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File:Dirty rotten scoundrels 442.jpg

 Good guys finish last. Meet the winners.


A 1988 Frank Oz film about con artists. Taken, and undoubtably improved, almost word-for-word from an earlier movie, Bedtime Story.

Lawrence Jamieson (Michael Caine) is a sophisticated, cultured con artist who plays on rich women visiting the French Riviera, extracting large sums from them voluntarily by masquerading as an exiled prince who needs help to regain his throne. One day, he meets a less ambitious con artist, Freddy Benson (Steve Martin), who is conning women out of money for lunch and train tickets by masquerading as an impoverished charity worker. Worried that Freddy may affect his work after he sees a newspaper article describing the con-work of 'The Jackal,' and after attempting to train him in culture and conning, Lawrence makes a bet with him: The first of them to con a selected mark out of $50,000 can stay in the area, while the other must leave. The two decide the mark is to be the apparently wealthy socialite Janet Colgate. Complications and hilarities ensue.

Became a Broadway musical in 2005. According to IMDb, a remake is in development.

This movie contains examples of: