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Mr. Randall: Sally, do you want to go back to my apartment?

Sally: Ohhh, I know what's gonna happen there, uh-huh! We'll continue to kiss and touch, and kiss and touch, just like the movies — then all of a sudden the scene ends and we're in the park, eating hot dogs and laughing.

Bob and Alice are presumed to have Done The Deed... except we (the viewer) don't really know for sure if they did. This is usually portrayed in one of these ways.

  1. Character A wakes up to find him/herself disrobed. Freak out occurs. Character B walks in and starts gushing about what a great night they had. Char B may or may not be yanking Char A's chain (bonus points if they wake up next to Char B).
  2. Similar to the above, but Chars A and B simultaneously wake up and freak. Kissing Under the Influence is usually involved.
  3. The show/book simply slathers on the innuendo and double meanings whenever a particular two characters are on screen. Regardless of on-screen interaction otherwise.
  4. There's a scene of heavily implied intimacy (often of the Intimate Healing variety) - but nothing is spoken about what "really" went on, leaving it up to the viewers if hanky-panky transpired.
  5. Everyone simply assumes the couple in question did, and said couple never confirms or denies.

A favored trope of Sit Coms—especially of the Three Is Company variety. Often exacerbated by a Shrug of God. Compare Innocent Innuendo—where the answer is a short, but sweet "They didn't". Contrast Fake-Out Make-Out—where they did (sort of), but didn't really "mean it".

See also What Did I Do Last Night? and Bedmate Reveal. Usually follows Will They or Won't They?.

Examples of Did They or Didn't They? include:

Anime & Manga

  • The infamous "arm repair" scene from the Kikaider episode "The Machine That Dreams". Mitsuko probably was just fixing Jiro's arm. But damn if it didn't look like she was working on something else.
  • The Major may or may not have slept with Batou near the end of the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It's another shot you might miss if you look away, as the two of them (wearing their undershirts and having had the prerequisite discussion of mnemonic devices as related to personal identity) enter the Major's room and the door closes behind them.
  • The "Frequency" strip from Axis Powers Hetalia has Japan find out that Greece is number one in the world when it comes to frequency of sex. Japan comments that he envies Greece's vigor as he considers himself rather lacking in that department, and Greece responds that it's best if he learns how to enjoy it more. Cut to a shot of Japan's house from the outside, with Japan screaming so loudly that another country, China, yells at him to be quiet. Cut to Japan in bed, yelling about how relieved he was that it was all a dream... and Greece sleeping right next to him. And they're both naked or at very least shirtless. Needless to say, a lot of fans don't believe Japan's denial there.
  • Momo from To Love Ru loves doing this to Rito, which he does not make a big deal of in any way.
  • Black Lagoon. After their return from Japan, Revy is asked, by Eda, whether she and Rock "did it" or not. Her answer is "Ain't tellin'," which might mean a lot or nothing. The clues in the story could be read in several different ways...
  • Glass Fleet puts a more disturbing angle on the "wake up naked and freak out" variant. Vetti's intentions when he drugs Michel are pretty obvious, and she is appropriately traumatized when she wakes up naked in his bed, but Vetti's disgust at finding out that Michel is a woman casts some doubt on exactly what happened.
  • Macross Frontier has type 4 between Sheryl Nome and Alto Saotome in the series, complete with a bit of a Sexy Discretion Shot. This was debated heavily in some circles, but the light novel series makes it quite clear they did go for it, making it generally accepted that it did happen in the series. Though now that the movies have introduced the possibility of Alternate Continuity, there remains some room to argue.
  • The last episode of the anime version of My Wife Is a High School Girl implies that Kyousuke and Asami either finally did it or were rudely interrupted, but the fact is that after that scene... the kitten crawls from under Asami with her panties on its head...
  • In Highschool of the Dead Takashi and Saeko have a type 4 in episode 9. They kiss and then the screen goes black. Then it cuts to the next morning when they are leaving the temple. Although both are fully clothed, Saeko seems to be adjusting her undies.
  • A chapter in the ero-manga Hoshigari plays with this: a man wakes up in his (female) boss's bed after a night of drinking , with no memory of what had happened the previous night. Her dialogue implies that they practiced their multiplication tables. Our hero, frustrated that he got to learn how to multiply yet not remember a thing decides to go two-for-two. It later turns out that he had done nothing worse than nuzzle against his boss's bosom, but his boss had a thing for him, so she didn't mind the impromptu math lesson.
  • Shaman King, surprisingly, has a scene like this: Yoh and Anna spending the night in the same room of the Asakura household the night before Yoh and his friends left Tokyo to continue the Shaman Fight, with Anna explictly asking Yoh if they can share a room and him being all "... why not?". Evidence from the distant future manga featuring their son, Hana and a bit of Word of God confirms that they did have Their First Time that night. What's more, that means Anna spent the later half of the tournament as a Pregnant Badass.
  • Gundam Wing has a non-sexual Type 4 in the Radio Drama-turned-manga Blind Target. Near the end, as Relena is about to leave, Heero catches her arm and pulls her close; in the audio version he starts to say something before the sound of a jet engine drowns him out, while the manga makes it look like he's leaning in to kiss her. Naturally there was a debate on what exactly happened, and it shouldn't be too hard to guess which group was loudly insisting that nothing happened.
  • The Sky Crawlers: There are two scenes where Yûichi and Kusanagi are together that may or may not have ended in sex, but the camera always fades to black before any kind of confirmation, let alone acknowledgement afterwards.
  • Detective Conan uses Type 3's once in a while regarding Wataru and Miwako, tossing around some slight implications about them being sexually active without fully confirming it. A "Mistaken for Pregnant" incident confirms that they are sleeping together.
    • Much later, another scene implies something similar for Miwako's best friend Yumi and her New Old Flame Shukichi.
  • In Bleach's Soul Society arc, Momo Hinamori and Sousuke Aizen are seen having a talk in Aizen's room in the Gotei 13's barracks. Things is, both are in their sleeping robes through this scene. . . and the next morning, Aizen is seen leaving his quarters fully dressed, plus there's a shot to Momo sleeping in Aizen's somewhat messy-looking futon. . . The implication that Aizen and Momo had sex was so strong, it was Bowdlerised in the anime to simply have Momo in her Shinigami uniform through the talk and then show her sleeping on the tatami floor of Aizen's bedroom, his sleepinmg haori jacket draped over her.

