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File:Sexy Dynamite edit 2676.jpg

Yeah, the text even reads "Sexy Dynamite". Cue "Sex Bomb" jokes.

You can say whatever you want about Digimon being a show for kids and only for kids: the only reason this page even exists is to prove just how wrong you are.

  • See also Dub Text. You'd be surprised how much the Digimon dubbers snuck in.
  • In general, Digimon really did have more translator bravery than a lot of anime aired in the Saturday morning cartoon block. Other series lost entire episodes or even arcs, had stories and characters changed drastically because God forbid there should be any drama, angst (kids can't handle it!) or romance (that's tantamount to admitting sex exists!/Boys will think it's yucky!) happen. Digimon will keep the handgun given to an eight-year-old out of frame but that's about the extent. Never Say "Die" applied pretty much to death words only, and the occasional use of The Hit Flash. (They did try to pretend away two deaths in the Myotismon arc, but then they realized just how huge a body count the series was going to rack up from here on in and gave up.)
    • Death and related words are actually said fairly regularly in Adventure, 02, and Tamers. They gloss over it a bit, but they don't outright hide it. Heck, they've even used "kill" before!
      • That was Blackwargreymon as I remember. When going after one of those stones that tied the Digital World together, Cody stood inbetween him and it all on his own. Just before it cut to comercial you get a chilling, "Prepare to be killed."
    • Tamers definitely averted the Never Say "Die" trope. When Guilmon first biomerged to create his Mega form, Kenta was worried about Takato's disappearance and thought he may have fallen off a cliff "and be hurt or dead or something" amongst other points.
  • In the first Digimon season, there's the famous slap fight between Angewomon and Ladydevimon who were calling each other "witches" all through the battle.

  Izzy: I know I shouldn't watch this, but for some reason I can't take my eyes off.

    • It's ok Izzy, puberty is beginning to set in, we understand.
    • Lets not forget the literal crap that gost past censors when Koromon couldn't wait
    • Or Puppetmon's gun in the original,which made was censored for the dub but made it into the manga
    • Similar to the Kirby and One Piece examples, there is a mention of steroids here. More specifically, when Matt sees Myotismon's One-Winged Angel form[1]. Hard to believe this is from 1999, huh? Then again, considering the latter of the two characters is the bad guy, it has a bit of an implication.
      • Although that might actually be less likely to pass now. Steroids weren't as well-known outside of the athletic community in 2000.
    • They also left in the English dub, the "666" reference in the same episode... you know, as in THE ANTI-CHRIST?! Hard to believe this got through the air back in the 90's.
      • Not just a reference, it was a whole plot point that they had until "the hour of the beast" (6:06:06) This makes Myotismon practically Satan, at least until the fallen angel Lucemon (something that DISNEY didn't even attempt to censor) comes along in season four.
  • In the original version of Digimon Adventure 02, Daisuke and V-Mon once angered a Monster of the Week by walking in on it taking a leak. This bit was edited out of the English dub, with a "you should wash your hands after going to the bathroom" gag exchanged for "if you're gonna eat us, you should wash your hands before a meal".
      • For the Finnish dub, some Moral Guardians managed to confuse the "monster takes a leak" scene for jerking off.

 Takeru: So you saw Tortomon relaxing on a quite intimate moment?

    • While at a sleepover at Ken's, Yolei asks the gang about what card-game they want to play next. To which Davis responds "How about Strip Pok--" when Ken's mother walks into the room looking for Kari.
    • The dubbers also added a birds-and-bees joke in Adventure 02, Davis mixing it up with The Moth And The Bat.
      • In episode two, Tai, whilst ushering a teacher out of the room, has the following dialogue:

  Tai: See, I have a problem. It's the girls, they're so much older...

    • Also, no attempt whatsoever was made to hide Wormmon's jealousy when a little girl had a crush on Ken.
    • There is also this line from Yolei in the dub "Oh! And look at his IQ! He can program my computer any day!", Yeah that's not suggestive at all.
  • Majority of Mummymon's flirting dialogues toward Arukenimon are made even more risque than the original.
    • Mummymon: "But as soon as we get back to our hideout I'm going to make you look almost as bad as new. Hehehe.";
  • The first American broadcast of Digimon Tamers is best summed up with this trope. It got a lot of stuff that shouldn't have passed onto Fox Kids. It was "the season the censors were asleep". Tamers (and Shinzo, which had a lot of violence in it, too...) were the last two shows by Saban before Disney took it over; hence, a GaoGaiGar-like final blaze of glory was probably Saban's intent.
    • In episode 8, there is a scene with a man and a woman. The dialogue goes like this:

 Man: Um, I've been doing a lot of thinking... (places his hand on her lap)

Woman: Ohh.

Man: Oh, not that. Not about that!

    • There's also the scene from episode 14 where Digimon are pulled into Juggernaut where they are mercilessly torn apart, their screams of agony causing one of the operators to have a near nervous breakdown. Need I remind tropers that this aired Saturday mornings alongside Power Rangers?
      • Would that be the season Power Rangers had death by Orifice Invasion? It would seem that the last season of Fox Kids and Saban as we knew them really did go all out.
    • From the first episode onwards, Renamon finishes off her (?) enemy by stabbing with hundreds of shiny things, and absorbing (eating!!!) the remains and Guilmon melts some real-life rats, to show us what it could do the kid right next to him.
    • The Japanese version had stuff passing the radar as well — it was aired by the morning, mind you, and couldn't exactly make sexual references at all. The "crap" in question was Ruki's grandmother talking to someone in a internet chat room. She types and reads, out-loud: "Don't say things like that. You know I'm too old for that. Ho ho ho."
    • The infamous episode 34. Hint: It involves Leomon, Demon Lord and a clawed arm.
    • "Zoom zoom zoom! NO UNDERWEAR, ZOOM!"
  • In Digimon Frontier, Bokomon spends a good chunk of the series caring for an egg that eventually hatches into Patamon, acting every bit the proud mama (not to mention the pregnancy jokes when he was carrying the (rather large, nearly half his size) egg in the band he's always worn around his stomach.) Then (in the English dub), during a talk about brotherhood:

 Patamon: I'd love to have a little brother or sister.

Neemon: (to Bokomon) Better get busy!

Bokomon: What exactly are you saying?!

    • Also in Frontier, some of the Fanservicey gags involving Zoe push it a bit. For instance, once JP offers Zoe a "ladies first" up a ladder because the ladder's ridiculously tall. She's immediately offended, pointing out she's wearing a skirt — "As if you didn't know, sicko!"
      • Speaking of the skirt, there's a (possibly unintentional) shot in episode 24 where after Izumi recoils in embarrassment after falling onto Takuya, she pulls up her skirt. However, it looks more like she's opening the skirt and examining the contents...
        • In the original, when Izumi falls on Takuya, Takuya remarks that she is "heavy", and she pulls her skirt to show that she is not fat/there is extra room in the waistband.
          • That's not terribly well indicated...
    • Whenever the kids get caught up in the Transformation Sequence (it happens in both Frontier and Tamers), they always go nude. They have Barbie Doll Anatomy-- but Zoe does get a Panty Shot when she becomes Kazemon.
    • When Zoe, J.P., and Tommy are captured by Ranamon she summons disembodied hands to tickle them, at some points the hands appear to be fondling Zoe's breasts, and when they are escaping one of them grabs her butt and she hits Takuya because she thought he did it.
    • Though not included the dub, I think Zoe's SEXY DYNAMITE moment in the original still warrants a mention. I just wonder how far the jaws dropped on the people in charge of removing stuff like that fell when that scene came up...
  • Mervamon from Digimon Xros Wars really takes the "Ms. Fanservice"/"Hot Chick with a Sword" tropes and runs with it to the end zone. Her bustier is flesh-toned.
    • In the sequel, in the second-to-last episode she Xrosses with Beelzemon, and uses an attack called Sexy the Cannon. No, really.
  1. At the time, it's VenomMyotismon