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There was a place, where Digimon Tamers was popular enough to warrant a game. That place ... is Korea, and the game is Digimon Battle. Made by Digitalic, it is a MMOG (massive multiplayer online game) and until 2010 it could only be acessed by those with a korean resident key. Now, however it is open for those who want take part in, free of charge. Note however a decent chance at capturing Digimon is costly, as well as some other items.

Basically, at the start you are a Digimon tamer (basically either Takato, Henry, Rika or Jeri), and get to chose a starter Digimon. Each account can have up to four Tamers stored, so there are several different ways to proceed. The world is in isometric perspective, but the character models are animated and in 3D. There are several different environments accessed through a world map.

Battle is turn based ala Final Fantasy 9, where the Tamer has several different choices; using a attack, using a card (the number of which is limited), attempt to capture or run away. Otherwise, most of the point of the game is obtaining the Digimon you want (by capturing and evolving in a specific way), and optimizing your Digimon as well as adjusting your deck properly.

Bellow, the Tropes that apply to it:

  • All in a Row: Digimon are for showing off, after all.
  • Broken Base: Don't even mention the cash shop item trade ban and whether it was a good idea or not.
  • To Be a Master: Well, there must be a reason for some digimon to only become available to the strongest tamer of the server (for example, Gallantmon/Dukemon Crimson Mode).