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When the porn star says "Don't ask," don't ask.

A character not known for their sexual prowess comes into work/school/library/other location in a great mood, possibly dancing, singing, maybe some skipping or depending on the character even a pelvic thrust or a Freudian Slip, with a broad grin on their face. Other characters comment how "you're in a good mood" and then somebody asks "you had sex, didn't you?" (Alternatively, they'll go through the Did You Get a New Haircut? routine.)

Normally used on characters that are a bit grumpy or disillusioned proving that all they needed was to get laid. It's almost always a male, as the female equivalent is more subdued.

Compare to Virgin Vision, where another person can tell a character has had sex without any clues being given off, and Virginity Flag, where there is a blatantly obvious sign of the loss of virginity.

Examples of Did You Just Have Sex? include:

Anime & Manga[]

  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Chaste Hero Setsuna asks his teammate Lockon "what are Allelujah and Sumeragi doing next door?" in the CD drama.
  • Eda in Black Lagoon has asked this to Revy more than once. Needless to say, each time she does, Revy is not amused.
  • In Junjou Romantica, Miyagi teases his collegue Hiroki about this a few times, once just to watch him squirm.
  • Bakemonogatari: Araragi is seen in what one might call an exuberant and joyful mood. It's difficult to confirm that anything really did happen the previous night, but he does seem awfully happy.
  • Implied in Ergo Proxy. After a certain point in the plot Vincent and Re-l act a lot nicer to each other. This is never explained.
  • School Days: While never asked, Taisuke has this expression in a certain episode. This being School Days, that's because the night before, he indeed had sex, or rather, forced himself on Kotonoha while she was shocked at knowing that Makoto chose Sekai for his Folk Dance partner. She coldly dismissed him the day after and Taisuke is none the wiser that what he had done is basically rape. Did we say this anime is a Dysfunction Junction?
  • Gravitation: Played with/inverted. The night after Shuichi first has sex with Yuki, he walks around with glowing eyes and an enormous smile, asks his best friend to ask him what happened last night, and then won't specify.

Comic Books[]

  • In Astonishing X-Men, after Kitty Pryde and Peter "Colossus" Rasputin finally consummated their relationship, they go to the kitchen together in high spirits, only to be surprised by the presence of Kitty's Big Brother Mentor Wolverine. Logan simply looks back and forth between them and says "'Bout time." Logan has super smell among his Super Senses and almost certainly caught the whiff of afterglow.
  • A Superman story from the 1970s, Who Took the Super out of Superman has Lois Lane visiting Clark Kent's apartment and cooking him a beef bourguignon dinner, before having a romantic night together. Lois goes into work at the Daily Planet the next morning and a coworker, Steve Lombard, notices her acting unusually. It's ultimately ambiguous whether or not Clark and Lois actually did sleep together. The Superman fandom has turned beef bourguignon into something of an in-joke. Occasionally, beef bourguignon will also appear as a Mythology Gag.



 HK-47: Extrapolation, Master: The commander meatbag exited your bunkroom with a smile on his face, and you are presently unclothed, your body temperature is higher than normal, and your facial read-out falls in the range termed as 'flushed.' Do you require some post-coital refreshment?

  • In One Thing Leads to Another, Robin and Starfire come to the common room after their first time. Among their teammates, one is an empath, the other is a shapeshifter with an enhanced sense of smell. They are quick to do the math.


  • (In)famously in Gone With The Wind, when Scarlett wakes up singing after a night of semi-consensual sex with Rhett.
  • Every Which Way But Loose: Slowly pieced together by the main character's sidekick. Initially, he thinks their literal Team Pet just mated.
  • The Brazilian movie A Mulher Invisível has a line that goes like "You're too happy. Are you screwing someone?". He... kinda is.
  • In Ten Inch Hero Jen, who is a virgin, masturbates for the first time. Later:

 Priestly: Hey, Jen, did you do something different with your hair?

Jen: No, why?

Priestly: I don't know. You just look different.

  • In Turner And Hooch, when the normally uptight Turner tells his workmate to relax, the workmate suddenly proclaims, "You humped the vet!"
  • In Sliver: "You do look like you fucked your brains out."
  • In The Specials, Deadly Girl is a bit more upbeat than usual and Minute Man is looking a little more relaxed. Ms. Indestructable takes one look at them and blurts out "Did you two sleep together?!" Deadly Girl wryly asks if oral sex counts, then cheerfully announces "Doughnuts for everyone!"
  • In the Dragnet movie, after rescuing a would-be Virgin Sacrifice, Friday consistently refers back to it whenever he mentions her name. Until the very end:

 Friday: ...a quiet evening in the company of Connie Swail.