Comics — Books

  • There is a somewhat eyebrow-raising Spider-Man example from the 70's. Peter's old flame Betty Brant has had a fight with her husband, she comes to Peter for comfort. They end up kissing. Cut, next panel is "several hours later" and Peter is feeling really guilty...
  • Elf Quest
    • In Siege at Blue Mountain there's a scene where Leetah and Nightfall (both female) dance naked in the woods by night. It's never explicitly stated that they go any further, but given the elves' liberal attitude to sex it's far from unlikely.
    • A later Elf Quest story has a variation. One of Skywise's three girlfriends(!) wants commitment and not just meaningless sex. At the end of the story she's considering whether to join in with the other three anyway, but the ending doesn't tell us what she decides.
  • Despite Word of God proclamation saying "They Didn't" - and Rogue canonically losing her virginity to Gambit years later,[1] the X-Men fandom remains convinced Magneto and Rogue got together during the time they were stranded and powerless in the Savage Land ]. The "They didn't" side isn't helped by the fact that that storyline was followed soon after by Age of Apocalypse—Where Rogue and Magneto had a child together. And that was followed up by one of the first characters introduced in Exiles being Magnus, another son of theirs.
  • Don Rosa can neither confirm nor deny "what happened that night" in "The Prisoner of White Agony Creek" (Chapter 8B of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck), asserting it's "for each of us duck fans to imagine in our own minds. I have my own idea, but after all, this is a Disney comic!" (It should be noted that this scene is also listed under Destructo-Nookie.)
  • Superman
    • In Bronze Age comics, Clark's first date with Lois apparently ends with them talking on the couch, having enjoyed a meal of beef bourguignon. Fanon is that "beef bourguignon" is their codeword for sex from then on. (In Post-Crisis comics, it's still Clark's favourite food, and is used as a codeword that he's fine, not a shapeshifting alien monster, and so on...)
    • The story in question was "Who Took the Super Out of Superman?". In the original script, Elliot S! Maggin wrote the next panel after the lights went out as Lois at work the next day, singing happily to herself, wearing the same outfit she had worn the night before. A coworker pointed this out, clearly implying that Lois had gotten lucky the night before. The editor, Julius Schwartz, made Maggin change it in the published edition, so that the line instead refers to Lois wearing a different outfit, even though it's clear from the drawing that it's the same outfit.
    • Another Superman example, this time from the Iron Age. It is at the very least subtext that Clark Kent and Cat Grant were sleeping together.
  • Runaways is usually pretty vague about just how far the various teenage couples are going physically. At one point Gert alludes to the fact that she and Chase share a bed, but they are never shown doing more than kissing. Another time, Nico and Victor are shown sitting in bed together—fully clothed. The dialogue makes it clear that something just happened between them without giving away any details. On the other hand, there was the time Chase joked that Gert's new codename should be "Power Vacuum".
  • Zot: Zot and Jenny spend an entire issue discussing whether they're gonna. They apparently come to the answer "not yet", but then again the issue ends with her following Zot into his interdimensional suitcase (it's that kind of book). What they did in there is up to the reader.

Comics — Newspaper

  • For a while, Word of God from Scott Adams was that whether Dilbert and Liz had done it depended entirely on whether the individual reader wanted them to have. Current Word of God is that Dilbert's still a virgin.
  • In, of all places, Luann: TJ leaves Brad and Toni on the couch while he shops for dinner ingredients. TJ returns to find Brad emerging from the hallway, claiming to have shown Toni where the bathroom was. During dinner, we get this Freudian conversation:

 TJ: You two look all happy and grinny this evening.

Brad: That's 'cuz the risotto's so good.

Toni: Yeah, and the Brad is yummy.

TJ: The what?!

Brad: I think she meant "bread".

Toni: Wha'd I say?


Films — Live-Action

  • Ghostbusters: It's never been spelled out whether or not the possessed Dana (The Gatekeeper) and Lewis (The Keymaster) actually did the deed. A DVD extra scene has Louis asking Dana if they did. She denies it just a little too strongly.
    • Considering the names "Keymaster" and "Gatekeeper," how Gozer couldn't be summoned until they met, and how they wake up lying next to one another in a bed before the final battle, one can't be faulted for assuming they did.
  • A major point of confusion for Tracy & Mike's drunken evening from Tracy's point of view (she remembers little) in The Philadelphia Story. Mike is the only one completely privy to events—all we see is a kiss, then they run to the pool hand in hand and and later return wearing robes, Mike singing with Tracy in his arms. Mike confirms the innocence of the swim later (and satisfies the censors).
  • This argument in Raiders of the Lost Ark:

 Indy: I never meant to hurt you.

Marion: I was a child. I was in love. It was wrong and you knew it!

Indy: You knew what you were doing.

Marion: Now I do!

  • Of all things, the two male leads in Superbad, after they fall asleep drunk together on the floor. The commentary actually brings it up, citing a review where they were criticized for not taking the scene to its obvious conclusion.
  • In Brick, it's left to the individual viewer whether Brendan and Laura ever had sex in the final 20 minutes of the movie. Word Of God has been very confusing on this matter: the movie was written and shot to imply they do, but then edited to imply they don't.
  • I Confess: It's never made clear just what happened between Michael and Ruth in that gazebo during the storm, although just the fact that it looked suggestive sets the whole plot in motion. Presumably they couldn't say anything more because the censors at the time were already offended enough by the idea of a married woman and a priest being in love.
  • Before Sunrise uses type 4, but the sequel Before Sunset gave a definitive answer. They did.
  • In X-Men: First Class, a Type 4 example happens between Magneto and Mystique, where the latter attempts to seduce the former, but is rejected until she turns into her true mutant form and they share an intimate moment and a kiss. The scene cuts to Mystique later appearing before Xavier in the kitchen, naked and without her robe, making it unclear if anything happened between them or not.


