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File:630px-CyberbotsGroup3 1107.png


"Phase 1... PROCEED!"
"Target Damaged!"
The Announcer


Also known as Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, this is a Fighting Game made by Capcom in 1994 for arcade, Sega Saturn and PlayStation. The game is Capcom's attempt to create a Street Fighter clone using Humongous Mechas. Said mechas come from another game, a Beat'Em Up called Armored Warriors.

The story takes place in the end of the 21st century, where the Earth begins to become overpopulated, leading to many people living in space colonies. The primary army of Earth, "Earth Force", has been conducting experiments; their work, along with the actions of the playable characters, will determine the future of Earth.

In the game, the player has to choose a pilot and one of the available mechas, called Variant Armors, and then duke it out against other pilots and mechas. The parts of these Variant Armors can be Mix And Matched to affect the general playstyle. In fact, during the battle, the players can lose their parts, along with their special moves and attacks, but also pick them back up.

Initially playable characters:

  • Jin Saotome, a Hot-Blooded pilot whose father died a year before, and who wants to honor his memory by becoming the best Variant Armor pilot in the galaxy. He looks up to Gawaine. Pilots the BX-02 Blodia.
  • Santana Laurence, an egotistic loner who sometimes works as a mercenary. Good friends with Gawaine. Pilots the RF-004 Reptos.
  • Mary Miyabi, a captain of the Earth Force. Pilots the FZ-900J Killer Bee.
  • Gawaine Murdock, a Retired Badass out of retirement after learning that the Earth Force was causing trouble. He was also Mary's superior, and is a friend of the Saotome family. He pilots the GP-N1 Guldin.
  • Arieta, a young girl with psychic powers. Subjected to horrific experiments by the Earth Force, she escaped after two of her friends had died in said experiments. Pilots a FZ-100 Fordy.
  • Bao and Mao, a pair of siblings who were captured by the Earth Force, but managed to escape. They don't want to be part of the conflict, anyway. "Pilots" of another FZ-100 Fordy, pre-programmed for automatic self-defense.

Selectable in the console versions:

  • Chiyomaru Kagura and Tessan Hagure, The Captain and Number Two of La Résistance, former members of the Earth Force who now are combating them. They pilot the P-10033 Gaits.
  • Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX, a spoiled Space Pirate brat with two lackeys, Dave and Xavier, who wants to steal other VAs and add them to her collection. They're unrelated to the main conflict. She has a crush on Gawaine. She pilots the S-008 Super-8.
  • SHADE, an Earth Force's Super Soldier who was bribed with promises of perfection, and who was ultimately Brainwashed. He pilots the UVA-02 Helion.

Other characters include:

  • Final Weapon's Brain G.O.D., the Big Bad of the game. Pilots the X-0 Warlock.
  • Ken Saotome, Jin's brother who was also a friend of SHADE and Gawaine, and was killed a year before the conflict.
  • Emperor Deathsatan, the king of Heldorado and the Milky Way Express, and Devilotte's father. He owns a Warlock Variant Armor of his own, but more importantly, he's the owner of Zero Gouki/Akuma.

The series remained in obscurity until Devilotte was featured in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo in 1996. Jin also made the cut for Marvel vs. Capcom Clash of the Superheroes and Tech Romancer in 1998, with Devilotte and her lackeys making the cut as a selectable Assist Character in the former, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Finally, Blodia was featured in Namco X Capcom as a mecha for Sylphie. It's now available as a downloadable game in the Playstation Network, under Japanese Imports.

Phase 2... PROCEED

"Target Destroyed"