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"Well I'd rather see you dead, little girl

Than to be with another man"
The Beatles, "Run For Your Life"

When we say Love Makes You Crazy, we're not kidding. Meet the Spear Counterpart to the Clingy Jealous Girl. Combining the Deadly Sins of Envy and Wrath, nothing pushes his Berserk Button faster than seeing another guy or girl look at his guy or girl (or, worse, his guy or girl look at another guy or girl).

The main differences in gender treatment is that the irrationally jealous female partner is often used as an element of comedy or treated as supposedly "normal" behavior for a woman, whereas the irrationally jealous male partner is more likely to be treated as if he has a serious flaw: it's portrayed less sympathetically, criticized more harshly by fans, less frequently played for comedy, and has a higher tendency to either rape the girl/guy he's in love with or Murder the Hypotenuse, rather than drag the object of their affections away by the ear or pummel them with a Hyperspace Mallet. Interestingly, though, at the far end of jealous insanity, the Yandere is far more often female.

However, a guy obviously acting paranoid in a situation where there's no reason for him to be jealous, especially as a Running Gag, makes for comedic gold. As long as the comedy comes from making the guy look like a fool and not from making his partner suffer, it's okay. Of course, all bets are off when this trope is mixed with the Boys Love or Ho Yay, which is certainly not all that rare; in fact, the biggest Played for Laughs examples tend to come from this field.

May double as a Stalker with a Crush or Prince Charming Wannabe.

Spear Counterpart of Clingy Jealous Girl.

Examples of Crazy Jealous Guy include:

Anime and Manga


  • Pictured above: Marmaduke "Moose" Mason of Archie Comics, who's a rather friendly dude otherwise, is notorious for beating guys to a pulp, or threatening to do so, for as much as asking his girlfriend Midge for the time. Of these guys, only Reggie has ever actually made a move on her. Always Played for Laughs. One 1970s story exaggerates this by having Moose angrily ask Midge why Big Ethel was talking to her. When Midge points out that Ethel's a girl, Moose says, "Duh, well she don't look like no girl I ever saw."
  • Dirk in Luann (who just so happened to unexpectedly show up recently, ostensibly as their garbageman).
  • Subverted in the Elf Quest story "Moonshade". Moonshade and Strongbow are lifemates, by the fandom sometimes labelled "the only remotely monogamous couple". In this story, Ahnshen falls in love with Moonshade. Strongbow gets pretty ticked off, to the point of tackling Ahnshen and taking him to task—for beating around the bush rather than getting to the point already.
  • In some early New 52 issues, Superman didn't take it very well when other men went near Wonder Woman. She just found it hilarious.

Fan Fiction


 Light: I know I can win him back if he'll just visit me in person once.

Rem: You sound like Misa.


Films — Animation

  • Gaston of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. His Villainous Breakdown begins when he realizes Belle is in love with the Beast, sending him downward into full-on murderous Yandere mode.
  • Hal, Jonah Hill's character in Megamind, who goes crazy after Roxanne rejects him for "intellectual dweeb" Bernard, who is actually Mega Mind in disguise.

