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There's a blush for won't, and a blush for shan't,

And a blush for having done it;

There's a blush for thought, and a blush for nought,

And a blush for just begun it.

Love—even Puppy Love—makes the young and innocent blush. Whether speaking of the Love Interest, realizing that you are the Love Interest, or actually talking to the person, expect the character to turn red. Very young or innocent characters may evince this even when an attractive member of the opposite sex seems to notice them. Less innocent ones may be driven to it only by the Love Confession.

People prone to the Luminescent Blush or Blush Stickers are bound to suffer these. The Celibate Hero is often but not always prone to it. An apparently hard-bitten character who evinces it is revealing a soft side to himself. Adolescents are particularly prone to revealing they are not as grownup as they pose as.

Contrast Gibberish of Love, which indicates more ineptness than innocence.

Examples of Crush Blush include:

Anime and Manga

  • Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite episode "Forced Entry". When Ikuyo Suzuki teases Ryuuka about her feelings for Taro, Ryuuka blushes furiously while denying it.
  • Koharu quite frequently in Koharu no Hibi.
  • It's not explicitly stated in Axis Powers Hetalia, but you look at the way Germany is always blushing around Italy, and tell me you don't see it that way, especially with the overwhelming amount of Ship Tease they get.
  • Athena and Hinagiku both seem very prone to this.

Comic BooksU

  • In Captain Britain, while he recounted some transdimensional adventures, he mentioned a woman. The children listening tease him about how he blushes.

Fan Works


  • In Rick Riordan's The Son Of Neptune, when Ella returns with Tyson, she blushes when she talks to Percy of it. When Percy calls Tyson "you big charmer," Tyson blushes too.
  • Tales of Kolmar has Lanen, influenced by her father's demon-made attraction charm, fall for him complete with blushing at the very thought of him despite being in her twenties and, she thought, over that kind of reaction to boys. She didn't know he was her father then.
  • In PG Wodehouse's Jill The Reckless, a Flash Forward recounts how Otis would blush on his wedding.

Video Games

Visual Novel


Western Animation

  • Spike blushes after receiving a kiss from his crush Rarity, in the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic episode "Secret of My Excess".
  • In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "The Cat and the Claw", Bruce Wayne meets Selina Kyle for the first time and blushes, even stumbling over his words a little speaking to her.