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Diesel Sweeties is an Life Embellished Web Comic written by R. Stevens. It can be found here.

The comic would be a fairly typical story about urban twentysomethings engaging in witty banter and casual relationships, but also notes that several main characters are robots, who are perfectly able to have said relationships with humans. Notable cast members include:

  • Clango, a likeable but naive robot
  • Maura, alcoholic former porn star in (and out of) a long term relationship with him
  • Lil' Sis, caustic sister of Maura
  • Metal Steve, a Christian metalhead
  • Alle Vegetoksis, a neo-hippie and Steve's wife
  • Electron Mike, Apple fan with no social skills
  • Otakate, a blue-haired internet dweller
  • Indie Rock Pete, a Hipster with impressive misfortune
  • Red Robot, a machine with no respect for human life (except his girlfriend)

The comic is computer-drawn in a heavily pixelated style. Part of the Dumbrella syndicate, along with Bad Machinery and 'Overcompensating.

The comic provides examples of: