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File:Cypress-hill-high-times2 8495.gif

Cypress Hill are a Hip Hop group known for pioneering the fusion of rock and rap, and the amount of lyrics they've produced devoted to promoting the consumption and legalization of marijuana. Also notable for cartoonishly over-the-top depictions of urban deprivation and violence, with no attempt to morally justify the actions in their songs.


  • B-Real
  • Sen Dog
  • DJ Muggs
  • Eric Bobo

Christian Olde Wolbers and Dino Cazares and Brad Wilk have also performed live instrumentation for the band's Rap Metal material.


  • 1991: Cypress Hill
  • 1993: Black Sunday
  • 1995: Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom
  • 1998: Cypress Hill IV
  • 2000: Skull & Bones
  • 2001: Stoned Raiders
  • 2004: Till Death Do Us Part
  • 2010: Rise Up

This band contains examples of:


 Off the top of my head, Boom Biddy Bye Bye, "Down on the floor and you don't ask why//Put a glock to your dome and you start to cry"