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  • Girl Genius: "Let me tell you about Airman Higgs."
    • Airman Higgs got Baron Wulfenbach out of a burning airship and to safety. During which, he had to deal with a bunch of monsters, an irate Captain Dupree, and a goose, breaking three out of four limbs in the process and getting an infected bite. He managed to get to a town despite his injuries, where he got shot in his last undamaged limb. He informed the local garrison of Wulfenbach's predicament, then passed out.
    • Then shows up here and here fighting off a Muse that is possessed/occupied by the Heterodyne Castle's AI.
    • Gil has his Determinator moments as well, especially when Agatha is in danger:

"I am Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, little man - and there is nothing I couldn't do, had I cause! And now... now I have one!"

"It's Xykon's spell list. Or most of it, anyway." "Are you kidding?!? How did you get this??" "One saving throw at a time."

    • Roy himself sometimes displays Determinator qualities, especially right before Xykon kills him.
  • Laura from Collar 6...well, when Ginger is watching, anyway.
  • The title character from Dr. McNinja.
  • In Homestuck, Sollux Captor manages to get Feferi Peixes into the Medium while he and the rest of the troll species were being mind raped to death by the cry of an Eldritch Abomination. Feferi later returns the favor.
    • Sollux does it again when he telekinetically flies the troll's asteroid toward the beacon of the Green Sun, their only hope of survival, at the rapid speed necessary to get there before the beacon's path fades. The strain is so great that he bleeds from every orifice before ultimately dying permanently of it.
    • Terezi Pyrope also deserves mention, having raised herself almost completely alone from infancy on Alternia, a freaking Death World.
      • This would be amazing already without the fact that she is blind.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob: Fructose Riboflavin, who has been trying to take over the Nemesite Empire for the better part of two thousand years. He's now very old and tired. He's pretty good at knowing when he's lost a battle, he can even be gracious about it, but he never concedes the war, and he's virtually impossible to keep locked up even briefly. Although his sheer frenzied desire for his goal can lead to occasional Villainous Breakdowns.
  • The canadian lumberjack in Antihero for Hire certainly adheres to the trope strongly, as seen here. Some of MANTIS's agents, especially the elites, qualify.
  • El Goonish Shive: Nanase was the only one able to protect Ellen from the Knight Templar trying to kill her, but the only thing she could do was summon a doll-sized version of herself at Ellen's position, though she could still throw full-powered punches in that form. She would get a few hits in, and then the Knight Templar would destroy the doll, which'd give her damaging feedback. So she'd summon another one...and another....and another...
  • The sysadmin in this Xkcd.
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