has to keep their rowdy visitors in line while trying to figure out a way to send them home. Spectre and a god-powered Luthor are also involved...

If you love the rookie twelve, this is the fic for you. Every one of them gets a crowning moment of awesome (yes, even Ten-Ten; ESPECIALLY Ten-Ten). The story is set in the somewhat broken continuity of the DCAU, but numerous characters from the larger DC universe (and from outside of it) make cameo appearances or more. At over 300,000 words, its a long read, but worth it. NaruHina is part of the story, but it is a minor part and shouldn't turn you away from this excellent fic. Now complete.

Can be read here

Tropes for this story include:


 Huntress: "Just tell me why he [Kiba] is in his boxers."

Question: "Because I took off his pants."

  • Mr. Exposition: The Spectre, especially in the earlier chapters. Luthor too, to a lesser extent.
  • Mythology Gag: To help verify Hinata's story about How We Got Here, Lois Lane asks her to use her Byakugan to identify what color underwear she's wearing.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Kakashi finally decides to teleport himself (and Gai) to The DCAU, and appears right in front of Lex Luthor, who rips the Mangekyou Sharingan out of his head and uses it to complete The Anti-Life Equation.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Until J'onn uses his telepathy to implant the English language into their heads, the Rookie Twelve can only speak authentic Japanese. Much conflict initially ensues because neither party literally understands the other.
  • Running Gag: "Unless it IS!" "Shut up, Flash."
    • It takes a lot to convince Sai that he's not in a genjutsu.
  • Seen It a Million Times: Robin's explanation for his reaction to being forced to constantly relive his parent's deaths via Tsukiyomi.
  • Smart People Play Chess: Shikamaru vs. Lex Luthor, frequently. At the ending, Shikamaru vs. the Goddamned Batman. Shikamaru wins before Batman even notices.
  • Superpower Meltdown: Ino, unaware and untrained in her newly unlocked telepathic abilities, ends up unintentionally mind raping her friends. It takes Sai, and a handful of people with a Split Personality Takeover to reach her and rein her in.
  • This Is Reality: When surfing the internet, Beast Boy introduces the concept of fanfiction to Kiba. When Kiba asks him if there are any fanfics of himself, Beast Boy points out that of course there isn't, because he's real, and that would be creepy.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: The ninjas really don't understand this pillar of the DC Universe.
  • Title Drop: Reverend McCay does this when his Epiphany Therapy to Sasuke segues into discussing his own raison d'être.

 "Alex, as you get older, you'll learn everyone suffers, and everyone thinks that they suffer alone. Even if they share their troubles with others, they think their own brand of sorrow is special and incomprehensible by anyone else. They feel like… like little dots. Like little, isolated dots of suffering, completely separate."

"And what so few people understand is that they don't HAVE to be that way. They don't understand how to USE that suffering, to use it to understand others and to help others. The dots don't like to reach out to other dots, they don't try to connect. As minister, that's part of my job. To reach out to the heartaches in the pew and bring them into contact with each other. And, while I'm at it, to try and guess at the order to the dots. To… connect the dots, as it were, and see the overarching pattern to it all."