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David Langford is a Welsh science fiction writer and fan. He has won a Hugo Award for his short story "Different Kinds of Darkness", and 27 Hugo Awards in Best Fan Writer and related categories.

Many of his short stories are collected in He Do the Time Police in Different Voices (parodies) and Different Kinds of Darkness (more serious works). The latter includes his BLIT stories, set in a future transformed by the discovery of the Berryman Logical Imaging Technique, which creates computer-generated images that hack into the brain through the visual cortex and cause brain damage and even death in anybody who sees them. ("Different Kinds of Darkness" is itself a BLIT story.)

His novels include The Space Eater (straight science fiction), The Leaky Establishment (a satirical novel inspired by his time as a physicist at the government's Atomic Weapons Research Establishment), and, co-written with John Grant: Guts! (a spoof of creature-horror novels) and Earthdoom! (a spoof of disaster novels in which every possible disaster, from alien invasion to nuclear catastrophe to an army of cloned Hitlers, happens simultaneously).

He has had a monthly column in SFX magazine since it started, and used to have a column in White Dwarf magazine (back when it was a general gaming magazine, and not a Games Workshop house organ). He also runs the sf newszine, Ansible, which he describes as a science fiction version of Private Eye.

David Langford's works provide examples of: