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 Narrator: We were going to dedicate a full Sunday comic to the epic battle, but it's Bun-Bun against a turkey! Come on, people!


 Sillice Focus, Will, Discipline, Loyalty!

  • In Circus Knights, there's a lot of build-up to how Domino and Talon have to take down a "Rook Level" Nightmare. The Nightmare reveals its true form, the battle begins, and what do we get? Talon and Domino impaling the souls off screen, Talon distracting it with shadow dolls, and then Domino cuts the Nightmare in half with something that basically amounts to a magical piece of paper
  • In Fans, there is the last battle between the Fans and the FIB. What should have been a curb-stomp battle the other way around is reversed when a literal Deus Ex Machina turns it into one of the most one-sided battles ever, resulting in this:
  • If the stories are true, Liu Feng from How I Killed Your Master did nothing else. He described his experience as "I don't know what it's like to hit a man twice."
  • Homestuck has lots of these. Let's enumerate, shall we?
    • Dave finally fights his Bro after being gaslighted by his creepy puppet collection for ages. He completely gets his ass kicked with a puppet. Twice.
    • Dave still manages to maintain his Badass status after verbally curbstomping Tavros (aka adiosToreador) in a reverse-trolling of epic proportions later in the series. (Technically in a flashback, but whatever.)
    • The showdown between Vriska, Gamzee and Eridan. The winner? None of them. Kanaya turns up in all her rainbow-drinker glory and wipes the floor with all three.
    • The long awaited battle between Vriska and Tavros. Vriska slaps Tavros in the face then runs him through with his own lance.
    • After defeating a whole bridge full of Imps, you'd think Vriska would be strong enough to fight Aradia, right? You'd be wrong.
    • Anyone versus Bec Noir- Bro, Davesprite, John, Rose, Dave, a thousand Aradiabots- ends with them getting crushed. The only exceptions so far have been God-tier Vriska rolling straight 8s on her dice (which didn't count anyway because it was in a doomed timeline) and Prospitian Monarch, who has the exact same powers as Jack and is really pissed to boot.
    • Jake fights Dirk's training robot. The fight includes the robot slicing bullets in half in midair, performing a rocket-assisted suplex, and punching him so hard that his glasses fly off taking his eyes with them.
    • Dirk's rap-battle with Squarewave can hardly even be called a battle, as it is finished in only two attacks (by the same party) and the first didn't do anything. It's not even clear when Squarewave was supposed to get a chance to act.
  • Girl Genius has a Curb Stomp battle during the defense of Mechanicsburg. And immediatly after as well, both performed by Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. We never knew he had it in him... oh wait, yes we did, just nobody else did.
    • They can be found here and here respectively.

 Gil: "I am Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Son of Klaus. I will say this only once, leave now, or die."

    • Just to be clear... he wasn't joking.
    • Higgs also gets one in versus Zola here
    • Jäger generals are even more dangerous than they look. Good thing (for them), there's always someone willing to learn this the hard way.
  • Kid Radd has Radd deal one to Gnarl late in the comic, to show Gnarl how he's bettered himself while Gnarl has been stuck as a slave to his programming.
  • In Nip and Tuck, Gus Gunthrie's pals prepare to beat the tar out of Nip for being the distraction before they give Bandit Ringtail an after-boxing match curbstomping. Who should show up but a bunch of very ticked-off lady wrestlers... who are friends of Nip Todd... Laser-Guided Karma in 3... 2... 1...
  • Schlock Mercenary has the perfect metaphor.
  • Flipside. Bernadette versus Voulger. Voulger stood no chance.
  • Played straight in Dominic Deegan with Nimmel versus the Werewolves.
  • Captain SNES: Kefka's return is met with utter horror... until they find out that he's just as powerful as the last time they met. Which isn't much compared to the FFVI's crew's over-leveled asses. Kefka is beaten a half-dozen times in under ten seconds.
  • Shelly of Wapsi Square once got in a bar fight. As the fight started, she held up her drink and dropped it. After winning, she still had enough time to catch it.
  • Both versions of the Dragon Ball fan comic Dragon Ball: New Age see the villain Rigor inflict this on Vegeta, with the old version also having him do this to Goku as well:
    • In the old version, Rigor in his 'base' form (later revealed to be an upgraded version of Super Saiyan 4 that he can use without physically transforming) manages to whoop Vegeta's Super Saiyan 4 form at just 60% of his power, even saying that he is twice as strong as him at just 60% (keep in mind this Vegeta is twice as strong as the one from Dragon Ball GT after 3 years of training). This is even confirmed by Word of God in his official Power Levels for the old version of DBNA, where Rigor at just 60% has a power level of 13.8 trillion to Vegeta's 4 trillion in SSJ4. Even when Goku comes to Earth and goes SSJ4 to help Vegeta, they're still heavily outclassed until Rigor's body starts weakening as a result of Rigor not resting after exiting suspended animation. It's only at this point where the 2 heroes can match him together.
      • When a battered Rigor goes into Super Saiyan 5, he is initially stomped by Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, but as his power increases over time he returns the favor to SSJ4 Gogeta as his power gradually surpasses that of the fused warrior. He gives Gogeta a harsh beatdown right before their final Beam Clash, which he only loses due to his body being too overstressed from his own growing power.
    • In the new (and unfinished) version, Rigor goes into his 'True Super Saiyan' form (which is said by the author to basically be SSJ3 but with full energy control and no drawbacks (so his energy doesn't rapidly drain like a SSJ3 would), and he wallops a full power SSJ4 Vegeta, who can barely keep up with his movements and can barely hurt him with his punches (with even the best hits only slightly hurting Rigor). Rigor is show blocking Vegeta's punches with no trouble repeatedly, and when Vegeta fires a Final Flash at him, he punts it into space (which probably brought back memories of another beatdown Vegeta suffered back on Namek). And Vegeta even admits that this isn't even close to his full power.
      • The only thing that might have taken him down was Vegeta's 'Final Atomic Shine', but even then, his 'Assault Form' (which is what he calls SSJ4) is completely unharmed by the attack, although he does admit that he went into his Assault Form due to the power of Vegeta's Final Atomic Shine possibly being too dangerous for his True Super Saiyan Form.
      • When Goku arrives and heals Vegeta, Rigor realizes that the 2 SSJ4's together might overpower his True Super Saiyan Form, causing him to turn back into his Assault Form. While only a few pages of the fight between him and the 2 SSJ4's have been finished, what we do know is that he is already stomping them. And he still has a final form after 'Assault Mode'.