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You know, Minnie, you might want to try a smudge-proof product.

"If we got a point for every time she kissed me in there..."
Cody, Total Drama World Tour, "Super Happy Crazy Fun Time In Japan"

The quickest way to show that a character has been the recent target of female affection (and a lot of it) is to show him with his face (and sometimes elsewhere on his body) covered in Lipstick Marks. His clothes and hair may be disheveled as well. This is often used for comedic effect.

Most commonly the result of an extremely numinous Smooch of Victory.

Usually animated, though occasionally imitated in live action for exaggeration purposes. In Real Life, marking as easily as that is a sign of a really poor-quality lipstick.

Examples of Covered in Kisses include:

Anime and Manga

  • Ranma ½: This has happened to Ranma Saotome numerous times. Perhaps the most humorous example was done to him by Konatsu, a kunoichi that isn't quite what she appears to be.
    • One time, in the manga, Ranma drew lipstick kiss marks all over himself to make Akane think his Unwanted Harem had fought over him and he just got caught in the middle. He even beats himself up with nunchucks to complete the story. (He does this so Akane won't think that the ring his mother wants him to give to Akane is an engagement ring.) This plan backfires when Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodachi discover the ring and fight over him for real.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Lotte Lieze did this to Chrono when the Lieze sisters were introduced. "That was yummy."
  • Seina Yamada from Tenchi Muyo! GXP is usually subjected to this when he gets jumped by Seto's handmaidens.
  • An episode of Shadow Skill had Elie repeatedly kiss her adoptive brother Gau on his cheeks, much to his chagrin.
  • In Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite ends up in this state in episode 9, thanks to Lemon, Marrin, and Marron.

Comic Books

Fan Fic

  • In Of Love and Bunnies, a Power Rangers fanfic, during a flashback, the Rangers have to get their broken-down Zords to a mechanic. It Makes Sense in Context. As a distraction, they throw Tommy, the White Ranger, to the adoring crowd following them. Later, after they start fixing the Zords, the other Rangers finally remember to retrieve Tommy. He returns with a half-ripped costume covered with kisses (along with some short-term PTSD).


  • The Last Emperor is a rare live-action film example.
  • Moulin Rouge has a scene where Christian and Satine are sneaking around the theater and Christian leaves with his hair ruffled and Satine's lipstick marks smudged around his mouth and face.
  • On Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Jessica blows a kiss at Eddie, and the lipstick mark flies across the room and lands on Eddie's cheek. His girlfriend Delores (who had just caught Eddie with his pants down[1]) scornfully rips the mark off his face.


  • Played for laughs in one of the Redwall books, Mariel of Redwall. The two otter twins, Bagg and Runn, are caught eating berries in the kitchen. After being chased out, they get hold of a little bankvole girl called Petunia and kiss her cheeks repeatedly until she's covered in purple lip marks. Hilarity Ensues when Petunia's mother catches them and starts hitting them with a soggy dishcloth.

Live-Action TV

  • Holly in the Red Dwarf episode "Parallel Universe".
  • This happened to Barney Fife every once in a while.
  • Occurred once on the American version of Deal or No Deal, where a female contestant and several of her family members kissed Howie Mandel, leaving lipstick marks on his face and bald head. He paused after a commercial break for an in-game explanation to his wife, should she happen to be watching the broadcast.
  • On Malcolm in the Middle, Reese hallucinates that the scantily-clad woman in a billboard comes to life and gives him a kiss, leaving a huge lipstick mark all over his face.
  • In Big Time Rush, Logan attempts to flirt with a girl, but Camille, who secretly has a crush on him, comes up and kisses him multiple times, leaving lipstick marks all over his face. This, of course, causes the girl to leave.
  • In the early Mash episode Springtime, Radar is reading a (presumably dirty) poetry book and goes around asking the camp what "slaking" (no, not the Pokémon) means. He asks a nurse who has the hots for him, and at the end of the episode, ends up Covered in Kisses. When Col. Blake asks what happened to him, Radar says, "I think I've been slaked." (Judging by the huge grin on his face, yes, he has.)


  • In John Michael Montgomery's "Cover You in Kisses", he says that he'd give anything to make his lover warm by covering her in kisses and wrapping her in love.