Films — Live-Action

  • Jake La Motta in Raging Bull.
  • Paul Snider from Star80. Based on a True Story.
  • Alfred of Unfaithfully Yours, who tries to murder his wife when he believes that she's been cheating on him. Played for Black Comedy, especially when he turns out to be too inept to actually pull off the murder.
  • For some reason, the 2009 Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film portrayed Holmes as this when it comes to Watson's engagement to Mary Morstan.
  • The eponymous character in any film adaptation of Othello.
  • Heathcliff in any film adaptation of Wuthering Heights
  • Don Jose in any film adaptation of Carmen or the updated Carmen Jones. In the Rita Hayworth adaptation The Loves of Carmen the eponymous character seems to have this effect on almost every man she meets.
  • Although not initially seeming to embody this trope Alistair Stewart from The Piano proves to be a crazy jealous guy.
  • Although Reggie Kray from the Based on a True Story film The Krays wasn't depicted as being habitually jealous around his wife he did attack two men he suspected of flirting with her
  • Jeremy Irons in Damage, if you consider traveling from London to Paris to spy on someone crazy. Anna's deceased brother seems to have been an even more extreme example of this trope.
  • Lost Highway. Mr Eddy: Her name is Alice. I swear I love that girl to death. If I ever found out someone was making out with her. I'd take this - pulls out a pistol - and shove it so far up his ass it would come out his mouth. Then you know what I'd do? I'd blow his fuckin' brains out.
    • Also Fred Madison (Bill Pullman).
  • Played for laughs with Otto in A Fish Called Wanda.
  • Essex Boys has Jason Lock who gets insanely jealous over suspicions that his wife had been unfaithful while he was in prison despite the fact that he constantly cheated on her.
  • Dr. Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sure, he flirts with nearly everyone in the film. But, if he sees Rocky with ANYONE else besides him, he goes into a jealous rage. Janet Weiss (SLUT!) had to learn this the hard way.
  • Human Traffic had the obsessively jealous Koop.
  • Ray in Nil By Mouth.
  • David (Mark Wahlberg) in Fear.
  • Bud towards the end of L.A. Confidential.
  • The Timothy Hutton character in The Temp.
  • Tony Montana over his sister in Scarface.
  • The eponymous character Mark Brandon Chopper Read when he suspects his hooker girlfriend Tanya has been sleeping with his enemy Neville Bartos.
  • Revenge of the Sith has Anakin Skywalker starting to develop this. The Novelization makes it much, much clearer. In both cases, he strangled his wife believing that she'd turned against him to be with Obi-Wan.
  • In Villain, when the Villain Protagonist Shimizu's girlfriend stands him up to go off with another guy, Shimizu follows them and kills her.
  • Martin (Patrick Bergman) from Sleeping with the Enemy.
  • Charles from The Unfaithful Wife and Edward from the American remake Unfaithful although generally a sane, mild-mannered men murder the men their wives have been cheating on them with.
  • Ace Rothstein (Robert de Niro) in Casino fired a young employee of his just for saying his wife was beautiful.
  • Hot head Tommy Joe Pesci in Goodfellas is seen telling his girlfriend not to talk to any men while he goes to the other side of the room and she comments that he gets so jealous he would kill her for looking at anyone else
  • John from Boys Don't Cry was motivated by jealousy over Lana as well as homophobia when he rapes and murders Brandon.
  • In Bruges: Eirek.
  • Theres a scene in Show Me Love were Jessica has to break up a fight between her boyfriend and another boy chatting her up.
  • Morrell in A Room For Romeo Brass.
  • City of God has Shorty and Lil Ze.
  • In Secret Window, The Reveal of who the killer is and what his motive truly is.
  • Toby and Jake in U Turn.
  • Duncan and Charlie don't like the amount of attention Jason pays Kelly in Mystery Team.
  • Sidney in Layer Cake.
  • Johnny in Mickey Blue Eyes.
  • Cal in Titanic.
  • The Duke in Moulin Rouge.
  • Bill in Kill Bill.
  • William in The Edge Of Love.
  • Bobby (played by Fred Savage) in the TV movie No One Would Tell towards his girlfriend Stacy to the point of physical abuse and even killing her.
  • Cherry Bomb features Luke's major possessiveness over Malachy.
  • Johnny and Ballard in Gilda.
  • The Judge in Sweeney Todd.
  • The eponymous character witnesses her father acting this way towards her mother in Gia.
  • Takeo Saeki from The Grudge series. It was his insane jealousy and how he acted upon it that started the curse in the first place.
  • Harkin in Horrible Bosses.
  • Guy in Swimming with Sharks.
  • Albert Spica in The Cook, the Thief, his Wife, and her Lover.
  • Blue in Sucker Punch: creepy, violent, possessive, moody, delusional, obsessive, creepy, mood swingy, twisted sense of ownership, disrespectful, and insane.
  • Gripper Burke in Carry On Loving.
  • William Billy Bedlam Bedford in Con Air. Finds his wife in bed with another man and responds by murdering her entire family.
  • Clinch in A Million Ways To Die over Anna, finds out his wife kissed another man (Albert) and responds by killing off people in town until Albert reveals himself.
  • Biff Tannen in the '50s segments of Back to the Future. No one comes between him and Lorraine.