  • Doctor Who Expanded Universe:
    • Subverted in the novel Death and Diplomacy. Benny and Jason get drunk and go to bed together; the narrator talks about how things are usually affable and casual the morning after a drunken hook-up because both parties subliminally know they fell asleep before anything serious could happen. In this case, however, those subliminals are featured using words like "repeated," "volcanic," and "multiple," so breakfast is tense and miserable.
    • An example of the first variety occurs in the Eighth Doctor novel The Taint, although the reader knows exactly what went on—Sam got a little drunk and a whole lot concussed, and Fitz put her to bed, undressed her down to her underwear, and got in bed with her naked, and in the morning claimed they had wild, amazing sex and is very hurt that she doesn't even remember. Somehow, she eventually forgives him.
    • In the epilogue of The Dying Days, Benny told the Eighth Doctor (whom she'd only just met) that before he left there was something she needed to do. Before he could ask what, she "grabbed the lapels of his frock coat, kissed him square on the mouth and pushed him down hard onto the bed" and...? There's a Shrug of God in the author's notes, and that's probably as close as it's going to get with the Doctor.
      • In the Big Finish audio The Company of Friends-Benny's Story (technically a sequel to this), Benny narrates that "At the end of that [The Dying Days] he dropped me off back at my native time zone, and we...ahem shook hands, and said goodbye".
  • His Dark Materials: It probably didn't go as far as actual sex, but Phillip Pullman has been very, very vague about what Will and Lyra actually did at the end of The Amber Spyglass. Maybe because they're twelve years old.
    • This one has a lot more problems than just the text itself. No other interpretation seems to make sense. Add to that the massive amounts of phallic and vaginal imagery throughout the books, the fact that now Will is an adult the only thing that breaks the knife is an image of Lyra instead of his mother... Likely the only reason Pullman won't confirm this is because he knows he would be crucified for their age (which is arguably closer to 14, but that's digressing).
      • Well, that, and everyone obsessing over sex is missing the point of the scene. It's about realization of what they mean to each other. Anybody seeing anything dirty probably has a dirty mind to begin with.
      • Considering that the books are usually in the 12 and up section in most stores, that would be everyone.
  • The fourth Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy novel points out three previous occasions on which Arthur may have had sex (with Trillian, with a Krikkiter woman, and with Mella the Golgofrinchan) before telling us to mind our own business. He does definitely do it with Fenchurch, though.

 "Does he not, to put it in a nutshell, fuck?"

  • In the third Everworld book, The Hero and the Manipulative Bitch were noted by the other three main characters to have been sharing a room. It's never stated outright whether they actually did it, though The Hero denies it, and the Manipulative Bitch is in an unusually good mood afterwards, even going so far as to be moderately civil to her half-sister in conversation.
  • In the novel Gone with the Wind, after Bonnie is killed, Rhett goes into a suicidal tailspin of grief...until Melanie manages to get him to let her in where he's sitting with the body, and then nothing is heard from them for hours...until Melanie comes out and says that Rhett's OK with the funeral taking place. Margaret Mitchell was asked about what they did, and her response was "Oh, dear, even the most virtuous women must be careful..." but did not directly deny or confirm the fans' speculation.
  • Harry and Ginny were said to take a lot of trips to "secluded areas of the grounds" during Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Justified Trope in that even if they had done it, which is pretty likely since they're both hormonal teenagers and Ginny jokingly spreads rumors about Harry's secret tattoos, Rowling couldn't have written about it because of Moral Guardians.
    • Possibly ruled out by sequel The Deathly Hallows, which suggests her birthday kiss to him is as intense as it's ever got between them. (And Word of God suggests Harry is "inexperienced".) They've done it at least three times by the epilogue though.
    • The Movie has a hilarious type 3 when Harry practically jumps out of his skin when Ron asks if he and Ginny "did it". (All they did was hide a book... apparently.) There might even be one between Harry and Hermione: After they've spent a considerable time alone together, aware they could die any day and probably won't get many opportunities, Ron asks Hermione if she knows Harry talks in his sleep and she replies "No" a bit too forcefully. (JK Rowling admits they shared some "charged moments" and "it could have gone that way" but seems to largely come down on the side of "They didn't.")
  • In The Sweet Far Thing, type 4 happens with Kartik and Gemma. When asked if it happened, the author said it's up to interpretation.