Streebeck: Wait a minute. Connie Swail? Don't you mean "the virgin Connie Swail"?

  • A couple times in Mallrats, other characters comment that Brodie is "glowing" shortly after he had elevator sex.


  • In Starfighters of Adumar, Wedge, the leader and responsible type of Red Flight, reconciles with his old love interest Iella Wesseri. The next morning he is exuberant, a little flighty, and joking readily, while his Wing Man, who normally is the one with all those traits but spent the night on the balcony watching for attackers, is grumpy. It's never said outright, but the scenes do imply that Wedge and Iella had sex, and Wes almost-but-doesn't-quite ask him.
  • In Alex Sanchez's Rainbow Road: "You two sure are smiley today. Did you finally bone last night?"
  • After a night with Morelli in Four to Score, Stephanie Plum has to deal with Connie, Lula, Vinnie, and Ranger all commenting on her suddenly active sex life as soon as she's in the same room with them (and she didn't tell any of them).
  • Traci Harding's The Ancient Future Trilogy: "I know that walk. That's Teo's 'I just got laid' stride."
  • Paul Robinson's Instrument of God: Supervisor 246 recounts his first time with a woman as another teenager shows up. "‘Look, I'd better go,' I said, and I tried to walk past him. Well, I guess her boyfriend could smell it on me, because he said, ‘Did you just fuck her?' I probably should have just lied, and said ‘no,' then left. ‘Yeah,' I said."
  • In Tom Clancy's Clear and Present Danger, the FBI director's secretary starts a relationship with a drug lord's intelligence agent and when she goes to work the next day, her coworkers notice she has "a sparkle in her eye that could not be hidden."
  • Honor Harrington: After Honor sleeps with Paul Tankersely, her admiral notes that "dinner agreed with her".
  • In The Pursuit Of Happyness, by Douglas Kennedy, Sara's brother Eric knows that she slept with Jack, the guy she met at Eric's party.
  • In one of the Alien Nation books, Sykes tries to have sex with an alien, leaving him with bruises on his neck from her legs; the aliens become very "uninhibited". While humans generally don't know enough about Tenctonese physiology to figure out what happened to him, his coworker is an alien too. He rehearses lying to cover it up. The moment he enters the workplace, another alien says "did you copulate with a Tenctonese last night?" Sputtering, he tries to run off, with the alien shouting behind him "sexual ignorance is dangerous!" Meeting his coworker only leads to more awkwardness (as his coworker knows his alien girlfriend).
  • The Sound And The Fury is this trope played seriously. Caddy's loss of her virginity is an obsession within the Compson family, with each of the members having a different reaction to it. Her special needs brother Benjy can even smell that something's changed about her after her first time.

Live Action TV[]

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Xander does this to himself in the middle of a very weird night. The best part is that no one else figures it out.
  • This happens a couple of times between Angel and Wesley in Angel. In in a season 2 episode, Angel remarks that Wesley had sex with a blonde the night before. In season 4, during his Angelus turn, Angel mentions in front of the whole gang that Wesley has been having sex with Lilah.
  • In Just Shoot Me Finch comes into work after sleeping with his supermodel girlfriend and somebody comments, "Wow, the only time I've seen you this happy is two years ago whe--you had sex, didn't you?"
    • In another episode, Nina claims that Maya has sex every twelve months, which is how she knows to set the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Scrubs
    • There's only one day of the year when Dr. Bob Kelso's in a good mood (the day after his wedding anniversary) so people only ask him for anything once a year. This actually turns out to be a subversion: his wife always spends the anniversary at "fat camp". Kelso, however, allows the myth to continue so people only ask him for things once a year.
    • Another subversion where JD has trouble getting it up and walks into work thinking everyone is doing this when they're not:

 Dr. Cox: Hey, Newbie, what's up?

J.D.: Everything! Everything's up!

Dr. Kelso: Rise and shine, sport!

J.D.'s narration: What, did someone send out a flier?!

Todd: Hey, J.D.! How's your penis?

J.D.'s narration: All right, calm down, he says that to everyone.

    • Another example is Turk, who demonstrates an uncanny ability to always know when two people have had sex. He deduces J.D. and Elliot's hook-up solely on how they exchanged nods at work. He then points out two male orderlies who he claims have started dating, and he's quickly proven right. In J.D.'s case, explained by the sex gongs they bought each other. Except, of course, when JD moves out and Turk still hears it...

 Turk:"Yeah, buddy!"

    • A great example is when Dr Cox starts dating pharmaceutical rep Julie (played by Heather Locklear) in season two. He goes from surly Cox to carrying Julie piggyback singing "Perry's gonna get some loving!" while she smacks his ass. He even winks at J.D.
    • Turk learns about Denise's and Drew's relationship from Todd, who's appearent super-sex skills allow him to detect any sex in the hospital, their position, and what clothes they are/aren't wearing.
      • "Why won't you let him take off his pants?"
  • In Frasier the incredibly uptight Niles was oddly chipper—when someone called him on this, he responded with I Have Just One Thing to Say: "I find that comment boorish and offensive and... impossible to deny!"
  • There was an episode of Friends where Ross did this and was called out on it by old ladies. He gleefully shouts back at them "twice!"
    • Another Friends example. Monica has just been with Paul the Wine Guy, and her co-worker calls her on why she's smiling all the time. As Rachel said earlier, "It looks like you slept with a hanger in your mouth!"
    • Another example! This comes from when Phoebe sees Chandler and Monica for the first time since their trip to London, where the two hooked up. She immediately yells out "You had sex!" to which the two start sputtering and trying to deny it. Phoebe says to Chandler, "Well, obviously not YOU. I meant Monica." Monica then denies it as well. In a rare subversion, Phoebe accepts this, saying "Man, this pregnancy's throwing me all off."
      • "And making me fat."
  • An episode of Will and Grace had two characters do this to Grace, with one actually able to identify the other man with this too. Both cases are a simple "You had sex!"
  • In That 70s Show, the day after Eric and Donna have first made love, a weirded-out Donna appears from Jackie's point of view to have the words "I had sex" on her forehead. Eric, on the other hand, had the words "Guilty" written on his forehead when talking to Donna's father.
  • In Night Court, the day after Christine gets charmed by a young artist she successfully defended, she shows up smiling as usual. Resident lecher Dan takes one look at her and declares "You bopped the kid!".
  • In Whos the Boss, Tony runs into Mona after he's had a "successful" date. Mona nonchalantly busts him.

 Tony: [stunned] How could you tell?

Mona: How does a sailor know when a storm's a'brewin!

She also knows he didn't sleep with Angela, because she wasn't singing "Climb Every Mountain".
  • NCIS
    • "Endgame" has Tony doing this when McGee walks into the office extremely happy. Tony refers to it as "Pulling a Heston" in a reference to Planet of the Apes.
    • Ziva does it to Tony once as well — gleefully. "It's okay to admit it, we're all adults here!" Of course, Fornell is behind her: "That's a subject I'd be willing to debate, Officer David."
  • Life: Crews got the picture when he and Reese are on their way to the desert, and a song's playing on the radio, and Reese is humming along without realizing. Crews quips, "You were humming," Reese goes, "What? No I wasn't," and Crews goes, "When people hum without realizing, it usually means they're... happy." To which Reese replies, "I wasn't humming, and I'm not happy!"
    • What really blows her cover is when their boss calls the hotel room the two are staying in, and immediately starts talking dirty over the phone having assumed they had separate rooms and that Reese would answer.
  • Rather a sad example in Gilmore Girls. Lorelai comes home and sees Rory and the very married Dean stumble out of Rory's bedroom looking dishevelled and a little too happy. The anger and disppointment on Lorelai's face is heartbreaking.
  • In season two of House the team has gathered in the middle of the night and wonder what is taking House so long. They know he left with Stacey, but Cameron is sure that they didn't have sex (while Foreman hopes they did, since it might put House in a better mood). Enter House, singing and smiling. Played with, as House was not happy about the sex itself (he hires prostitutes from time to time, so...), but because he still had feelings for Stacy.
  • Spin City
    • Loser Paul walks into work singing and skipping after having sex. He struts down the hall to the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" ala Saturday Night Fever.
    • James comes in one day with a subdued smile on his face, which piques Nikki's interest.

 Nikki: That look... I know that look. You had sex last night.

  • On Cheers, Woody Boyd and his fiancée lost their patience (and most likely their respective virginities) just one night before the wedding. Sam was the first to figure out why, of course.