  • Othello. The title character ends up becoming one. This being a Shakespearean tragedy, the results are... unfortunate.
  • Enid had a boyfriend like this in Sweet Valley High.
  • Jimi Deed (based on Tommy Lee) from the Pamela Anderson semi-autobiographical Starstruck
  • Erik in The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Both Gilbert Markham and Arthur Huntingdon in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall—the former takes his rage out on his perceived rival, the latter on his wife.
  • Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights (must be a Bronte sisters thing).
  • Dom Casmurro: The main character, a lawyer named Bentinho, seems to be truly crazy and obsessed with the thought of his wife cheating him with his best friend. However, since he's also the narrator, it's not clear if it was true or just pure madness.
  • In The Alien Series, this is Kitty's type, although she's not sure if she's attracted to them or they're attracted to her.
    • Martini gets upset when Kitty spends time alone with other men and even tries to make her change her ringtone, "My Best Friend", for her male best friend.
    • Kitty's ex-boyfriend Brian was so clingy and demanding that she dumped him for it. Ten years later, he's still not over her.
  • "Hollyoaks" has Brendan Brendan for his on again off again boyfriend Ste Hay.
  • There was a Fear Street miniseries based around a girl with an insanely jealous boyfriend who murdered several people for getting too close to her, including guys he spotted on dates with his girlfriend's roommates who had borrowed her clothes. It's eventually revealed that the girl has multiple personalities, and her "boyfriend" as well as her roommates are all her own alter-egos.
  • Shadow of the Templar: Simon, in Chapter 10.5 of Double Down, takes out his jealousy of Jeremy's ex-boyfriend on Jeremy. It's not played for laughs.

Live-Action TV

  • On Cafe Americain (short-lived Sitcom from The Nineties starring Valerie Bertenelli), this was Carlo's Catch Phrase, demonstrating his jealousy over anyone making eyes at his girlfriend:

 "I kill him! I kill him bad! I kill him two times!"