Live-Action TV

  • Babylon Five
    • Ivanova and Talia might have hooked up in Talia's last episode; the writers spent the whole episode ratcheting up the UST, the two definitely shared a bed that night, and Talia casually reached across the bed at one point in the middle of the night (only to find that Ivanova wasn't there any more). And Ivanova admitted in a later episode that she probably loved Talia. But with Talia's sudden departure, it was never clearly resolved exactly how far things had gone.
    • Also in Babylon Five, several of Sheridan and Delenn's off-screen encounters, particularly the 'problem solver' scene, fit into this category.
  • Cheers subverted the trope with Sam and Rebecca. When they finally did do it, they kept it between the two of them. When Sam tried to stand up for Rebecca later, by stating how good she was in bed (this is Sam we're talking about), none of the other regulars bought it... because they'd kept it to themselves (something totally counter to Sam's Casanova nature and, to be fair, prior actions.).
  • In an episode of Due South, Fraser and Frannie (RayV's sister) are implied to have had a one-night stand. Whether they've done it or not is never clarified, and after that episode, it was never referenced again.
  • House.
    • Once in "Top Secret", Cameron openly admits to Foreman that she and Chase snuck away to have sex when they were supposed to be working, but he doesn't believe her, laughingly stating that "House would do Wilson before you'd do Chase".
    • Second is after the kiss between House and Cuddy he makes his usual crude remarks to his team, nicely throwing them off the trail, but when he says just about the same thing to Wilson, Wilson believes him.
    • In another instance, for a long time it was heavily implied that House and Cuddy had a one-night-stand years before the start of the series. That wasn't confirmed until later seasons.
  • In one Inspector Morse episode, it's hinted that Morse may have spent the night with Emma Pickford when he arrives at the police station the next morning in an unnaturally good mood... and his Leitmotif is played in a major key, for the first time in five years.
  • Law and Order infamously heavily implied that Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid were sleeping together—even Lampshading it in McCoy's first episode (Jack confesses that he's slept with three of his female assistants, marrying two of them. Claire discovers that he's only had the three female assistants). It seems they're trying to pull the same trick with Mike Cutter and Connie Rubirosa.
  • Happens once in The Nanny. A few seasons before Mr. Sheffield and Fran get married, she comes home from a party drunk and stumbles into his room without realising it. He is doped up on cold meds, so in the morning, neither can recall what happened. In the end it is revealed that they did, because Mr. Sheffield had previously stated that he always sings 'Georgie Girl' afterwards and Fran had said that her ears always itch. They each realize this at the same moment.
  • Half the plot of one episode of Jack of All Trades revolves around the audience and two main characters wondering, after waking up naked together. They didn't. They were served mind-controlling wine by Napoleon, who simply told them strip, run through the streets, and go straight to sleep in bed.
  • The NCIS episode "Under Covers" toys with this; McGee is clearly left wondering about Tony and Ziva after a pair of FBI agents suggest the two really had sex with each other to maintain their cover during the episode's operation. (Various bits of dialogue between Tony and Ziva later in the series make it clear that they didn't.)
    • And now Season 7's "Jetlag" is torturing us again! And oooohhhh, Fetish Fuel.
  • The Office (U.S.) has had a few of these. In the episode "Business Trip", Michael and a concierge have a good time at a bar together and later on, we see him leaving what appears to be her hotel room as she hands him his shoes. Michael is visibly disappointed by whatever happened, which suggests that it was either a make-out session that didn't go all the way or sex without cuddling. The Word of God on this is something along the lines of "we wrote it as if they had sex, but we still kept it ambiguous."
  • Three's Company: After a night of drinking, Mr. Roper wakes up in bed with Jack. Despite Jack's assurances that nothing happened, Roper acts like he's committed some sort of mortal sin. Jack jumps on the grenade and confesses that he's not gay to try and snap him out of it. Roper still doesn't buy it, but respects the fact that Jack was willing to risk getting thrown out of the apartment just to spare his feelings.
  • In The Young Ones episode "Time", Rick wakes up next to a girl and immediately assumes that he and she must have "done it", even though he can't remember. He's such a repulsive character that it's not a huge surprise when she reveals that she just crashed out in his bed.
  • Darkly subverted with Peter and Darcy on Degrassi the Next Generation... Unless sex is a part of the character's immediate plot, two characters in a relationship are rarely confirmed to have sex. Often its only confirmed much later if they did or didn't by a throwaway piece of dialog when sex is a part of the plot. Spinner having sex with Manny is only confirmed in Season 5 (when Spinner becomes a virgin again as part of Friendship Club), and Ellie's not having sex with Sean is confirmed in Season 6 (when she tells Ashley she's a virgin afraid to be seen as a kid with her older more experienced boyfriend).
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Giles and Joyce Summers are implied to have sex in "Band Candy". It is confirmed in "Earshot".
    • Also, in the final episode of Season 7, on the night before the big showdown with the First Evil, Buffy and Spike spend the night together in Spike's corner of the basement, and they are seen cuddling in bed. However, the scene echoes an episode not long before in which they were cuddling in bed and it was explicitly stated that nothing else happened, so it's never clear whether they had sex or not. When asked, Joss Whedon refused to confirm or deny.