Video Games

  • Mario gets covered with lipstick marks from the princess after beating Bowser in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels All Stars.
  • Jazz gets covered in kisses from Princess Eva in the ending of the PC game Jazz Jackrabbit 2.
  • In Psychonauts, If Raz gives a rose to a girl in the windows throughout Black Velvetopia, then he is safe from El Odio and gets covered in kisses temporarily.
  • One of the images shown at the end of Disgaea 2 is Axel, in the middle of a parade, surrounded by fangirls and covered in lipstick. Including all over his chest.
  • At both endings of Epic Mickey, Oswald gets this.

Western Animation

  • Happens a lot in the classic Disney cartoons, most frequently with Minnie covering Mickey in kisses (an instance of this in "The Brave Little Tailor" has become quite famous; another instance, the Nabisco commercial "Mickey's Surprise Party", is pictured above), and occasionally Daisy kissing Donald. It becomes a sight gag at the end of "Donald Steps Out," where one of Daisy's kisses lands on Donald's eye, and as he blinks it evokes the image of lips smacking.
  • At the end of a "Goofy" cartoon called "Knight for a Day", Goofy (as Cedric) gets kissed by Princess Esmerelda.
  • Bo Peep does this to Woody at the end of the first Toy Story, courtesy of mistletoe (though it wasn't made apparent that Bo Peep had on lipstick until Woody was later seen with a face full of kiss marks, looking pretty pleased with himself. Rule of Funny, I suppose).
  • Olive Oyl has done this to Popeye in some of his older cartoons after he rescues her from...whatever.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants gets covered in kisses once...from his grandma. Poor feller.
  • Kermit the Frog often got this from Piggy in Muppet Babies.
  • After The Powerpuff Girls realized that the overly affectionate boy in their class didn't have cooties, they kissed him repeatedly, before beating the tar out of Mojo Jojo.
  • Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, whenever the titular characters are caught victim of the Kanker Sisters.
  • In an episode of Chowder, Shnitzel ran into the kitchen and started trying to wash off the kisses, to which Chowder inquired something similar to "Were you making out with yourself again?"
  • In Total Drama World Tour, Sierra takes advantage of being in a confined space with Cody, resulting in this trope. Cody is not amused, especially when he finds her gum in his ear.
  • Happens in a few Warner Brothers Cartoons:
    • In Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears, Bugs flirts with Mama Bear to escape harm from the other Bears. But she becomes the Abhorrent Admirer and eventually she has her way with him resulting in this trope.
    • In The Super Snooper, Femme Fatale turns out the lights and we hear kissing noises. When Daffy Duck turns them back on he has lipstick marks all over his face which she gently wipes off.
    • In A Gander at Mother Goose, a cartoon based on various children's rhymes, features a segment with Jack and Jill. When the narrator gets to the part about Jack falling down the hill, nothing happens. He repeats the line a few more times before Jack rushes back down, his face red with lipstick, tells the narrator to get lost, and rushes eagerly back up the hill.
    • The trope also happens at the end of Katnip Kollege during the iris out when Kitty Bright covers Johnny Cat with kisses leaving lipstick marks on him.
    • Pretty much every cat painted with stripes(Penelope Cat, Sylvester, etc.) experiences this when Pepe Le Pew encounters them smothering them with kisses.
  • Marge Simpson has been known to do this to her kids and husband, like after time spent apart or when they've been safely delivered from harm (or more of it, as the case may be).

  Bart: Mooooom! Not in front of the Army guys!


Web Animation

  • In one Homestar Runner toon, Strong Bad's attempt at making everybody's pants poof away at the senior prom fails because he was the only one that was wearing pants anyway. Nice lipstick-print boxers.
    • Later, Homestar makes a reference to his own nonexistent e-mail specials, suggesting that he hung out with some lady-types in the 42nd e-mail. Going to the address where "hremail 42" would theoretically exist shows a brief clip of Homestar covered in kisses while several offscreen lady-types laugh and throw pillows at him.
    • In the sbmail where Homestar dressed up as The Cheat and took his place one of the easter eggs showed The Cheat dressed up as Homestar, sitting on Marzipan's couch and simply covered in lipstick marks.

Web Comics

  • An Imagine Spot in Penny and Aggie has Aggie's widowed father Nick picturing himself this way as he deliberates how to tell her he's in a serious relationship.

  Lipstick on...oh! Lipstick on my collar. Yes. Well. The good news isn't my lipstick.

  • In one strip of Sinfest, Criminy goes trick or treating and when he gets to the Devil's house, it's Fushia who answers the door. She gives him chocolate kisses...and some real ones.

Web Original