  • Gavin on Raising the Bar turned this trope Up to Eleven.
  • The eponymous character of House is this towards his best and only friend Dr. Wilson, who in turn is a very friendly, outgoing kind of guy and only came around to being with House once his marriages started failing. As a result, House actively and selfishly works to keep Wilson's relationships with women in pieces so he can have him all to himself. Don't think it can be put any straighter than that.
  • Dean from Gilmore Girls. He loathed Tristan simply for the fact that he had classes with Rory; and after Tristan was Put on a Bus, he starts reacting jealously when Rory and Jess start to become friends and continued to antagonize them even after dumping her and she starts to date Jess. Dean's jealous nature re-appears when Rory and Logan become friendly, even though Dean himself is cheating on his wife with Rory and he still loses Rory to a rival in the end.
  • "Hollyoaks" has Brendan Brady over his on again off again boyfriend Ste Hay.
  • Chuck on Gossip Girl can be this way with regards to Blair sometimes.
  • Jez in Peep Show has sent dog shit in the post, peppersprayed, sabotaged the career of, tried to punch and possibly subconsciously tried to murder the men - and in one case a woman - who he considered rivals for whatever woman - Toni, Nancy, Big Suze, Elena etc - he was currently infatuated with. In one episode he got so clingy he was threatened by his girlfriend showing kindness to a homeless man. Mark although less extreme still has elements of this trope in his jealous stalking of Sophie.
  • Family Affairs villain Pete Callen murdered his wife's lover and framed his wife for the crime
  • Andy in Parks and Recreation. After Ann dumps him and begins dating Mark, he goes to great lengths to try and get her back, including moving into a pit in front of her house.
  • Will in The Secret Life of Us went through a phase of being like this and Jason when his ex started a fling with a musician
  • Six Feet Under. Brenda's brother took this to crazy stalkerish levels over her relationship with Nate. Nate himself had a moment of this while stoned, and Russell's behavior bordered on this at Claires art exhibition at the end of series 4
  • Alison's husband in Jimmy Mc Govern.s Accused.
  • Skins: Cook over Effy and Lara's ex when he threatened JJ.
  • Eastenders has Grant Mitchell who put his brother in a coma after discovering he had sex with his 1st wife Sharon, could get very jealous over his 2nd wife Tiffany despite not being in love with her and went on the run from the law for violently beating the man who was sleeping with his 3rd wife Carla. Also Mark Fowler, who threatened to rape his wife when she cheated on him.
  • John in The Lakes, who was intentionally driven crazy by his wife's affair with Chef and other men it was later revealed and the Chef himself had no moral qualms about getting violent over another man and his wife despite the obvious hypocrisy
  • Mac over his wife Catherine in Clocking Off.
  • Lex in The Wire.
  • Pullo over Eirene and Vorenus over Niobe in Rome.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer the identity of the killer in the episode Beauty and the Beasts is a crazy jealous boyfriend.
  • Sean in The Street.
  • Emmerdale. Chris Tate who upon discovering his wife had been cheating on him with his enemy - and her cousin - Cain Dingle went after Cain with a gun then decided Charity was the one he truly hated so he committed suicide and framed her for murder (having recently discovered he had months to live). Cain Dingle himself definitely fits this trope: after being rejected by Angie he stalked her and frightened off any man she got involved with until she was so desperate that she tried to frame him for a crime. He also attacks and/or threatens any man who shows interest in Charity and when he did finally get together with Charity he destroyed the relationship with his suspicions about her and her boss.
  • Charlie Stubbs in Coronation Street, when he thought Tracey was cheating on him.
  • Adam Williams in Cold Feet became paranoid about his wife's fidelity in the final series though he never did anything crazy. Adam came across a man like this who punched him after wrongly thinking he was his exes new boyfriend.
  • The Sopranos had a minor character like this who put a man in a coma for talking to his girlfriend. Christopher also had his moments over Adriana.
  • Heathcliff in any TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights and Sparkhouse, based on Wuthering Heights, had the character Andrew who was so jealous at the idea of his ex having sex with someone else that he banged his head against a wall.
  • Oz has a homosexual version of this with Keller's obsession with Beecher, the equally obsessive Ryan O'Reilly over Gloria Nathan and the character Li Chen was doing time for the attempted murder of his girlfriend and the man he saw her kissing
  • Sean Kerrigan in Cracker.
  • Domestic Abuser Christian in Brookside.
  • Neeley in Falling For A Dancer.
  • Susy's husband in Tutti Frutti.
  • Bruno Milligan from Footballers Wives made his wife's life a misery with his paranoid suspicions and despite being a constant philanderer Jason Turner seethed with rage at the idea of his wife so much as flirting with another man.
  • Despite usually lamenting the fact that he's married to Peg, Al Bundy from Married... with Children frequently reacts like this when other men make advances on her.
  • An episode of Extras had a minor character with dwarfism who got violent with anyone his girlfriend told him had made advances towards her
  • Although he isn't usually a jealous person Will in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air did once stalk a girlfriend he suspected of two timing him
  • Michael in Brotherhood to the point where he's blinded to the fact the everything else in his life is falling apart.
  • Soames Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga.
  • Played with comedy with Tony in Men Behaving Badly both when he was obsessively pursuing Debra and once he finally got her. In one episode he gets so paranoid he puts his arms possessively around her when a group of 12 year old boys walk past
  • The Inbetweeners. Donovan over Charlotte. Jay borders on this with his obsessiveness over his girlfriend Chloe's whereabouts in the final episode of series 2 although he is a far more gentle example than most of the Crazy Jealous Guys who fit this trope.
  • Rose's husband Len in The Jury.
  • Auf Wiedersehen Pet. The Turkish pimp in series 1. Ally Fraser showed potential to be this when he warned Wayne off Vicky.

 Ally: That's mine.

Wayne: Nice car, squire.

Ally: I didn't mean the car.