    • In a very late episode, a freshly introduced character is trying to get her head wrapped around the team's past relationships, and blurts out, "Have any of you not slept together?!" Xander and Spike (two males characters who nearly never interact on-screen, and who rarely appear on-screen together at that) look at each other... and the camera cuts away before they have a chance to speak up. The fandom goes crazy speculating. Joss does this a lot.
    • For some time due to Executive Meddling the Tillow relationship could not be portrayed openly, but it's implied that Willow and Tara shared either their First Kiss or Their First Time in "The I in Team". Buffy returns to her dorm the morning after she's slept with Riley for the first time, to find the dorm empty and the bed still made. Willow then enters, having spent the night "casting spells" with Tara. Willow is holding a crystal which she'd earlier rejected as a gift from Tara because it was a rare family heirloom, implying that she's now accepted it as a lover's token. The following episode has one of the more famous spellcasting = lesbian love conversations in reference to what happened the previous night.
  • Subverted in General Hospital, in which a hungover Dillon woke up in bed with Sage, who insisted that they had slept together. He didn't believe it for a second.
  • The Young and The Restless
    • Used when Brittany climbs into bed with a drunken Billy. When he wakes up, he thinks that they had sex (they hadn't) and breaks up with his girlfriend Mac out of guilt. He later reconciles with Brittany and sleeps with her for real, still believing that they had already had sex.
    • Also happens more recently, when Chloe tries to make Cane think that her baby is his by telling him they had sex when he was drunk. This lie leads to all kinds of things coming out, since the real father is Cane's half-brother, except... he isn't.
  • Subverted in Married... with Children. A hungover Marcy wakes up next to BUD, of all people, sees him covered with her lipstick, and they both assume the worst. Little do they know that they've been set up by Kelly, who's playing a trick on Bud. It's understandable that Marcy might not remember what happened, given that she was drunk, but Bud was sober—what's HIS excuse?
  • The X-Files episode teaser "all things" does this; the scene opens to find Scully dressing in Mulder's bathroom and pulls back to find Mulder seemingly-naked in his bed. Debate still rages among fans over whether or not anything happened.
  • Wings: In one episode the entire airport—Alex included—wants to know if Joe slept with Alex after he drove her home one night. In the end he finally tells Alex that nothing happened.
  • Happens in the end of the first season of The IT Crowd after a party. First Jen gets a type 1 with Moss, Roy gets a type 4 with Moss's psychiatrist, who looks like his mother... and then Reynholm and Richmond get a type 2 with each other.
  • Occurs in the Farscape episode "A Human Reaction". John and Aeryn kiss and the scene cuts to them both awake and dressed the next day, never directly acknowledging what happened.
  • Played with in series two of Ashes to Ashes. Alex and Gene declare they are "Going home" at exactly the same then slipping off and becoming conspicuous by their absence, causing an awkward silence and much exchanging of looks between CID. Cut to them walking separate ways to a pre-determined meeting point looking rather distracted. Add to that some Accidental Innuendo and most of the fandom groaned in frustration when it turned out they we're only bugging The Dragon's office. They do, however fall asleep together on Gene's desk and have a type 2 scene the next morning in front of the rest of the team who don't know this is what they were doing.
  • River Song appears in Doctor Who with the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. She's met the Doctor before, but he hadn't met her—they're both time travelers. Oh, and she has her own sonic screwdriver, knows how to pilot the TARDIS (possibly better than the Doctor, taught by the TARDIS itself), can write Ancient High Gallifreyan, and calls the Doctor "sweetie". She's managed on two occasions to actually call the Doctor to specific locations in space and time just by placing clues she knew the Doctor would find. The two kiss several times on screen in series 6, though nothing more, and she "marries" the Doctor in "The Wedding of River Song", though it could be argued that she's basically married to a robot's complicated.
  • Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia: One of the early episodes sees Dennis get really drunk and wake up in bed with a guy. Then another guy comes out of the bathroom. We don't know, but we can guess.
  • The second-to-last Bones episode of season 6 does this for Booth and Brennan. They did.
  • In one episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted leaves it ambiguous to everyone (and especially to Barney) if he just has had a threesome or not.
  • Gunsmoke: For 20 seasons they left the question of whether or not Marshal Dillon was doing Miss Kitty entirely unresolved.
  • In Home Improvement, Tim finds out that Heidi stayed overnight at Al's place and he spends the episode being obsessed with finding out whether they did it or not. Turns out Heidi was just crashing at Al's place due to maritial issues with her husband.
  • In the Charlie's Angels episode "Toni's Boys", Kris and male Angel Bob Sorenson spend an entire weekend together, suggesting that theywre having sex. Later on when Bob has his shirt off at male strip club, in this scene it's implied that Kris has seen Bob naked when Jade Allen, who is the strip club's owner asks "Is the rest of you this good?" and Bob looks to Kris and says "Well, I haven't had any complaints.".