 "You're smiling the way I smile after I..."

  • One episode of Stargate SG 1 features Carter and O'Neil riding an elevator with Carter humming the whole way, prompting an amusing exchange.
    • It gets better: Word Of God says she was supposed to hum the MacGyver theme tune to surprise Richard Dean Anderson, but no one could remember it, and asking him would've spoiled the surprise.
    • Then there's a scene in the episode "Crossroads" involving Teal'c, of all people. An old flame has come to the SGC to get help. They are shown kissing in her room. Cut to Teal'c leaving the room grinning from ear to ear as Daniel walks up.
  • One episode of 7th Heaven features Annie and Lucy sharing knowing glances over (I think) ice cream after they'd both gotten some.
  • In season two of Veronica Mars, immediately after Veronica sleeps with Duncan she bumps into Logan who says she looks different and asks if she's changed her hair. At home her father makes a similar comment and she wonders whether he's really such a good detective that he can tell she's had sex.
  • Averted in Degrassi the Next Generation: J.T. keeps bragging about his and Liberty's sex life, but Toby doesn't want to hear anything else about it. Then Liberty dumps pop all over J.T.
  • Happens to C.C. and Niles in The Nanny. Niles enters singing and C.C., normally an Enemy to All Living Things, is gets a scene where she is sweet, sings like it's the sound of music, and a dove lands in her outstretched hand.
  • Played Straight in Bones, Season II, Episode 14 'The Man in the Mansion.' Bones comes into work looking 'very happy,' and Angela instantly knows she's had sex with Sulley.
  • Chief Johnson in The Closer gets very cheerful when she gets some.
  • Though he really tries to hide it, Beckett can tell every time Castle has slept with Ellie Munroe.
  • Happens offscreen on Party of Five. Nina was immediately able to tell that Julia was no longer a virgin.
  • Community played with this trope in the episode Modern Warfare. Jeff and Britta have sex on their study group's table during a paintball tournament, and as they both walk to their study group the next day, they remind eachother "nothing's changed". Abed instantaneously picks up on the dynamic changed and makes note of it. No one notices.
  • Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation always dresses like Tiger Woods after a night of sexytimes.
  • Subverted in Sliders where it is actually Wade's disheveled and decidedly un-chipper appearance and demeanor that cause Quinn to say "Did you get lucky or run over?" Neither; she'd been partying with vampires who were trying to change her.


  • The Lonely Island just had sex, and the video is made of this trope. With TV broadcast and fireworks. Seriously, look at Akon's face whenever he's on-camera.

Video Games[]

  • Knights of the Old Republic 2: Given that the result of getting enough light side points is a sort of healthy glow, Mira invokes this by commenting that she thought the player and whichever potential love interest he/she has a higher Influence with "hooked up a power coupling".



 Jameson: Oh, thank god, you're finally getting laid!

  • Out There: The insightful Miriam concludes that Sherry has broken her long dry spell upon observing the latter's visible discomfort with discussing the topic [1]; James makes a lucky guess based on a similar observation [2], and Clayton explains the most compelling reason she's unable to conceal what everybody else can see [3].
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures: Alexsi is very happy after her date with Pyroduck. This trope is all but confirmed here.
  • Sabrina Online: As shown in the page image, Zig Zag always seems to know when Sabrina's been with her boyfriend. In Zig Zag's case it's not "Did you just have sex," but "You got laid! Good for you!"
  • In Rhapsodies Kate's employees have noticed this... frequently... and it's getting on their nerves.

Western Animation[]

  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Azula makes an offhand comment about how Mai has been in a "strangely good mood lately." It is subtly implied that she has been sleeping with Zuko.
  • In a spectacular example of how Time Squad pretty much made the network censors their collective bitch by getting away with enough Ho Yay to make Ren and Stimpy, the original Star Trek the Original Series, and Axis Powers Hetalia look like a common case of Heterosexual Life Partners, we have the penultimate episode, "Ex Marks the Spot," in which Larry suddenly acts cheerful and more accomodating around Tuddrussell. Otto even questions why Larry is so cheerful. The sudden change in mood was handwaved as Larry finally giving up being snarky and being nicer, but given the suggestive imagery in Larry preparing Tuddrussell's meal (i.e., the gravy being pumped inside a turkey to the point of near bursting and a lone cherry sinking into the turkey), it had to be something more.