  • At Home With the Braithwaites had the patriarch David Braithwaite who nearly killed his brother in a fight over his ex Alison and punched another man over her and Mike Hartnoll who threatened his estranged wifes lesbian lover with a gun
  • The Tales from the Crypt episode "Split Second" has Steve Dixon, the head of a logging company who really does not take kindly to his workers cracking jokes about his new wife. He ends up severely beating his newest worker, to the point of blindness, after his unfaithful wife seduces the guy and he catches them in the act.
  • Finn of Glee toward Rachel any time she's dating someone not him: in "Laryngitis" he accompanies Rachel to the doctor's surgery in order to instruct her to break up with Jesse because Jesse doens't 'get her' as well as Finn does, then openly pervs on her as she gets changed behind a screen, and in "Prom Queen" he insults Jesse repeatedly and punches him in the face for slow-dancing with her at the junior prom - while he himself is supposed to be another girl's date.
  • Desperate Housewives: The pharmacist George lusted after Bree once she ended their affair together and became jealous of her husband Rex. So he tampered with Rex's prescription drugs by replacing his heart medication with placebos. He also beats up and attempts to kill other people who look like they are trying to come in between him and Bree. He also drugged Bree at one point and was seriously considering taking advantage of her. He eventually proposed to Bree and pressured her into marrying him. After the engagement he became increasingly possessive of her, and increasingly violent.
    • Carlos towards Gabrielle in the first season of Desperate Housewives. She was cheating on him, but he ended up physically assaulting the wrong man twice (both of them turning out to be gay) and getting a prison sentence for it.
  • Gabe of The Office. He's starting to feel real uncomfortable about Erin being around Andy.
  • Arthur from Merlin doesn't appreciate Guinevere having close friendships with any other males (except Merlin) and becomes a Green-Eyed Monster every time she seems particularly fond of any one other than him. When he catches her and Lancelot in an embrace, he attacks Lancelot and would have killed him had Guinevere not thrown herself between them.
  • Jealocit, a Monster of the Week from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. He had a crush on Insarn since high school, but when she fell in Love At First Sight with former Carranger Kyosuke Jinnai, he developed BURNING JEALOUSY POWER!!! and nearly defeated the Gokaigers. Then Kyosuke (who had no interest in being a vertex of this Love Triangle) mediated the situation... and the Gokaiger kick his butt.
  • Eli from Degrassi. He goes crazy after Clare starts talking to Fitz, and acts this way towards Imogen when they date. He finds out that it isn't related to his mental illness, he's just possessive.
  • Jesse from 1000 Ways to Die's segment "Hydrau-licked" was this towards his girlfriend Pinkie. Considering this is a show about freaky deaths, he becomes the Asshole Victim when he ends up getting his "love rival"'s car dropped on him.
  • In Rectify, Ted Jr. expresses jealousy over his wife's closeness with Daniel his stepbrother and informs him that "Tawney's off limits".  He even states that he won't let Daniel be alone with Tawney again.
  • Supernatural: Crowley acts like this with Castiel when the two were partnered together.  Also in season 2 there are some one shot characters that act like this. To further the Incest Subtext between the two, Dean is like this in regards to Sam.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Overall, the Doctor is very protective of his TARDIS and doesn't like watching someone else fly her.
    • The Ninth Doctor got very possessive of Rose Tyler whenever another man, particularly Jack Harkness, came near her.
    • The Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors were prone to similar bouts of jealousy whenever another male came near Clara Oswald. The comics take it one step further for Twelve by showing that he hates even his other selves flirting with Clara. If being jealous of yourself isn't this, then nothing else is.
    • Twelve was also quite jealous to learn that River had other husbands and wives over her lifetime. Her retort was that he'd also had other husbands and wives.
  • Chase Matthews in Zoey 101 was very prone to this. Especially noteworthy since he wasn't Zoey's boyfriend for most of the series. Logan Reese also displayed it to an extent once he started dating Quinn.
  • Friends:
    • Ross. Oh Ross. When Rachel got a job at a fashion firm and met a stud named Mark, Ross lost his mind. As Rachel says, he all but peed around her desk to mark his territory. It got so bad that he and Rachel "took a break." Though Phoebe does note that Ross is not entirely unjustified in behaving this way, considering what happened when his first wife Carol got too close to her "gym buddy" Susan.
    • Chandler's loving relationship with Kathy died because of this trope. He just couldn't separate art from the artist and was convinced that she was fooling around with her co-star. He had some moments in his relationship with Monica but that was more due to his status as an Insecure Love Interest.
    • Gunther will happily abuse his perks as the owner of the coffee house whenever he wants to enact some petty revenge on whatever guy Rachel flirted with.
  • Charles Boyle with respect to Jake Peralta (albeit platonically) and Jake with respect to Amy Santiago (heavily romantically in this case) in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Jeff in Community could get very jealous whenever Britta and Annie caught another man's eye. Even if he wasn't romantically involved with one at the time, he didn't want anyone else looking at the girls.
  • Both Ted and Barney had their moments with respect to Robin in How I Met Your Mother.