  • Harry Chapin's "Sequel": "Don't ask me if I made love to her / Or which one of us started to cry / Don't ask me why she wouldn't take the money that I left / If I answered at all, I'd lie."

Video Games

  • In Knights of the Old Republic, if the player uses a light-side male character, he can experience a romantic subplot with Bastila that culminates with the two of them expressing their feelings in private and sharing a kiss. Whether or not they share anything more than a kiss is debatable; the screen fades out when they embrace, and when it fades back in, Bastila acts disproportionately embarrassed over what was ostensibly nothing more than a smooch. No other hints are given which point one way or the other, as none of the other characters ever comment on your relationship with her. Word of God says "did".
  • An in-universe example occurs in Knights of the Old Republic II, where if you have enough light-side points Mira will comment that she thought you had sex with whichever possible love interest you have more Influence with at that point. We, as the viewer, however, know that nothing of the kind is programmed to be possible to take place in the game.
  • Female Shepard and Garrus if his romance arc is pursued in Mass Effect 2. The romance starts with Shepard suggesting blowing off some steam between old friends and battlemates, but as the romance progresses it becomes more than clear to both of them that it's not just about sex. During the culmination cutscene they have a talk about how far they've traveled together and have become more or less soulmates. However, since the cutscene fades to black in an Almost Kiss position, fans debate whether or not they did the deed.
    • Seeing as you unlock the same achievement for bringing this about as with any other romantic pairing in the game, it's highly likely that they did.
      • The matter is definitively settled once and for all in Mass Effect 3. They make a few references to having slept together in the previous game, starting from their first conversation aboard the Normandy after Garrus joins up again. If you choose to continue the romance, later on Shepard will playfully joke with him about having woken up next to a turian. They can also have sex again before the raid on Cerberus HQ, and this time Shepard wakes up in her underwear to really make it obvious. It nearly verges on Take That on Bioware's part, actually.
  • The culminating scenes of the romances in Jade Empire show the player and his/her significant other kissing, but only Dawn Star's dialogue gives any indication that anything else happened afterwards.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Shortly before entering the Final Dungeon, the party disbands so that its members can spend the last days before the apocalypse with their families before returning (or simply stay home entirely). Cloud and Tifa remain behind, having no families of their own to go home to, and spend the night huddled together in the shadow of their airship. When the two of them board the ship the next morning, they find that all of the departed party members have returned, and have been aboard for some time. Tifa promptly freaks out and actually falls to her knees, demanding to know if they "were watching" her and Cloud the night before; the severity of her reaction strongly suggests that the two of them became intimate, but nothing is explicitly stated. Word of God has confirmed this.
  • Blaze Union plays on the fourth variation. Route A is divided down the middle by a Time Skip, and at the end of the revolution, Gulcasa and Nessiah are suddenly inseparable and very affectionate with each other with no explanation given as to how this happened. At the end of the penultimate battlefield, there's an intense scene between them with very strong Mate or Die undertones. A teammate spying on them takes it up with Gulcasa later, at which point the narrative starts dovetailing with the archetypal Coming Out Story. The actual debated issue is Gulcasa's demonhood rather than his sexuality, probably because this is after all a same-sex couple, but it's implied that he and Nessiah started sleeping together sometime during the timeskip.
    • And according to Yggdra Unison, which takes place three years after Blaze Union, Gulcasa is no longer a virgin. The incidents that Blaze Union depicts point to Nessiah as the likeliest culprit, although Word of God is mum on the issue so far.
  • In Persona 3, completing a romantic Social Link results in a Fade to Black and the message that you "spent a long time" or "spent a tender moment with" the love interest in question. Exactly how suggestive this is varies depending on the character and occasionally on the player's dialogue choices during the scene.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has Zelda and Link getting intimate... probably. Zelda wakes up from her thousand-year sleep and promptly collapses, and as Link cradles her in his arms, the screen fades to white. They are then seen holding hands right afterwards and looking very sheepish, as well as couple-y, indeed. This is even Lampshaded by one of the characters. Suffice to say that no one knows what happened during that White Screen.