  • Run For Your Life by The Beatles.
  • Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix.
  • Eminem has several songs about this trope. Most infamously his controversial murder ballad "Kim" but also "Crazy In Love", "Love You More" and "Love the Way You Lie"
  • "King Kong" by Ben Weiner. Youtube link.
  • "Next Contestant" by Nickelback.
  • Insane Clown Posse discuss the consequences of this trope in their recent song: "Over A Bitch".
  • The Shania Twain song Don't Be Stupid is about the plight of a woman very much in love with her crazy jealous boyfriend who interrogates her for making phone calls, talking to other men or even painting her nails.


  • This turns out to be the Fatal Flaw of Othello, which is used by Manipulative Bastard Iago to ruin him and ends up costing poor innocent Desdemona her life.
  • Leontes in A Winters Tale, played for dark comedy—dark because of the tragic consequences, comedy because everyone lampshades how absurd his accusations are against his wife and best friend.
  • Don Jose in Carmen.

Video Games

  • Blaz Blue has Jin Kisaragi, who is a crazy Yandere for his brother Ragna though in no small part due to his borderline Evil Weapon, Yukianesa, that amplified his already present clinginess Up to Eleven. And Jin's not-quite-girlfriend Tsubaki is a Clingy Jealous Girl for him to the point that Hazama used said feelings to pull her into a Face Heel Turn - one that she was barely saved from..
  • If Persona 3 Portable's Female Protagonist forms a romantic relationship with Akihiko Sanada, he shows some shades of this. It's mostly played for laughs and mostly directed at Ken Amada, who is surprisingly capable of holding his own against it.
  • In Nie R supplemental material, it turns out that Jakob is actually kind of a possessive jerk about his brother. After their mom left and Gideon still worried about her, he told Gideon robots tore their father to shreds and boarded up the windows so Gideon could only leave one way. Heck, he even thought about breaking his legs to keep him there.
  • Played for laughs in one of Henry's married event tiles in Fire Emblem Awakening, when he asks his wife if he can hex her not to ever look at another guy.

Visual Novels

  • Hisao from Katawa Shoujo isn't normally this, but develop slight tendences if you pursue Emi Ibarazaki's route. He's more passive-aggressive than outwardly aggressive, though, and he snaps fast out of it: he suspects that she's getting close to the track team captain... but it turns out they're sort-of Platonic Life Partners instead, as said captain is gay. Emi has a good laugh at Hisao's expense when she finds out.

Web Comics

  • In Sinfest, Uncle Sam is frequently characterized like this, being paranoid about Lady Liberty cheating on him, and/or sending the FBI to spy on her. Obviously, it's "commentary" for the US terrorist-paranoia that followed 9-11...
  • Diego from Gunnerkrigg Court towards Jeanne. It's heavily implied that he sent Jeanne on a mission he knew would result in her death when he realized that she would never love him like she loved her forest-bound boyfriend.
  • Deimos to Cain, and evidently Cain to Abel in the web comic Star Fighter.
  • Sergio from This Is the Worst Idea You've Ever Had is this turned up to 11. While Nicole finds him charming and mysterious, her friends are immediately wary of him due to how rude and dismissive he is of them, and they had a good reason to be worried: it's revealed that he's a vampire who had a habit of becoming obsessed with a girl, turning her into a vampire so they can be "together forever" before eventually losing interest in her and moving on to another victim - and he intends to do this to Nicole, whether she wants it or not.

Web Original


 L: Well Light, you're taking this rather well.

Light: I'm gonna kill that son of *bleeeeeeeep*


Western Animation

  • Ulrich of Code Lyoko, towards Yumi.
  • Zuko in the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Beach."
  • One of Dino Spumoni's songs on Hey Arnold was called "You Better Not Touch My Gal", which starts with the lyrics "You better not touch my gal, / or I'll pop you in the kisser, pal!" and ends with the line "... you'll never eat solid food again!"
    • And then there's Arnie at the end of Arnold's dream in "Arnold Visits Arnie".
  • Finn in Adventure Time becomes this when Jake makes Tiffany his best friend (by the way, he's a boy).
  • Family Guy:
    • Peter Griffin to Lois, to the point where he beats up a movie screen with Hugh Grant on it, a dolphin, and his own reflection in the mirror.
    • Also, Stewie has shown to act in such a way towards whomever is the newest object of his affections, male or female. Like in the episode "Stewie Loves Lois" when Stewie jealousy tells Brian to stop hitting on Lois after he becomes adoring of her.
    • In the episode "Peter's Got Woods" James Woods and Peter become good friends after Brian gets a girlfriend and they start spending a lot of time together. However, this causes James to become very obsessed with Peter to the point of acting jealous of Brian.
    • Jeff from "Screams of Silence."
  • Total Drama Island: Trent, Trent, a thousand times Trent.
  • Larry from Time Squad becomes insanely jealous when he starts suspecting that Tuddrussel and Sheila (Tuddrussel's ex-wife) are developing feelings for each other again. That entire episode, "Ex Marks The Spot", is dedicated to Larry desperately trying to sabotage their alleged relationship and is one of the most famous ones, particularly for the enormous amounts of one-sided Ho Yay contained in it.
  • Voltron Legendary Defender has the Blue Paladin, Lance. In this continuity he develops a big Bodyguard Crush on Princess Allura and often shows jealousy towards other guys who are close to her (like his companion Keith) or have feelings for her too (like Pidge's older brother Matthew). It's treated more seriously in the fifth and sixth seasons, as Allura and Prince Lotor are this close to be a couple and Lance struggles with the idea of losing his chance with her and how he wants her to be happy even if it's not with him...
    • There was also a memorable Played for Laughs moment where he displayed this. . . towards the Blue Lion.
  • Lil' Gideon in Gravity Falls is very possessive of Mabel.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode, "Makes New Friends but Keep Discord", Discord is most put out when Fluttershy begins hanging out with Tree Hugger instead of him. Fluttershy, being Fluttershy, is so ridiculously innocent that she doesn't even notice which only incites more jealousy in Discord.

Real Life

  • Jake La Motta, whose obsessive jealousy of his wife was made into the film Raging Bull.
  • A famous example is Burt Pugagh who upon discovering his ex was engaged to another man paid thugs to throw lye in her face permanently blinding her (amazingly she ended up marrying him).
  • Pamela Anderson has claimed Tommy Lee could sometimes be like this.
  • Jenna Jameson writes in her autobiography of having a boyfriend who got so possessive he insisted she didn't wear tampons because he didn't want anything inside her but him.
  • Despite being constantly unfaithful to her, OJ Simpson was very jealous of other men showing interest in his wife Nicole both when they were married and after they divorced.
  • John Sweeney, the boyfriend of actress Dominique Dunne, was very jealous, especially over actors with whom she did love scenes. She ended the relationship due to his abuse and possessiveness and was tragically killed by him. He was jailed for six and a half years for manslaughter in 1983. The case provoked considerable controversy due to the perceived leniency of the sentence.
  • Raoul Moat. After getting out of prison his ex told him that she was in a relationship with a police officer (she was actually lying in an attempt to get him to leave her alone). He responded by posting threats to police and others on his Facebook profile and making further detailed threats in two subsequent letters and several phone calls to police stating he would continue to shoot police officers until he was dead. He then shot his ex and her new boyfriend (killing him and seriously injuring her), killed several other innocent bystanders and blinded a policeman. He later committed suicide after a stand off with police. Another ex has since said he raped her as a punishment because he thought she was flirting with another man.
  • Nikki Sixx wrote in the Motley Crue autobiography The Dirt that he planned to shoot his wifes lover in the testicles but realized he would ruin his own life by doing so and he wrote in his own memoir The Heroin Diaries that he planned on getting some bikers to break the legs of the actor Jack Wagner because he thought he had sex with his girlfriend while Motley Crue were touring.
  • According to the Kate Moss biography Addicted To Love Johnny Depp was very insecure about other men he thought were interested in her and went crazy when he saw a half naked photo shoot she did with a male model
  • Eminem was put on probation for assaulting, some say pistol-whipping, the man he claimed he saw kissing his wife Kim.
  • Richard Pryor admitted being like this when in a state of drug-fuelled paranoia
  • Marilyn Manson wrote in his autobiography of witnessing his father behave like this towards his mother
  • There are many, many murders committed by real life Crazy Jealous Guys. A lot of Domestic Abusers also fit this trope.
  • A possible result of having Separation Anxiety, in some cases.