Web Comics


 "If happened, Richek kind of want to remember!" (they did)

  • In Nip and Tuck, one of Nip's fellow stuntmen finds herself with a hole in her memory and missing underwear after a wrap party. And the local Alpha Jerkass is showing off said panties like a 10-point buck. (Turns out, the Jerkass came across the woman passed out on the toilet, and swiped her panties as a prank.)
  • This As Seen in VT comic.
  • In Namir Deiter, everyone assumed Blue and her boss, Ian were sleeping together. Everyone, up to and including Ian's wife, who uses that as a rationale to file for divorce. They weren't. (They hadn't even entertained the idea until Ian's wife blew things up). And it turned out they didn't go much further after the fact. It also turned out that Ian was lying about his wife's motivation: He used Blue as a scapegoat for his multiple affairs after his wife caught him smelling of (someone else's) perfume.
  • Played straight and then averted in this Flipside strip (from the Book 0 archive), where Regina and Lucient are implied to have done something more than kissing, but we later find out that was all that happened.
  • Mark and Steve (NSFW) in Khaos Komix woke up naked in a bed together after getting drunk and making out the night before. Steve doesn't remember a thing; Mark says that they did have sex but also claims not to remember. Mark limps around for the next two days, giving strong evidence for they did. Mark's story reveals more: they tried, but failed because they didn't know what they were doing — Mark remembers, but lied about it the morning after because Steve freaked out before Mark could say anything.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic: It's never spelled out how far Wolf and Glon went between this and this, but it was enough that A) it satisfied their captor (who liked to watch), and B) Glon was still ticked about it.
  • Out There is full of type 4, and Word of God explicitly states that it's up to the readers whether any two characters who've been seen making out ever did anything more than that, although sometimes it's clearly demonstrated that they didn't. On the first night they meet, Miriam and John end up spending the night in a hotel together after she ties one on (nothing happens, except a REALLY good dream). Later, Miriam and Clayton end up in bed together, and Miriam needs a recap the next day to find out what happened. Still later, Miriam wakes up on Araceli's couch and has trouble remembering what they did the night before, but she figures it out on her own, confirming (in her own mind) that she doesn't have a drinking problem, after all.

Web Original

  • In a "they did" example, Doug and Lindsay confirmed two years later that the fans were right when they thought The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick had sex twice (the hand-holding pregnancy-inducing scene and their fighting cut off by static and turning into happy dancing with different clothes) in their crossover review of Fern Gully.

Western Animation

  • Duckman and Bernice mutually wake up and freak out—complete with a pair of boxers with lipstick on them. Given that that scene came in the final seconds of the episode, and that the pair were right back to their normal dynamic by the start of the next episode, we'll probably never know.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has two: Sokka & Suki and Zuko & Mai both get "Morning After" scenes that were just vague enough to slip past the watchdogs (and were only a bit more subtle than the Talia/Ivanova scene described above).
    • In the "Cave of Lovers" episode, Aang and Katara lean in to kiss just as their torches are about to go out... it's left up to the audience to decide whether or not they actually did kiss before the cave's secret was revealed.
  • In Batman: The Animated Series, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn work together when Harley is thrown out by The Joker. The first time this happened it cuts from them driving away to them wearing only their shirts and maybe panties talking about how much they hate men. Whenever they are seen hiding together, they only ever seem to have one bed. It was confirmed by Word of Gay.
  1. Though there was the swiftly-consigned-to-Discontinuity revelation that she actually had her v-card punched by The Sentry